[adaption 23/12/19 :
Indra ‘s thunderbolt is the “stolen pillar of fire (of the tabernacle)” ,
as “removed from the temple-foundation” —
hence Indra could ‘slay the temple-foundation’ ;
this now inversed thunderbolt is the theme of this chapter ,
and , likely , now at the ángle of their matrix-Vector
(see also attached logs at end of page)


RV I , 80           (the attack upon the eden-cornerstone , still in original eden)
1. THUS in the Soma, in wild joy the Brahman hath exalted thee:
Thou, mightiest thunder-armed, hast driven by force the Dragon from the earth,

lauding thine own imperial sway.

[see main diagram (in top of prophets pages) what this theme is about :]
1 [because (hi)] – [in this manner] – [soma] – [forces] – [wild joy (by eden, -mada)] ,
[it has made] – [the brahman (=this author)] – [to be strengthened] :
as [the mighty one (=Indra)] – [yielding – the strong – (fire-pillar, now at their vector) (=the matrix-Vector)] ,
[you expelled?] – [(the serpent as) the eden-day] – from  – [the land (eden)] :  
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[theme of this chapter :
the eden-cornerstone ‘sat at’ the dimensional centre (at eden’s vector) ,
therefore the “eden day, dawn” ruled –
the chapter tells how the behemoth-realm north
(described as ‘Indra’, in prophets as ‘Baal’) uses théir vector now to attack the cornerstone ,
in order to have théir dimensional-centre back , and so the matrix-dawn ;
the eden-cornerstone became ‘Damascus’ in their north]

Denn also hat bei Soma in der Begeisterung der Hohepriester ein Erbauungslied gedichtet.
Du mächtigster Keulenträger hast mit Kraft den Drachen von der Erde verwiesen. –
Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen.
2 The mighty flowing Soma-draught, brought by the Hawk, hath gladdened thee,
That in thy strength, O Thunderer, thou hast struck down Vṛtra from the floods,

lauding thine own imperial sway.

2 [your – wild joy] , [the powerful] – [wild joy (by eden)] – of [soma] ,
as [the soma libation] – [brought by the hawk (‘syena+bhR)] ;     [=’see other chapter’]
[yielding the (fire-pillar, now at their vector) (vector)] ,
[by which] – [you have slain] – [vRtra (eden-tile)] – [within] – [the waters (=eden-dimension)] :
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;    
[the hawk bringing the twig :
see Ezekiel chapter (and other RV) ;
the ‘turquoise essence’ , soma , made them powerful to start their endeavour]

Dich berauschte der bullenstarke Rauschtrank, der gepreßte Soma, den der Adler gebracht hat,
durch den du Keulenträger mit Kraft den Vritra von den Gewässern fortgetrieben hast. –
Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen.
3 Go forward, meet the foe, be bold; thy bolt of thunder is not checked.
Manliness, Indra, is thy might: slay Vṛtra, make the waters thine, lauding thine own imperial sway.

[pra+hi=because?] – [abhi+hi=towards,upon+hi+because,for] –  [bold, with force] –
3 [pushing forward] , [pushing towards] – [the enemy?] ,
for [us] , [your] – [(fire-pillar, now at their vector) (matrix-vector)] – [was – not – stoppable?] ;
[courageous (by mutilating eden-existence)] – was [Indra (behemoth-realm)] ,
[because] – [you] – are [‘the vivifier’] , [you slay] – [vRtra [eden-tile)] ,
for [the triumphing] – [waters (=eden-waters , but now from them)] :
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;    
“Geh vor, greif an, sei mutig! Deine Keule wird nicht aufgehalten werden, denn dein, Indra,
ist die Manneskraft, die Stärke; du sollst den Vritra erschlagen, die Gewässer erobern. –
Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen.
4 Thou smotest Vṛtra from the earth, smotest him, Indra, from the sky. Let these
life-fostering waters flow attended by the Marut host, lauding thine own imperial sway.

4 [Indra] , [from] – [the (matrix-) land] – [above] ,                         [=’above eden’]
[you have destroyed] – [vRtra (eden-tile) ] – [from] – the sky] ;    [=’sky below’]  
[attended by the maruts (=’bronze soldiers ; Medes’-spirits)] ,
[you release] – [the waters (=now theirs) ] , [rich in vital powers] :
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[see for the Medes prophets index ;
as far we understand now , the bronze soldiers in RV are said ‘to be a few dozen’ –
they wear an eden-covering , so this destruction must be right befóre the deluge]  

Du, Indra, hast von der Erde, vom Himmel den Vritra vertrieben. “Laß los diese von den
Marut begleiteten Gewässer, die alles Lebende reich machen!” –
Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen.
5 The wrathful Indra with his bolt of thunder rushing on the foe, Smote fierce on
trembling Vṛtra’s back, and loosed the waters free to run, lauding his own imperial sway.

