RV IX , 107 (general introduction about soma and fire-pillar ; see blue for this chapter)
the eden-fire-pillar in relation to their ‘soma essence’ :
the ‘pillar of fire (like of the tabernacle) is now at Damascus , north ,
as the temple-fundament (fire-pillar in Is.10 termed as ‘birthsceptre’ there) ;
the pillar of fire “creates the (eden-) atmosphere” ,
compare how particles would flow around , coming from a large flame ;
in Isaiah 42 : 1-7 termed as “my servant” and “I will hold your hand”
(so is a masculine construct) ; the fire-pillar “stretched out the heavens”
and “gives breath to the people” (=sic ! , dimension) , and is “a light” ;
in other prophets it is “My sword” but now concealed and imprisoned ;

2) the concept :
the spirits-realm stole ‘something’, and placed that on high , in their realm :
this ‘something’ (which we think is the Ark) is “invoking the eden-waters
(=as eden-dimension) to ascend”
(as the dimension which was produced bý the fire-pillar) ;
and in that process the waters “sweep along the pillar”, removing essence ,
which the water-stream conveys to their north –
the brought essence is “being purified” ,                        (as the term ‘soma’) ,
and is used as ‘fuel’ for théir fire-pillar – the fuel is “in the Lebanon-forest” ;
which , on his term , creates théir atmosphere , under théir conditions
(this concept was, per RV, the very beginning óf their spirits-world above eden)

3) eden-dawn and matrix-dawn theme :
this ‘invoking of the waters’ is said to happen “at night” (=the eden-dáy) ,
and is the start of each matrix-dawn (termed as -uSas) ;
2) in spells , the eden pillar of fire is a tree , ÁTENUS ,
from which comes (as ‘by-product’) ÁTEN , the eden-light for RÃ , our sun ;

chapter links to : Zecharia 11, Isaiah 42, Ezekiel 17 (Is.22:16, Ez.24:7 ; 
Jer.13:4) , Jer.49:16 (sela-stone as varuNa) ; Gen. 49 (birthsceptre) , etc ;

if you think you and we got Insane , see line in Ez.20:49 , about this theme :
“then said I, Ah Lord IEUE ! they say of me, does he not speak parables?”……
as extended version about soma and the fire-pillar ;
soma appears to be “a kind of malleable dimension” which can take forms
and shapes and qualities which can be directed (by them spirits) ;
chapter adding themes as “the Lebanon forest” (see Zechariah 11 and others) ,
also a theme as “the sieve” (see Isaiah 30 : 28) , of “Sight”,
the theme that the soma is “the purified eden-dew” (the latter as demon) ;
the stealing of the 7 cow-constructs (soma as the bRhaspati-bull) , and the Ark ; in part II (selected) ,
it shows that ‘the Lebanon forest’ (previously of eden) itsélf is “the sieve” ,
as “drinking essence , then emitting a bit altered essence”
(compare the two olive-trees upon the Zerubbabel-standard , in Zecheriah) ,
but in this case , since this forest is now in their north , and ‘soma’ feeding it ,
now emitting a dimensional essence ‘clothing their realm’ ;
also mentioned : the protecting revolving soma-dimension around Chaldea (GEB)

RV IX , 107
I., HENCE sprinkle forth the juice effused,. Soma, the best of sacred gifts,
Who, friend of man, hath run amid the water-streams. He hath pressed Soma out with stones.

[said to their fire-pillar north :]
1 [sprinkle (!)] – [around] – [the extracted] – [soma (=now théir dimensional-essence)] ,
[which] is – [the excellent] – [green-yellowish one (=’bay’, as in Revelation-horse)] ;
[which] , [agreeable to man] , +
[is being caused to flow] – [within (=among)] – [the (matrix-) waters] , [=’flowing to their north’]
as [the soma] – [having been pressed out] – by [the stones (-adri)] ;
[what is he saying ?
the essence within the previous eden-waters (dimension) now flow to their north ,
but needs to be “pressed-out” first , to “purify” them , in order to obtain their (-soma) ;
the first step of that ‘purifying’ is to press it out with ‘mill-stones’ –
we think this mill is “the revolving outer-court (of the temple)”,
and may be represented by this solarplane ;
2) see for the ‘dripping’ theme RV IX , 95]

Gießet von da den gepreßten Soma um, der das höchste Opfer ist, den mannhaften,
der ins Wasser geflossen ist, diesen Soma hat der Priester mit Steinen ausgepreßt
[after being pressed , the waters need go through ‘a sieve’:]
2 Now, being purified, flow hither through the fleece inviolate and most odorous.
We ladden thee in waters when thou art effused, blending thee still with juice and milk

