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  ‘flat-earth’ (?) in their Field
     (Moab and Edom theme)
           – observations –

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                please ,
                … we always stayed far from the “globe or flat-earth” theme ,
                mostly because it isn’t that important : earth is but our Prison
                and the only land that réally matters is Eden ,
                therefore consider this page more like ‘a thought experiment’  

[will be posted in sections]
content of this page :
deciding which : globe or flat ?
– why this theme is ‘harmless’ to you and we 
– what the physical eyes see can be a trick                        
(visible-) facts favour a flat earth 
– modern and older science and Deception
– serious flaws in módern science models
    especially concerning this moon
if a flat earth , redefine ‘sun and moon’ 
nested Platonic Solids
– the geodesic dome as part of the nesting
– solids formed by sound and filled with plasma



                            deciding which : globe or flat ?
… in the Introduction – still 2018 based ; ) – we posed the same about Eden ,
that souls ask “a land in the other Reality ? is that even possible ?” ;
remembering that backthen we ourselvés were very nervous to , in spite of
all the pros and contras , to make a decision which one could be true   —  
having to make a decision eventhough we did not know everything !
and this theme is very similar ,
yet the advantage that you and we now have towards others who are fighting  
with this “globe VS flat” theme is that we can embed it in a wider context ,
because we need not ‘apply Scripture to this earth’ , adding the confusion ,
but can observe – rather independently – what could be going on here
… however : 
please remember that we are on a different playground here     —
the soul agrees with how God describes eden because she feels that
what He says is true eventhough she can not see the other reality , right ;
but here we need to be very carefully with the physical eyes because
they may tell us that an aspect we see is ‘true’ – yet it may be not

                         (visible-) facts favour a flat earth
… the first problem
is the massive amount of information on the Net concerning this subject ,
yet – as usual – from that stream 80% is parroted subjects while only 20% 
is worth studying further , so the question is “how to find that 20”      —

the second problem 
is “deciding (!) whether one wishes 
to be Bamboozled – or absolutely not” :

this ‘bamboozling’ is the Job of ‘modern mainstream science’ (read: NASA)
because of her agenda to hide any reference to the Eden land , see above ,
and therefore present “abstract mental pictures and concepts” true or not ,
but often as a mixture of solid facts and (required-) unconfirmed hypothesis 
causing a weird type of promoted Sorcery under the guise of ‘science’  
an option to escape that ,
is by searching older material before the era that facts were polluted ,
and a very helpful document was this one , end-1800s (PDF) :
Zetetic Astronomy , Earth Not a Globe – Samuel Birley Rowbotham.pdf
– again : not to use it as ‘only truth’ but as counterweight against Nonsense
because not all that ‘the fathers’ saw and thought “has been debunked”  !
some serious flaws in ‘modern science’ 
… one of the more intriguing flaws concerns ‘this moon’ , making it very
questionable whether indeed “she rotates around a globe earth” or whether
that model is just a perceptual mindf*ck    — 
and important because through this ‘the globe model’ itsélf is in question :
after which a host of related points of discussion emerges as ‘tides’, ‘gravity’, 
‘distances on earth’, etcetera , so enjoy the PDF ;
— it is not the intention of this page to discuss the many pro and contras ;
we looked seriously at everything and can only come to the conclusion :

if earth is flat , it needs redefine ‘the moon and sun’
… and it is at this point the definite Schism appears between the two groups ,
between those who cannot let go of ‘the heliacal model’ and those who have
no other option but to let a small moon and -sun rotate over a flat earth 

the question for you and we is :                     
“is it too crazy to can accept”?
(considered what we did accept)
or even “does this one matter“? ;

and the answer must be “No”  —
in fact ,

we can – without being bound by Scripture we’d need to keep – investigate
and see if we can come up with a model which can support the above , no ?

