Pyramid Text 593


longer spell : overvieuw :

the eden-star as SEPT’T (‘Sothis’) now renamed as the T’UA-star
… reading the glyph strictly ,
it is “(the star of) the eden-stone (‘hand’) (for) to make the [new] root”,
in the sense that the eden-star is now placed inside their matrix
(therefore SEPT’T has little to do with ‘the star Sirius’, that is but exoteric) ;

the star ‘decides’ which dimension rules
… now the matrix has stolen the eden-star , he is renamed as T’UA-star
(hence the many references here as “now in the name of”) ;
glyph T’UA is immediately linked to “the matrix-dawn”- as ruling dimension ,
hence prophets address “the return of the éden-dawn”
(therefore Râ and ‘matrix-daylight’ are but aspects óf the matrix-dawn) ;

the eden-star , belonging to the eden-stone , is installed in a (similar) new place
… see SEPT’T above  —
the star , together with his “four feeders” (see PT609) were disconnected
and placed at “a matrix-construct MIMICKING the eden-cornerstone” :
in this 593 called ‘the pool’ and lateron ‘the ST-stone’ (as in PT609) ;
this is important for us ,
in the sense that this weird ST-stone glyph we now can connect to other concepts ;

the eden-star ‘birthing the matrix-word’ and therewith ‘great [matrix-] speech’ :
… the star itself is the attribute “speech” (see PT609) ,
and here connected as being the source for “great [matrix-] speech”
(as their type creational speech) ;
in this case , the star is “fed with words / sounds”
(likely as the mutilated words of the 7 torches below him) ,
the – now matrix – star then creates “matrix words” which are sent to their north ,
causing their [spiritual matrix-] awareness ;

2) but in the eden-situation :
… we really don’t know , yet ;
it is obvious that Gód is ‘the awareness’ ,
therefore we suppose that the eden-star functions as “maintaining creation” ,
as if “the star directly executes the words of the 7 torches” —

2b) the “four feeders” :
… are not directly mentioned in this spell ,
but they must relate to “the four cardinal points” theme
(in Zechariah then , it are not ‘3’ but must be “four” crowns of the 144,000 sons)   —
we go find another spell about this specific theme ;

note the section about ‘this situation remains because of the imprisoned adm-soul’

read parallel the glyphs : start at line 1637 (p.379) and read UPwards :
the ‘official’ translation :


Pyramid Text 593

b) the father (‘Osiris, as matrix’). to protect. [by] the son. Horus. ,
[in order to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] he. the name. [=of]. :
Horus. connecting – the word. [to] [matrix-] existence. [as] the protection. ;

[next : A : the boat name :]
… to obtain that protection , now some eden-concept is connected to the matrix :
the said ‘boat’ in next 1637a is “an eden construct”,
as “the word of (eden-) speech of the hand (eden-stone) (now) fór (matrix-) existence” ;
like a construct “making speech”, and explained in following 1636 ;

[because by means of]      +
the tch-n-t’-r-u (eden-) boat (‘see A above’). [to be] within (‘in the matrix’). ,
[to become] the spirit-awareness. [for] [matrix-] existence. [in] he. the name. [=of]. :
[because by means of] he (‘boat as construct’). [to be] within (‘the matrix’). ,
[are] thou (‘eden-star’). [for] [matrix-] existence. [of] spirit-awareness (‘of matrix’). ;

b) [namely as]     +
the Sothis star (‘star of the eden-stone’,-SPT’T+). [of] eden-within. [for] Horus. ,
[and so to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] he. the name. [=of].  :
thou (‘eden-star’). within (‘the matrix’). to manifest. ,
[now as] the sharp one (-SPT’, as pun on -SPT’T’). [of] Horus. ;
[because] the Sothis (eden-) star. [to become] the sharp one (at place-t). ,
[as] the one (‘eden-star’) for the real-adm-soul. [now to be] within (‘the matrix’). ,
[and so by] thou. the seed (‘matrix-aspects’). to manifest. ;      +           

context so far :
… instead of “(making awareness) for the real-adm-soul” (Egyptians were nót) ,
he now makes matrix-spirit-awareness as “the power of speech” ; see next ;

b) [because by] thou. [to be] the desirable word. [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[as] the praised one (for) [matrix-] hail. ,
[and by] the seat. [for] thou. , [to] [matrix-] existence. to come hail. ;    [<<pass.]
[because] existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] speech.      +
[to be] far from. thou. nót. [when being] within (‘the matrix’). ,
                                                                                    (‘he will not lose his attribute as ‘speech’)
A2) [but instead] ,       +
the word. to connect. [to] existence to make. [now as] the T’ua star (‘renamed’). ;

