searching eden’s tablet
as our birth-right : 1 :
the god SEKER in Amduat ,
Coffintexts 590, 559, 275,
951, 816,
Pyr-texts 682, (669, 647, 645,
610) , 566 [full]  , 553 [full,long]  ,
535 [virt.full]  ,
— belongs to Haggai 2 page —


                      searching Eden’s Tablet : the death-god SEKER

derived from spells :
– Seker “wears a golden collar” called NNEBIT       [compare the tabernacle high priest]  
    as “the golden adam-like collar for everything of the solar plane” 
– in fact , as personified concept “Seker himself IS the golden collar” 
    as the collar “he gives to his father Osiris” [=the matrix]   and see below
    [remember how Sumerian Marduk gave the collar to AN who is a form of Osiris]  
– she is not directly called ‘the (eden-) tablet’ or ‘sceptre’ but a bit evasive
    as “the terrifying one of the real-adm-soul” in Amduat  
– the collar represents “the festival below” , that is : the completed eden-paradise
– the collar represents “(eden-) richnesses” 
    in the form of “light-particles of willpower” wherewith many type things are created
    but because they stole it now they can create things in their realm 
– Seker is also depicted as ‘utchat Eye’ – read : as very important attribute ,
– and he is equaled with the Crook (-sceptre) called MES-T ‘the birth sceptre of Osiris’ ;
– Seker’s boat [a ‘boat’ is always “a concept or construct which moved to the matrix]  
    has on both ends two oryx heads , one looking to the matrix and one to eden
    which can relate to the Urim and Thummim concept 
    [while ‘his wings’ as depicted in Amduat 5 could represent the same]   ;
– he is often depicted as “ascending from a chest or a mound (=tsiun of eden)” ;
then ,
his name is very tricky , likely as :
“// the [eden type-]   speech / [for]   thou / [of]   the (corrupt-) adm-soul” ,
loosely as “thanks to the egyptian-type soul you obtained the eden-type speech” ;
where “the speech” refers to “the capability to command those light-particles” :
which in fact was – and will be – our attribute ;   



above , to right : the Seker festival 26th day of the fourth month of the akhet (spring) season ,
as the procession where he was carried around the city walls by some sixteen priests ;
the nature of this ritual is unclear but we can guess it is related to “encircling the island in
eden wherein was the Tablet” 
and it can be no coincidence that old-Ishral had to encircle Jericho

to left :
Amduat 4 , middle register [=the region of the matrix-gate]   ,
where Horus gives the utchat-Eye that is Seker – written above it – to Thoth the king of 
Mystery-Babylon ; the text is one large pun but the Eye is “supporting the gift of willpower”
in the form of the eden light-particles ;
to right is the crook of Osiris writing MES-T next to it , showing it is the same attribute ;
to right :
Amduat 5 , lower register [=the region of eden]   , 
Seker standing within the oval – the island ; see text below ; 
most is readable but the lines have not been redacted yet in order to run fluently ;
subsequent PDF’s are shown if you like to read along — from down upwards ! :
amduat hour 5
– next to the SEKER figure (-with the wings) :
“he. the one. to guide. , 
to become the one to guard (or: ‘[as]   the guardian’). [of]   this. he. the one to make (=by eden) speech.”
– at the left side of the serpent , above the ‘head’ looking back to eden : 
“all. the light of willpower of speech. [of]   he. the mouth (=eden gate). 
[as]   // the main root. to protect (SA). ,
[because]   by. he. [is]   the (matrix-) ânkh-life.” ;
text above the oval [=island]   :
“the // terrifying (adj.) – real-adm-soul’s one (S-T ; the tablet). 
for. the (matrix-) dome of speech above (‘north’). 
