PT 566 : the stolen gate :
  as Horus’ eye below
   and island of SEKER

[short ; 2022-04apr.18]

PT 566

main theme : the eden gate as “Horus’ eye below” where SEKER is ;
….. short spell only ; 
that it’s called “Horus’ eye (-below)” is very unusual , it can cause confusion because
usually his ‘eye(-s)’ are above – north , but also because it’s “magically-dangerous” to say ;
it’s also “an island”
but one which is “sacrificed” (MAÂT “to sacrifice (-eden willpower”) 
represented by the SEKER concept – see for him and the island amduat 5 
(and we could make an attempt at doing that one now) ;
his boat has two facing oryx-heads at both sides representing both (eden-) olive-trees ,
while he as “copied eden speech” constantly opens the gate 
(so we must assume that he resides there) ;
line d ‘wing’ : we don’t know yet what axis so we can’t translate that line ; 
to read along ,
PDF page 280 , real page 1429 , and read upwards ,
‘official’ translation , 

PT 566
the eye. [of] Horus. below (‘south’, eden’).                     [<< eden gate ; unusual phrasing !]
[for this N (‘candidate’).].
[is for this N.]        +
the moving (adj.) – (adam-like-) island. nót. ;
[because]        +
[it is] the (adam-like-) island. [óf] the Thoth perch axis (‘Nile’). nót. ;
[and]      +
[it is] the sleeping (adj.) – (eden-) pool in the (dimensional-) background. [of] Horus. nót. ;
…………. so “the eye below” is the eden gate construct , also called “an island”
…………. but it does not “move” – read : is not “ferried-over” etc ,
…………. which would be implied as “the Thoth axis brought this island” ;
…………. and again is repeated that “it is not Horus who constructed this eye” ;
[but instead] , 
[there is] the boat of (matrix-) justice (‘a construct’).            [<< lit. “of sacrifice”] 
[because]       +
[at] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..).       +                                                   [<< eden gate]
[is] the H’nu-boat of SEKER. ;
d : can’t read because we don’t know what is ‘wing’ (TCHNH’)
[and so] , Horus . [to be] thou. (eden-) willpower for matrix-existence. ,
[and therewith] [for] this. N (candidate’). to come health. 


CT 1157 : the eden gate
as ‘the ceased fiery eye’

CT 1157
main theme : the eden gate as “the ceased fiery eye” 
to read along , 
PDF page 522 , real page VII 504 , 
VII 504
[by] the real adm-soul’s (-one). [are] the (matrix-) things of beauty. , 
by [means of]. the ceased fiery. eye (‘eden gate’). ;
[and by] the darkness.                                                                        [<< of eden c.q of the eye]
[..]. [is] the (matrix-) spirits consciousness.  
[through] the watercourse. [by] which is. the one. (matrix-) eye (‘matrix gate’). 
(which-) I am. ;
[because from?-] the ceased fiery one. [by] which is. the location. [for] (matrix-) speech.
[by means of] to make the watercourse (‘Nile’). 
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘matrix gate’). 
in line c it is the eden eye by context ;
juxtaposed to next line where he speaks as their eye ;
the ‘location of speech’ could have written “lion mouth” or “place-T of great (matrix-) speech”
or “crown of great speech” as interchangable for ‘the mouth’ (gate) in last part of the line

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