2 [now] , [to be purified (and showing) (=soma title)] ,
[you must flow – through – the woollen (filter)] , +
which is [fragrant] – and [cannot be deceived (=the filter cannot be)] ;
[we extract] – [your + piled-up – (now matrix-) waters] – for [the intoxicating drink (by eden)] ,
[we diffuse (mix)] – [the obscurity (‘blindness’)] – with [superior] – [essence (‘milk’?)] ;
[what is he saying ?
this ‘sieve’ is an unknown concept to us , but see Isaiah 30 : 28 ,
where the theme is ‘destroying their constructs in the north’ :

“and his (=God’s) spirit will cut in two the flowing stream (reaching) as far as the neck
(=their region – see “ridges + sieve” in line 8 below) ,
(at?,as?) the sprinkler (waver?) (of?) the nations (=of spirits) , the sieve of vanity” ;
and this theme is linked to “the daylight will be seven-fold” ,
compare how in this line 2 it is said “to diffuse the obscurity (within the waters)” !
a line like Is.30:28 is tough to translate because we first need to know the cóncept ;
used term there is H5299 -naphah ‘sieve’, from -nuph ‘to wave, to besprinkle’ (see line) ,
and strangely also into -noph ‘emerald’ (?) (eden’s green-yellow) : where Tyre trades in ;
2) the wool :
difficult theme ; we don’t know what is its meaning ;
we only know the Ishral-virgin is related to ‘My wool’, as well ,
but here obviously it is a negative type (sheep-) wool ;
and lateron even “a filter of horse-hair” will be mentioned ;
2) to diffuse with milk :
we saw before that ‘butter’ is about physical qualities ; ‘milk’ about dimensional]

Dich läuternd fließe jetzt durch die Schafhaare unbeirrt, bestduftend ab! Schon wenn er
ins Wasser ausgepreßt ist, berauschen wir uns an dem Tranke, indem wir dich,
den Trefflichsten, mit Kuhmilch mischen.
[what they desire is “Sight” :]
3 Pressed out for all to see, delighting Gods, Indu, Far-sighted One, is mental power.
3 [after] – [‘the clearness’] – [has been extracted] ,
[the delightful (by eden) – god] – for [the designs (=to make their reality)] ,
as [the separate ‘Sight’ (=a concept)] – by [‘the dripping one’ (as ‘soma dew’ ; indu)] ;
[what is he saying ?
what their realm wants , is ‘Sight’,

but it’s hard for us to describe it (since we don’t have it) ;
compare the concept of “the all-seeing (eye)” ,
as a kind of ‘dimensional Sight’ , related to ‘creating reality’
through “a dimension which obeys them” , see next lines ;
2) also in spells appears often this theme , to right ,
“the god. [as] he. [by] the dimensional-background (=eden). Sight (to reap)” ,
including “to ferry it over (to their north)” ;
the sickle-glyph shows that this Sight is stolen ,
into MAA ‘lion (by Sight)’ – related to Zech. 11 “howl, you lions”..? ;
into MAMA ‘a tree’ to right “the tree to reap (for sight)”,
another MAUT even shows ‘a birthsceptre-glyph’ ;
2) the “to see” is another term , as verb ;
3) just 1 line here ;



Ausgepreßt fließt der Saft sichtbar ab, der Gottberauschende, die weitschauende Weisheit.
[now it seems that the purified soma – as dimension – is used for attácking :]
4 Cleansing thee, Soma, in thy stream, thou flowest in a watery robe:
Giver of wealth, thou sittest in the place of Law, O God, a fountain made of gold

4 [soma] , [contained by the (matrix-) waters] – [is purified (and showing)] ,
[you flow (around) with quick motion (=frequency?)] – as [the dimensional-veil (of matrix)] ;
[you dwell] – [at] – [the lawful (=matrix-law)] – [womb (=eden-hill?)] , [the wealth-giver] ,
(at,as?) [the god] – (at?) [the golden] – [cloud (as fountain)] ; [=’at / in eden-hill?’]
[what is he saying ?
second part is tricky – the ‘lawful’ indicates that it was moved ;
the ‘golden’ must relate to another eden-aspect , the “golden light in the opened hill” ? ,
as the Rg-vedan Savitr and egyptian ÁTEN-light (‘golden’ will be ‘honey’ in next line) ;
2) the ‘quick motion’ can be ‘frequency’?]

Geläutert fließest du, Soma, in Strömen, dich in das Wasser hüllend. Du, der Lohnbringer,
setzest dich auf den ordnungsgemäßen Platz, du der goldene Born, o Gott.
[..obtaining essence (as ‘honey’) from the eden-hill :]
5 Milking the heavenly udder for dear meath, he hath sat in the ancient gatheringplace.
Washed by the men, the Strong Farseeing One streams forth nutriti us food that all desire.