[to be]   the roaring one. [as]   the voice. alike-adam (MIÁ). ,
[in order for]   existence to make (‘as concept’). above (‘north’). [as]   the great. this. god. ; 
to come (-the double root for willpower ; ÂPP). [as?]   the sceptre / branch (=stolen tablet). 
by [and?]  . this. to connect to. (matrix-) Time. ,
[so that]   to. the voice (adj.) – [of]   island of the horizon (‘matrix-gate region’).      +
the one (=the tablet). to listen (-and obey). ; 
to become. his (=tablet). things to guide (‘by the matrix’).
he. the sand (lit.: light-particles of (eden-) willpower ; SHÂ). [for?]   the (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). ;
[as?]   the flesh (=eden-aspects ; ÁF) (adj.) – [of?]   the divine // SEKER. ;
he. the sand (‘light-particles of eden-willpower). [of?]   the powerful (?) (matrix-) dome. ;
[by?]   the (matrix-) flesh (=aspects). he (=the sand?). to guard. 
[as?]   the great. god. ; 
[by]   the legs (adj.) – [of]   the solarplane intestine (QAB). the adam-like (eden-) light to arrive. ,
[to become]   he. the (matrix physical-) flesh. [as]   the great. god. ; 
the head (first/main/?). eyes. this. god. ;                          [<< unclear]  
the one [of/for]   (matrix-) speech of hail. [of, for]   the island of the horizon (‘matrix gate region’). 
the two lands. to illuminate. ,
[and]   to make to unite the things (=words?). [as?]   the (matrix-words of-) darkness (=to eden). ;
the qualities. as. these. things to guide. [in order for]   (matrix-) existence to become new. ;
CT 590 
VI 210
to become the union (T’MT). [through]   (the boat) of Seker. the things of craftsmanship. ;
he. the corner (=eden stability) of richness (?, KHUT’). to acquire (-for the matrix). ,
above/face. Thoth-perch (axis) (?). ;
the (matrix-) word to make. he. the (matrix-) speech. to make (-by eden ; ÁR). , 
Râ. existence. the (matrix-) word by decree of law. ; 
he the Self. (henu boat of) Seker. the golden collar (NEBIT+). for (?). Osiris. his. father.
[and so]   Horus. the (matrix-) existence. to equip (-with it) (ÂPER). ; 
         “Seker himself IS the (adam-like-) golden pectoral (?)”
         “and with it the matrix existence to equip” 
the ornament (-for to equip with) (ÂPERT). [for]   the (things of the-) (matrix-) Dawn (T’UAT+). 
[are]   by. the (eden-) things to wander-astray (+from it?). , 
[and]   so. the (matrix-) word to make. 
[by means of]   the (eden-) word. to seize. ; 
the things of the festival , below (=eden) (?, KHER+H’EB , composite ?).    +
to bring (-to the matrix). , 
[to be?]   the Thoth perch. [for]   (matrix-) existence of hail. , 
[as]   my (=Seker’s?) hail. [by]   my. festival below (=eden). ; 
the unguent  as (?) the ornament (-for to equip with) (ÂPERT).     +
[for]   (matrix-) existence. [by]   the mouth (‘matrix gate’). 
—- in Seker spells usually appears ‘to equip’ sic
—- H”EB as proper ‘festival glyph’ in ct 419
CT 419 short — skipped
CT 559 
VI 159
the divine ones of knowledge (REKH-IT+ ; unknown concept).
the word. to connect to (or: ‘this’). to follow. ;                [<< this text ?]  
the hereditary ones (PÂT+). to connect to (or: ‘this’). praise (‘praised matrix-Dawn) (T’UA+). 
[to where]   this. N Osiris (‘candidate’). (will) descend to. ; 
(matrix-) existence. to make to connect to. nobility.       [<< probably]  
[as?]   the spirits. [of]   the Tuat house (‘matrix gate region’). [of]   the word of eden-within. ,
[as?]   the gods. the word. to connect to. nobility (SÂH). , 
[to where]   this. N Osiris (‘candidate’). (will) descend to. 
all. the (matrix-) light. which is. [by]   the light. [as]   the one below (=eden). 
as. the aspect (glyph). to be daily sacrificed. ,
[and by]   the aspect. to become the festival (-of the completed solarplane) (H’BT). 
