RV X , 68 (the matrix-bull abducting the 7 cow constructs)
1. LIKE birds who keep their watch, plashing in water, like the loud voices of the thundering
Like merry streamlets bursting from the mountain, thus to Bṛhaspati our hymns have sounded.

1 [the weavers (=seven cows)] – for [us] , [swimming in water] , [guarding (eden)] ,
[the voices] – of [dual-essence] – [produced from the cloud (=the eden-construct they are in)] ;
[the (rejoiceful) bubbling (by eden)]- [streams?] ,   +
[to break forth fróm the (eden-) mountain] , [towards] – [bRhaspati (=KA-bull)] ,
as [the hymns] – [we must breathe by] ;                       [=’the essences to live by’]
[tricky start ;
1) bRhaspati :
literally “the lord of the house , by rooting-up (an eden-construct)”,
we think it’s the place Eqron in prophets , literally ‘to root up’ ,
and Eqron is related to constructs making physicality (together with Gaza , etc) ;
2) the ‘weavers’ :
as in weaving existence ; term (-vayo) , -o ending of (-vaya) ‘to weave’ ;
lateron , bHraspati himsélf will be the (doubled-) cloud in their north ,
hence KA-bull , as doubled-bull]

Wie im Wasser schwimmende wachsame Vögel schreiend, wie die Donner des Gewölks, wie die
den Fels durchbrechenden Wogen rauschend, so schrieen die Gesänge dem Brihaspati entgegen
2 The Son of Aṅgirases, meeting the cattle, as Bhaga, brought in Aryaman among us.
As Friend of men he decks the wife and husband: as for the race, Bṛhaspati, nerve our coursers.

2 [the aNghiras (=a type matrix-spirit?)] – [attains] – [the cows] ,  
[he has been guiding] – [the construct distributing prosperity] – [for] – [aryaman (=a concept?)] ;
[our] – [friend] – of [the (matrix-) race] , [bRhaspati (=KA-bull)] – [the lord of the house] ,
[causes to appear] – [the booty (=the cows)] – [from the goats (=all eden-Originals)] ;
[goats : as -aja , see torture chapter ;
2) aryaman : unclear , the “uncle concept”..? ,
the ‘uncle concept’ in scripture means “not of the same house” ,
them spirits call themselves ‘aryan’ , read : by stolen eden-aspects ?]

Der angirasische Brihaspati kam herbei und hat sie mit den Kühen zusammengebracht wie Bhaga
den Werber Aryaman mit der Braut. Wie ein Vertrauensmann zwei Ehegatten, so macht er sie einig; “O
Brihaspati, sporne sie an wie Rennpferde im Wettkampf!

3 Bṛhaspati, having won them from the mountains, strewed down, like barley out of
winnowing- baskets,
The vigorous, wandering cows who aid the pious, desired of all, of blameless form, well-coloured.

3 [the vigorous] , [excellent,desirable] – and [well-coloured] – [travellers (=cows)]   +
of [faultless form] , [having been conquered and brought] ;
[bRhaspati,solarplane?] – [shook out?] – [from the (eden-) mountain]   +
[the essence] – [for us] , [like] – [barley] – (out of?) [the ears of grain (=the 2 staff-axis?)] ;
[ear of grain :
likely to be ‘the (two?) staffs’ , see Zech. 11 ,
“when he will beat out the ear(s) of grain” , chapter in prophets ,
that chapter relates to their dual-realm and “when the 144 will be collected , one by one” ;
see also the relation to ‘beer and barley’ in the heavenly cow chapter]

Die Kühe, die einem trefflichen Herrn gehören, die Gäste bringen, die rührigen, begehrenswerten,
schönfarbigen von tadellosem Aussehen, hat Brihaspati, nachdem er sich den Weg hindurch gebahnt
hatte, aus den Bergen ausgeschüttet wie Korn aus den Säcken.

4 As the Sun dews with meath the seat of Order, and casts a flaming meteor down from heaven.
So from the rock Bṛhaspati forced the cattle, and cleft the earth’s skin as it were with water.