5 [milking] – [the udder (=the opened eden-hill south , likely , as Trita)] – [of the heaven] ,
for [the beloved – sweetness (=honey-related)] – [having dwelt] – at [the previous] – [seat] ;
[un-asked (=’illegally’?)] , +
[the heroic] – [support (=pillar, axis)] – [brings near , by flowing] ,
[the shaken down] – [mutilated eden-things (nR+)] – for [the separated (matrix-) ‘Sight’] ;
[what is he saying ?
the ‘honey’ is a feminine concept (compare the amber in Ezekiel) , like ‘udder’ is ,
so he must address the opened eden-hill (hebrew -gibeon) ;
the Medes-spirits , the bronze soldiers , are related to ‘honey’ ;
2) the support :
we understand it as “the section from the eden-hill to the fire-pillar , above”]

Aus dem himmlischen Euter die liebe Süßigkeit herausmelkend hat er sich an seinen
altgewohnten Platz gesetzt. Von den Männern geschüttelt rinnt der weitschauende
Preisgewinner nach der aufzusuchenden Unterlage.
[.. sustaining sûrya (this sun) with the honey :]
7 Bountiful, best of furtherers, Soma floweth on, Ṛṣi and Singer, keen of sight.
Thou hast become a Sage most welcome to the Gods: thou madest Sūrya mount to heaven

[skipped 6 ; ‘honey as sacrifice’]
7 [bountiful (=”as the eden-dew who lost the contest (?)”)] , [soma] – [purifies (himself)] ,
[finding and opening the ways to go] ,
(as?) [the learned] – [RSi (=a title)] – of [separated ‘Sight’] ;
[you] – [the seer] – [have become] , [desired by the gods] ,
[you keep causing – [sûrya (=this sun) – to prosper (and be ascended)] – in [(the matrix-) heaven] ;
[what is he saying ?
we derived the connection to “eden-dew” from (-mih, ‘demon of dew’ RV) ,
and strangely the context of ‘purifying’ makes very much sense here ;
2) sûrya and prosper :
this sun is ‘fixed’ , so it “ascended only 1 time”,
but the ‘honey’ (as the sacrifice ; as the gold) is continually fed to this sun]

Soma, der Lohngeber, läutert sich, der beste Pfadfinder, der beredte, hellsehende Rishi. Du wardst
der Seher, der am besten die Götter einlädt. Mögest du die Sonne am Himmel aufsteigen lassen.
[.. soma , as bull (as morphable dimension) prepares to steal the cows :]
8 Pressed out by pressers, Soma goes over the fleecy backs of sheep,
Goes, even as with a mare, in tawnycoloured stream, goes in exhilarating stream.

8 [soma] , [having been pressed-out] – by [the ones extracting soma (sotR=?)] – [above] ,
(at?) [the ridges] – (as?,by?) [the woollen soma strainer] ;
[he sets out] , [like – a yellow-green – horse (=concept,construct)] , [=’as the KA-bull, now?’]
(because) [the pleasant (+sounding?)] – [containment] – [proceeds] – (as?) [the containment] ;
[what is he saying ?
this must link to “the bull , as bRhaspati” who took the 7 eden-cow-constructs (see index) ;
bRhaspati “was talking to the cows (said as ‘cackled’) so that they’d follow him” ,
this can explain the ‘pleasant-sounding’ in this line ,
while ‘the containment’ is “a masculine construct for the (female) cows to be in” ;
2) how can soma do all this ? ,
we’ve no idea – but perhaps “steered and directed by incantations of spirits”,
as a dimension which can take all forms and shapes and aspects ;
compare how at the 10 plagues in Egypt “the dust became lice ; the river became blood”, etc ,
where Moses’ staff represented eden’s fire-pillar
(no we don’t support the “volcano theory” as cause of the 10 plagues)]

Soma wird von den Pressenden auf den Rücken der Schafe ausgepreßt und geht im Strome,
der goldgelb wie der einer Stute ist, er geht in wohlklingendem Strome.
[the cows actually abducted :]
9 Down to the water-Soma, rich in kine hath flowed with cows, with cows that have been milked.
They have approached the mixing-vessel as a sea: the cheerer streams for the carouse.

9 [he reached] – [the (eden-) pond (=below+matrix-water)] – [rich in cows (=essences)] ,
[soma] – [reached] – [the cows (the 7 eden-constructs)] ,
as [the ones to be milked-out] ;
[sluggishly] – [they come] – to [the enclosure (revolving sacrificial place)] – of [our] – [sea] ,
[granting] – [the intoxicating drink (by eden)] ;
[what is he saying ?
as far we learned , four cows were for constructs of nature and three for physicality
(see ‘heavenly cow’ in index) , but frankly this theme is still very vague ;
2) revolving enclosure :
stem turns into (vR and vRt) , all of the serpentine-realm revolves and winds]

Ein Kuhbesitzer im Marschland, mit seinen Kühen kam er geflossen, kam Soma mit den
Gemolkenen geflossen. Sie sind in die Gehege gegangen wie die Flüsse ins Meer.
Der Berauschende ergießt sich zum Rausche.
10 Effused by stones, O Soma, and urged through the long wool of the sheep,
Thou, entering the saucers as a man the fort, gold-hued hast settled in the wood.

