reasons why Mystery-Babylon must reside ‘within our sun’

… this conclusion became almost inevitable …


contents of this page :                                                                     [as first Legal Draft Jan.2021]
A)  scriptural texts and reasonings
B)  other ancient texts                       + pictorials
C) less supportive ancient texts   + pictorials
D) less supportive symbols              + pictorials
E) even less supportive (‘scientific’-) observations

our eyes – and the Other Reality

… it was around 2006 — being alone in a room , suddenly a ‘porthole’ appeared
some 3 ft in front of me , and I saw a face staring at me : but my mind did somehow
not register what was looking at me – until both the face and the hole vanished .
Though it had appeared like an ugly face engulfed in flames and emanating hatred ,
only hours later the mind reconstructed that it had looked like a locust …
… therefore we (hR) consider the Veil surrounding us as rather thin ;
and though – ofcourse – we do not reject science (=observing with physical eyes) ,
we consider the latter as subservient to scripture ;
where the latter should be interpreted as a congruent and sound whole … no ?
… therefore we consider the theme of this page as – minim – very possible :

– we can see that this earth is facing our sun
as how we experience it in daily life ;
… but removing the veil a little bit ,
our situation shows as the depiction to right –
earth is still facing our sun ,
but the latter is also part of the other reality ,                
as a multiple-layered dimensional construct
and not only as the star sending warmth to us

… mt.tsiun is shown as God’s other reality
(where Heaven is to the east of the depiction) ;
while the conquered eden-land is somewhere
halfway tsiun as the base of their worldtree
carrying Mystery-Babylon as the centre
of the entire torus which is also enveloping us

A)  scriptural texts and reasonings :


  • 1)  our present sun is an artificial one
    (see all the Isaiah sun-chapters ; V = quotes , and listing will follow later)
  • V … as the matrix-sun which Adam constructed,                                                   
  • V as the sun hovering north of the binary eden-sun and moon below him ;     
  • V as the sun which continuously burns up the eden-land below him ,                   
  • V as the sun which protects the spirits of the evil realm ;
  • 2)  our present sun will go dark
    (see Isaiah sun-chapters , Joel chapter , etc ; idem)
  • V … as the matrix-sun which will go dark ,
  • V which is related to “Egypt” as their evil realm : then the line “I will break
    the bar of Egypt” may have originally read “the sun of Egypt”
    or related to “the worldtree” (see 6a) because both concepts are linked;                                                              
  • V  and usually combined with the term “the heavens will be rolled up”                                   
    which is in this case the veil surrounding ús
    (we need to see if “the moon will turn red as blood” isn’t corrupted) ;
  • 3)  the connection with Mystery-Babylon (Tyre) as ‘fortress’
    (as different wordings in several prophets ; idem)
  • V … Tyre “has a surrounding wall , made of [eden-] waters” ,
    where ‘[eden-] waters’ is “a dimensional quality”                             
    (perhaps envisioned as ‘[eden-] atmospheric particles’ and see below ,
    and it is not a stretch to view their manifestation in óur reality as ‘plasma’) ;
  • V … Tyre “is the fortress in the midst of the seas”                                              
    and read – as the region in the midst of the dualistic-dimension
    (where at first eden paradise ruled – see report-Introduction) ;
    …immediately related to ‘her wall of particles’ may be the line in Job
  • V  as “the armor of Leviathan is so strong , no arrow can pierce it”
    (and ‘Leviathan’ is NOT about crocodiles !) ; 
  • 4)  from Mystery-Babylon to the concept ‘city and land’
         (see below – that connection is too early at this point)
  • 5 a) the cosmology in Henoch – compared to Revelation
    we have no reason to dismiss the book of Henoch ,
    though we can only use  it as ‘second most credible source’
    because the original got lost (read: destroyed) ;
  • V … Henoch extensively describes the eden-sun and moon ,
    as binary system – in accordance with the Isaiah sun-chapters ;
    … in another chapter he writes about “a habitat in the heavens”
    (in the way of 3 , above) ,
  • V … saying “…I entered a palace having walls like ice being on fire ,
    having a chequered floor , and its ceiling was the path of the stars ,
    filling me with fear – but there was no love in that house” ;
  • V … where Revelation mentions “ice mixed with blood coming down
    from the heavens” , supporting what he wrote ;
    … however – after that cruel fortress Henoch travels further
    and enters a much larger and beautiful palace , which we identify
    as the restored eden-paradise in the wilderness north  V  ;   