context so far :
… the eden-star is now “renamed” as T’UA-star
(hence the line “in thou name of” shows up often in this spell) ;
The strict reading of T’-UA is
“(the star) (of) the imprisoned (eden) word (by) the hand (‘eden-stone’)”
but more likely is the second meaning of -T’, as “.. the imprisoned word. to give” ;
2) as “matrix-dawn”,
… T’UA as ‘dawn’ is the concept of “the now ruling matrix-dimension (itself)” ;
Hence prophets address “the return of the eden-dawn” ;

[next : they devised ‘a pool’ , a dwelling-place for the star :]

c) [being the T’UA-star-] [at] the divine pool (‘a new created matrix-construct’). ,
[as] the pool. [for] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :
thou. within (-it) (‘the pool’).       +
[matrix-] existence to make. [as] the god of speech. [for] [matrix-] existence. ;
[as] the location (‘the pool’) the one (‘star’) to – completely – protect. ,
[as] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :
[by] thou. within (-it) (‘the pool’). ,
every (type-) – existence to make (‘as concept’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ;
[therefore,] the location (‘pool’) the one (‘star’) to protect. ,
[as] the [matrix-] house (at -t) for all. (eden-) willpower for [matrix-] existence. ,
[because by this] seat (‘the pool’). ,     +
thou. (eden-) existence.  [matrix-] existence. to protect. ;

context so far :
… the “star and its 4 feeders” were separated from the eden-stone ,
and – very likely – placed upon “a mimick stone” (here as ‘the pool’)
which is termed ST-stone in PT 609 ;
… rest of 1634 is a bit flowery , but the clue is in last line :
eden-existence now protécts matrix-existence – by him dwelling there ;
2) divine speech ,
… now the star is renamed as T’UA , he makes their “great [matrix-] speech” UR,
listed in dictionary as “the T’UA star the god” ;
3) ‘nepthys and isis’ ,
it does not read ‘Nepthys and Isis’ here , though similar glyphs are used ;

c) [and by that same place as] the location of (=for) the (fourfold-) djed-pillar. +
[to be] thou. double saying (‘a pun’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ;
[as] the transformed [matrix-] speech. [of] (vampiring-) ânkh-life. ,    +
[being?] the (birth?-) staff. [for] ânkh-life. ;                                                   [<< or ‘by the staff’ ?]

context so far :
… they removed the star from the eden-stone (as ‘hand’, glyph -T’) ,
therefore their “mimick stone” may be called “doubled-hand”   T’-T’
which is the term for “Djed” – so that pillar ‘rises up from there’ (?) ;
2) the ‘staff’ ,
… normally ‘the staff’ should refer back to ‘the djed pillar’,
but this glyph (-T) is a weird choice and may read “sceptre” ;

b) [by means of] thou. [to be] within. the father (‘Osiris as matrix’). ,
Horus. [matrix-] existence. to protect. ;
[because by] thou. [is] the [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[and so to be] Horus’. existence. [of only] iron. nót. ;                        [<< dimensional quality]
[and] thou. granite (?,-bkhn). [to] Horus. existence. to give. nót. ;
[because by means of] thou. within. the father (‘matrix’). ,
[to be] Horus. desirable – [matrix-] existence. [of] hail. ;        +

1632                                                                                                                                                    [1632a : tricky]
a) [because] thou. willpower (?). [at?] the HQ (?).       +   
[to be] for. all. the gods (‘spirits’).
[by means of] thou. [matrix-] existence. to surround (-shn). ;
[and so to] Horus’. existence. to give. speech. ;
b) [namely as]     +
he the speech of hail. [by] thou. to create (-pth’). [as] great [matrix-] speech. ;
[and therefore?] , [to] thou. below. to bow down to (-ks). ,                                                               (?)
[because of?] ‘making the word’ (‘as concept’). [for] thou. (eden-) existence. ,
[now] he (‘word to make’). [to] [matrix-] existence. to give. speech. ;

[next : certain regions + they make sure to get the word by the star :]