[..soma is to move to the place where he is ‘stored’ – the Lebanon forest :]
10 [extracted] – by [the stones (=solarplane theme? -adri)] ,
[soma] , [you must cross] – [the horse-tail axis (?)] – as? [the woollen (filter)] ; [‘at the ridges’]
because [you must create (=for matrix)] – for [us] , +
[after] – [having entered] – [the camû-vessels (=a dome?)] ,
[destined for?] – [the seat] – as [the forest (=Lebanon)] – [you settled in] ; [‘just above the ridge’?]
[what is he saying ?
… it is the Lebanon theme in Zech. 11 (and others) ,
which appears in next lines “to be a sieve , himself” ;
we had the forest-chapter (index) as previously eden’s ,
and in another prophets is “the trees tell that Thoth doesn’t cut them down anymore”
(in the same RV chapter the trees ‘scream when they are chopped’) ;

2) tail / axis :

we think the ‘horse-tail’ isn’t so much about ‘hair’
but more like “an inversed up-standing axis” ;
compare glyph SET’, to right ,
as “the festival by to make the tail of the hand” ,
or “festival of the tail to make the hand” ;
the shown ‘stairway’ shows it is an ascending axis ,
and ‘festival’ is “to complete the solarplane” ;
(note the ‘30’ , and compare the 30 silvers in Zech. 11) ;
3) the camû – as ‘a dome’ ? :
the “dome supported by a centre-pole” in SET’
returns in SEH’-MENNU , to right (SEH’ as this made hall) ,
the jar-glyph NU is “the jar for the word inside (the matrix)”,
this jar the same as the -camû vessel…?
4)the forest :
then trees+MENNUu , in the centre shown with mummy ,
“the trees as the image for (=in?) the jars for (matrix) stability” ;
MENNU as “jar, vase” (camû?) , also “fortress” , “daily sacrifice” ,
MENu+tree , “to become the trees for (matrix-) stability” —
5) the “(mountain-) ridge” was the same as “the neck” in Isaiah ,
so the Lebanon-forest is now also there – at , or just above the ridge ,
as a region in the top of the outer-court…? ; we’ll keep hunting]

3 x rpt

XXXXXXXXXXX end 31 dec


[the Lebanon-forest itsélf is ‘a sieve’.. :]
11 He beautifies himself through the sheep’s long fine wool, like an impetuous steed in war,
Even Soma Pavamana who shall be the joy of sages and of holy bards.

11 [he (=forest)] – [is cleaned (and adorned)] ,
by [you passing-through] – [the fine holes in the – (eden-) woollen – strainer (=Lebanon-forest)] ,
(the latter) as [the reward (of war) (eden-dew having lost the contest)] ,
(you) [winning booty (from eden)] – as? [our] – [7-fold one (related to 7 cow-constructs?)] ;
[the purified one (=soma)] – [is granted praise] , by [the insightful things (by eden)] – of [soma] ,
as [the jubilant praises] – of [the wise ones (=spirits)] ;
[what is he saying ?
we couldn’t find the relation with previous line – exept if the forest itsélf is a filter ,
and somehow , that makes very much Sense –
like how a forest absorbs water and exudes it as a bit altered substance ;
the Lebanon-forest then should ‘sit upon’ the camû vessel ,
but the forest became very extended , that’s why it has to burn down (per Zech. 11) ;
2) wool and forest :
the root -araNa ‘distand land, forest’ (see forest chapter) turns into -ûrNa ‘wool’ ,
and we did a few chapters about -ûrNa , but at that time the object ‘wool’ didn’t make sense ;
3) Lebanon as ‘whiteness’ :
according to the hebrew root and the prophets chapter about ‘the goodly king’ ,
this ‘whiteness’ as some dimensonal quality which got corrupt after eden fell ;
if now their type soma ‘goes through the trees’ , then an altered whiteness is exuded..?
4) root for ‘wool’, as -meSa , -me is eden ;

Er wurde sauber gemacht, durch die feinen Haare des Schafs laufend wie ein um den Preis
wettlaufendes Gespann, der Soma Pavamana, von den Sinnreichen zu bejubeln, von den

beredten Sängern.
12 O Soma,—for the feast of Gods, river-like he hath swelled with surge,
With the stalk’s juice, exhilarating, resting not, into the vat that drops with meath.

