not only God can create worlds :

the grave consequences of Eden’s fall



part I

we are brainwashed day after day
We mentioned how the soul is daily numbed by the abstract mindset  —
in Jeremiah explained as “our body” (termed ‘Ephraim’) “continually
listening to a serpent-voice coming from the evil other reality” .

The situation is that ‘the ruler of this world’, by means of his tool called
Modern Consciousness as guiding mindset , conspires against the soul .
The term ‘conspiracy’ may seem an exaggeration to you , but the Evil one
is an excellent psychologist , and knows very well that his endless repetition
upon our rather Brutish mind is the strength of his advertising :
causing that many people – including believers – have lost contact with their
very own soul , their own core ;
by making them “to live in their own Self” , as an aspect of the mind ,
which daily receives and sends out a myriad of superficial impulses   —
and an ever growing number of believers fail to unify the abstract images
of this reality with the intellectual (!) image they have about God .

Please remember the above by difficult themes like in this part V ,
because it is the soul which should judge the concepts – not the mind .

the land of the sinners – befóre Eden
The book Job describes how God made the land of Eden in the other Reality :
first "he turned the land of sinners completely (dimensionally-) inside-out ,
so that the sinners fell off from her" (-hR) ; then he “separated the seas” ,
and proceeded to create the eden-paradise .

The above sentence alone is already explosive :
there was already a ‘land’ before the Eden-paradise was created !
Genesis 1 does not mention “the sinners (of the land)” but writes , literally ,
“the land – she became – chaos – and vacancy ;
and darkness – over – (sur-) faces of – abyss” .
God by definition does not make anything which is “chaotic and empty” ,
not even as intermediary phase , so this must be about another land as Eden .
The sequence of events in Genesis 1 shows that this indéed was another land :
because right after that is “made the light” , followed by the day and the night  –
then “an atmosphere is made inbetween the waters (=dimensions)”, where this
atmosphere “becomes inbetwéen the waters” (see next section) ;
vers 10 describes how in that centre region “land appears” : as the Eden paradise .

the land of the sinners : as Rahab
Now we know that the theme in Gen. 1:2 is “a prévious land – that of the sinners” ,
in Job the name "Rahab" appears , a term in lexicons described as "a sea monster";
yet the context of that same chapter is still ‘land’ ;
while Isaiah repeats this same event as “(God,) show your arm (=own strength) again ,
like you did in the olden days of Rahab”, in a chapter addressing “eden’s restoration”.
However , now we need to be attentive :
it doesn’t say “God destroyed that land , or made it to melt” as something which will
happen to the evil land of Tyre ; and strengthened by “shook off the sinners from her”,
it implies that this land was likely not per definition a hostile territory .
In the second place a corruption can play here :  
the term Rahab (-rhb) has turned into a negative colour (because of the Isaiah line) ,
yet the term itself is probably a mispelling or corruption of the (-rchb) cluster ‘wide’,
often used in dimensional sense and in context of “a land”
(where between (-rhb and -rchb) the -h and -ch look virtually alike) ; 
please remember both remarks because they will return in part II .

the dualistic dimension
That God “separated the waters” (better: ‘seas’) shows eden was placed
within a new created region inbetween ; but prophets indicate that those
separated seas each had their own character :
the Isaiah chapter describes the undivided sea as “the dragon” , and the
now separated seas as “the two serpents”. Enoch mentions a similar thing :
he calls the northern half "Behemoth" and the southern half "Leviathan",
both representing “a Dualistic dimension”, as the concept of complimentary
aspects of (corrupted-) masculine and corrupted feminine .

How this dualistic region came into existence
is not explained  — we only know that it is inbetween
Heaven (the east) and the hostile Western dimension ;
in several chapters we used the Pepsi logo as visual
how eden was created within that separated realm ,
according to Genesis and Job .
compare also the Tao symbol

the two gates of eden
In that same discussion with Job , God tells how He "placed a northern gate having
a bar , and a southern gate , and made the eden land inbetween both” (-hR) ;
implying that one gate was at the border of the Leviathan realm , and the northern
gate at the border of Behemoth .
Of this northern gate God says “they (=spirits) hated him because he (=the gate)
spoke flawlessly”, which can be imagined as light streaming into that non-friendly
northern Behemoth dimension :
it is this same gate which has “defected” and went fúrther north (Jer.2) , therewith
helping the spirits to create their evil region above eden , after she fell ;
as the same gate in Mal. 1 which “we should close , so that My light will no longer
for free light up their (evil) dimension” .