4 [the lawful] – [(eden-) abode (=womb)] , [besprinkled] – with [honey (=amber)] ,
[hurled down] – as [a torch] – [falling from heaven] , [from] – [the (eden-) sky] ;
[bHraspati (KA-bull)] – [pushed upward] – [the (eden-) firmament] – of [the cows] ,
(as) [the wave (like water)] – to [the matrixland] ,
[for] – [the (eden-) dimensional-veil] – [had been rent asunder] ;
[firmament and cows :
several cows ‘feed’ certain constructs , so the context can be valid]

Die Wiege der Wahrheit, mit Süßigkeit besprengend wie der Wetterstrahl, der die Fackel des Himmels herabschleudert, hat Brihaspati, als er die Kühe aus dem Fels herausholte, die Haut der Erde wie
durch Wasserflut gespalten.

5 Forth from mid air with light he draws the darkness, as the gale blows a lily from the fiver.
Like the wind grasping at the cloud of Vala, Bṛhaspati gathered to himself the cattle,

5 [(eden) perishing] – [in front of] – [the type eden-light now in their realm] ,   
(as) [the wave (like water)] – in [the middle region (=region inbetween the dual-realm)] ,
(=the eden-dimension entering their realm)
(by) [the (bestowing) waterplant (eden‘s ; as cows-construct?)] – [from] – [the wind-god] ,    +
[belonging to the goats (=the eden-Originals)] ;
[bRhaspati (KA-bull)] – [seized] – [the cloud of the enclosure (=eden)] – [from] – [the wind-god] ,
[as] – [the cows] – [for] – [the wheel (=can only be the cherub-wheel as eden-land)] ;
[the cloud :
later on , bHraspati himself is called ‘the cloud’ ,
then the cloud must be “masculine , holding the cows together”]

Mit Licht hat er die Finsternis aus dem Luftreich getrieben wie der Wind die Sipalapflanze aus dem
Wasser. Brihaspati packte die Kühe des Vala und trieb sie vor sich her wie der Wind die Wolke.

6 Bṛhaspati, when he with fiery lightnings cleft through the weapon of reviling Vala,
Consumedḥim as tongues cat what teeth have compassed: he threw the prisons of the red cows open.

6 [then] – [the scornful] – [(eden-) enclosure] , [the exhausted hiding-place] ,
[was cleft?] – by [the fiery] – [(crystalline-) hymns] – of [bHraspati (=KA-bull)] ;
[the given things?,teeth?] – by [our?] – [the thoth-flame?, tongue=NES?] – [around + to enter?] ,
[eating] – [from] – [the treasury (for serving food)] ,                                              
[<< refuses to run]
(by) [to make to cut-off] – [the reddish cows] ;
[blue line :
too many unsure terms to compose a running line ;

Als Brihaspati das Gefängnis des Hohn bietenden Vala erbrach mit seinen wie Feuer glühenden
Zauberliedern, da packte und aß er sie wie die Zunge mit den Zähnen die angerichtete Speise. Er
brachte den Schatz der Kühe ans Licht.

7 That secret name borne by the lowing cattle within the cave Bṛhaspati discovered,
And drave, himself, the bright kine from the mountain, like a bird’s young after the egg’s disclosure.

7 [because] – [bRhaspati (KA-bull)] – [imagined] – [the name] – of [these] – [lowing ones] ,
[being settled down] – [there] – at [the secret] – [boisterous abode of gods (=in the matrix)] ;
(by) [the breaking] – of [the eggs (=’spheres’)] – of [the (eden-) bird] ,    +
[the contents] – [flow] – as [the reddish cows] – [from the eden-mountain] , [himself] ;
[eggs / spheres :
compare how glyph NEG (their throne) is ‘bull with four horns’ and ‘sun-egg’ ,
as the region where their four horns , as cardinal-points grow from]

Brihaspati gedachte nämlich des Namens dieser Lautbrüllenden, der an dem Orte verborgen war.
Wie die Brut des Vogels, nachdem sie die Eier gespalten hat, so trieb er in eigner Person die Kühe
als die Brut des Berges heraus
[the support-cow for the four rudders ?]
8 He looked around on rock-imprisoned sweetness as one who eyes a fish in scanty water.
Bṛhaspati, cleaving through with varied clamour, brought it forth like a bowl from out the timber.

