Is.17 : ‘day of Jacob’s trouble’ :
the harvest as feast of Weeks
when the sons [‘144’] leave
and our Originals are rescued :
at the same day Adam dies

[all of this happens at the 6th seal ;
Damascus as matrix-gate theme]

[version ; 2023-05may.31- ]




              concerning our Date :
              … after “the field of grain” NT chapter – see page – ofcourse we needed to know
              if that concept can be confirmed in prophets and this Isaiah one contains words
              as used in that chapter : “grain stalks” , “arm(-ful)” and “harvest” (in NT ‘to pluck’) ,
              but to have line 5 in the right context — so that we are sure : 
              a) she follows upon ‘the day’ (sic) of “Jacob’s trouble” ,
              b) the context and chapter buildup demands that our Date is the sáme day ,
              c) first half of line mentions the action : ‘the harvest’ ,
                    therefore second half requires a specification of the TIME of the harvest 
                    and only one fits the bill : feast of Weeks typically as ‘the feast of ingathering’ ,
              d) after Jacob in line 4
                    now we need a proper subject : namely the 144
                    [some ‘valley of Rephaim’ is Invalid for no one knows what that means] 
              e) also important
                    is that right away the 3d group follows : our Originals , saved at that same day ,
              f)  and finally
                    Adam dying that same day — when the matrix-gate (‘Damascus’) ceases to work
                    causing our visible Space to change : as the time of the 6th seal ;
                    roots in the text :
                    … the phrase we need is chq + shbo “feast of + Weeks” as shown in Exodus 34 ,
                    and we have a corrupted close one here : shbbl as “ear of grain”
                    rendering it very probable that originally the phrase ‘feast of Weeks’ stood here  


concerning ‘Damascus’ – the matrix gate :

… though the main theme of this chapter it comes second place now after our date theme  —
this gate is a matrix-copy of the eden gate , aka the Throne-room of God
and has several descriptions in the scroll : here as ‘Damascus’ , in another prophets chapter
as (the corrupted phrases-)  “I will break the bar of Damascus” ,
in Ezekiel 30 as “in that day in Tahpanhes I will break the bar of Egypt” ;
while the matrix gate is called “the image of jealousy” in Ezekiel 
and described as “the chariot [=construct] between the two mountains of brass” in Zechariah ; 
          the matrix-gate contains the stolen eden-cornerstone
          which will return and be again the foundational stone for the restored eden paradise ,
          this stone as ‘dimensional-anchor’ and restored as “the sea of glass” in the Throne room

Dam-ascus (Tam-) personified as TEM
… TEM , to right , is one of the nine deities as the Ennead
representing the nine main matrix-constructs (where GEB
is the matrix-land , SHU the matrix-atmosphere , etcetera) ;
above his staff it says – and read column upwards ,
“the city of Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’) / the two lands / 
all / by / TEM” , as “everything for Mystery-Babylon and 
the two lands is by TEM” since he as the gate feeds them ;
… these “two lands” are “the land around Mystery-Babylon” 
and a land “just below that” : this land just below is a kind of
transitional-zone between eden and the land of M-Babylon
and hence this lower land contains the matrix-gate ;
in the scroll the upper land is called ‘Egypt’ and the lower land 
is termed ‘Assyria’ (or ‘Syria’ Aram) – hence ‘Damascus’ here ,
and this is the reason why Adam is also called “the Assyrian” ;

… in the Ptolemy II page we saw how he revered Adam in the form of this deity TEM ,
where the wrong interpretation of the Scroll causes a false light which enters the matrix-gate
as TEM and is then further distributed in their atmosphere ; 
though TEM represents the gate-construct itself , the personification refers to Adam 
[and we hope to prove that with a CoffinText Spell if we ever have time] 

the matrix gate as ÁKHET 
… you see “the two hills having the matrix-gate inbetween”
and compare the description in Zachariah mentioned above
(though ‘chariot’ -Rkb may have been ‘gate’ -shR) ,
as the hieroglyph ÁKHET “the island of the horizon” ;
above the ÁKHET shows “a sky-dome” glyph meaning that
the gate itself is somewhere up (-namely “above eden”) ,
and the gate itself is being flanked by two leopards ,
the left one writes “the matrix-Dawn (-dimension)” T’UA
the other “the light of yesterday” SEF , as Eden-Dawn 
[literally “the light / to make (S) / [by] he (F) [=eden] ] ; 