                                 (nested-) Platonic Solids
            forms made by sound from plasma – filled with plasma

… and the first would need 
is ‘a geodesic dome’ over the (flat-) earth ;
obviously as protection from space and to
keep the oxygen over the earth – but also
containing high types (and for us unknown)
energies growing and maintaining this body
and many other aspects of nature

however ,
this dome is the upper half of a series of figures called ‘Platonic Solids’ which
are existing within eachother — having earth in the centre — termed “nesting” :


         … above vid is the best we could find – but incomplete 
         because the Solids can also revolve independently 
         and even the other way around : moreover , some will    
         have ‘a wobble’ in their rotation like a metronome   >> ,
         while Solids would exist having very complex forms

end sat.
         when we combine the above , as “a flat earth within nested Solids”,
         being part of “a type” solarplane , we would get the below concept
         (vid by hR – and read on for further description) :

                          intermezzo : Two Realities – as both
… it is imaginable now ,
depending upon your observation , that earth dóes have ‘a globe shape’ ,
and that she therefore can be part of a series of óther larger planet bodies
forming together that what we understand and call ‘the solarplane’ ;
yet the same time she is flat ,
and therefore can be part of a wider land – for which exists nó expression
simply because most people on earth have never seen such thing ;
in Amos , God calls the earth-concept ‘Moab’ and the wider land ‘Edom’ ,
almost as related to eachother : in the same way the 500 BC countries
Moab and Edom – as neighbours – were hostile against old-Ishral (‘eden’) ,
and that link is not by accident ;
… moreover , He clearly gives Moab the attribute “city” and Edom the
attribute “land (‘field’)” — see relevant pages in Index — and because He
pitches Edom against Eden the former múst be a land somewhere else
having a nature as a false paradise ;
– same with Moab : in prophets ‘Jerusalem’ often represents “this earth”
just like Moab does , but because Edom and Moab are of the same bad Club ,
it means ‘earth is párt of that false paradise’ ! – see also ‘Nut dome’ page

the Field founded upon the register :
… Eden was founded inbetween both realms
called ‘Behemoth’ and ‘Leviathan’ (the Dual-realm
west of Heaven) as “the seas God separated” ;
however – after Eden fell the evil dimension made
themselves a secondary ‘middle-region’ so that
Eden was now below them and they could rule her
(as the middle-register in the depiction to right) :
the same region carries our visible solarplane

the solarplane is (but-) sécondary : causing our ‘visible reality’ :
… and if we take this one step further :
not the sólarplane is ‘the main Reality’ but the Field is ! ;
and perhaps the best proof of this is the sixth seal : ‘the heavens rolling up’
is “the nested Solids breaking apart” inclusive the ones of this sun and
moon ofcourse ; where the line ‘the stars falling back to earth’ denotes the
major planets having caused the dimensional distortion to the physical eye
concerning space and time , overlapping the Field ;
.. more about this later                                                                                         [/end]

                                                 the spheres as Time Clock
2.               the nested spheres : of moon and sun

… returning to the nested spheres
and needing a bit of your imagination
(cause we can’t make éverything visual) :
this sun :
– is in top of her own (type-) Solid
– which by wobbling causes her orbit >>
– as her path expanding and contracting for
   six months alternately (a peculiar wobble)
  and see PDF

– as a path neatly following the Gobi- , Sahara- and Arizona desert per flat earth ,
    but likely in the beginning having caused these deserts (and not , as Velikovsky
    suggested , are the result of a close encounter with Mars) ;
this moon :
– in top of her own – a bit smaller – Solid as having an orbit just ‘below this sun’
    when vieuwed from earth ; occasionally casting sun-eclipses at certain regions
– her orbit is also caused by her wobbling Solid
– but as a very peculiar – if not erratic – type orbit , and here it gets interesting :
this weird moon – a Plasma model
… becáuse she is not ‘a reflector of sunlight’ (-orbiting a globe earth)
the only other option is that she is ‘self-Luminescence’ – and see PDF ;
years ago , in 1965 , ABC News Australia interviewed a professor Forster
claiming that “this moon is made of plasma – and the understanding of that
would transform the way we see things” ,
1965 scientist claims the moon is plasma
and we fully agree that it is a plasma concept :
– next to the aspect above , also documented is ‘people seeing lights in her’
    or even ‘seeing her translucent dúring a solar eclipse’ – see PDF ; where
    last December (when we searched ‘the moon and Saturn theme) we posted
    several ‘bloodmoon dream videos’ where people said the same things ,
– related to that is the highly interesting Cymatics concept of her (see below) ,
– and this links to ‘how her type light forms things on earth’
    (we cannot judge the examples of people mentioned in the PDF ;
    we only consider this from a Cymatics point of view)
– but also because her nature fits with the hyper-dimensional Solids model :

