Nah. 2 : our sun (Râ)
‘feeds upon’ the light
of the torches : but they
they are freed and Râ
(ánd the city in him!)
go Dark [Rev.18:9]
(eindtijd – goed leesbaar)


context of this chapter :                  [see themes section in index + CT spells]

  • part I : explained how the 7 torches are imprisoned
    and how Râ became (‘remained’) such a powerful light
    because the torches are forced to ‘feed him’ their fire
    (subtheme : “purple covering”, see annex) ;
  • part II : IEUE makes the torches to escape
    and also their “standing-place” (‘Nineveh’) as the SH-pool in the spells ,
    IF the sons have understood – per line 4 ;
    subtheme : “lights of gold and silver” :
    as far we understand now , our Originals are by ‘the golden lights’,
    then the silver lights must be for the eden-land / nature ;
  • part III : now their matrix is Dark :
    the entire buildup , syntax and context can hardly else be interpreted
    as God wanting to make the point of “a city WITHIN this sun”
    (and see next Nah.3 where the theme continues) ;
  • closing line : … the same words are used as in Rev. 18:9 ,
    where the context there is about Mystery-Babylon – the city ;


the torus or worldtree depiction :
… Râ envelops Mystery-Babylon
as described by Nahum 2 and 3 ;
the 7 torches are stationed at the
base of their tree (-axis) ,
in the region where is the moved
eden-gate as bordering their realm ;

therefore the rescuing of the torches is
not only related to “our sun going Dark”
but also to “the axis appearing in space”

corruptions :
chapter was very corrupt but virtually 100% restored

Nah. 2  

part I   —   deel I        

vervolg : … de 7 toortsen ‘voeden’ de [matrix-] strijdwagen (=onze zon) :
he-comes-up one-shattering on faces-of·you
(1b) to-preserve siege-work watch-you ! way
(1c) make-steadfast-you ! waists make-resolute-you ! vigor exceedingly
that he-restores ieue pomp-of Jacob as·pomp-of ishral that they-voided·them
(2b) and·pruned-slips-of·them they-ruined
shield-of masterful-men-of·him
being-reddened mortals-of valor ones-wearing-crimson in·fiery-flash-of hub-blades
(3c) the·chariot in·day-of to-prepare-of·him and·the·firs they-are-made-to-shiver
in·the·streets they-are-sraving the·chariot
(4b) they-are-sprowling in·the·squares
(4c) appearances-of·them as·the·torches as·the·lightnings they-are-running

He that dasheth in pieces is come up before thy face: keep the munition, watch the way,
make [thy] loins strong, fortify [thy] power mightily. For the LORD hath turned away the
excellency of Jacob, as the excellency of Israel: for the emptiers have emptied them out,
and marred their vine branches.
The shield of his mighty men is made red, the valiant men [are] in scarlet: the chariots
[shall be] with flaming torches in the day of his preparation, and the fir trees shall be
terribly shaken. The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall justle one against
another in the broad ways: they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightnings.
‘scarlet’ , H8529 thala ‘scarlet’ [-thola] ; =purple (red+blue) ? ;

  • ‘(flaming-) torches’ H6393 peladah 1x [unknown and no root] ; = ph-l-d in interl. ;
    inverse reading of l-ph-i-d-m ‘torches ? ; other ? ;
  • ‘justle’ , H8264 shaqaq ‘run, rush’ ; but see interl. ;
  • continued : … the 7 torches ‘feed’ the [matrix-] chariot (=as our sun) :

line ,

  • a ) ‘north’ : it writes ‘face’ (-phanh) but we suspect ‘north’(-ts+phun)

1 (..+because..)
(..the (7-) torches..) (mphits=lphidm) – went up – [=to] (..the north..) ,                            [<< see a]
[+but] (to be)     +
the guarded ones (-ntsr) – [+in] the fortress – for (..the chariot [=’our sun’]..) (drk=rkb) ,
to make – (..his light..) (mothen=our) – strong , [+as] the extremely – powerful one ;

2 that=because – [+by their] [=’torches’] excellent – (..voice..) (-iaqb=qul ; line 7 and 13)     +
   (..became..) (ieue=eie) – (..his [=’sun’s’] light..) (ishrl=our?)      +
   (..which..) – (was) extracted – [+from] (..the innocent ones [=’the torches’]..) (bqim=nqim) ;

2b    [=as] [+the now] [matrix-] corrupt – (..sayings..) (zmrh=amr)        +
3      [+for?] the (defensive-) shield of – (..the chariot [=’our sun’]..) (gbr=rkb) ,
3b                                                                                                                                                                  [3b : see annex]
[+as]      +
[+his] purple [=‘red+blue’] – (..covering ?..) (ansh=kash?) – [=of] (..iron ?..) (pldh=przl?) – fire ;