12 [through] – [soma] , [the pleasure of the gods] ,
[our] – [river (Nile, likely)] – [has grown] – as [the conquering stream] ;
[from + the stalk (eden-fire-pillar ; aM’sa)] , +
[providing] – [the delighful (by eden)] – [vital spirit (payas)] – for [us] ,
[you come] to – [the jar (‘box’, the ark or copied ark)] – [overflowing with sweetness (=honey)] ;
[what is he saying ?
he , as stream , comes to (-ko’sa) , “a vessel, a cloud, a box, cupboard, drawer”;
we found this ‘box’ in RV,VI,47,23 :
“Ten horses and ten treasure-chests, ten garments
as an added gift, These and ten lumps of flesh of gold have I received from Divodāsa’s hand” ;

the Philistines placed “5 golden mice and 5 “humps” of gold” (1 Samuel 6) = 10 ;
we don’t know what the hebrew term was of ‘lump’ (likely corrupted) but the important is 10 ,
just like the 10 commandments were in the ark
(why the 10 seems to be duplicated here we don’t know – but they always go duplicate) ;
then this one , RV I.54,3 :

“[the famous – asura (=former-eden-construct)] , [as the plucked-up one (=barhaNa=bRh)] ,
[was made] – [for] the two green-yellow ones (=two horns-axis of eden-ram)]
[because] – [he is] – the bull (vRSa)] – of [the cart (=chariot)]”
compare how the Philistines sent back the ark upon a cart, drawn by 2 oxen ! ,
so the ark (here as ‘bull’) was like ‘the centre-point at the top of both vines , connecting them’ ;
perhaps “the bowing cherubs” represent the ends of both vines , bowing to the centre ;
2) why the ark ;
in a previous version of a Zechariah chapter we linked ‘a Philistine city to the ark’
(we left that out by the restored version because it was very messy) ,
and used glyph ÃT’ as “the box (of the hand-construct for matrix-willpower)” ,
yet we don’t know if they took the literal ark-construct , or have copied it ;
either way , a prophet chapter tells “no one will remember him (ark) anymore”,
so it was a vulnerable construct ;
3) root -ko’sa ,
the -k is “rule-related”, followed by a silent -o here , then an eden-‘s ;
when mutilated it becomes -kS , like -rakSa ‘eden-demon (=construct) ,
or like the term for their ‘rule’ , or in ‘eye’ -cakSa , etc ;

Du Soma bist für die Göttereinladung angeschwollen wie die Sindhu mit ihrer Flut. Mit der Milch
des Stengels munter machend wie der berauschende Branntwein gehst du in die von Süßigkeit
überfließende Kufe.

to line 18 :
18 Purified in the bowl and gendering the hymn, wise Soma joys among the Gods.
Robed in the flood, the Mighty One hath clad himself with milk and settled in the vats.

18 [being purified (and showing)] – in [the camû-vessel (=’below the Lebanon-forest’)] ,
as [the seer] – [creating (for matrix)] – [the hymn (by eden)] ,
[soma] – [rejoicing] – [the gods] ;
[to clothe] – [the (matrix-) water] – [around] – with [excellent] – [essences (milk)] ,
[you must be seated] , [covered] – by [the (trees in) the forest (=Lebanon, as the filter)] ;
[what is he saying ?
…this is the first time “being in camû-vessel + forest on top” is a possible syntax ,
perhaps even better as “he covering the forest” (though in wider sense that is true, as well) ;
2) ‘milk’ as dimensional-quality :
Henoch tells “that their dimension dressed-up with this whiteness” ,
considered the line here , it oozes from (through) the forest into their realm (‘waters’)]

In dem Camugefäß sich läuternd, das fromme Denken erweckend ist der Seher Soma gern bei den
Göttern. Er kleidet sich in Wasser, hat sich mit Milch umhüllt, der Trefflichste, und setzt sich in den
Holzgefäßen nieder

[… now we get really stuck… the ark calls their dimensional-centre to their north..?]
13 Like a dear son who must be decked, the Lovely One hath clad him in a shining robe.
Men skilful at their work drive him forth, like a car, into the rivers from their hands.

13 [for?] – [precious (green-yellowish)] ,
(by?) [‘the silver-white one’ (a region?, cloud? ; arjuna=dimensional-centre?)] +
(as?) [the armour (as shared-construct?)] – [enveloping] – [the lovely] – [impeller (=ark?)] ,
[you must adorn,polish,make smooth] ;
tam – îM – [they send forth?] – [skilled (=the sacred act (for fire?)]
[so that (=’to obtain’, -R?)] – (for?) [the cart,chariot] – for? [the feminine river (for ‘life’? ; nadî)] +
[from (between) (?)] – [the forked axis (likely 2-eden-ram-axis south ; gabhasti)] ; [review]
[what is he saying ?
… we don’t know , because we fail to see the concept this time ;
it seems that “the ark can call an eden-river (from between both ram-horns) to the north”..? ,
but the line is full of difficult concepts (and we get lost in the many ones, slowly on…) -–
1) this river (-nadî) must have another type dimensional-quality , the -n is ‘existence’
often corrupted as (-nR) , wile in next lines ‘life’ is addressed ;
until now it seems to have been about ‘essences’ (-go) , only (from the 2 eden-vines) ,
and compare how syntax here suggests “from inbetween those”;
3) arjuna , from -raj :
the -raj (-rajas) is “a gloomy region of silvery fast-moving particles” belonging to eden
(and elswhere as ‘6 regions’ – 6 regions around the 6 side-lamps of the lampstand..?) ,
but here as ‘restored to them’ per the term a+rjuna ;
… the problem here is their most important -R (as in Rg-veda) versus the -r ,
the -R is “go, move, rise, tend upwards ; meet with, reach, obtain ; fall to ones share,
erect, raise ; to place, insert, fix, fasten ; all sounds like ‘dimensional-centre’ ;
4) silvery-particles as armour around the ark ? ;
the “armour” is ‘an asura’, which means “a concept they dont like but need to use”,
it makes sense that it ‘envelops something’, and the object must be the ark ,
but we can’t see the action belonging to this ;
5) any of this relates to prophets ..? ;
we can’t find it yet ;

