searching eden’s tablet
      as our birth-right : 2 :
   the birth-sceptre AMS in 
Coffintexts 90,136,146,173,
      1099, 858, 857 [full],
   Pyr-texts 324,252 [full],

     [start : 2022-12dec.27]

                     searching Eden’s Tablet : the birth-sceptre A-MES



to left :
the ‘flail’ held in the one hand represents “power , general authority” , NEKH-T ,
but in this case the symbol merged with the Crook in the other hand  —
though the crook means “rule (-in general)” , H’EQ-T , in this case it represents
the birth-sceptre MES-T of the “birth” cluster , see other page for this transformation ;
having merged with the flail because of the birth-sceptre being such powerful attribute
to right :
the glyph AMS (A-MES) as it shows in the spells ; also here the flail still shows 
      [depending on the context this birth-sceptre may also show as other symbols of ‘staff’
      but to not confuse the matter we only looked where AMS has been used]
derived from spells :
– the birth-sceptre also regulates (?) aspects for their Ba-bird (‘spirit-body’) 
– the male and female (Egyptian-) spirits are born fróm the evil youth [=of our Originals]
    who are “the foul essence of the real-adm-soul [=you and we]”
– the eden birth-sceptre contains “the (eden-) word by decree of law” — a law 
– the eden birth-sceptre was ‘snatched-away’ — stolen ; then ‘established’ in the matrix
– because the corrupt (egyptian-) adm-souls ‘know the eden speech’ they can command
    aspects included in her – as well as invoke ‘replenishing aspects’ from eden
– it is perhaps (only-) this group that calls themselves ‘the first-borns’ , SEMSU 
– the sceptre is linked to “the horn of N” – elsewhere also said of SEKER – 
    while in prophets “the daughter of tsiun will have (-back) her iron horn” ,
    but the concept is unclear to us still
– them having the birth-sceptre “makes the divine name hidden” : perhaps ‘of God’
– them having the sceptre makes eden ‘dark’ and ‘desolate’
– commanding those light-particles is called ‘sekhem power’ — also eden has it
– the birth-sceptre is now ‘above’ that is “in their north” 
    and they can sanctify their land and sky by having her
in spells

– consequent PDF’s show in top ; please read from down upwards ! :
CT 146 
II 205
the beginning. [of] (matrix-) existence. 
[by] for eternity. (eden-) existence. to sacrifice (MAÂ). 
[for] the (matrix-) garment (‘here as “body”). ; 
[because by] the cemetery below (=eden). , 
by. he. [is] existence. [for] my (corrupt-) adm-soul. 
for which is. every. aspect. [for] my. Ba-bird (‘spirit-body’). ,
[as] the divine desirable ones (?, glyph). 
[being] the phallic gods (H’ENT+). [and] the goddesses. ; 
[because by?] the evil youth (eden’s).     +
[are] the united ones (‘composite ones’?, SMAu). [as?] the friends / protectors (KHNMS+). 
[being] the divine mother. [and] divine father. [as] the ABTu gods. [that are] a union (‘composite’). ;
       B2L :
       “[fróm] the evil youth. the mother. and father. to birth. who are. the ABT gods.”
[through?] the [.. ? , 5 x different.. ]. [for] (matrix-) existence.     +
[by?] this. deep place (?, MÂTCH = METCH ?). [for] above (‘north’). ,
he. the main (‘first’?). foul essence. [of] the real adm-soul.       +
to give (adj.) – speech (adj.) – [to] this. N (‘the candidate’). ;  
II 204
he. the willpower. for. this. N. by which are. the ABT gods. 
[by] to snatch away the one (=willpower?). [as] he. the one. giving. speech. , 
[and so for] every. god. [to be] the (matrix-) speech of hail. 
[as for] every. Ba-bird (‘spirit-body’). [to be] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ; 
[through?] R-R-T’A.   +             (‘stolen staff + 2x lionmouth ; matrix-gate related)
[became] the great (ad.) – (matrix-) existence.
[as] the image. [of] (matrix-) willpower.          [<< matrix gate : image of jealousy]
for.   +
Nut (‘border-sky’). 
who is. [by?] the one inside (=the gate?). [of] (matrix-) willpower. 
for.       +
II 203
Isis. existence. image. [of] willpower. for. this. N (‘candidate’). , 
[by means of] having (adj.) – snatched away (adj.)        +
the one of the real-adm-soul. [to] (matrix-) existence. ;                      [<< willpower ?]