[for]   thou. (matrix-) existence. to make (-by eden ; ÁR). ; 
[to]   thou. the speech to come. like (?). this. N Osiris (‘candidate’). (will) descend. ;
[by]   (the henu boat of) Seker. [is]   matrix willpower. , 
this. to praise (HI , ‘the adam-like for the stolen house-H’). 
being the hail for the house-H of hail. ;                    [<< mirror-glyph implying ‘loot’]  
VI 158
the UAG festival (‘the first steal of the eden word’). [of]   matrix willpower. 
[as?]   this. adam-like aspect to birth (MES-IT+ ; said : ‘evening supper’). 
the eight fold aspect (glyph). [of]   matrix willpower. 
[by?]   this. four fold aspect. 
forever. inside. these. thou. six festivals (-of completing the solarplane). 
for eternity. [in]   the name [of]  . the SEP II. to be spirit (-consciousness). ; 
the SEP II. [as?]   this (or: ‘existence / to connect to’). ânkh life. ,
[and]   this. N Osiris (‘candidate’).      +
this. existence to connect to. the royal (matrix-) south (SUTEN). to descend. ;
[and]   the (matrix-) land (=that south?). to guard. ,
[as]   the one making (-by eden ; ÁR) (adj.) – thou. (matrix-) existence. ; 
the offered aspect (-by eden) (‘related to Legal right’ ; UT’ENT+). 
[is the one]   thou. (matrix-) existence. keeps hostage. ;       [<< sic]  
[and so]   thou (adj.) – land (=that south?). (eden-) existence. to plough (=make desolate). ; 
[closingline about N.]  
CT 275 
IV 16
the cemetery below (=eden). for. everything. to transform. 
[by]   the (eden-) words of (eden-) speech to suck out. ;    [<< w/ erased]  
[and so for]   he. (matrix-) existence. existence to make (‘as concept’). 
[by]   (eden-) existence. to give. ;
[and]   the speech. this. he. to cleave. ; 
the (eden-) words as lights to be the (matrix-) word of breath-air. 
[are]   for. this N’s (‘candidate’). ânkh life (‘of matrix speech’). ; 
[by]   the things of the foreign land’s (=eden). mountain (=eden). 
[for]   this N. to become the Ba-bird (‘spirit-body’) of craftsmanship. ;   
[because]   existence to make (‘as concept’). [by]   (matrix-) existence. to make (-by eden ; ÁR). ;
[as]   having become (adj.) – to be commanded (‘the making’ ; adj.) – within (-the matrix). ;
[because]   [to]   this N. the one below (=eden). to give. speech. , 
[to be]   Osiris (‘matrix’). [by]   he. the aspect (?, KHT). 
[through]   the invoking (-of eden aspects). [by]   this N. ; 
[and?]   the (eden-) ureaus. [..]   to respond (?, USHEB). ;
[therewith]   the Ennead (‘nine main matrix constructs’). [through]   this N.
(eden-) existence. to devour. ; 
[and through]   this N. [to be]   (matrix-) existence. [of]   
the (eden-) words as lights to be the (matrix-) word of breath-air. 
[by]   Seker’s. festival (-of completion of the solarplane). 
[is]   the light (adj.) – [for]   (matrix-) existence.
[and by?]   he. [is?]   the (matrix-) throne. above (‘north’). ; 
[and so]   Osiris’ (‘matrix’). [..1x..]   (type-) (matrix-) existence.        +
has become. the capsized boat (PENÂ ; the matrix-realm at another angle). ; 
[by means of +]  
the (eden-) words as lights to be the (matrix-) word of breath-air. for. the ânkh-life. 
[to be]   conquered. [by]   this N (‘candidate’).
