november 22   (continued theme)
.. we’re still trying to get confirmation IF this is the right theme

before interpreting the rest of Is. 22 in this light ;
yet behold : today this video was posted —
mentioning “a full and bloodmoon linked to Saturn”,
while she extensively speaks about the nudges
to finally post this dream : is that coincidence …?
(we try put up today the graphics for Is. 22) ;
then ,

(see also comments)
another dreamed about “more moons appearing” – and we think it’s related to nested Platonic solids ;
linking the disappearing moon with “the sky being rolled up” as we suggested already ,
then , but less clear , the same theme but as “like lightning comes from the east to the west” :
at that point “an egg filled with tarot cards falls” on the ground before him –
the egg can represent “the moon construct” ruling … energetic processes on this earth
(and perhaps in wider sense also ‘consciousness’) ,
also : Wisconsin – a moon Ritual (?)
… perhaps just fleeing thugs , or to be spun into the Rittenhouse case ,
but to us it seems that Esau tries to hide his óther theme going on here ,
for he used his “vehicle through crowd” method in the past years :
the huge SUV , a Ford Escape , was red ; driving through the crowd
which celebrated Christmas (=sons born theme , see older logs) ;
it happened in a suburb of Milwaukee meaning “where it lies red” ,
referring to red cliffs around the Wisconsin Dells ;
while the Milwaukee flag looks like a full moon rising over the city :
as some weird mechanical construct ! (compare also the people’s
flag representing the rising sun over lake Michigan) ;
where the séal of Milwaukee is equally weird in this context ,
looking like “earth inside the nested Platonic spheres” …





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