RV I , 115                (this sun Sûrya , making her own day and night..?)
1. THE brilliant presence of the Gods hath risen, the eye of Mitra [=’adam-eye at Damascus’] ,
Varuṇa  [=’their eye at sela stone , enemy of Damascus’] and=as the fire ,
the soul (=atma) of all that moveth not or moveth ;
Sûrya [=’this sun’] hath filled the mid-air of earth and heaven  [=’was created !’] ,
Prangend ist das Antlitz der Götter aufgegangen, das Auge von Mitra, Varuna, Agni.
Er hat Himmel und Erde und die Luft erfüllt; Surya ist die Seele von allem was geht und steht.
2 Like as a young man followeth a maiden, so doth the Sun the [matrix-] Dawn, refulgent Goddess:
where pious [mankind] [lays up] [the yokes] 
[=’constructs to join eden’] ,
before the Auspicious One for happy fortune.
Surya geht hinter der leuchtenden Göttin Usas her wie der Jüngling hinter einer Maid, während
die gottergebenen Männer die Joche aufstecken, je ein glückbringendes zu glücklichem Tun
3 Auspicious are the Sun’s [greenish-yellow = bay coloured] horses, bright ,
[of variegated colour] , meet for our shouts of triumph ;
[deserving honour] ,
[they position themselves] – [upon ‘the rooftop’ , the sky north as dimensional-backside] ,
[going around (?)] – [sky and earth] – [in one day  (everyday) ] ;
[huge problem – whát goes round ? an aspect of this sun , as ‘horses’…? ;
note how we are here ‘at the inversed side, our side’ – not eden’s]
Die glückbringenden falben Stuten des Surya, die prangenden Etagva´s haben von Jubel begrüßt,
sich beugend den Rücken des Himmels erstiegen. In einem Tag umwandeln sie Himmel und Erde
4 This is the Godhead, this might of Sūrya :
he hath withdrawn what spread o’er work unfinished.

a) [work (by cut-off= cave?] – [expanded,spread-out (bow-sky’?] – + [+untracable term…] ;
b) [the expanded,spread-out] – [cave] – [untracable] ;

When he hath loosed his horses from their station,
straight over all Night spreadeth out her garment.

[when] [he joins and applies] – [the greenish-yellow ones] – [in? the place where they stand] ,
[then] – [the matrix- night] – [spreads out,covers] – [the entire] – [dimensional-veil] ;
Das ist die Göttlichkeit, das die Macht des Surya: Mitten in der Arbeit hat er ihr ausgespanntes Gewebe zusammengelegt. Sobald er die Falbinnen von ihrem Platze geschirrt hat, spannt die
Nacht für ihn selbst ihr Gewand aus.
[suggestion : the sun makes her own night ..?
Imagine a woman with long robe picking its train up , holding it with a stretched arm
in front of her , then the woman revolves around her own axis (as the sun) –
the section where the veil swirls around her is ‘the matrix-night’ ?
and the horses carry that night-veil around ?]

5 In the sky’s lap the Sun this form assumeth that Varuṇa and Mitra may behold it.
this [the pretty image,form]  [=’of the sun’] –[you both make?] – [in the centre] – [sky] ,
VaruNa and [Mitra (with) the eye] ;                                  (=varuNa-abhi-cakSa , so not a verb)
His Bay Steeds well maintain his power eternal, at one time bright and darksome at another.
[=once] – [inexhaustable] – [bright] – [vigour] ,
[dark coloured] – [=another time] ,
[+they (horses) support] + him [+to be maintained?] ;
[tricky lines … – yet the line here continues about the lighter and darker ‘veil’ —
so who says “this earth couldn’t be under that same veil”…? ,
because we’re 100% sure that some optical Trick is happening with earth]    

Diese Farbe des Mitra, des Varuna lässt Surya im Schoße des Himmels schauen. Endlos weiß ist
seine eine Erscheinung; die andere, schwarze legen die falben Stuten zusammen.
6 This day, O Gods, while Sūrya is ascending [=’is visible above’] ,
deliver us from trouble and dishonour     [=obviously ‘from trouble by eden’] :
this prayer of ours may Varuṇa grant, and Mitra, and Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.

[interestingly , he does nót say “ascend” : that is óur (false) perception on this earth …]
[end – and end of chapter]
Ihr Götter, helfet uns heute bei Aufgang der Sonne von Ungemach und Tadel!
Das sollen uns Mitra, Varuna gewähren, Aditi, Sindhu, Erde und Himmel!
[breakdowns :]
=yuga ‘yoke, team’ RV ; ‘pair, couple, brace’ MH ; but -yuga ‘race of men, generation’ RV ,
          for us ‘yoke’ is important because of the “I will remove your yoke”, which is in context
          of their cónstructs ; considered the cluster “yoke” is the primal meaning ;
=namasya ‘deserving honour, etc’ RV ; comp. namaste ;
=pRSTha ‘the back, hinder part, the rear’ RV (dimensional-backside glyph PEH’) ;
          pRSTha ‘upper side, surface, top, height, the surface of the sky, vault of heaven’ RV ;
=asthuH , 3d plur. -sthâ ‘to stand, station oneself, etc’ RV ;
=sadyaH , sadyas ‘daily, every day, the same day, in a moment, etc’ RV ; ‘to mount’ is other root ;
=kartor, from -kRt ? ‘done, made, accomplished, performed, prepared’ RV  (but from kRt
          cut off, destroy, cut in pieces, divide’ RV ; kRta ‘deed, work, action’ RV ; karta ‘hole, cavity’ RV ;
=vitata ‘diffused, drawn (as bowstring)’ RV ; ‘bent (as a bow)’ RV ; verb ? ;
=ayukta , 3d sing pres -juy ‘to yoke or join or fasten or harness (horses or a chariot) etc. ; to make ready, prepare, arrange, fit out, set to work, use, employ, apply’ RV ;
-vâsas ‘dress, garment, etc’ RV (=veil ; combined with -yuga , ‘yoke’) ;
=simasmai , sima ‘all, whole, entirely’ RV ;
=upastha ‘lap, inner, that which is under, bosom, middle, secure place’ RV ;
=kRNuta second plural -kR ‘to make’;
=kRSNa ‘dark-blue (dark, black)’ RV (=Krishna) ;
=bharanti 3d plur. -bhR (or bharat) ‘to bear, carry, support’ RV ;
=udita ‘visible, apparent’ RV , ‘being above, high, tall, lofty’ RV ;
          There is NO ‘ascended’ connotation in RV ;
[see also “the eden-sun restored” chapters (index) ; the “bay horses” are still a problem –
we are not sure if these are the same as in the Zecheriah ‘4 Revelation horses’ chapter]

parts of original text : Griffith [1896]

26.11.19 — submitted — first version — het-report

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