  • 6 a)  the worldtree concept
    (see Isaiah and Jeremiah chapters + those about ‘the great cedar’; idem)
    as chapters where a direct link between their worldtree and sun shows ,
  • V  … that their tree will appear (to people on earth) when this sun goes dark ,
    and – but that is contextually – how the tree ‘feeds’ their region ;      

B)  other ancient texts :


  • 1) Rg-Veda about ‘our sun’ and ‘the wall of ice’
    we can only rely fully upon the chapters we did already ,
  • V … but see “the marriage of Sûrya” where this sun was
    created by them to be their protection ;
    like in prophets the direct link between the sun and worldtree
    is a contextual one : in a chapter their worldtree is encouraged
  • V to “drink Soma (=those particles) , in order to create a revolving
    wall aróund their land – as so to protect their habitat” ;

  • 2)  the Egyptian spells about ‘our sun’ and ‘the wall of ice’
    hieroglyphs are contextually very tricky to read and understand ,
    but that Râ “was created” is sure ,
    and also here is that contextual relation with the worldtree ,
    as shown in ‘the cow (as construct)’ to right  —    
  • V  the divine cow / (at?) the support-pillar [=worldtree]   +
    (for?) the [matrix-] sky / (of?) [‘the circumfering’] hailstorm ;
    where glyph SHEN is here the noun “circumference , circle”;
    … the “cow” (as seven in number) must be ‘stolen eden-constructs’

(as attested in Rg-Veda) and it is difficult to identify their nature ,
but either way they now function as “eden-aspects battling mt.tsiun” ;

  • 2 b) the SHEN glyph itself , as dimensional-sphere ,
    must directly surround Mystery-Babylon , see diagram top page ;
    its most known variant is SHEN ÁTEN , “the Aten disk”, but
  • V   SHEN UR is “the great / island (=[Babylon] / circumference” ,
    where the shown oblong shape is ‘island’ (sic ; see depiction 2) , 
    and note there the glyph “pole with the SHEN atop of it”                              
    as a stylized depiction of the worldtree carrying the sphere ;
  • V   SHENT “the essence / (as) circumference” (see B.D , in 3) ,
    which can be hardly else as those ‘particles’ ; related to glyph
    SHENÂR “to ward off , keep off” (sic) ; and below that
  • V   SHENT , as indeed the heron – or Bennu-bird or phoenix ,               
    see next 2c below ;

(2)  hetreport

(3)  hetreport


  • 2 c)  their matrix-land , -sun and Bennu –- as one construct :
    please see the depiction below, enlarged to show the details :



the boat :
… in spells often representing “a construct being suspended in a dimension”
(like the boat above) ,
but their boat can also denote “a construct moving thróugh a dimension”  —
compare the chapter in Daniel where ‘the attacking goat came from the West’ ,
and spells show the same thing in the Amduat chapters where “Râ’s boat”
travels from their Western dimension to invade eden in the east :
that invasion is exactly the same described in Rg-Veda chapters                          V
including the ‘boat concept’ with ‘many chariots’ starting out from the West
(and compare Henoch , who saw in the West “the light which pursues all
the other lights of heaven” – the former as description of Râ) ;
the four guys standing in the back :
… these represent “the four [matrix-] cardinal points”
which are the altered ones of eden  —
in prophets , the eden-cardinal points is the attribute of the 144,000 sons       V
and those points are therefore direct related to the (eden-) LAND (!) ;
while the four matrix-cardinal points are represented by ‘the four horses’       V
which are sent to earth by Christ (see Zecheriah) then enter earth (Revelation) ;
above these four it writes – the start is bottom-left ,
(‘the risen up’) Râ (‘sun’) / (at?) the [matrix-] sky-dome ,
(as?) the boat / (for) the word / by / the [‘four’] spirits / (of) eden-within ,
     (for) the speech / to become the great / gods /         (unclear) ;
Horus in the centre :
… depicting Râ here as their dimensional sun – not quite the sun wé see ,
the city of ÁN-NU (‘Mystery-Babylon’) / (of) all / the doubled [matrix-] land ,
(as) divinely completed / (by) the house of the horizon / for / Râ  ;
where glyph TEM represents ‘Damascus’ (the tried cornerstone in prophets)
which is linked to a matrix-stone , both forming “the house of the horizon” ;