Der Begehrenswerte hat sich in ein weißes Gewand gehüllt, auszuputzen wie ein lieber Sohn. Ihn
treiben die Werktätigen wie einen Wagen zum Lauf in dem Wasser unter ihren Händen

[..this river starts to flow :]
14 The living drops of Soma juice pour, as they flow, the gladdening drink,
Intelligent drops above the basin of the sea, exhilarating, finding light.

14 [the (dragged-up) life (which was imprisoned by eden?)] – [flows purified] – [towards] – [soma] ,
as,to? [the intoxicating (by eden)] – [drink (by eden)] ;
to [the sea (samdr) + above] , (for?) [the height of heaven] ,
as? [the cheerful (by eden)] – [intelligence (by eden)] – of [the bright abode of the gods] ;
Die lebensverlängernden Somasäfte klären sich zum berauschenden Rauschtrank auf der Höhe des
Meeres, die Gedankenreichen, Berauschenden, die das Himmelslicht finden.

15 May Pavamana, King and God, speed with his wave over the sea the lofty rite:
May he by Mitra’s and by Varuṇa’s decree flow furthering the lofty rite.

15 [the purified (and streaming)] – [wave] ,
[escaping and crossing-over (the passage ; as -T) ] – to [the sea (matrix ; samdr)] ,
as [the king (of place-raj?)] – the god] – [expanding (by plucking-up eden)] – by [(matrix-) law] ;
[you must flow] – to [the abode] – of [Mitra (Damascus eye)] – and [VaruNa (sela-stone eye)] ,
[for] – [’the (matrix-) inciter’ (?, hinva)] – [expanding (by plucking-up eden)] – by [law] ;
Sich läuternd durchquert er mit seiner Woge das Meer, der König, der Gott, das hohe Gesetz selbst. Er fließe nach Mitra´s und Varuna´s Bestimmung, wenn er zur Eile getrieben wird, das hohe Gesetz selbst.
16 Far-seeing, lovely, guided by the men, the God whose home is in the sea-
16 [which is + the dimension] – by [the mutilated eden-things (nR+)]
of [the desired one (green-yellowish) ] – [seperated ‘Sight’] –
[the king (over place-raj?)] – [the god] – at? [the sea] ;
Von den Männern gelenkt, der Begehrenswerte, Weitschauende, der König, der Meeresgott
=yemâno, ye=ya + mâna or mana ;
17 Soma, the gladdening juice, flows pressed for Indra with his Marut host:
He hastens o’er the fleece with all his thousand streams: men make him bright and beautiful.

17 [for indra] – [the purified (and flowing)] – [drink (by eden)]
[soma] – [the maruts (‘bronze soldiers’)] – [is pressed out] ;
[containing a thousand] – eti=and? – [the woollen (strainer)] – [he moves fast?]
Tam – î=this? – [the dices?] – [they)adorning,sweeping] –
Für Indra läutert sich der Rauschtrank, für den Marutherrn der ausgepreßte Soma. In tausend
Strahlen fließt er durch die Schafwolle; ihn machen die Ayu´s sauber

RS to flow, flow quickly, glide, move with a quick motion; to bring near by flowing’ RV; –
     RSabh ‘impregnating bull’ , again r-R place ;
=ayavaH, -aya ‘a die (=dice)’ RV ; -aya from -i ‘go, walk, flow, blow, advance,spread ; to arise,
     Come from ; arrive, reach, obtain ; (to ask,request, make ones appearance)’ RV ;
to line 23 :
[.. the soma as the guardian of their realm :]
23 Flow on to win us strength, flow on to lofty lore of every kind.
Thou, Soma, as Exhilarator wast the first to spread the sea abroad for Gods.

23 [you flow , purified] – [winning the booty by the war] – [towards] – [all] – [seers] ;
[you] – [soma] , [you must preserve] – [the intoxicating (by eden)] – [divine things] +
[for] – [the main] – [(matrix-) sea (smdr)] ;
[what is he saying ?
the verb is ‘present time’ but it’s likely that by soma everything was made ;
there’s only 1 ‘totality-serpent’ in spells , perhaps this is the MEH’EN-serpent ,
shown as “covering a space”]

Läutere dich für alle Dichtergaben, um den Preis zu gewinnen! Du, der Berauschende, breitest als
Erster das Meer für die Götter aus, o Soma.