CT 951
VII 154
[…. lost ; only “mouth” (=gate) shows …. ]  
VII 153
the divine (stolen-) staff (T’A). [for]   to become new. ,
to. my. (matrix-) existence. to come to become new. ;
Seker. the divine son (-concept?). the divine (matrix-) health. to awaken. , 
[and so]   by. me. (matrix-) existence. to awaken. ; 
CT 816
VII 15
the place Ôn (=Mystery-Babylon). [is]   by. he (=Seker). within (-the matrix). , 
[by]   the great (matrix-) speech. [in]   name [of]  . : 
Seker. the (eden-) existence. to make far away. ,
[for?]   the matrix existence (?, NN). [of]   this. iron (-nature). ;
he. the powerful one. [by]   he. to be sharp (‘ready’). [namely]   the horn. [of]   me. ; 
my. mouth (=matrix-gate). [for]   the (matrix-) dimension.      +
to make the (matrix-) word for the solarplane (S-UB). ;
[and]   Ôn. through. Seker. [to be]   (matrix-) existence. making spirit-consciousness. ;
PT 682
Seker. [for]   (matrix-) existence of hail. ,
[for]   thou. (matrix-) speech. above (‘north’). [of]   protection. ;                  [<< context unclear]  
8) several unclear :
PT 669
PT 647 [short :]   Seker the word to bear up ;
PT 645 [same]  
PT 610
pt 566 [full]       [Horus’ Eye = birth-right + notes below]
1429 e
Horus’. eye. below (=eden). [is of?]   this N (‘candidate’). , 
[yet for?]   this N.     +
‘(ship-) wrecked’ [‘the (evil-) word at the (eden-) island for the Heir’?]  . to escape. nót. ;
[because?]   ‘(ship-) wrecked’ [‘the (evil-) word at the (eden-) island for the Heir’?]  .       +
[was at?]   the Thoth perch (‘a matrix-axis standing right upon mt.tsiun (?)’). nót. , 
[because?]   the pool (in) the (dimensional-) background (=eden ; H’A). to sleep. [for?]   Horus. nót. ;
[but by?]   the foremost (adj.) – (matrix-) boat (=construct) of justice (‘justice’ = to sacrifice eden).
[to be?]   the real-adm-soul’s (-one) for (matrix-) hail. 
[namely]   [the boat of-]   Seker. , 
[now at?]   thou. tip of the wing (ÂNTCH).       +
[as?]   the head (‘important one’?). of (?). the Thoth perch (‘axis’). 
the (matrix-) word to make. [as?]   the fire-drill boat. ;
Horus. thou. matrix willpower. this N. to make healthy. ; to recite. ; 
… this one seems to tell that , though the corrupt-adm-souls had “right” to the eye ,
eden did not want to let her go — until Seker (as the attribute) brought it to them ;
the ‘oval’ shown in the text may be the oval Seker stands in – in amduat 5 ;
the ‘Heir’ is how the corrupt-adm-souls like to designate themselves ;
PT 553 [full]           [birth-right attribute is also called Horus’ Eye + notes below]  
1369 d [start]  
the things of sekhem power (= to command stolen eden-lights of willpower).     +
[of]   the foremost (matrix-) KH-house. 
[as]   forever. endurance. to empower (lit.: ‘to say’). ; 
the (eden-) word. [of]   the real-adm-soul. by. thou. dimensional background (=eden). 
the northern. átert house. thou. existence. the word to come. , 
the southern. átert house. the (matrix-) speech of hail. 
thou. existence. to come (‘to descend’). ; 
the (matrix-) word. to complete. [as]   the one. to make to inverse. 