Not much is said in prophets about the southern gate ; as far we understand
she remained in the same place ; which must be an indication that this gate relates
to “the pre-eden land” from Genesis 1:2 , as ‘being in some fixed position’   —
because only the northern gate went further north ;
while restored eden will be even above the place where the northern gate is now ! ;
so apparently , within this inbetween-realm , “the only way is Up” :
this will be important for the context of part II .

eden’s reign in the centre – and her fall
Now that she ruled in the centre , the strength of the dualistic realm was broken .
So completely broken , that a Sumerian tablet relates how “the sons of the gods
wept because they had no place to hide from the radiant light of him ,
and begged their gods to dó something about it” (-hR) ; where the ‘he’ is likely
‘the northern gate’ , since that was “the one they hated”.

The Sumerian Tablets of Creation write how “the gods gathered together in
panic mode , and appointed their great champion Ninurta to destroy Eden" ;
the story continuing ,
"and the north wind (=dimension) blew into the belly of Tiamat in order to
break her down" ; where “Tiamat” is probably that inbetween-region itself ,
and less likely “the house (=sky) of the eden land” .
Again this north : as the Behemoth realm , wanting to reunite with his southern
complement Leviathan , restoring the dualistic dimension to be the Dragon again .
Enoch (who still lived in the now compromized eden-land !) describes similar :
that “because of the eating of the tree of good and evil , Behemoth and Leviathan
will reunite again” , and he names Behemoth as the instigator of that reunion .
The Sumerian story continues ,
describing “how great earthquakes and lightningstorms destroyed the region”,
which we – for contextual reasons as you will see – identify as “plasma explosions”.

In prophets often appears a description of a sin as “they offer upon the high places”,
where ‘high place’ has the same wordroot as Behemoth . Prophets link that northern
realm to “a hostile type consciousness” which is also described as ‘Baal’ ; therefore
the sin as offering there is “to have a mindset according to the nature of that realm”
(the corrupt Behemoth-awareness should be ‘Indra’ in Rg-Veda) .

Though the southern realm is also ‘a serpent’ , she is described as less negative ,
and the reason appears to be that “she contains aspects to create from”, as is said in
the (strange) chapter where “the people of new eden will fish there”.
However , then is said that she also brings forth “salt marshes”, which must point to
her corrupted aspect ; this must be why the southern realm “receives water from
the river springing from the temple” in Ezekiel , as water in order to cleanse her .

2) touching dimensions
The link from "sinners" to "fallen angels" to
"a talking serpent" is quickly made ; and it
appears from the roots of the used words
that "to touch" was the main aspect in the
story of the tree of the knowledge of good
and evil – hence Eve adds "nor touch him".
Though Eve undoubtably knew the command
“don’t eat”, this command was given to Adam
because he represented as male the Legal Right
of both , therefore the curse came into effect
the very moment hé ate the fruit .

This root “to touch” links to the cluster "snake",
and is also used for the aforementioned theme
in Haggai about ​​the adm-soul becoming unclean
the very moment she is in contact with this body .
Therefore the theme "to touch" must be directly

Sumerian snake-goddess Nammu
(2x pinterest)

related to a particular “decision of Will” : in the same way like Eve and the tree ,
the sick woman also was touching Christ , after which He gave the remarkable
reason "because power went out from me".
We mention here the aspect "touch" because we expect that the ‘call to return’
to Eden has a similar effect : as a will-decision of us to touch the other Reality  –
as if “our soul will cause that God’s reality will become visible for us again” :
this may be why God described the other Reality so at length through prophets :
in order for us to be able to touch her!

the evil dimension as the inverted one of Eden’s
We live in a mechanical reality , therefore the theme “dimension” is foreign to us :
Paul mentions how we see "as if through a mirror," as an excellent example  —
but then like a mirror which reflects the image upside down .
The Egyptians posed the eastern direction to be "left" and the west as "rightside",
so almost literally like the upside down person in the mirror , when describing their
dimension VS the eden-dimension . But the problem for us is ofcourse , that our soul
belongs to “the same dimension as God’s” , yet our own mind and body are part
of their inversed dimension
(and we wonder whether the reason our mind shows the soul inversed pictures
according to the ‘camera obscura’ model is part of the Trickery upon us ..?) .