19 O Soma, Indu, every day thy friendship hath been my delight.
Many fiends follow me; help me, thou Tawny-hued; pass on beyond these barriers.

19 [soma] ,
[you + to me] – [are bestowing] – [friendship] – with [‘the dripping’ (indu)] – [daily] ;
[the many ] – [you bring] – [us] – [are moving] – [me] ,
[below (=like?] – [the protective wall] – ati=and? – tâM – ihi ;
In deiner Freundschaft, o Soma, bin ich Tag für Tag gern, o Saft. Viele böse Geister suchen mich heim,
du Brauner; geh über diese Hemmnisse hinweg!

=purûNi, plur (acc,voc) -puru
=paridhi, ‘an enclosure, fence, wall, protection, (especially) the 3 fresh sticks (called madhyama-, dakṣiṇa-, uttara-) laid round a sacrificial fire to keep it together
=rara, from -râ ‘bestow, impart, yield, surrender’ RV ;
20 Close to thy bosom am I, Soma, day and night. O Tawny-hued, for friendship sake.
Sūrya himself refulgent with his glow have we o’ertaken in his course like birds.

20 [and + to me?] , [soma] , [your] – [night] – [and] – [day (=matrix)] ,
as [the friendship] – by [you bringing] – [the udder (=eden-hill, now south)] ;
[(through) heat (ghRN))] – [the injuring heat (eden-place-T?,tap)] –
[this sun (sûrya)] – para – [bird(s) (by eden?)] – iva=below? – [has hovered,flown] ;
Und ich bin, o Soma, Nacht und Tag zur Freundschaft an deinem Euter, o Brauner.
Über die heiß brennende Sonne hinaus sind wir gleich den großen Vögeln geflogen.

=naktam ‘by night’ RV ;
=tapanta, root -tap ‘give out heat, heat, to suffer or feel pain’ RV ;
=’sakuna, ‘ a bird (especially a large bird or one of good or bad omen)’ RV (eden-bird with eggs
    In other chapter) ;
=paptima (perfect) -pat ‘fly, to soar’ (no 3d person) ;
21 Deft-handed! thou when purified liftest thy voice amid the sea.
Thou, Pavamana, makest riches flow to us, yellow, abundant, much-desifed.

21 [polishing,adorning] – [pretty hands (2?)] – [the sea (smdr)] –
[voice] – [you infuse strength (‘as the host’; -inv)] ;
[(personified-) riches] – [reddish (yellow?)] – [spacious,many,abundant]
[much desired] – [being purified (and showing,flowing)] – [you bring near (by flowing)] ;
Im Meere sauber gemacht, du schöner Hände Würdiger, lässest du deine Stimme ausgehen. Du
fließest zu rötlichem ausgebreitetem vielbegehrtem Reichtum, o Pavamana.

=pi’saN+ga, ‘reddish, reddish-brown or -yellow, tawny
RS to flow, flow quickly, glide, move with a quick motion ; to bring near by flowing’ RV ; -RSabh ‘impregnating bull’ , again r-R place ;
22 Making thee pure and bright in the sheep’s long wool, thou hast bellowed, steerlike, in the wood.
Thou flowest, Soma Pavamana, balmed with milk unto the special place of Gods.

22 [adorning,polishing] – [the filter (hair of horse)] – [being purified (and flowing)] –
[the woollen (filter)] – [the strong one raining down (vRSa)] –
[and,as well as + roaring,to lament óver? (as water)] – [forest (=Lebanon)] ;
[the gods] – [soma] – [being purified (and showing)] –
[the (made) place of rendez-vous (new place-T?, +neck-ornament)] – [essences(cows)]
[anointed] – [you bring near (by flowing)] ; the raj region?
Sauber gemacht, im Schafhaar dich läuternd brülle, wie der Bulle, auf die Holzkufe hinab! Du rinnst, o
Soma Pavamana, mit Kuhmilch gesalbt, zum Treffort der Götter

=vRsâva, (root) -vRS ‘ to rain down, shower down, pour forth, effuse, shed’ RV ;
=cakrado, from -krand ? , to neigh (as a horse), roar (metaphorically applied to the clouds and to wind and water); to creak (as a wheel) ; to sound, make a noise; to cry piteously, weep, lament, grieve, be confused with sorrow
=niSkR, ‘drive away, expell, remove’RV , -niSkRta ‘expelled, removed, atoned’ RV ;
Also as “place of rendez-vous” RV , , niSka ‘golden ornament around the neck’ RV (=egyptian?) ;
[..soma flowing protectively around the Chaldea-land :]
24 Flow to the realm of earth, flow to the realm of heaven, O Soma, in thy righteous ways.
Fair art thou whom the sages, O Far-seeing One, urge onward with their songs and hymns