8 [the enclosing stone (eden’s ; closing the eden-treasury) ] – [around?] – [the honey (=amber)] ,
[appearing] – as [the intoxicated one?] – to [us] ,
[weakened] – by [the ruining] – [wave] ;
[because] – [this] – [square dish (fort he 4 cardinal-directions?)]  – for [us] – [was snapped at] ,
[the thundering] – [bRhaspati] – [cleaving] it    +
off [the tree-trunk (at tsiun ; supporting the cherub-wheel as the eden-land)] ;
[closing-stone :
1) it cannot bet he temple-fundament (as vRtra) , that belongs tot he Indra chapters ;
this stone as ‘square dish’ links to (-camu) , the three large vessels below ,
yet the ‘square’ can relate to “the four rudders’
(as H’EMU in posted BD 148 , and ‘ureaus-eyes’ in the heavenly cow chapter) ;
2) this stone is “snapped at”, not destroyed – like the thigh in next lines ;
3) honey :
in Ezekiel described as the amber-coloured glow in the midst of the four cherubs ;

Er spähte die mit einem Fels verschlossene Süßigkeit wie einen Fisch der im seichten Wasser wohnt.
Brihaspati holte sie heraus wie einen Becher aus dem Baum, nachdem er den Fels mit lautem Brüllen
gesprengt hatte.

[the cow for matrix-dawn : see ‘heavenly cow’ chapter]
9 He found the light of heaven, and fire, and Morning: with lucid rays he forced apart the darkness.
As from a joint, Bṛhaspati took the marrow of Vala as he gloried in his cattle.

9 [he planned] – [she, the (matrix-) dawn] – for [he, the (matrix-) heaven] ,
(as) his [fire] – his [crystalline rays] – [for] – [defeating] – [the dark gloom (eden’s ; tamas)] ;
[bRhaspati (KA-bull)] – [took?] – [the cow-shaped one] – of [the (eden-) enclosure] ,
(as) [the (eden-) marrow] – for [us] ,
by [to snap at] – [the joint (thigh ; parvan) ] ;     

[the joint :
context leaves little else open as the KHEPESH-thigh ;
the thigh as ‘the region of the cows’ ,
literally “the ox-thigh of the (eden) physicality-pool
(as the new root for the KH-house)” ,
the thigh ‘as the support of that pool’ ; now inversed ;
2) link to (hebrew) ‘Rezin’ :

the crystalline essences (by Brhaspati)  rising up and engulfing this earth (Is.8 chapter)]
Er fand die Usas, er die Sonne, er das Feuer; er vertrieb durch Zauberlied die Finsternis.
Brihaspati holte die Kühe des Vala, der mit den Kühen prunkte, wie das Mark aus dem Gelenk.
[cow as forest , as Lebanon theme?]
10 As trees for foliage robbed by winter, Vala mourned for the cows Bṛhaspati had taken.
He did a deed ne’er done, ne’er to be equalled, whereby the Sun and Moon ascend alternate.