thou. word to come [..]  . ; 
1368 c
[because by/at]   the legs (=standing upon the south-land Enoch described).      +
[is]   the fire drill boat. [of,for]   (matrix-) existence. , 
the sandals (=solar plane veil pressing upon eden ?). to make perfect. (matrix-) existence. ;
the bones. to tie together. [as]   (matrix-) existence. [of]   this. (matrix-) day (-light). , 
[because for]   Osiris (=the matrix). the eye (=birth right?) (adj.) – [of]   (eden-) existence.       +
his (=Osiris’). (matrix-) existence. to make (=by eden ; ÁR). ; 
[because]   the one (=eye) below (=eden). [for to be]   the one for (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). , 
[by?]   the claws (ÂNT+). to make to purify. ,
natron. [and]   incense. [existence]  . for. he. the mouth (=gate). to make to purify. ; 
1367 c
the foremost – (matrix-) eyes. he. the father (or: ‘one of hail’). the thighs (MNT+). above (‘north’). ,
the great (-speech). (matrix-) throne. he. to dwell. ; 
[for]   the gods (or: to be the divine things by’). this. to die. below (=eden). , 
[and instead]   , he. (matrix-) existence. to unite (‘by reaping’, SMA). ; 
Geb (‘matrix land’). thou. quality. [by]   he (=eye?). [to]   (matrix-) existence. to come for hail. ; 
he. the father (or: ‘the one of hail’). [as]   thou. quality. 
N. existence. to come hail. ; 
1366 c
the (matrix-) Dawn (T’UA-star). by/as/. the star.        [<< is the eye now also ‘a star’ ?]  
[in order?]   for (?). the (matrix-) sky. [of]   (matrix-) speech of hail. [for]   thou. to manifest. ; 
the double (matrix-) willpower. [as]   thou. (matrix-) existence. of. health. ; 
[by]   the legs (‘both axis’). thou. (eden-) existence. to imprison. ; 
the great (-speech). mooring-place (MEN-ÁT , also the word for pectoral = place of eye?). 
thou. existence. the word of Self (?, TCHS-U?). ,
the (matrix-) garment of the double one to establish (?, SMENTT+). 
[which?]   thou. existence. needs. ; 
1365 c
[and so for]   thou (adj.) – (matrix-) land. (eden-) existence. to tremble. , 
[and because of]   thou (adj.) – (matrix-) sky. (eden-) existence. to weep. ;
thou. (matrix-) speech. [as]   the god (=eye?). [at?]   the divine booth (‘of Anubis’?). 
[and so?]   for (?). thou. (matrix-) existence. the one to manifest. , 
[namely?]   the offered vessel (‘by eden’).       +
[of?]   the (eden-) (FAMILY?-) tree (SHEPENT unusual ; root SHEP ‘shame / blind’). ;
[being]   these. nem-ást vessels. your. four (-of them). 
by (?). thou. to purify. ; 
1364 d
the things of sekhem power. [of]   the foremost (matrix-) KH-house. [— line one —]  
[by?]   the one of (matrix-) stability of hail. ; 
thou. existence. [..the belly/body..]  . of/for. thou. sekhem power. , 
thou. dimensional background (=eden). [for]   thou. spirit-consciousness. , [<<<< other ?]  
[because by]   the foremost (adj.) – divine booth. [of?]   Anubis.     +
[is]   the (matrix-) word by decree of law. ;
[at]   the iron. thou. throne (KENT’). above (‘north’). the one to dwell. , 
the northern. ÁAT regions. thou. to wander through (?). 
[and]   the southern. ÁAT regions. thou. to wander through. ;
1363 c
Nephthys (NEB-H’ET). the word. existence. this. coverings (‘veils’).      +
[for?]   this. (matrix-) existence as vulture-rule. ;
[…unreadable..]  . the fetters (-to the matrix high-place). nót. ;
[but instead]   , thou. fetters. thou. existence. to untie (H’UÂ=UH’Â). ,
thou. above. the one (matrix-) speech of hail. 
[…unreadable 1x…]  . the place of existence to connect to existence (N-TH-N?). 
thou. (eden-) existence. to erase (-for hail). ; 
[damaged ? :]   thou. the word. as. the light. [for]   thou. existence. to search. , 
[as]   the (eden-) word. to connect to. to be raised up (-to the matrix). ; 
1362 c
[for]   thou. Ba-bird (‘spirit-body’). the (matrix-) word. to establish. , 
the (different-) shrines of the solarplane of endurance (?, TCHT’TBT+).      +
[at/by]   the high (matrix-) place. ;
[and by]   the death (-of eden). as. the festival (-of completing the solarplane). 