24 [you] , [soma] , by [ordinances
(because of the support-pillar? – dharman)] ,
[you flow , purified] – [around] – [the land (Chaldea/Philisti/GEB)] – (as?) [‘the silver-region’ (?-raj)]
[and] – [the sky] ;
[the learned ones] – [impel] – [you] – by [hymns (by eden)] ,
(you,) [the splendid – separate ‘Sight’] – for [(matrix-) designs] ;
[what is he saying ? ,
it is possible that these “encircling silver particles is glyph SHEN ,
(that would relate to 1 of 7 cows , having the SHEN and support-prop glyph ,
to right , “by the pillar the sky (with the hail) to encircle”) ,
also as SHENÁT “hailstorm”, perhaps as the flowing particles ? ;
yet we understand that this ‘hailstorm-defense’ originally belonged to eden ;

2) ‘silver-region’ :
the concept (-raj) seems to be ‘stolen silver’ to us ,
but we need more time to find out this theme ;
silver is in exodus “the base for the wooden poles” ,
here as “a dimensional-base GEB now rests on”..? ;
compare “the gold as mud on the streets of Tyre”
3) learned ones guide you :
what we already suspected in first half of chapter]


Läutere dich doch, die irdische Welt umkreisend und die himmlischen Räume nach der Ordnung,
o Soma! Dich, den Glänzenden, treiben die Redekundigen mit Dichtungen, mit Gebeten an,
du Weitschauender
[..a construct as ‘the neck’ (?, see Isaiah 30:28) must be protected :]
25 Over the cleansing sieve have flowed the Pavamanas in a stream,
Girt by the Maruts, gladdening, Steeds with Indra’s strength, for wisdom and for dainty food

25 [being purified (and streaming)] ,
[the …..?….] – [at?] – [the concept for triple filtering (?)] – [you must preserve] ;
[(belonging to?) the maruts (=bronze-soldiers, the Medes)] , [intoxicating (by eden)] – [indra] ,
(by?) [the horse (=neck?) (‘h-concept’)] + [=’as axis ? ; comp. Isaiah “as far as the neck”]
(for?) [wisdom (as juice of meat ; by eden = honey-related)] , +
[in the direction of] – [and] – [in front of + the stalk (=eden-fire-pillar?) (?,prayâMsi)] ;
[what is he saying ? [review]
we lost some terms here , so we’re not sure —
the “(horse-) neck + in the direction + and + in front of + the firepillar” seems feasible ,
as if the fire-pillar would now stand at the tip of some far-extending cliff ;
2) lost terms :
the term (asRkSata) we can’t identify , form of -rakSa ‘eden-construct , demon’ ? ,
the term (pavitra) shows little root , is linked to ‘3’ in a chapter ;
the term ‘horse’ (-haya) is weird ; said in Ramayana as ‘horse neck’ (something is with -h)]

Sich läuternd sind sie im Strome durch die Seihe gesprengt, von den Marut begleitet,
berauschend, die indrischen Rosse, um Erkenntnis und Erquickung zu bringen.
[the ark (or copied ark) makes a type eden-light in their matrix :]
26 Urged onward by the pressers, clad in watery robes, Indu is speeding to the vat.
He gendering light, hath made the glad Cows low, while he takes them as his garb of state.

26 [helped to set in motion] – by [the ones pressing (sotR)] ,
[the box (ark, or copied ark ; ko’sa)] – [is dressing] – [the (matrix-) water] – [around] ,
by [causing + ‘the dripping’ (indu) + in frequent motion (?)] ;
[having desired] – [the milk (essences)] ,
[he made] – [our] – [bright (dimensional-) garment (by mutilated eden-existence, -nir=nR)] ,
[creating (for the matrix)] – [the rejoiceful (by eden)] – [eden-light in the matrix-realm (jyotir)] .
[what is he saying ?
we’re not sure but this seems to be another type dimensional-garment as the mere soma , before ;
following upon previous line , some type eden-light (not : essence) must stream to the ark here ,
and is turned into ‘a fast dripping’ in their realm ;
problem is that we’ve so many different ‘types of light and essences’ to identify ,
and we don’t know what ‘the milk’ is doing here (=used as diffusion..?) ;
yet the prophets line “close the door – cause you let My name in their realm” comes to mind..]

In Wasser sich hüllend umfließt er die Kufe, der von den Pressenden zur Eile getriebene Saft.
Licht hervorbringend hat er die Jubellieder lautbar gemacht, indem er die Kuhmilch gleichsam
zu seinem Festgewand macht.
[end – and end of chapter]
[breakdowns :]
[skipped ; but similar as to other chapters]
parts of original text : Griffith [1896] ; German version : Friedrich Geldner (+1929)

01.01.20 — submitted — first version — het-report

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