november 13 
the ‘watercourse’ made to cease flowing (?)
… very positive and timely dream ;            >>
she indeed is in the other Reality but not yet
in Heaven , and sees the large river empty ,
as not feeding their realm – and Adam – anymore ;
the ‘Egyptian-like stream’ she sees is the polluted
water streaming to earth , building our reality ,
where the fiery balls are the building-blocks ; 
…  at the start
the classroom is the 144 , the coldfront is the now arrived death on earth , as bringing
no eden-life whatsoéver for the souls upon it ; and even the ‘sex theme’ is recognizable –
all of the book Amos describes how their realm uses human sexuality to keep the concept
of that river of stolen eden-aspects flowing
(we also did a whole CoffinText about that – not sure whether it got posted) ;
… all in all a very positive dream for this timeframe

november 13
… studying the concept “flat earth” and it does not appear impossible 
(and yes it is some extremely slippery theme) ,
but then akin to the model of Mystery-Babylon – see main video ,
where then earth and M-Babylon could be “both scales of the Anubis balance” ;
– the problem is ofcourse how both models could interact with eachother ,
but important is that the concept of M-Babylon in her tree , per vid , does not change

we’re not even sure whether this theme should be a Legal matter [=we think it isn’t] ,
but this morning’s weird dream about “a huge turtle at the seashore” made no sense –
until this theme came up , and the Egyptian ‘turtle’ is linked to this concept ;
compare also the first dream of brother Paul , see links are below Nov 11 log ,
appearing to describe a similar theme ;
(we always listen to serious dreams from other souls — cause it’s all we’ve got right now ;
but we forgot that Esau also deletes comments we post anywhere …)



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