[is]   (matrix-) existence. [of]   this. day (-light). , 
[and for]   Osiris (=matrix). thou. father (or: ‘one of hail’). 
[to be]   the real-adm-soul’s. existence. [of]   (all-seeing-) Sight. ; 
Nephthys. (matrix-) existence of hail. , 
the one of hail. [of]   (matrix-) peace. by. to make (matrix-) health. ;
Isis. (matrix-) existence of hail. , 
the one of hail. (NÁ-NÁ ; some pun). ; 
1361 b
[for]   the Nut dome. the double (eden-) door. thou. existence. to break open (KHBKHB , unusual). 
existence. , 
the prison in the dimensional background (=eden). 
the double (matrix-) door. [for]   thou. existence. [by]   the one to open. ;   
[by]   the cooled-down. double (eden-) door. thou. existence. to open (=eden ; SEN). ,
[and so]   the (matrix-) sky’s. double door. thou. existence. to open (=matrix ; UN). ; 
1360 b
[for]   Osiris (=matrix). the (one of-) foul (eden-) essence. [..]   to manifest. , 
[for]   thou. existence. thou. (essence of-) the (eden-) word of the (eden-) mountain.     +
[for]   (matrix-) speech. ; 
thou. (matrix-) existence. [as]   thou. (dimension of-) abundance. , 
thou. existence. [as]   thou. (matrix-) dimension. , 
this N. [..]   the spirit (-consciousness). [by]   the word. to connect to. to be raised up (-to matrix). ; 
1359 b
the one (=eden-word?) to purify. 
[to be?]   the light as the things of the (matrix-) throne. [for]   (matrix-) speech. ; 
[to be]   the health. [for]   the fields (‘false paradise’). [of]   (matrix-) speech of hail. , 
[as]   the bull (‘powerful concept’) (adj.) – [of]   great (matrix-) speech.      +
[by?]   thou. fire-drill boat. ; 
1358 d
the double one (?) at he at the mountain (?). thou. claws. ,  [<< see start of spell]  
[to be?]   the white word (?, H’ETCH-U). [by?]   thou. teeth. [for?]   existence. ; 
[for]   thou. festivals (-of completion of the solarplane). 
[to]   thou. (matrix-) existence. existence to make (‘as concept’). to bring. ; 
[as]   (matrix-) existence to make. 
[by means of]   thou. (matrix-) existence. existence to make (=eden’s). to imprison. , 
[through]   thou. legs (=two axis upon the south-land). ; 
Osiris (=matrix). [by]   the real-adm-soul’s (-one) of hail. the (matrix-) throne to make. , 
the one. thou. the thing to wander-astray (-to) (=from eden to the matrix). ; 
1357 b
forever. the body (?, TCH-T). existence. great (matrix-) speech inside (?, UN-UR). nót. ;
[but]   thou. matrix willpower. [by]   his (=eden’s). foods. to eat. , 
[and in?]   thou. double (=KA). to dwell. ; 
thou. to feed (-on them). [and]   to dwell [?]  . 
this. N’s. [..]  . spirit (-consciousness). [by]   the word. to connect to. to be raised up (-to matrix). ; 
1356 b
the word to cool-down. [of?]   the one of eden-within. , 
[for]   thou. (matrix-) throne (NESTG). [of]   (matrix-) speech of hail. ; 
the (SH-) pool. [of?]   the word by the – foremost (adj.) – bow (-dome) (PETCH-U). 