5 [Indra] , at? [the top of the (matrix) mountain] , with [the furious – (fire-pillar, now at their vector) (matrix-axis)] ,
against? [the perplexed] – [vRtra (eden-tile)] ;    +
[approaches] – for [to slay] ,
so [the waters (now theirs)] – [will flow] – [by force] :             [see ‘river of dragon’ RV’]
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[upon matrix-mountain :
as the mountain “which will be a plain” (Zech. chapter about Zerubbabel) ;
2) bit strange written , this line ;
you can imagine how problematic terms were for the previous translators]   

Angreifend schlägt der gereizte Indra mit der Keule auf den Nacken des trotzigen Vritra los,
während er die Gewässer zum Laufe antreibt. – Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen
6 With hundred-jointed thunderbolt Indra hath struck him on the back,
And, while rejoicing in the juice, seeketh prosperity for friends, lauding his own imperial sway.

6 [upon] – [the top of the (matrix-) mountain] ,
[he smote] – with [the (fire-pillar, now at their vector) (=vector)] – [the 100-jointed one?] – [within (‘eden’)] ;
by? [the weakened (eden;mandana)] – [darkened eden-field?] ,   +
[Indra] – [causes – the fearing assistant – as the place of access – to come?]
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[fearing assistant :
must be the same as the ‘100 jointed’, because root (-par) is always eden —
we have no idea , but in other chapters ‘100’ refers to 99 (or 100) eden-citadels (fortresses?) ,
which we think elsewhere are described as ‘pointy’ ; but we haven’t a clue yet]

Er schlägt mit der hundertknorrigen Keule auf den Nacken ein; von Soma berauscht sucht Indra
den Freunden freie Bahn. – Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen.
7 Indra, unconquered might is thine, Thunderer, Caster of the Stone;
For thou with thy surpassing power smotest to death the guileful beast,

lauding thine own imperial sway.

7 [indra] , [by you] – [being – invincably -armed] ,

(you) [the hero] – with [the (fire-pillar, now at their vector) (=vector)] ;
[when] – [you] – (are given?) – [the (eden-) deer] – of [(eden-) sorceries (mâya+)] ,
[this] – [your] – [having (eden-) sorcery for above (=north)] :
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[the deer : eden-birthsceptre related ;
as (-mRga) , yet different as the deer in the birthsceptre-RV ,
it seems 5 types deer are listed in RV , all we know is that it’s physicality-related]

Dir, Indra, du Herr des Preßsteins, Keulenträger, ward die Heldenkraft zugestanden.
Als du jenes listige Tier angriffst, da hast du es mit der List erschlagen. –
Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen.
8 Far over ninety spacious floods thy thunderbolt were cast abroad:
Great, Indra, is thy hero might, and strength is seated in thine arms,

lauding thine own imperial sway.
8 [by] – [your] – [(fire-pillar, now at their vector) (=matrix-axis)] ,
are [the ninety – nine] – of [the one not standing solid] ;    [=’eden-Jerusalem related’]
[the greatness (by eden)] – by [you] – [Indra] , [the hero] ,
is [the power (over eden-paradise)] – of [your] – [arms] :                       [=’see Zech. 11’]
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[the arms :
if the (fire-pillar, now at their vector) is their main-vector , the ‘arms’ must be “the two staffs” in Zech. 11 ;
compare prophets chapter “I broke both arms of Pharaoh”
(in glyphs , see book of gates , as NUU holding up their boat with both arms) ;
2) the ninety-nine :
in another RV is “I smote the 99 , even the hundreth”, as fortresses , Jerusalem-related :
Ezekiel measures ‘a house and a court , all 100 cubits’ ,
while this is said about the pillar of the temple (when destroyed by the Babylonians) :
“And there were ninety and six pomegranates (….) ; [and] all the pomegranates
upon the network [were] an hundred round about”, Jer. 52 — as a construct ? see next :]

Deine Keulen haben sich über die neunzig Ströme verteilt. Groß ist deine Heldenkraft, Indra;
in deine Arme ist die Stärke gelegt. – Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen
[now a strange “1000-fold construct” , comp. Isaiah 7 :]
9 Laud him a thousand all at once, shout twenty forth the hymn of praise.
Hundreds have sung aloud to him, to Indra hath the prayer been raised,

lauding his own imperial sway.