[through] the ST-stone (‘that pool’). [to] Horus. thou. existence to bring. ;    +
b) [because by?]    +
the island (‘pool/stone’) to – greatly – perish the (eden-) dimension. ,                                     (?)
[because to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :
the great one (‘matrix-dimension’) of vulture-rule. ;                                                              (?, glyph)
[because by?].    +
the island (‘pool’) all the things for the [dimensional-] background (‘eden’).   +
[now] to revolve (-in the solarplane) (-t’bn). ;
[and so to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :                             [a2 : same tricky]
thou. willpower. [at] the HQ. ,
[now] for. all kind of things. [thou]. existence. [thou]. to encircle (-with). ;    

d) [this encircling?]    +
[as] the great (-ur) – completed (-kam) – (defensive-) shield. ,                       [<<whole torus?]
[to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :
the completed – one (‘star’) of great [matrix-] speech (urt). ;       +
[because]      +
the word. to make to connect to. [matrix-] existence. [of] spirit-awareness. ,
[by means of] thou. [to be] within. the seat (‘pool’). ,
thou. the one (‘word’) to copy (-snt). [and] existence. to take (-it) (-ntchr). ;
[to be the one] (‘word’) within (‘the matrix’). ;
[because by]     +
thou. below. [to be] the word for the solarplane (-bu). for. existence to make. ,
[and it] (‘word’) [to] [matrix-] existence. to return (-hm). ;
[because by] the [matrix-] house for all. (eden-) willpower for [matrix-] existence ,
[as] the word by the seat (‘pool’). ,
(… not understanding the pun… ) to come hail. ;   

context so far :
… apparently they dont mean just “the covering of Ôn (Mystery-Bbylon)”
but the wider torus – since this section is about ‘dimension’ ;
2) ‘word to return’ ,
… they want to make sure that “the words which the star makes”
do return to their solarplane above (see PT609 for the strange ‘to take’) ;

[next : the made word ascends to their north via a vertical axis :]

c) [namely by means of the star]      +
the real-adm-soul’s. (type-) word to birth. , [as the one of] eden-within. ,
[and] great [matrix-] speech. [as] the one connected to (-it). ;
[and then]     +
the word. to make to connect to. the (4-fold) support-pillar (-thes). ,
                                                                                             (‘as the vertical axis in the pyramid’)

[and so] the word. to make to connect to. to (can) embrace (‘in the north’). ,
[as] the word. made to connect to. to unite (-with) (‘in the north’). ;

[next : tricky : about us souls ?   (though also s-th-u construct) :]

[and to remain that] word (-there). ,       +
[by] connecting (-it). [to] the real-adm-soul. [who is] defended (‘imprisoned’). ;
[because] thou. [to be] within (‘the matrix’). ,
[by means of] the real-adm-soul. to guard (or: ‘as the son’). above (‘on earth?’). ;
[as?] the sacrificed one (?,khrt). [for to be?] the nut-dome. ;    [<< intent unclear]
c) [because by] thou. [is] the [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[by means of] he. the essence of the hand (‘eden-stone’) for the real-adm-soul.
(+for to be hail). ,
[now as?]        +
the fountain. [for] [matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’).      +    [<< but âmâ]
[and therewith] [matrix-] existence. to be defended. ;

context so far :
… they tálked already about ‘the shield’ and ‘great dimension’ ,
therefore we interpret that in the above a sub-theme is described :
as long they can keep the real-adm-soul (‘us’) imprisoned ,
then the essence which the star makes for the real-adm-soul
will keep being the ‘fountain’ for thém , instead
(as ‘the fountain of (eden-) willpower (for) to devour , âmâ+) ;

[closing :]

b) [by means of] thou. [being-] below. [to be] he. the offering (‘to matrix’). ,
[through] thou. below. [at] the ST-stone (‘that pool’). [for] thou. existence.  +
existence to make (‘as concept’). [to] [matrix-] existence. to give (‘likely’). ;
[and so by] the ennead (‘9 main matrix-constructs ; sky, land, etc’).    +
the word. to connect to. [matrix-] existence. [as] the protection. ;

b) [by] thou. [is] the speech. [for] Geb (‘Chaldea land’). ,
[and by] thou. [for] [matrix-] existence. , (eden-) existence. to perish (-sek). ;
[by means of] thou. to stand upright (‘at matrix-vector’). ,
he (‘matrix-speech’). to give. ;
[and therewith]     +
[to] Horus’. existence. thou. willpower. thou. [to] [matrix-] existence. to give. ;
[as] [now] [matrix-] willpower. standing upright (‘at matrix-vector’). ;
to recite. ;


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