[by?]   Seker. the word. [to connect to]  . to purify. ; 
thou. willpower. he. existence. he. to grasp (‘seize eden or an eden thing’). ; 
1355 b
[therewith]   the (eden-) season (?, HAT+). to end. , 
[by means of]   the god (=birth right). [for]   existence. [to be]   within (-the matrix). , 
[as?]   the one having wandered-astray [2x]  . ; 
Horus’. prison (-in the dimensional background) (=eden). 
the double (matrix-) willpower. [by?]   the important one. 
[as?]   these. thou. four. ways (? 4 vessels-related?). [by?]   the one having wandered-astray. ; 
1354 b
[by]   Horus’. eye (=birth right). thou. (eden-) existence. to seize. , 
[and then to]   the spirits. [of?]   Osiris (=matrix). [as]   thou. (matrix-) existence. 
(eden-) existence. to give. speech. ; 
the eastern (‘left’). breast.     +                [<< read: from Heaven’s dimension]  
for,of. Nephthys. [as]   the breast for the word to suckle. , 
[to be?]   the spirit (-consciousness?). [by?]   the real-adm-soul’s (-one) for hail. 
[now as?]   the one. connected to. (matrix-) existence. ;
1353 c
N. the one. for. to destroy [‘destroy what?’]  . , 
the (matrix-) house. for (?). Tefnet. [of]   matrix willpower. 
[and?]   Shu (‘matrix-atmosphere’). [of]   the (matrix-) speech of hail. , 
[by]   the sanctified one (=birth right?). ;
[by?]   [..he?..]  . the MENS jar (‘jar of the corrupt-adm-soul for matrix-stability’ ; new NEM-ÁST?). 
[to be]   (matrix-) stability (-of hail). ,
[as]   thou. MENS jar. [for to be]   (matrix-) stability (-of hail). ; 
[..4x lost..]  
[for]   Geb (‘matrix-land’). the word. to connect to. [to be]   raised up (-to matrix). ; to recite. 
… you see that the buildup is extremely difficult to follow : 
(1368) we’ve no idea what claws and teeth are nor where they go ; nor what natron is
and what mouth (=gate) has to be purified ;
(1366) the matrix Dawn [by the star]   : we don’t know how this one comes here ;
(1365) the eye is AT Anubis’ booth (=workplace) ? we had birthright + Anubis before ,
and ‘the ravenous wolves [=wolf]  ‘ in Zephaniah 3 must be Anubis ; 
the “four nem-ást vessels” : we’ve no idea ; the vessels / of the mutilated eden-throne ; 
but how they relate to the Eye is unclear ; perhaps these 4 relate to “the four crowns” 
in Zechariah [=as attribute of the 144]   but how these get here ? does it say that becáuse
they have the Eye also those 4 vessels manifest ?
(1354) suggests that by having the birthright they remain connected with Heaven 
[=to feed-off upon her]   ; 
… there are many things we don’t understand yet but it’s impossible to list them all
PT 535
1290 b
thou. the one to desire. [because by?]   he. the (matrix-) speech to make (S-R?). 
[namely by]   the (stolen-) sceptre (TÁ). [for]   (matrix-) peace. , 
[to be]   (matrix-) existence. [as]   these. (matrix-) years. , 
by.       +
[…some pun..]  
1289 d
[by]   the things of ânkh life. for. this. N. [to be]   ânkh life. ,
[as]   the things of ânkh life. for. he. the ânkh life. ; 
[because by]   the things of ânkh life. by. (the boat of-) Seker. [is]   ânkh life.
[as]   the things of ânkh life. for. he. the ânkh life. ;
[and?]   the ânkh life (adj.?) – [of?]   the UAS (-sceptre).                                [‘to be life and prosperity’ ?]  
for (by?). the word. connected to. existence. to destroy. ;              [we don’t know who does what]  
[and so for]   Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [of]   the Ba-birds (‘spirit-bodies of author and N’). 