this moon’s light : her Solid crossing another Solid :
… but we need help of your imagination again :
if not this earth’s shadow causes her phases ,
something else must cause the shadow upon her :
– her own Solid wobbles around in 24 hours
    (and is the reason she always faces the same way !) ,
– so we need ‘a second Solid’ , working in par with her ,

but this second one wobbles around during the timeframe of one month
and by crossing this one her moon phases appear

… so it is the shadow of this ‘second Solid’ causing her phases ,
when she daily exits the ‘top’ of that Solid causing the First Quarter ,
the Full Moon when being fully outside that second Solid – at the 15th ,
then slowly retreating inside until the month’s end :
only another hyper-dimensional Solid is able to block Plasma !
… interestingly , this second Solid can also explain why in the globe model
the angle of shadow at the moon is frequently Off during her phases —
meaning that the shadow can never be caused by a globe earth’ !
(you can find many clips on YT about this) : but it makes Sense when it is
caused by a Solid having different angles herself …
.. for us , another interesting aspect supporting the above concept is the
so-called ‘Moon Wave’ spotted by a YT user (search Crow777) : while filming
the moon aberrations crossed over her sides , as if being she bathed in water ;
we personally take that as “she crossing the area of the second Solid” …
– speaking of ‘water’ :
                 [intermezzo : … becáuse we are adm-souls living in this prison , it is
               assumable that certain aspects of Eden have been copied upon this earth :
               the weird aspects of this moon – especially her specific orbit and light –
               very much remind how Enoch described the path of Eden’s moon :
               almost as if earth’s makers had to create a similar type environment for us ..
               — and that comparison is even more striking having understood that the
               spells do not mention a moon for the Field — their ‘night and day’ works
               differently (with a veil over their sun) ; the only ‘moon’ as such they address
               represents their copied eden gate                                                              [/end]

3. this moon and sun ‘powered’ from somewhere else

a) this sun :
… akin to the underwater welding picture
the arc could be compared with this sun
which is just inside the top of her Solid —
for all we care because of a small hole in
the top of her Solid through which stream
very high plasma energies into the Solid
but at that place causing this sun to glow :
as powered by the real sun (Râ)

China , 2011 ; “One sun , bright cheerful one that warms the Earth and lights
the countryside continued to slide towards the horizon as dusk approached .
The other ‘sun’ suddenly flared to life. That eerie interloper shone almost as
brilliantly. As large as the original sun , the new sun differed mostly in color
and definition: the imposter was tinted orange and appeared a bit fuzzy .
Stranger still , people witnessing the strange sight noticed the suns cast
double shadows of objects on the ground.”
http://www.salem-news.com/articles/march072011/chinese-sun-ta.php     (quoting Helium com)

… a weird article – or is it ?
did the clockwork of Solids malfunction a moment ? ;
and ‘shone álmost as brightly’ : because it is outside
the Solid of this sun ? ; and indeed – was it done on
purpose by its “makers” to place this sun in such
position that it would just cover the size of Râ —
just as many wonder ‘how the moon perfectly fits the sun – during an eclipse’ ? ;
once we traced the origin of a story called “Niburu” or ‘the second sun’ ,
but we ended up at some secret society seemingly having launched that story ,
yet was it a corrupted version of what they knew ..?

sun – closing :
… ofcourse there is much that we dón’t know ,
and we don’t reject everything (why couldn’t the Van Allen belt be integrated
with the Solids model ? for example) but ‘specific details’ are very tricky :
because immediately abstraction comes into play — which is Death
end sunday
b) this moon – and Cymatics