  • [=’next theme intro :]

(..since..) (rkb=ki) – the day – he [=’this sun’] (was) established ,      +
[=he] (..stole..) (brsh=gnb) – their ( (raal=ash) ;                                             [<< of the torches]
       in=but [..] – the raving light of – the chariot [=’this sun’] – (..(will) énd..) (chts=qts) ,
4b  [+when] (..the sons..) (rchb=bnm) – (..(will ) report..)    +                               [<< “declare”, ch.3]
[+that] [=his] (..light..) (marh=our) – (..came forth..) (rts=iats) – [=from] the (7-) torches ;   

part II   —    deel II                   the torches are rescued

… de toortsen worden door God gered uit de matrix  :
he-is-remembering nobles-of·him they-are-stumbling in·goings-of·them
they-are-hastening wall-of·her and·he-is-prepared the·mantelet
gates-of the·streams they-are-opened and·the·palace he-is-dissolved
and·he-is-set-up she-is-deported she-is-brought-up
(7b) and·maidservants-of·her ones-leading as·sound-of doves
ones-tambourining on hearts-of·them
and·Nineveh as·reservoir-of waters from·days-of she
(8b) and·they ones-fleeing stand-you ! stand-you ! and·there-is-no one-facing-about
plunder-you ! silver plunder-you ! gold and·there-is-no end
(9b) to·the·establishment glory from·all-of article-of coveted

He shall recount his worthies: they shall stumble in their walk; they shall make haste to
the wall thereof, and the defence shall be prepared. The gates of the rivers shall be opened,
and the palace shall be dissolved. And Huzzab shall be led away captive, she shall be brought
up, and her maids shall lead [her] as with the voice of doves, tabering upon their breasts.
But Nineveh [is] of old like a pool of water: yet they shall flee away. Stand, stand,
[shall they cry]; but none shall look back. Take ye the spoil of silver, take the spoil of gold:
for [there is] none end of the store [and] glory out of all the pleasant furniture.

  • context : … God rescues the torches out from the matrix :

line ,

  • [=’note : sections of lines 7 and 8 have been switched ;
    2) line 6 : ‘break the bar’,
    can have read “break-off [from matrix] the (eden-) pool
    (in other chapters as “I will break the bar of Egypt”) ,
    and this makes very much Sense because the matrix dóubled that pool
    (glyph SH-SH ‘nest’ as that “double-ÁTERT-shrine”, see CT section) ;
    line :]

5 [after the sons reported that they understood,]
[+then]         +
(..the nations [=’of spirits’]..) (adir=guim) – (will) remember (-that) – [=he] [=’sun’] (will) fail ,
[+and] hasten (-themselves) – [+to] (..the torches..) – [=as] preparing – to defend [+them] ;

6 [+but] (..+IEUE..) – (..+(will) break..) (shr=shbr) – (..the slider-bar..) [“at the stream (‘Nile’)”]
   [+to] release them ;
6b and=then the [matrix-] palace – (will) melt down      +
7   and=when [=their] [=’torches’] standing place – (will be) removed [-out of it] [=’temple’] ,
     [+as] the one (having) ascended [+with them] ; –
[=for] Nineveh – (is) the pool [=for] – [eden-] waters – [=of] olden – (..time..) (eia=od) ;
(..the deities..) (amah=elohm) – (of) (..excellent..) (iunim=gan) – voices – (will be) lead out ,
and=as they – (who) (will) escape – [+and] (can) (..not..) (amad=la) – (be) stopped ,
and (can) not (ain=al) – (be made) to turn back ;

9 [+and] the ones [=’torches’] plundered – [+of their] (lights of-) silver – (..and..) gold     +
    (will) (..enter..) (ain=bo) – (..tsiun..) (qts=tsun) ,      +
to (..establish..) – the glorious (-things) – [=as] all – the precious – [éden-] aspects (-kli) ;

part III   —   deel III                    now , in turn , the matrix will be voided :

slot : … de zon heeft geen licht meer – en de stad IN hem wordt donker :
void and·voided and·being-evacuated and·heart being-melted and·quavering-of
knees and·sore-travail in·all-of waists and·faces-of all-of·them they-draw-together
where ? habitation-of lions and·feeding-place he
(11b) to·the·sheltered-lions which he-goes lion parent-lion there
(11c) whelp-of lion and·there-is-no one-causing-to-tremble
lion tearing-to-pieces in·sufficient-of whelps-of·him and·strangling
(12b) for-parent-lionesses-of·him and·he-is-filling prey holes-of·him
and·habitations-of·him flesh-torn-to-pieces
behold·me ! to·you averment-of ieue-of hosts and·I-consume in·the·smoke chariot-of·her
(13b) and·sheltered-lions-of·you she-shall-devour sword
(13c) and·I-cut-off from·earth prey-of·you
(13d) and·not he-is-being-heard longer voice-of messengers-of·you