the Bennu bird to the right :
… see the two headfeathers (like shown in pic 3) ; 
this bird is like “the banner in top of their worldtree”,
shown in the petroglyphs from around 7500 BC
(compare diagram top page and see hR Introduction) ;
matching the description about the Bennu bird
as “sitting at the persea (world-) tree in ÁN-NU” ;
… as for the bird itself ,
he must represent “a dimensional aspect or quality”,
and we suspect he doesn’t represent so much  
a quality “inside of Mystery-Babylon’s circumference”
but rather as some top of a fountain distributing
a “lesser quality dimension inside the entire tórus”,
read: as the region this earth is in – see main diagram ;


… glyph B-N-NU-U as
(‘the bird’) (of) the word – (from?) the word-inside      +
(for) [‘matrix’] existence – (in) the solarplane (‘B’) ;
(the concept of the pyramid and BENBEN-stone is linked to this)
and within B-N-NU-U is ‘the pot glyph’ , recognizable in the depiction :

3)  Mystery-Babylon – as glyph ÁN-NU :
… the same pot-glyph as in ÁN-NU , see to right ,
as ‘a sphere , intended to stand upon the pillar ÁN (as worldtree)’ ;
reading as :             the city [or place] / inside / the pillar ;
literally :                  the city [or place] / (of) the word-inside / (in) the pillar ;
where the pot-glyph NU
is literally                 the [stolen eden-] word – inside – [matrix-] existence 
and because NU is part of ÁN-NU ,
it is that dimensional-quality within the SHEN-sphere of Mystery-Babylon
… the ‘eden-word’ could be compared with “dimensional light-particles”,
and you will forgive us the poor phrasings – we also but search workable terms ;
the difficulty with the hieroglyph script is also
that many terms have a second meaning
(and even tertiar – as derived roots) ;
for example ÁN as basic term is “to bring”     
showing the same NU-pot but upon long legs ,
and everything which is ‘brought’ in spells
are “stolen aspects of eden”
but in particular ‘the eden-words’ – as lights ;

(therefore a term as ÁN MUT F cóuld be ‘Eve’ ,
his (‘Adams’?) / mother / to bring (‘to ÁN’) , or
she / the mother / (in) ÁN ,
where “mother” is an aspect of Eve – while she and Adam dwell in different places)
… would we have had the time to translate more spells as we have ,
we are positive that many mentioned aspects would be proved :
yet translating is only possible after having found workable concepts


C)  less supportive ancient texts + pictorials


1)  the Babylonian worldmap :
(also posted in relevant prophet pages)
the depiction plus legenda is at least intriguing  –
especially the circle as (wall of-) ‘water’
(see the wikipage >>  for more information) ;

… though we have read the works of respectable
Sumerian-Babylonian experts who expanded upon
the Tablets of Creation and Sumerian cosmology ,
and though we can see that the main theme in
those texts is the victory over eden and the creation
of their realm (and ours) ,
it would take years to learn the language and identify
the terms they used – while we would hardly be able
to access the surpressed source material ;
therefore as hR we must qualify C as ‘less supportive’ ;

D)  less supportive symbols :

1)  the so-called monstrans , to right
… as a Roman-Catholic device which’ origin and meaning
is not properly explained – but in some vague mysticism ;                                 
yet you can observe a type sun sitting upon a standard ,
and combined with the fact that the RC is Mystery-Babylon‘s
represent upon this earth , we really have no other questions
why this device “is lifted up to bless the peoples”   —
… if you do a search on famous monstrances you will find them
looking like a palace – complete with tiny people inside !


E)  even less supportive observations :

1)  and how absurd : now it is the turn for ‘science’ (=observation) :
… science is simply incapable to aid in this matter
since she can but stares herself blind upon óur reality ;
we posted a while ago (in log) some foto’s by the Lasco satellite
which during a sunflare may – or may have not – shown another
much larger spherical body approximate to this sun :
it is intriguing for us to imagine the former could be the eden-moon ,
but why would we trust our eyes … ?
… the same is true for several videos
(but from a decade ago – because these days virtually none can be trusted)
of the same Lasco having captured ‘objects’ which curved sharply
before they entered into the sun  —  different as the orbit comets make ;
but is it solid to trust our eyes … ?


[05jan2021 first legal draft]