[to be]   (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
1288 c
[because]   the people of a bygone age (=pre eden). (eden-) existence. to seize. , 
[by now]   (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). above (‘north’). , 
[by means of ?]   the things of the (eden-) countenance to die. , 
[to be]   thou. (matrix-) existence. [of]   quality (-of hail). ; 
[because by?]   to connect to. the real-adm-soul’s (-one) of hail. 
[as?]   the ÁKHEM-SEK star. ,                                                                         [<< ‘the carried-off (eden-) star’]  
[to become]   the spirits (‘demons’). [as?]   thou. [whom]   (eden-) existence. fears. ;
Ôn (‘M-Babylon’). [of]   the (matrix-) word of eden-within. 
[unsure :]  
the evil things (?). [of]   the (eden-) houses (?).       +
the word. to connect to. the foremost (-matrix-KH house). , 
[and so to]   this. N. to come. ; 
1287 c
[at?]   the divine booth (‘of Anubis’). [is?]   the foremost (stolen-) sceptre. , 
[of?]   the jackal (‘Anubis’). [at?]   his. perch standard (‘axis’). 
[as]   the praised one (=birthright?). [for]   (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). 
[being?]   the real-adm-soul’s (-one) for hail. ; 
[and then to be?]   UP-UAT+ (=the things of the Nile by to open the (eden-) root).     +
[because of?]   the real-adm-soul’s (-one) of hail. the one. to connect to. (matrix-) existence. ; 
thou. double uraeus serpent (=Urim and Thummim concept ?). 
[as]   thou. two eyes. [to?]   thou. existence. (the adam-like one). to give. speech. ; 
          [“two eyes” was also in previous PT 553]  
[and]   the vessels (=bodies?). to value. 
[as?]   Anubis’. (type matrix-) existence. [in]   this. thou. name. of. :
existence to make (‘as concept’). [as?]   the valued (adj.?) – vessels. ; 
1286 c
existence to make (‘as concept’). [by?]   the blood (SNF ; an eden-concept). 
for. thou. to smear oneself in with (?, BÂBÂ ; to sip , to moisten , to make wet). ;
[by means of]   (eden’s-) existence to make (‘as concept’). 
[fór]   the (matrix-) vessels of the dimensional (matrix-) foreground.
thou. to seize (=the existence to make). , 
[as]   the (eden-) existence to make. [by]   thou. to rip up. ;
[and so]   (matrix-) existence to make. [by]   the selected pieces (-of eden meat). , 
[as]   existence to make. [by]   the (eden-) heads. to trample. , 
[by means of]   (eden-) existence. to seize. ;
1285 c
[we don’t know why the theme now becomes the eden cornerstone :]  
the branch (‘staff’?) (adj.) of – the Set stone. [..]   he. to punish (?, remove ? ; ÁSS). 
[by means of]   his. garment. by. Horus. [for]   thou. (matrix-) existence. to untie. ; 
[some pun lines :]  
the desolate word (=eden’s). thou. existence. desolate. the desolate words (‘lights’?). 
[to be?]   the divine ones. [for?]   Horus’. foremost (-matrix-KH-house). , 
[as?]   thou. foremost one. 
[namely?]   thou. desolate (-one). [for?]   the foremost (-KH-house). ; 
thou. desirable one. [as?]   (the place of-) thou – cooled down one (?). 
the star (KHA-BA-S). to follow (?). ;                                                           [<< Christmas related ?]  
                [‘the star of the real-adm-soul fór the Ba-bird (or: solarplane)’ — again “a star”]  
[here we give up — still 1 page to go ,
but “8 nights” ? and “4 days” ?  and “3 something” totally escape us
and has no sense to even TRY translate …]  

(1289) … AGAIN “a star”…. what is with that ? 
is this related to the [corrupted-]   ‘star of Remphan you carried , you sons Ishral’.. ? ,
for definitely it is related to “(physical-) image” … 
and what was the Bethlehem star about , followed by those ‘from the east’ ?
is this KHABS star the same as the strange BEH’ES ‘calf star of the east’
(BD 109 , 9 , and CT [around-]   150) ?