PT 581                                                           [Oct 2020]


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main theme :

interpretation :
… the narrator addresses ‘a candidate’ – a fellow corrupt adm-soul –
what his high position and work will be in their evil reality ;
the chapter’s main theme is they as “the sons of Ammon” , per prophets ,
but also describes the situation of their reality ;

refers to : prophet chapters about “the sons of Ammon” ; chapters about
‘making their spirit-bodies’ ; chapters about Damascus ;

how to read below translation :

  • – spells are difficult to read because of the many bizarre concepts ,
    and without understanding the thémes , translating is sometimes very tricky –
    after each section we add a short interpretation note ;
  • – remember the main diagram , then much of it can be placed ;
  • – the original texts of hieroglyphs need to be read from down-to-upwards


PT 581

d) the divine location as place-T of vulture-rule for the son (ssaat+). ,     (=’to be a son’?)
[as] this (tn). foremost one (of matrix) . ,
which was (?). [at] place-T below. [for?] (matrix) willpower. ;      (=was below at AKER ?)

c) [in order for to be] the breath-airs as the word becoming new for hail. ,
as. (matrix) existence. [for] thou. (matrix) spéech. [of] hail. :        +
[+but ?] thou. [will be] a spirit (-being). ,          +
[by means of] the (eden) branch (of place-T) (?,glyph). to. thou. having wandered-astray. ;

b) (wandering-astray) [through] he. the THPHT cave (=wormhole). [for] (matrix) speech of hail. ,
[to be] the opened (eden) word. [for] hail. :
he. the Ba-spirit-soul. [will be] . by. to come (eden) existence to make hail (sán+). ;

a)  [as] the (matrix) land. [having] the word. head (=main word). [of] hail. ,
[and so] to become the dimension of abundance (bâh-á+). ;   

interpretation :
… the unknown very first concept causes us immediately problems :
the SSA ‘son’ is always matrix , and it seems it has been south at AKER  —
as opposed to the sécond ‘branch’ which “wandered astray”, so is an eden-concept :
see how both concepts return in next section ;  
2) THPHT as gate must be “dimensional wormhole”, compare Tophet in prophets ;

b) [through at] the (matrix) mountain. head (=main mountain). place-T to manifest ;
[in order to be] (matrix) existence. [of] beauty (-nfr). ,
[by means of] this. (matrix) day (-light) (Hru). [as] (matrix) speech of hail.      +
[to be like?] gods. [through] the (matrix) mouth (=gate). [for] the northrealm. (-m). ;

a) [because for] Osiris (matrix-man-concept). the (eden) word. [is] sacrificed (maâ). ,
[through?] the SET-tile (Damascus). [and?] the tile of the Ba-spirit-soul for willpower. ;

interpretation :
… the main mountain is the one God will make “tob e a burnt out mountain” (prophets) ,
as a construct which we identify as the original of the Giza pyramid ;

b) [by] to come the (corrupt-adm-) souls who make the KH-house.      +        (=the ‘seers’)
[as] (matrix) existence. [of] beauty. ,
[by] this. (matrix) day (-light) (Hru). [as] speech of hail. ;

[and] the (matrix) existence to máke (as concept ; s-n). ,       +
[by means of] the (matrix) speech. the (eden) word to guide. [tó] (matrix) existence. ,   +
(guiding it) [to] the (matrix) mouth (=gate) [for] the northrealm (-m). ;

a) [and to be]  the divine garments (=bodies ; shth+). [of] ânkh-life (vampiring life).        +
[existing of] the word to make them (s-f-u) ,                              (=garments made of words)
[by means of to] the (eden !) word. to tie together by. (matrix) willpower. ;
as. the willpower. [for] this. N (=candidate).      +
[which will make?] you. to snatch (it) away (=eden words?). ;                  (=subject unsure)                

interpretation :
… this section is obviously about what prophets term “the sons of Ammon”,
as the specific enemies of the 144,000 sons — in Rg-Veda called ‘kavi’, ‘seers’ ,
and also in TWO prophetchapters these are described as “invoking eden essences” ;
2) they don’t call themselves ‘corrupt adm-souls’ but wé need to know the difference ;
3) ‘garments made of words’, or : of created of light ; a for us unknown concept ;

b) [therefore] the gods (spirits). hearts. rejoice (=because of created matrix-flesh ; H’Â).       +
[over] the (divine-) Egyptians (reth+). above (=north). ;
[as] the radiating ones (’of white light’) (h’etch). [of] hail. ;                 (=egyptians radiate)
making the divine offerings (=by eden). to descend (=to matrix). ;

a) [as] the changing of course (-of situation?) (utchb). [for] hail. to flourish (akh). ,
[and] (the scent of) the (matrix) marshes. to inhale (by make solarplane ; s-b-th+). ;

(a next theme,)
b) he (=marshes). to smite (=eden). ,                                                                  (=’he’ is ‘they’)
[as] the inundated ones (-pool). [of] (dimensional) Sight. to tremble for (=eden does). ;

a) [also?] Shu (‘matrix atmosphere’). [is for?] thou. (matrix) existence. ,
[as] this one. [by means of to] he (=AKER double-lion). to connect to. ;
[through] the AKER (south). thou. (matrix) existence. to stand upright (=erected). ;
[as] the sacred (glyph). (matrix) land. [being] the foremost one. ,
[being] the jackal (=land) (the made solarplane ; SEB). as. he. [for] you. to dwell in. ,
[which] (=k-axis). [for] you. [has been] made to stand upright. ;

interpretation :
… again the transformation from the south (AKER) to living in their north ;
the glyph SEB “jackal upon perch” is ‘make the solarplane (S-B) on high’ ;

1552                                                                                                      [1552 : difficult]
b) the doubled ÁTERT-shrine (‘speech of light’). [of] Horus. the foremost one. ,
[which was?] the altar (?,khau). below (=south, belonging to AKER ?). ,
[now] moved (?, menmenment). [to?] the foremost one. ;

a) [and?] the word. [by?] the (matrix?) vine (‘of root for speech’).     +
[which was in?] the dimension. below (=south). ,
[is now?] the winepress (SMSHU). [in order for to] thou. existence. the word to come. [for] hail. ;

interpretation :
… here we are Lost  —
we don’t know yet what is a workable concept as ‘the átert-shrines’  ;
the “dimension below” is hardly ‘eden’ but perhaps their AKER region south ,
while there shows no “to smite or steal or carry off”, when eden would be intended ;
also ‘the vine’ is unclear ;

c) this. N (=candidate). Osiris (=title).    +
[is] by. the (eden) word. to make to connect (s-th). [to] the support for the word. ,     (CT 510)
b) [through] the northwind. [….can’t read…]. the breath-air of (eden?-) masculine. to bring. ;
a) [and so for] this. N (=candidate). Osiris (=title).
[to be] the broad hall (‘fallen eden-house’). [of] the opened (eden) word inside (it). ,
[=as] the one (=opened word). [by] the THEPHT-shrine (=gate?). , [for] (matrix) existence of hail. ;
to recite .

interpretation :
the “bringing the eden-word (as Nile) by the support” was in CoffinText 510 ;
the same opened-word also fills their descended house-eden (as ‘Moab’ now) ;
2) THEPHT must bet he same as previous ?

END PT 581

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