PT 517 : the eden moon :
place of stealing energy ,
as ‘field’, ‘boat’ and ‘island’ ;



content :
– what they steal is “the willpower (fór speech)” ;
– the ‘field’ (aka island aka boat) is in the false east — see Introduction ; 
– intent : through “the place of sacrifice” , read “eden willpower to reap”, MA-Â ; 
– glyph “festival of the completed solarplane” as glyph H’EB ; 
– for the ‘fire-stick’ concept see the CT with QÂN (Cain) ; 
reading the glyphs of this spell :
original page at 1192 b) ; PDF page 170 , 
but remember to read UPwards ; 


PT 517


1192       intro
[by] the fowled (eden-) things for the (festival of the-) completed solarplane.    +
[to be] (matrix-) existence. , 
[and] N (‘candidate’). it (‘existence’). to value. ,
[because by] the doubled (eden-) things. [to be] (matrix-) existence. ,
[in order to be] he (‘existence’). [by] decree of law. ; 
[namely as] this. vulture-rule (‘matrix rule’). [for] N. ;

1191      start
[because through]         +;
the fowled (eden-) things for the (festival of the-) completed solarplane.        +
(matrix-) existence (-by itsélf). existence to make (‘as forms’).      +
[as] he. the valued one. , 
[because by means of] the doubled (matrix-) things.           +
(matrix-) existence (-itself). existence to make (‘as forms’). ,
[as] he. the decree of law. ; 

[b : bit unsure reading :]
[to be] the (matrix’-) double word. [by means of] the retired one (‘eden moon’?). , 
[because by means of]      +
the real adm-soul. within (-the matrix). ,                   [<< real adm-soul = Jacob = wé] 
to become the (matrix-) image (‘of what? ; ÁRU).       + 
[by?] he (‘eden moon’?). [as?] the one the speech to make for (matrix-) hail. ;
[in order to be]       +
the great. god (=’matrix great speech’).      +
which is [by]. the beautiful. (matrix-) seat.    +
[being] the (matrix-) field. [for to be] (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[as] this. N’s (candidate). fire-stick construct (‘boat’). ; 

    a :
    the ‘field’ is the same as “the (Soped-) forest being the field” in another PT ,
    so this is definitely the place of capturing the moon ; 
    we don’t have a palpable concept for ‘fire-stick construct’ yet ,
    yet it should be this same place 
    (compare how Cain , in another CT , stole the fire-stick) ;
    the reason we misinterpreted the fire-stick is (partly-) because a line in prophets
    saying “.. and now the (eden-) staff shoots fire ; this will stay a lamentation”  —
    which we understood as ‘firing BACK at eden’ ;
    but perhaps it wrote “fire + staff” (and not ‘shooting’ but ‘stolen’…?) ; 
[in order to be] the divine health (‘the solarplane to make existence’, SNB).    +
[of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix. , 
[as] this. divine wholesomeness (UTCHA, w/ fire-stick glyph’). ; 

[because] N’s. (matrix-) speech of hail. invokes (adj.) – existence to make. 
(‘as concept’). ,         +
(speech of hail-) [being] the great god. [through] the seat (‘that field’).       +
[in order to be] the adam-like. (matrix-) word. for speech above (‘north’). ,
[..skipped 1x ‘thou’..]
by [means of].         +    

to command. the one (=eden moon) by decree of law. [for] to obey (‘listen’).     +
[for to be] (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[and so to be] the (matrix-) ânkh life. [of] (matrix-) existence.     +
[as] this. N’s. (matrix-) speech of hail. [being] (matrix-) existence of hail. ,
[being] (matrix-) existence. [as] this. (matrix-) daylight (‘word of speech’). ; 

    e :
    in other spells : ‘ânkh life is the speech in the (matrix-) atmosphere’ ;
[because] the (eden-) ways (?, glyph). [..] to wander-astray (-to matrix). ,
[..skipped 1x ‘thou’..]. guided (adj.) – [by] (matrix-) existence. ;
[as] the (eden-) houses. [..1x..]. (matrix-) existence. to obey (‘listen’). , 
[in order] to become (adj.) – the opened (matrix-) word. ; 
[because] the great (matrix-) speech. [by] he. the seat (‘that field, still?’).      +
the (matrix-) word of double (matrix-) willpower. to guide. , 
[as] the god (‘matrix great speech’).       +
[for] (eden-) existence’s (?). vessel (‘eden moon?’) to empty (?, glyph). ; 
       (as the god emptying the vessel of (eden-) existence)
[then by] the god (‘great speech’). ,
the (matrix?-) word. to dance. [like] this. pygmee. ;         + 

    a :
    some bizarre humor ; very unusual sentence ; the term does not seem
    to have the colour of eden so it must be théir type word ; and see next ; 
[because by?] the dome of Nut (‘border between matrix and eden’).     +
[at] the two stable legs (‘2 matrix axes to the south’). ,
[is] the one (matrix-) word of eden-within.
[as] the (eden-) staff of rule. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;

returning to theme ,
he. the (matrix-) speech of hail. [to] N. to arrive
     (lit.: to come the (eden-moons-) speech for to make the (matrix-) root ; SPR+). ; 
[and therewith]      +
N. [in] (matrix-) existence. to can swim (‘solarplane related’). ;

    e :
    unclear still what is the connotation of this ‘to swim’ ;
[because for] the (matrix-) land. ,       +
(matrix-) existence. owns (adj.) – this. island (‘where moon is captured’). ,
[in order to be] the sacrifice (‘of eden-willpower’, MA-Â). [for] this. N. ;

    d :
    the ‘island’ is also used in PT 566 , in the same context ; see ‘the field’ above ;
[and so for] the (matrix-) land. [to be] (matrix-) speech and nature. ,
[through] the (matrix-) ský. [of] (matrix-) speech and nature. ;
[by means of]   +
the sacrifice (‘of eden-willpower’). [for] this. N. ; 

closing ,
[for] the field of Reeds (‘likely as habitated fields throughout the solarplane’).     +
[to exist] the ferry-boat (‘constantly bringing eden-aspects’). 
[by means of] the construct (‘boat’, adj.) – [of] sacrifice (‘eden willpower’). 
    (= the place of seizing the eden moon)
[as] (?). the fire-stick construct (‘boat’). [for] (matrix-) hail. ;
to recite. 

    e :
    the ‘field of reeds’ : very possible ‘in this solarplane’ ,
    remember prophets “and those who stand afar off weep ,
    when they see Mystery-Babylon burn” — and the ‘those’ are spirits …


annex :
‘official’ translation (Mercer) :
but remember he read it upside down ,
and disregarding MANY glyphs ,