10 [the cold (matrix-dimension?)] – [stole] – [the foilage] – (for?) [the (matrix-) forest] ,
by [bRhaspati (KA-bull) longing for] – [the cows (essences)] – of [the enclosure (eden)] ;
[an unparalleled] , [not in opposite direction (and non-repeating)] – thing [he has made] ,
[which] is – [the sun and moon] – [going forth (=to show)] – [the one after the other] ;
[Lebanon theme ? ;
considered the importance , this can hardly be “some romantic way of speaking” ;
the term (-vana) can either be ‘tree’ or ‘forest’, it’s colour likely as matrix
(compare -vanaspatï , king of trees’) ;
2) sun as moon :
like in the ‘birth of the sun’ chapter “the veil of the night is drawn around ,
changing the image of the sun into that of the moon – both in the SAME place” ,
these lines tell similar ; where (-mâsa) derives from (-candra-mas) , see Sûrya chapter]

Wie die Bäume ihre vom Frost geraubten Blätter, so vermißte Vala die von Brihaspati geraubten
Kühe. Etwas Unnachahmbares hat er getan, das sich nicht wiederholt, solange Sonne und Mond
abwechselnd aufgehen werden.

[the NUT-dome : as ‘the cow for the bordersky’ in the heavenly cow book]
11 Like a dark steed adorned with pearl, the Fathers have decorated heaven with constellations.
They set the light in day, in night the darkness. Bṛhaspati cleft the rock and found the cattle

11 [as] – [the pearls] – of [our] – [brown?] – [horse] ,                [=’egyptian NUT sky-dome’]
[the stars (constellations?)] – [decorate] – [the father-sky] , as [the decorated] – [heaven] ;
[the matrix-night] – [replaced] – [eden-darkness] ,
and [the type eden-light now in their realm] – [the eden-day (as serpent)] ,
[bHraspati (KA-bull)] – [cleaved-off] – [the stone (above the -atri)] , [finding] – [the cattle] ;
[the stone :
the same enclosing-stone as in previous line must be intended ;
NUT-dome as horse : as “the heavenly cow” ; interesting that their constructs are ‘horses’ ;
we do feel already that their Moab-house is ópposite to eden
(that their NUT-dome points downwards tó eden as ‘bow-dome’) , we’ll need adapt this , soon]

Die Väter schmückten den Himmel mit den Gestirnen aus wie einen Rappen mit Perlen.
Die Finsternis verlegten sie auf die Nacht, auf den Tag das Licht. Brihaspati spaltete den Fels,
er hat die Kühe gefunden.
12 This homage have we.offered to the Cloud God who thunders out to many in succession.
May this Bṛhaspati vouchsafe us fulness of life with kine and horses, men, and heroes.

12 [this] – [hymn] – [I offer] – to [the cloud (-deity?)] ,
[who] – is [roaring (or thundering)] – [to] – [many] ;
[because] – of [bRhaspati] – [his] – [cows] – and [his] – [horses (=’matrix-constructs’)] ,
his [strong ones] – and his [heroes (cutting-off eden-existence)] – [are given] – [for] – [us] .
[horses as heroes :
as matrix-constructs , fed by the essences (as the cows) ;

