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… though the spells and Amduat (-posted this year) still seem to be correct ,
the middle register (‘region’) – where both the axis from mt. tsiun and the slanted
corridor from the east meet – contains numerous strange concepts and constructs ;
the problem with the latter is that each one is hardly expláined in the spells ,
but just mentioned “as if understood already”  –
yet these need to be properly identified first or translating a text is impossible ; 
– we would need (to make-) a type “Strong’s index” , but that would cost years ;
instead , you can search here the similar phrases to compare them in context
(highlight each find with your mouse)


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spells from end to 600 are very damaged
[600 the great pyramid working (to make-) speech]

565 willpower , the One , septt-star
559 at the rim [spt] of mountain [khbt=bkhu?] willpower to seize
556 the 4 tchâm-scepters above the word stand upright [see 481]
553 [at 1365] âaabt-jar (w/ pillar) , followed by 4 nemest jars plus mouth and double door
548 eastern door [isnt the same as the double-door theme]
540 with the little finger the (eden-) mouth to open [up]
          the adm-soul top of the head [‘lions on thou skull’ , prophet chapter but corrupt?] 
536 the 4 âaabt vessels [now as?] the 4 nemast vessels at the iron throne khent above to dwell
          north and south aat [1 aat] ; double door to open by cooling it ;  atert shrine 2x ;
          this is a star descending ? and is now nekhen [=tep?=same?] ? [see 553]
535 seker hennu boat ; [=impossible spell]
          8 nights [darknesses] ? , 4? days 3 what ?
534 finger and pyramid ; pyramid the T existence to encircle in order the mouth to open=un]  
          [mysterious spell]
532 at the new moon eden-existence the word to make ; seker ;
529 the north portal existence to bring, the east portal speech to manifest , plus south and north ;
528 bet’u the mouth to make ?
526 thoth perch for (eden-) existence to inverse
523 7 torches
519 the sight [MAA] to wander astray , as? staff-tá which is white light at the sandal
          which is the drillboat [firestick]  of the land ? [maa is white light?] 
          30 [poles]  to acquire [=moon theme] ; the heads foundation of the matrix-day [-light] ;
          ma-ft’t  + claws + the soul’s poles [qes] ; 770 cubits boat ; 2 fingers ; thou 4 faces for 
          speech above ; the 4 braided locks [birkeland current?] for the real-adm-souls existence 
          to make to wander astray ; at T below at the island the eden double door to open and 
          [higher up?] the matrix doors to open ;
518 white light, sandal, ânt-boat ;
517 [[[[[we did?]]]] seper = top of moon ? plus island ;
515 some construct to encircle for foods ; 4 nemast jars of hena the t to repulse ; 2 obelisks 
513 akhm-urtch of hena is thou boat [=the sektt boat?] 
          as? the akhm seku hena thou to ferry over
512 birthsceptre [=speech] as mace to acquire ; the sky by thou khens boat ;
          aabt vessels , nemast vessels to clean [nemast = senther lighhts?] 
511 door of speech of hail [=east?] ; 
          the spacious vessel he the land to support the east this he willpower , the uas [-sceptre] 
          the sky to carry speech , the west this willpower ; sept star for the 3d [type] existence ;
          set tile making the sanctified hail so [eden] existence to tremble for matrix land ;
510 the star to make provisions so the set tile can make the [matrix] word ; sma urt = moon ? ;
          foreignland kensta the 4 gods for to make matrix word ; cool the door for speech ; 
          4 nemast jars ; both double doors ; by shesm-tt to cool the double eden doors [?] ;
509 sma ur , maahesa ; 
508 foreign land ab the 4 aabt vessels ; stargates ; the horn to the sky for speech = the finger ?
507 shadow, the shen covering and 4 youths ; the aah-moon ; 
506 the 2 lands [=middle and upper register]
504 septt star the 3d [type-] existence
503 the corner [háp]  in order the [matrix-] door to open
497 the 10 main ones for Horus’ eye
[damaged series]
483 he the head as the nbs-tree thou existence to found [=plant] , the amm-tree [eden tree] 
          the word to connect to follow , the jackal the word to give speech ; Geb the double door 
          AS the mouth (!) by thou to open [=open eden] ; the SEKER boat ; the Watchers 
          [fallen ones?] ; in the beginnings thou existence to make (ÁR, by eden) , at the new moon 
          existence to rise , at the month (-moon) existence to purify ; 
482 Netát [=Damascus] to change course to thou (dimensional) side above ; the 2 [eden ram’s 
          horns] NN to stand upright ; the [eden-] dome to sleep ; the bows [=? sub-domes?] 
          the eden double door to open ;
481 the aah-moon existence to copy ; existence to make by the [4-] tchâm sceptres [=uas] 
          above the word to stand upright ; 
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