“[the thousand] – [‘who are the same time’?] – [you (all who are?) the sacred verses?] ,
[standing?] – [around?] – [the twenty] ;
[hundreds (of that 1000?)] – [sound and exult] – to [Indra] – as [the given prayer] :
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;                                [unsure line because unknown concept]
[Isaiah 7 , about Assyria (above eden) :   
“and it shall come to pass in that day, that – the whole? – place , there – where – is
the 1000 – vined? , as? – the 1000 – silvered one ? (+will be thorns and briers)“ ;

this is linked to “butter and honey” in previous verse , aspects for physicality (see 2) ;
no , we don’t know what this is about ;
2) “a 1000 drugs” exist in RV , in VIII,62,8 linked to -soma (‘so the cripple walks’) ;
sahasrabhara ‘carrying a 1000 off as spoil’ RV , so it wás an eden-construct ;
sahasrabhRiSti ‘thousand-pointed’ RV (sic ! compare Is. 7 and briers – bhRiSti) ;
in VIII , 45, 26 “Indra drinks the soma-libation by? the 1000 armed one” (=1000-vined?) ;
sarasra’siras ‘1000 headed’ RV ; X ,90 must represent (now their) construct as ParuSa ,
but it’s hard to say what it can be –
as “the boughs in top of the eden-tree , the boughs holding the foilage (=the wool)  ? ,
now as the boughs of their ‘tree of life’ (which the hawk brought) ..?]

Singet zu tausend auf einmal, jubilieret in der Runde zu zwanzig! Hundert haben ihm zugeschrieen.
Für Indra wird die feierliche Rede angehoben. – Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen

10 Indra hath smitten down the power of Vṛtra,—might with stronger might.
This was his manly exploit, he slew Vṛtra and let loose the floods, lauding his own imperial sway.

10 [Indra] – [smote] – [the violent] – [vRtra (eden-tile)] , with his [might] – [the mighty one] ;
[this] – [great one (by eden)] – is [he] ,
[the (matrix-) masculine (?,puMs)] – [smote] – [vRtra (eden-tile)] ,
[he casted (it?) away] :
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[masculine : weird term , yet the behemoth-realm IS the masculine of their dual]
Indra schlug die Stärke des Vritra ab, mit Macht seine Macht. Das ist seine große Mannestat:
Nachdem er den Vritra erschlagen hatte, ließ er die Gewässer laufen. – Sie sollen in deine
Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen.

11 Yea, even this great Pair of Worlds trembled in terror at thy wrath,
When, Indra, Thunderer, Marut-girt, thou slewest Vṛtra in thy strength,

lauding thine own imperial sway.

11 [even] – [the two?] – [new dual-realm (of matrix) ?] – [they both trembled]   +
for [your – great (by eden) – wrath] ;
[when] , [Indra] , [attended by the maruts (=bronze soldiers)] ,
[you smote] – [vRtra] – with [the powerful] – [(fire-pillar, now at their vector) (=vector)] :
[praising] – your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[dual realm :
most unclear , root seems to be (-manu) , dual , derived fróm eden]

Aus Furcht zittern sogar diese beiden großen Himmel und Erde vor deinem Grimme, als du,
Keulenträger Indra, im Bunde mit den Marut kraftvoll den Vritra erschlagen hast. –

Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen
12 But Vṛtra scared not Indra with his shaking or his thunder roar.
On him that iron thunderbolt fell fiercely with its thousand points, lauding his own imperial sway.

12 [the roaring] – of [vRtra] – did [not] – [(cause to) tremble] – [nor] – [reached? Indra] ;
[towards] – [him] – [the thousandpointed one] , [the metal] – [(fire-pillar, now at their vector)]    +
[advanced ; praising– your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[the 1000-pointed :
because the hawk brought the 1000-concept , previously ,
now the (fire-pillar, now at their vector) has that same 1000-capacity to can strike ..?]
2) advanced + praising’ is written together; ]

Nicht erschreckte Vritra den Indra durch seinen Wortschwall, nicht durch sein Donnergebrüll.
Die tausendzackige Keule fuhr auf ihn los. – Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen.
13 When with the thunder thou didst make thy dart and Vṛtra meet in war,
Thy might, O Indra, fain to slay the Dragon, was set firm in heaven, lauding thine own imperial sway.

[now their sela-stone is introduced :]
13 [then] – [to give the same] – to [vRtra] – [by – yóur – stone] – of [the (fire-pillar, now at their vector)] ;
(because,) [indra] , [you intend(ed) slay] – [(the serpent as) the eden-day] ,
by [you] ,
[the vivification (by eden-golden-aspect savitR)] – of [the (eden-) sky] – [was destroyed] :
[praising– your [own] – [self-rule] ;
[stone + axis : see note at line 1 ;
in hebrew as (-sela) stone , we termed it ‘Horus-stone’ several times ;
in previous posted RV ‘Varuna opened the eden-root’ , see dragon-river RV ,
but we must understand now that ‘his stone’ did that ?