Diese Verbeugung haben wir dem wetterwolkengleichen Brihaspati gemacht, der in vielen
Stimmen dem Donner nachbrüllt. So möge uns denn Brihaspati durch Kühe, Rosse,
er durch Söhne und Mannen Kraft verleihen.
[end – and end of chapter]
[breakdowns :]
=udaprut, ‘swimming or splashing in water’ RV ;
=vayo =vaya ‘a weaver’ RV ;
=abrhiya ‘belonging to or produced from clouds, thundercloud’ RV ;
=goSâ , equals SaNi ? , many ;
=giribhraj ‘breaking forth from mountains’ RV ;
=normaya ,na+verb ? , untracable ;
=madanti , of -mad ‘to rejoice, to bubble (as water) ;
=arka, ‘crystal ; fire, flash ; hymn’ RV ;
=anâvan, 1st dual pres imp -an ‘to breath, respire, gasp’ RV ;
=gobhir ; empty as -go+bhi , go+multiple ;
=nakSamano, nakS ‘to come near, approach, arrive at, get, attain’ RV
=bhaga, ‘(a construct) distributing) ; prosperity, wellfare, love’ RV ;
=aryaman ‘a construct ; a bosom friend, play-fellow, companion, (especially) a friend who asks
          a woman in marriage for another’ RV ; what is it? ; the ‘uncle’ concept in scripture ? ;
          ‘arya’ is they (Arian) +ma ‘eden’ ? ;
=dampati ‘the lord of the house (Indra etc) ; “the two masters” , husband and wife’ RV ;
=anakti, 2d sing pres -aN+j to apply an ointment or pigment, smear with, anoint ;
          to decorate, prepare ; to honour, celebrate ; to cause to appear, make clear‘ RV ;
=bRhaspati , -bRh ‘to pluck up, tear out,etc’ RV (Ekron in prophets?) ,  “lord of prayer or
          devotion”Name of a deity (in whom Piety and Religion are personified;he is the chief offerer
          of prayers and sacrifices’ RV ; @) -bRhat ‘lofty, high, tall, great, large, wide, vast, abundant,
          compact, solid, massy, strong, mighty ; height (also sky) ; far and wide, on high RV ,
          +pati ‘master, owner, ruler ; RV ; (root -pat : same ; also verb ‘fly, soar’ RV ,
          but mutilated -b (by -R) , for solarplane ?
=vâja ‘strength,battle,booty,reward’ +
=ivâjau, -vaj is no root ; iva+aja ‘goat’ ? from verb -i , to go? ; just -iva ‘this’ ; root -aj nonexisting ;
=sâdhvarya , (prob.) truely faithful’ RV ; but -sâdh ‘ to guide straight or well, direct or bring
          to a goal ; to master, subdue, overpower, conquer, win, win over’ RV ; -sâdhu is similar ,
          U turns into -v ;
=atithin ‘a traveling’ RV ;
=iSira ‘vigorous, active, quick’ RV ;
=suvarNa ‘of a good or beautiful colour, brilliant in hue, bright, golden, yellow’ RV ;
=parvat+abhi ‘eden-mountain
=vitûrya , no root -vitu , -vitud ‘to pierce, tear, strike, scourge, sting, prick’ RV ;
=yava ‘barley’ RV ;
=sthivi ‘(prob) a bushel (others : an ear) of grain’ RV ;
=âpruSayâ ‘besprinkle’ RV ;
=yoni ‘home, seat, abode ; womb ;
=avakSip ‘to throw down, cause to fly down or away, hurl’ RV
=ulkâ ‘a fiery phenomenon in the sky, a meteor, fire falling from heaven’ RV (see numbers) ;
=udharann , fr -uddhan ‘to move or push or press upwards or out, lift up, throw away’ RV ;
=a’sman ‘stone, firmament’ RV ; see numbers ;
=udneva, fr -udan ‘a wave (water) ;
=tvac ‘skin (men,animals) ; leather bag ; cinnamon tree, cloud, cover (of horse, earth)’ RV
=bibhede (perf.) -bhid ‘ to be split or broken, burst (intrans.) ; rent, tear’ RV ;
=jyotis ‘moonlight ; eyelight ; the light of heaven, celestial world ‘ RV ,
          must be related to eden -yoni ;
=tam(a) , -tam ‘perish,choke, exhaust, perplexed’ RV (into -tamas ‘eden-darkness’) ;
=antarikSa ‘the middle region of 3 spaces’ RV ]
=’sîpâla ‘ the plant Blyxa Octandra’ RV , wut? , a type waterplant ; ‘si ‘grant, bestow’ RV ;