She is empty, and void, and waste: and the heart melteth, and the knees smite together,
and much pain [is] in all loins, and the faces of them all gather blackness.
Where [is] the dwelling of the lions, and the feedingplace of the young lions, where the lion,
[even] the old lion, walked, [and] the lion’s whelp, and none made [them] afraid? The lion
did tear in pieces enough for his whelps, and strangled for his lionesses, and filled his holes
with prey, and his dens with ravin.
Behold, I [am] against thee, saith the LORD of hosts, and I will burn her chariots in the smoke,
and the sword shall devour thy young lions: and I will cut off thy prey from the earth,
and the voice of thy messengers shall no more be heard.

  • closing : … the sun has no light anymore and the city IN him gets dark :

line ,

  • [=’after first line 10 below , in lines 11-12 must follow a reason for their panic
    (Esau’s “lions theme” (8 x recycled !) is corrupt / irrelevant / etc) ,
    while 11-12 “present a thoughtline out of which a logical conclusion must follow” ;
    2) line 11c : the expression “..and there-is-none making to tremble” , as a whole ,
    is likely added – therewith leaving only two roots which aren’t enough to can use ;
    line :]

[+then] (-in turn,)     +
(..the [mátrix-] land..) – [=of] (..the nations [=’of spirits’]..) – (will be) voided :
[=their] heart – (will) melt (-inside them) ,
[=as] the quavering of – their knees – and the anguish – in everyone’s – loins ,
and – everyone’s – face – (will) grow – pale ;        +
——————-                                                                                                       [11-12 : almost 100% certain]
(..because..) (aie=ki)       +
(..there-is-no..) (moun=la) – (..light..) (ari=our) – feeding – [=them] [=’our sun’] (-anymore) ,
to=as     +
(…the chariot..) (kphr=rkb) – whose – (..light..) (ari=our) – (has) (..ceased..) (shm=shbth) ;
11c [deleted]
[+therefore]      +
(..the city..) (ari=oir)[..] (..within..) (gur=qrb) him – (is) [=in] (..darkness..) (chnq=chshk) ,
for=as        +
the [matrix-] habitat – (which is) (..nót..) (labi=la) – filled – [+with] his (..light..) (chor=our)


  • [=’recap / closing :]

[+because] behold ! , [+I] (..+(will) come..) – [=against] [=them] [=’matrix’] ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE of – hosts ,                                                       [<< dimensional theme]
and I (will make) – [=their] chariot [=’our sun’] – to burn (-itself) up – in smoke ;   [Rev.18]

13b and=for [=their] ( (kphiri=oir)    +
        (will be) (..covered..) (akl=kash) – [+in] (..darkness..) (chrb=chshk) ,
13c  and=when I (will) cut off – (..the torches..) (trph=lppd) – from [+their] [matrix-] land ;

13d  [=as] the voice of – (..the deities [=’7 torches’]..) (mlak=elhm)       +
        (which will) no – longer – (be) heared – [+in it] [=’matrix’] .



06-07.02feb.2021   — submitted as third version , and definitive [checked] ;





the “purple covering” (‘red and blue’) of line 3b :

… in the process of translating , one must decide whether certain terms
make sense within the whole (context) , or should be skipped    —
in this case the “blue and red” reminded us to the BD-spell
about “the red and the blue eye of Horus”,
combined with phrases from Rg-Veda which seem to describe a similar concept ;

… as far we understood by now ,
the “red haze” comes from the eden-cornerstone ,                          [Rg-Veda : as Mitra]
and “the blue haze” from their stone — but as stolen root-P ,    [Rg-Veda : as VaruNa]
and both of the hazes “blend” in some way ,
as if “forming a type sun which exists in the other reality”,
but then “this blended blue-red haze gets empówered by the aspects of the 7 torches” ,
causing a golden type light not only for théir realm but also for our reality ;
… you understand that also we are but attempting to phrase

(and this was posted in another chapter) , 
in a vivid dream the sun had gone dark , 
and the sky on earth looked like to right ,
… where spirits guided captured humans ,
and the people could sée them (‘spirits’)

therefore – apparently – the dimension
had changed , and it is not impossible
that only this ‘red-blue haze’ still shined ;
nor is it impossible that it’s termed “iron”

(independent co uk)

conclusion :
… there is much we still do not understand – and that is not a shame ;
considered this chapter , we are quite sure of the interpretation ,
and the details … well , we will be shown – soon