so these two leopards represent the mixed light which their gate produces and emérge from it ,
and are not cárrying it – as not to confuse these two with the double-lion AKER – while the leopard
itself represents “a mixture” (-and see prophets how the demon-army has horses as leopards) ;
it can not be coincidence that also this chapter mentions “the Eden Dawn” [line 11] 
because their gate is ‘the transformer’ between the eden dimension and theirs
[where the concept “matrix-dawn” is also used in prophets like for example Joel 3] ;

above : the three different regions 
are shown in the ‘three registers’ in AMDUAT
and see also the Daniel ram + goat page

corruptions : very grave – but we knew what to look for
theme  : context 100% restored , syntax > 85%
fulltext : below

Isaiah 17

fulltext :
the burden (‘unresolved problem’) of Damascus :                                                      [‘the matrix-gate where Adam is’] 
behold ! , Damascus will be taken away from the nations (‘of spirits’) ,
as the wicked (matrix-) fortress that will fall down ;
for the (matrix-) gate of Egypt        +                                                                                   [‘matrix land of Mystery-Babylon’]     
will be forsaken when the adm-man will have left it ;
and the nations (‘of spirits’) will be shocked and afraid ;
because Damascus will cease to feed the people [-that dwell] upon the land (‘earth’) :
after the sons of Ishral (‘144’) will have understood my words ,
is the declaration of IEUE of hosts ; 

then it will happen that day ,                                                                                                                         [start of the tribulation] 
that the pomp of Jacob will diminish ,
as the fatness of his flesh (‘body’) that will wax lean ;         +
in the same day     +                                                                                                                 [5 : see “[gospels] : grain field” page !] 
that an armful of stalks of grain will be harvested as being reaped from the whole field ,              
because at the feast of Weeks the sons of Ishral will be rescued 
6                                                                                                                                                                                     [6: was utterly corrupt :] 
     and I will also save in that same day       +
     the innocent ones of the flock that are my people (eden-) Ishral (‘our Originals’) ,
     [… unknown 4x …] as rescuing them from the oppression of the adm-man (Adam) ,                                    [see 7] 
     is the declaration of IEUE deity of (eden-) Ishral ;
for in that same day ,        +                                                                                                                                                                            [sic] 
the adm-man (Adam) will be judged for what he has done ,
since his eyes were haughty against the holy one of (eden-) Ishral ;                                       [or: ‘my people Ishral’ ?] 
and you (Adam) will not devise any longer       +                                                                      [‘bats + moles’ Isaiah chapter] 
the idols (‘bodies for spirits’) that were the work of your hands ,                                                      [fróm our Originals] 
for the abominable images (‘same’) for the nations (‘of spirits’) which your fingers made      +
will no longer become to be ;
9                                                                                                                                                                                                                        [part II :] 
and in that same day your fortressed city (‘Damascus’)       +                   
will be the forsaken (matrix-) gate ;                                                                              [‘as “image of jealousy” – see Ezekiel’] 
because he (‘gate’) will become desolate       +
when I will cut-off the Nile       +                                                                                                                              [b : see Ezekiel 29 !] 
which you devised for to feed the gate of Egypt (‘matrix-land’) ;
10                                                                                                                                                                               [10 : was utterly corrupt :] 
and the wicked (matrix-) gate that you built       +              
will not be remembered anymore ,                                                                                      [a : or: ‘the eden gate you copied’?] 
     as the one you made to steal the desirable things of the adm-ground (‘eden’) 
     and made him to bring forth the foreign (=matrix) desirable things ;
he (‘gate’) grew great from the day that you built it , 
as your fortress that blossomed by the (eden-) dawn ;                                                  [‘stealing the dawn-dimension’] 
but the time of the harvest      +                                                                                                                   [=of the 144 , see above] 
will be the day that he (‘gate’) will become desolate ,
much to the horror of the nations (‘of spirits’) ;    
because then the multitude of the many peoples (‘spirits’) will murmur
when the sea (‘matrix dimension’) will lose strength (?) ,
since the (matrix-) gate will no longer provide        +
the (eden-) waters of abundant desirable things ;                                                       [‘tó the sea as matrix-dimension’] 
and because the nations (‘of spirits’) will lack the (eden-) waters ,
they will be wroth with the adm-man ( Adam) ,
and they will rebuke – him ;                                                        [neither Adam has life now since the waters stopped !] 
and he will be chased by them as chaff before the wind ,          
as running to and fro over the surface of the (matrix-) land ;                                                                                    [attested]  
therefore , behold ! at the time of the evening will be the dreadful event ,                                            [=gate ceases] 
and before the morning he (Adam) is no more :
this is the portion of those that rob us ,
as the lot (‘fate’) of those that plunder us .
[may 2023] 


