stone (their sela-rock)

RV VIII , 42 (VaruNa as “their eye upon their Sela-rock” ; + their ‘boat’)
1. LORD of all wealth, the Asura [=’construct’] propped the heavens [=’pillars of Bashan’, likely] ,
and measured out the broad earth’s wide expanses.
He, King supreme, approached all living creatures.

All these are Varuṇa’s [=’their eye / moon’] holy operations.
[VaruNa is “the eye of the evil shepherd” , Zech. 11]
3 Sharpen this song of him who strives his utmost, sharpen, God Varuṇa, his strength and insight;
May we ascend [or: prosper by] the ship that bears us safely, whereby we may pass over
[=eden] .
[=ship : see prophets , “no longer a ship will cross-over”, (ship : -tsiy) ; as KHENT’- boat]
4 Aśvins, [by] the songs of the singers ,
you have made the stones [=’both the temple-foundation , and theirs’] hasten hitherward,
Nāsatyas [=title] , to the Soma-[drink]. Let all the others die away.

5 [you called] the [priestly-] Atri [=’Sela-stone’ ; = “not+trinity”] by their hymns, O Aśvins,
[=’a title’] , to the Soma-drink. Let all the others die away.
[their stone (hebrew : -sela) as enemy of the tried-cornerstone as temple-fundament]
Wie euch, Asvin, der redekundige Atri mit Lobreden anrief, ihr Nasatya´s zum Somatrunk. All die anderen Schwächlinge sollen entzweigehen
=durita ‘problems’
=ruh 1st plur. ‘ascend, climb ; prosper, thrive’ RV ;
=nâvaM , noun -nâva ‘a ship’ (but not in evasive RV or not understood) , comp. navigate ;
nâva ‘shout of joy or triumph’ RV ; yet compare context ;
=vipra ‘poet, theologian, singer, etc’ RV ;

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