[and so now by] the (matrix-) land. [of] (matrix-) speech of hail. existence to make (‘as concept’). ,
[having?-) the portions. [for] existence to make. 
[and] the products. [of] existence to make.
[and] the works. [of] abundant (adj.) – existence to make. ; 
II 202
[because] existence to make.       +
was [now] (adj.) – carried (-out) (adj.) – [by] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[for] this N. [are?] the (matrix?-) words to repulse (-eden with). 
as.     +
the sweetness. [of?] existence to make. [as,by?] the vessel (‘body’?). ;
[because] the joyful (matrix-) word. [is] the (previous eden-) word coming. [to] this. N. 
[as to] the ABT gods. having become (adj.) the divine ones of great (matrix-) speech. ; 
II 201
[because] this. he. the (matrix-) word (adj.) – [of] (matrix-) existence (adj.).        +
[for] the ABT gods. ,      +
[is] the word by decree of law. [which to] he. the (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ; 
[as] the sweetness (=words). [for] he. the vessel (‘body’). ,
to rejoice in. the word (that) comes. 
[so that for] this. N. will have become. he. the (matrix-) speech. ; 
[by] the other (KT) (adj.) – existence (=eden). 
[is] the (matrix-) word (adj.) – [of] (matrix-) existence (adj.). [for] the ABT gods. , 
having become the (matrix-) word by decree of law.     +
[which to] thou. existence. has (adj.) – given. speech. 
[in order to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
II 200
[to be] he. the (matrix-) speech of hail. [of] the (matrix-) authoritative word. ; 
[and so] this. N’s. (matrix-) existence. to be the one of hail. ; 
the sweetness. [for?] thou. vessel (‘body’). 
[as] the one rejoicing. [when?] the one is coming for hail. 
[namely] the (matrix-) word. connected to. protection. ;               [<< context unclear]
[as?] the great one (=who, what?). [for in?] the Field (=their paradise?). 
which is. the plot of land (?, branch? staff ? follow ? , KHET). 
the doorkeeper (ÁRT or ‘thing to doorkeep’).                                         [a: context unclear]
the goddess. this. N’s. sister. 
existence. to empower (lit.:’to say’). [as] having been (adj.) – the established one.
II 199
[as?] the great one (=who, what?). [for in?] the Field (=their paradise?). 
which is. the plot of land (?, branch? staff ? follow ? , KHET). 
the doorkeeper (ÁRT or ‘thing to doorkeep’).                                            [same as a above]
the goddess. this. N’s. sister.      
the divine son. this. birth sceptre. the established one. [for] (matrix-) speech of hail. ;  
 ….. proper context of c is very tricky to reconstruct ;
rest of CT 146 starts to get extremely complex w/ many other themes 
and is full of repeats (as first page) until II 180 ;
CT 136 
II 165
the (matrix-) dimension. as. my. existence to become new. ;
[by] the (matrix-) sky. [of] my. existence. to manifest. ;
II 164
he. the speech. [for] he. the Ba-bird of the solarplane (B-BA). 
the word. the covering. willpower. the word of eden-aspects-within. ,
the ploughing thigh. [for] this. N. ;
within (-the matrix). , existence to make (‘as concept’). 
[as] the one. existence. [by] every. word of the solarplane (BU). 
[as] he. existence. [of] this. N. having become. divine brothers. 
[..] the divine birthed ones. , the divine ABT gods. , 
N. existence. to give. speech. ; 
[because] the real-adm-soul’s (type-) speech. [for] above (‘north’).
[by] this. N. to be commanded. ; 
[as] he. existence. [for] this. N. who is. [of] the divine egyptians. ; 
[and for] N. (the one) to become the horn. ,
[to] this. N. [as] existence. to give. speech. ;                       [‘horn = speech’ ?]
the (eden-) word // (for matrix-) willpower. [for] this. N. 