Isaiah 17

the burden (‘unresolved problem’) of – Damascus (‘matrix-gate where Adam is’) :
behold ! , Damascus – (will be) taken away – from the city=nations (‘of spirits’) (oir=guim)
[=as] the be=wicked – rubbish heap=fortress (moi=mdbr) – (that will) fall down ;

(for-) the (matrix-) cities=gate (OiR=shOR) of – araor=Egypt (‘matrix land of Mystery-Babylon’)      +
(will be) forsaken – from=when the cattle=adm-man (odriM=adM) – (will) (have) be=left (-it) ;
and – [..] the no=nations (‘of spirits’) (ain=guim) – (will be) recline=shocked (?)      +
(and-) afraid ;

[next 3 : needed : how the matrix gate affects earth – because of line 4 :] 
[=while] – [..] Damascus (‘the matrix-gate’) – (will) cease        +
to fortress=feed (?) – the ephraim=people – and=upon the kingdom=land (‘earth’) :
[=namely] remnant=after (shar=achr) – [.. 1x ..] – the sons of – Ishral (‘144’)      +
[..] (will have) glory=understood (kBud=Bin) – [+my] be=words ,
(is) the declaration of – IEUE of – hosts ; 

and=then it (will) happen – [..] that – day ,                                                                             [start of the tribulation] 
(that-) the pomp of – Jacob – (will) diminish ,
[=as] the fatness of – his flesh (‘body’) – (that will) wax lean ;         +

and=in the (same-) be=day (eie=ium)                                                         [5 a-c : see ‘[gospels] : grain field’ page !] 
as=that – an armful (adj.) of – stalks of grain – (will be) harvested
[+as] (being) reaped – [+from] the (whole-) ears of grain=field (shbbl=shde) ,                                [so ‘not all’]  
[..] be=because (eie=ki) – as=at the gleaning=feast (mlqt=chg) of – ears of grain=Weeks (shbbl=shbo)
the in=sons (B=Bni) of valley=Ishral – (will be) rephaim=rescued (rPHAim=PHAda) ;

note :
… because KJV was illogical (-anyway) and full of repeats ,
And it shall be as when the harvestman gathereth the corn, and reapeth the ears with his arm; 
and it shall be as he that gathereth ears in the valley of Rephaim” ,
a) he wouldn’t reap with his leg
     therefore ‘armful’ is much more appropriate denoting ‘but a small quantity’ , right ;
b) while the repeat “be as gathering…” does not expánd upon the first meaning ;
c) ofcourse it can have said “in the year (or: ‘day’ ?) of + the Jubilee (shBbL=iaBL)”
     but ‘the harvest’ concept is closer connected to Weeks ;
[next 6 : quite impossible ,
sounding like the Haggai 2 line “and 50 [measures] remain in the winevat (etc)” , corrupt ofcourse :] 
“Yet gleaning grapes shall be left in it, as the shaking of an olive tree, two [or] three berries in the top 
of the uppermost bough, four [or] five in the outmost fruitful branches thereof, saith the LORD God of Israel.”
… what can this be about ?
a) we had Jacob in line 4
b) the sons in line 5
c) Adam will be judged next in 7
d) so the only group left in this 6 is our Originals ;
e) line ends with “IEUE deity of (eden-) Ishral” which can be affirming d) ;
and [+I] (will) (also-) remain=save (SHAr=iASH)        +                                                                 [6 : utterly corrupt] 
in – gleaning=that (?) (olluth=zeth) – (same-) him=day (u=ium)                                                        [<< see elsewhere] 
[..] the gleaning=innocent ones (nq-ph=nq) of – the olivetree=flock (zth=tsan)                            [< elsewhere] 
(that are-) [+my] two=people (?) (shniM=oM) – (eden-) three=Ishral (‘our Originals’) (SHLsh=iSHrL) ,
[… unknown 4x …] – (as-) fruitful=rescuing (PHri=PHada , 5 e ?) [+them]
(from-) [..] the forks=oppression of (?) – the five=adm-man (Adam) (?) (chMsh=adM) ,                 [see next 7] 
(is) the declaration of – IEUE – deity of – (eden-) Ishral ;