Als du den Vritra und deinen Keil, als du den Vritra mit der Keule kämpfen ließest, da drückte deine Gewalt auf den Himmel, während du, Indra, den Vritra erschlagen wolltest. – Sie sollen in deine Selbstherrlichkeit einstimmen.
[end – still 3 lines of praise , not interesting for us]
[breakdowns :]
=in, = inv ‘to be master, to master, use force, etc’ RV ; app. root of –indra ;
=cakâra, 3d (1st) sing tense parad perf -kR ‘to make’ RV ;
=pRthivî ‘land (in broadest sense)’ RV ; mutilated -p by -R ;
=ni, ‘down, back, in, into, within’ ; nir ‘from’ (check) ;
=’sa’sa ,(not nonexisting verb –‘sa’s) , -‘sa’sa ‘a hare, rabbit, or antelope’ RV ; unclear ;
=yena ‘by whom or by which, by means of which, by which way ; since’ RV (who,which) ;
=adbhyas , plural of water ? , likely as eden-waters , opposed to their waters (-apa) ;
=prehi , no roots ; of -pra + hi ? “in front + push” ?
=yaMsâte , cant locate root , irregular ;
=nRmNa ‘courage, power,etc’ RV , but eden-existence -n + mutilate -R (-nR)
=marutvat ‘attendended by the maruts’ RV ;
=sânu ‘ a summit, ridge, surface, top of a mountain’ RV (not eden) ;
=hîDita ‘angry’ RV ;
=parvan, ‘knot, joint’ RV , eden -par , + 100 ;
=andhas ‘darkness, obscurity ; soma juice ; grassy ground’ RV ;
=sakhi ‘ a friend, assistant, companion’ RV + bhî ‘fear’ ? , fearing.fearful+assistant ?
=gâtu ‘free space for moving, place of abode ; way, course, egress, access ; going, motion’ RV ;
=tubhyam, form of you + in,at,by,etc ;
=mRga is ‘antelope, deer’, mutilated -R eden -m ;
=mâyayadvâdhir , containing sorcery for above ;
=asthira ‘not steady (in character), changeable, not deserving confidence’ RV ,
from -sthâ , ‘standing + a ‘not’ ;
=navati , 90 cluster ;
=bala , ‘power, strength, might, vigour, force, Name of a demon conquered by indra
       (the brother of vrtra in older texts -vala) ; -vala ‘enclosure’, as paradise ;
=sâkam ‘along with, with, together with ;  together, jointly, at the same time, simultaneously’ RV
=arcata, 2nd plur imp pres of -Rc , ‘sacred verse’, only by extention ‘to praise or sing’ ;
=STobhata , contraction , of -sthâ to stand +bha ? ;
=pauMsyaM, puMs ‘man, male being’ RV , unclear ;
=vepete, 3d dual pres -vip ‘ to tremble, shake, shiver, vibrate, quiver, be stirred’ RV ;
       Tava , asmad? Two? , from -dva? ;
=manyave , single stem ‘manu’, per description as dual-realm ? ;
=manyave ; perhaps ‘abode’, from -mâ ;
=marutvat ‘attended by the maruts’ RV ;
=tanyate, 3d sing (1x passive) pres -tan ‘ to extend, spread, be diffused (as light) over, shine,
       extend towards, reach to etc. ; to be protracted, continue, endure; to stretch (a cord),
       extend or bend (a bow), spread, spin out, weave etc. ; to emboss; prepare (a way) ; RV ;
=âyata, 3d sing pres imperf -i ; ‘go, flow, blow, advance, spread, arise, come from, return
=câ’sani , not located , contraction ca+a’san ? ; a’san ‘stone rock ; slinging stone as missile ; firmament ; (see numbers) ; in II,30        ‘the burning-hot stone’ itself is bRhaspati..? ;
       in IV, 28 (do?=do) , ‘the stone protects the (eden-) treasures ; so must be neutral term ;
       in X, 68 (do) is brhaspati + stone + vala 9paradise) + originals , in the setting of Zech 11 ;
       in I , 164 , 1 (the mysterious , long one, with Put sons) perhaps ‘firmament’ ;
       in I , 173 , 2 the stone (as firmament?)  is linked to the deer -mRga ; X, 27, 15 (mysterychapter) ;
       2) a’sani ‘tip of a missile, lightningflash (from stone)
=samayodhayaH , a contraction , fr sam ‘encounter (in battle) RV ? as prefix ‘the same’ ?, + adha ‘to give?’ cluster
=badhbadhe , verb , from -vadh ‘destroym kill’ ;
=’sava , as -sava (because previous -a) ‘pressing out juice of the soma plant’ RV ; setting in motion
       vivification, instigation, impulse, command (especially applied to the activity of savitR ; RV

parts of original text : Griffith [1896] ; German version : Friedrich Geldner (+1929)

09.12.19   —   submitted   —   first version   —   het-report


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