Ritual : NASA hints at incoming ‘motherships’

.. to right , their tweet of 26 February ;
at first sight it looks like another ‘Woke’ campaign
(which it was méant to look like , ofcourse) ,
but some weird things are going on here :

.. the main message is here “a trip in space”
but the attributes decide what is intended :

first , the NASA HQ is being “renamed”,
and in the form of “Jackson” – who is ‘coloured’ :
Jack derives from “Jacob”, in context as “the black Jacob” – as Esau , his brother ,
in the sense that Esau belongs to the Cham (‘Cushite’) tribal bloodline ;
so their HQ is named “Esau”,
“who is the only one understanding about the (space-) journey” ,
read : as his message to those in the know ;

… the “ceremony” includes another debile ‘Woke’ nonsense poem ,
called “the quilting of the Black-Eyed Pea” :
now , we happen to know that ‘black-eyed pea’ is slang for “extraterrestials” ,
you know , the types with the small mouth and the huge almond-shaped eyes —
while the nonsense poem contains similar theme :
it all is about “a journey” in “ships” and “another world” ,
“watching you descend” and “clouds floating above the land” (see Jeremiah!)
and many other Weird suggestive lines ;

below : the ‘band’ with the same name in autumn last year ,
and guess “what” showed up during their award performance :

… the “quilting (of the black-eyed peas)” is not necessarily a Verb :
the term ‘quilt’ derives from “mattress” , literally “a sandwich type covering”  –
just how far is this concept from ‘a mothership’ … ?

again – we only observe …… but in this oppressive timeframe it makes Sense

[2021 feb27]