(while-) in – that (same-) – day             +                                                                                                                           [sic] 
the adm-man (Adam) – (will be) see=judged (isho=mshpht) – [=for] – (what-) he (has) done ,
[=since] his eyes – (were) see=haughty        +                                                                            [the usual expression] 
[=against] – the holy one of – (eden-) Ishral ;                                                                         [or: ‘my people Ishral’ ?] 

and – [=you] (Adam) (will) not – look=devise (?) (- any longer)                    [see ‘bats + moles’ Isaiah chapter] 
the altar=idols (‘bodies for spirits’) – (that were-) the work of – [=your] hands ,
[=for] – [..]       +
the groves=abominable images (‘same’) – (for-) the solarimage=nations (‘of spirits’) (chmnIM=guIM)
which – his fingers – made – (will) no (-longer) – see=become to be ;

(for-) in – that – day – [+your] fortressed – city (‘Damascus’)                                      [aka glyph (deity-) TEM] 
(will) be – [..] the forsaken – (matrix-) plowland=gate (chRSH=SHOR) ;                        [‘as image of jealousy’] 
and=because – [..] she=he (‘gate’) (will) become – desolate       +
the=when [+I] (will) tip=cut-off (amiR=kRth) – [+the Nile]       +                                         [d-f : see Ezekiel 29 !] 
which – you forsook=devised (ozBu=chsB)from=for to face=feed       +
the sons=gate of – ishral=Egypt (ishrl=mtsrim) ;                                                                                           [see below] 

and – the deity=wicked – (matrix-) forget=gate (shkch=shor) – (that-) you salvation=built (?)
(will) not – (be) remembered (-anymore) ,                                                        [a : or: ‘the eden gate you copied’?] 
[attempt :] on=as – the one you (made) to [=steal] (?) – the plants=desirable things (? , see Joel) of       +
the pleasant=(adm-) ground (‘eden’) (?) (omnim=adme) ,                  [see also how “pleasant” was used indeed] 
and – (made) to sow=bring forth – the foreign (‘matrix’) – slips=desirable things (?) ;

he grew great (?) – [=from] the day – (that-) you planted=built (-it) (?)
[=as] – your sowing=fortress – (that-) blossomed – [=by] the (eden-) dawn ;                               [‘stealing it’] 
[was corrupt anyway – except the ‘day’ and ‘harvest’ :] 
(but-) the heap=time of – the harvest      +                                                                            [=of the 144 , see above] 
(will be) the day – (that) [+he] (‘gate’) (will become) grief=desolate ,
[..] (much to-) to the pain (or: ‘the horror’ ?) of – the mortals=nations (‘of spirits’) ;              [< intro to next :] 

[next 12 : needed : the nations realize that the gate isn’t feeding them no longer ;
Esau covered this up after 12a by repeats as far as into next 13 a :] 
(because-) woe=then (eui=ki) – the multitude of – the many – peoples (‘spirits’) – (will) murmur
(when-) the sea (‘matrix dimension’) – (will) clamor=lose strength (?) ,
and=since the (matrix-) tumult=gate (SHAn=SHOr) – (will) folkstems=not (LAmim=LA)        +
as=any longer tumult=provide – the (eden-) waters of      +
abundant – tumulting=desirable things (?) ;                                                    [‘conveyed by the sea = dimension’] 

[next 13 : needed : therefore they get wrathful with Adam :] 13
[+and because] the folkstems=nations (‘of spirits’) (lamIM=guIM)         +
[..] (will) tumult=lack – the (eden-) waters
they (will be) tumulting=wroth – (with-) the many=adm-man ( Adam) (rbiM=adM) ,
and they (will) rebuke – him ;                                              [neither Adam has life now since the waters stopped !] 
and he (will be) chased [+by them] – as chaff – [.. 1x ..] – before – the wind ,                               [f : attested] 
and tumbleweed=he (will) run to and fro – [=over] the surface of – (matrix-) the whirlwind=land ; 

[=for] behold ! – at the time of – the evening – (will be) the dreadful event ,                            [=gate ceases] 
and before – the morning – he (Adam) is no (-more) :
this – (is) the portion (‘apportion’) of – (those that-) rob us ,
[=as] the lot (‘fate’) of – (those that-) plunder us .

[may 2023]