In addition to the Inversion concept there is anóther crucial theme , for which
we have no familiar term but could be described as "dimensional-inside-out" :
with other words – God’s reality "is not in the same space" as théir evil reality ,
but both are mutually exclusive : after all , everything that is or concerns God
can impossibly exist simultaneously in the reality of the Evil one .

Perhaps an example of this “dimensional inside-out” would be to turn a T-shirt
with printed text inside out" – the former "content" is no longer on the inside now ,
but at the same time also the printed text is distorted . Similarly , the evil Reality is
this distorted inside-out T-shirt ; but he still parasitizes upon the T-shirt ,
which, after all, is not his’ .

the Tabernacle
In the Old Testament, this “dimensional” theme is represented by the layout of
the Tabernacle , representing the original created eden situation :
the outer court fence obviously was the border with Behemoth in the north
and Leviathan south , while the gate toward the east connected to Heaven .

We leave for now the several other attributes , and stay with ‘dimension’  —
the setup of the tabernacle itself , as booth or ‘house’ , represented the booth
as eden-house (or ‘sky’, if you want) : where the inner curtains of the tabernacle
must have been beautiful , as white linen decorated with images in red and blue ,
representing the dimensional Veils as the inner side of the booth ,
the roof of the Tabernacle was made of different types animal skins , each curtain
representing a different dimensional aspect .
Thát God decided to have the tabernacle made , must relate to the concept we
also saw with Abraham and Jacob – that souls had to “reenact the lost situation”
again , in this case through old-Ishral .

… as opposed to the inverted booth
Several prophets address the “eden house” as the booth ‘which wandered astray’ ,
as now serving the evil realm – where the latter has mutilated him so badly
that the house will not return again (as the lamentation in Jeremiah 2) ;
in a main diagram we depicted that fallen cube in red , as ‘the house Moab’ .

God addresses the now fallen tabernacle as in the possession of the evil realm ,
saying “I will pull your garment over your face and everyone will see your ugliness” :
the context could very well be that the booth has been dimensionally inverted
(and is perhaps a main reason he cannot be used anymore …?) .
If true , then the mentioned linen veil is now at the outside of their booth , and the
curtains of ram- and goatskin on the inside : in this way , the Evil realm can wrap
themselves in a robe of Eden aspects (the linen curtain) , which however cannot
hurt him because his black character is protected by the goatskin cover .

The latter is exactly depicted in the design of the tomb
of Tutãnkhámen : in the tomb archaeologists found a
series of wooden shrines having been placed within
eachother , where the smallest inner shrine contained
his granite sarcophagus .
Between the largest shrine and the next smaller one 
they discovered a half-decayed linen kind of "net",
which was richly decorated with embroided flowers :
the concept like the linen curtain of the Tabernacle !
Tut’s tomb (pinterest)

closing of part I
We decided to stop here because of readability , befóre the more difficult
‘technical’ themes in pat II – about the situation of the pre-eden land , the creation
of our solarplane by the evil realm , etc .
Remaining notes :
1) through the same theme of inverted dimension may also be understood
how Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise : for the entrance was guarded
by cherubim and "the flame of the inside-out-turning sword" (-hR) ; the same word
(-haphak) “turn around or inside-out, transform” as used by the turning around of
the land of the sinners , and at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah .
2) however , at this moment (Sept.’20) we are not sure whether the upside down< concept is the vector of their dimension , or intended (also) literally – 
looking at “the astronomical ceiling” murals the latter is also possible , but if true ,
this simply would exceed our imagination as an unworkable concept .

[02.10oct.20 submitted –
from adapted 2018 Dutch original + extended]