=âjat (either goat or) 2nd sing pres imp -aj , but is NO root ; aja ‘not born’ RV (forever existing) ;
=anumr”s ‘to seize’ RV ;
=pîyata, form of -pâ or -pi ; or -pîyatnu ‘scornful’ RV ;
=jasu ‘ “resting-place”, hiding-place (?) (here) ; exhausted, weakness ; jasuri ‘starved’ (many) RV ;
=bhed , bheda ‘a cleft, fissure, chasm’ RV ;
=agnitapas ‘hot as fire, glowing’ RV (here) + multible or -abhi ;
=jihva ‘tongue (of agni, usual 3 or 7)’ RV ; NES ? ,
=pariviSTa ; pari-viS ‘to serve, wait on, offer or dress food’ RV (german chose that) ; pari-viSTa
          as ‘surrounded, beset, besieged’ RV (but -pari is allready ‘surround,around) ;
=âdad , from ‘to eat,devour’ cluster , form -âda ,
=nidhîMr , -nidhi ‘setting down or serving up (food, etc.) ; treasury’ RV ,
=akRNod, was either ‘to make’ or ‘cut off’ ;
=usri ‘morning-light, brightness’ RV (see numbers) ; ‘ox, bull , redness and products)’ RV ;
=amata, of verb -man ? ; am ‘dangerous’; ama ‘fright ,terror’; amati ‘poorness,want’ RV ;
          amata aorist of -man RV ? , think, believe, imagine, suppose, perceive, comprehend, to wish’ RV ;
=svariNâm , svari ‘noisy, boisterous’ RV ; matrix-term ‘abode of the gods’
=sadana (=seat) ‘a seat, dwelling, residence, house ; (causing) to settle down’ RV ;
=in a hiding place, secretly, in secred’ RV ;
=bhitti ‘breaking’ ,
=’sakuna ‘a bird’ RV , eden-‘s ;
=tmanâjat , tman ‘ones own person, self ; vital breath’ RV , from âtman ;
          from 8
=stone+apinaddha ‘closed,concealed’ RV ; -api ‘to be near to, unite’ ;  treasury (nidha) ?’
=matsa, matsya ‘a fish’ RV ; ‘name of a people and country’ RV ; form of -mad ‘intoxicating’
=dîna ‘scarce (weakness)’ RV ,
=kSiyantam, form of -kSi 1) ‘to rule, govern’ 2) kSi ‘to destroy, ruin, decrease’ , 3) kSi ‘to abide,
          stay, dwell, reside (used especially of an undisturbed or secret residence)’ RV  ;
=camasa ‘ a vessel used at sacrifices for drinking the soma, a kind of flat dish or cup or ladle
          (generally of a square shape, made of wood and furnished with a handle)’ RV ;
          into -camu the large vessels of the trita below ;
=vRkSa ‘to grow (a tree)’ RV , after having been cut off ;
=viraveNa, virava ‘thundering’ RV ;
=avindat 3d sing pres imp -vid ;
=govapus ‘shaped like a cow’ RV ;
=majjan ‘lit. sunk within’, marrow of a bone’ RV , eden-ma ;
=himeva, hima ‘cold, frost’ RV ;
=bRhaspati+akRna? , -kRp ‘ to mourn, long for (accusative) ; to lament, implore’ RV ,
          only in krPâ ‘beauty’ RV ; here written together with bRhaspati ;
=apunar ‘only once, not again’ RV ; a+punar ‘back, home, in an opposite direction
=mitha, mithas ‘ogether, together with (instrumental case), mutually, reciprocally, alternately,
          to or from or with each other’ RV ;
=uccar ‘to go upwards, ascend, rise (as the sun) , issue forth, go forth’ RV ; ucca ‘intense’ RV ;
=’syâva ‘brown, dark-coloured’, RV ;
=kR’sa ‘lean, emaciated, thin, spare, weak, feeble’ RV ; kR’sana ‘pearl’ RV ;
=apiM’sa , root not located ;
=tam(a) , -tam ‘persh,choke, exhaust, perplexed’ RV (into -tamas ‘eden-darkness’) ;
=bhinad , ? , no root -bhin or -bin ; same as previous ;
=adri ‘stone,rock,mountain’ RV , linked to -atri ;
=nama ; either ‘we’, ‘no’ ; pasture ground RV or 2nd sing pres imper of -nam ;
=nR+bhir multiple , ‘hero’ ;
=anavît , from -nu ‘to roar, thunder’ RV ;

parts of original text : Griffith [1896] ; German version : Friedrich Geldner (+1929)

18.12.19   —   submitted   —   first version   —   het-report


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