[to] (matrix-) existence. to extend. ,                                               [<< from eden]
[through] his (N’s). legs (‘a double axis’). ,
[and so] this. N. (eden-) existence. to sacrifice (MAÂ). ;
II 163
[by] the Nuh-cords. [to?] the main things (?). this. N. (eden-) existence. to untie. ,
[and so] this. N. (eden-) existence. to seize. ; 
this N. the firedrillboat (TCHÂ). [as?] the real-adm-soul’s (-one). for?] within (-the matrix). ,
this N’s. existence. to manifest. ;  
[because to] the (matrix-) land. the speech to make (‘as concept’). to bring. , 
[and with?] the real-adm-soul’s (-one). the (matrix-) dimension to fill. , 
[by] the boat of the one of the Heir (=corrupt adm-soul ; word-pun).     +
[as] the ferried-over one (=to the matrix). , 
[and so for] this N. (matrix-) existence. to discover. ; 
[and also] the (matrix-) word to make. 
[by means of] the cord to tie together. 
[because] this N. the cord to judge. 
[and by] the fetter (-cord). this N. (matrix-) existence. to discover. ; 
[to be] the ‘workable’ (matrix-) word (‘opened word’). 
[namely] the (matrix-) word. [as] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘gate’). 
inside. the (matrix-) dimension to hover. ; 
the divine firstborns. offer up a sacrifice. existence. this. darkness (GRH’). ; 
                        or in c : this. (matrix-) day (-light). —- also making eden ‘dark’ ;
[so that] the divine. he. the name. becomes hidden. [through?] the matrix willpower. , 
[because by?] the (matrix-) word to make. to become judged. [by] this N. ; 
II 162
[for?] Geb (‘land of M-Babylon’). the speech. [by?] this N. to inverse. 
[in order for?] N. to dwell (-there). ; 
this N. to inundate (-the helpless one) (=Geb?) (BAGG+phallus). [with?] existence to make. ,
[and] to become the hidden (-one). [through in] N’s. name. existence to make. to cover [hide]. ;
[because by] this N. within (-the matrix). ,
existence to make. [of] sekhem-power. nót. ;        [<< eden not to make powerful existence]
[but instead] , existence to make. within (-the matrix). [through] N’s. sekhem-power. ; 
[and so to be] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [of] the divine (matrix-) words of eden-within. ,
[as] (matrix-) existence. [by] the sacrificial (eden-) things (or: ‘sacrificial animals’).   +
to guide (adj.) – [by] this N. ; 
[by] the great (‘speech’). the one. cord of cunningness (SHESAT). 
speech. the foremost boat. existence. this. darkness (or: day (-light). ;
divine words of power (USER+). [as] the speech. [of] this N’s. foremost boat. ; 
divine words of power (USER+). [as] the speech. [of] this N’s. power (USER). ;  
the double beauty. this N. to guide. , 
[for] eternity. [through] this N. (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘gate’). to become. ;
[because by] the ones. doubling. every (adj.) – word. [for] (matrix-) existence. ,
[for] he. the divine beautiful things [-to become] , 
[and by] this N. to give (-them). ; 
II 161
[because for] his (N’s). completion (TCHRÁT). of. (matrix-) willpower. 
the birth sceptre. has become (adj.) – for. this N. ; 
the willpower. existence. [by?] the joy (?, KHENU no det.). [of] the equilibrium (?, METER?). 
[through/to be] the word. alike-adam’s (MIÁ). ,
the willpower. [of] this N’s. existence. to make the watercourse (‘Nile’).     +
to come to the new north (SHAS). ;
———– etc. about ‘stealing the word’ : one page still ;  
CT 90 
II 60
the golden tchâm sceptres. existence. 
my. willpower. by (?). my. birth sceptre. ; 
——– only two pages but who knows what it wants to say
CT 173
III 49  — section  —
the acacia tree (SHENT’T “tree of the hand / to encircle”). [of] eden-within. 
this. praised branch (‘support’ ; TUA+). me. (eden-) existence. to repulse. 
[as?] the one which is (?, NTT). above (‘north’). ; 
my. speech. existences to make (‘as concept’). [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ,
to become the dimensional (environmental-) garment. above (‘north’). ;  
[therefore] this. (eden-) existence. to eat (adj.) – me. nót. ;
[but instead] , 
[by] my. speech. existences to make (‘as concept’). [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. , 
thou the (matrix-) speech of hail. to eat. ;
the (matrix-) land. to sanctify. [and] the (matrix-) sky. to sanctify. 
[through] my. willpower. by. this. birth sceptre. 
[as?] the one which is (?, NTT). above (‘north’). ;  
my. speech. existences to make (‘as concept’). [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. , 
to become the dimensional (environmental-) garment. above (‘north’). ;  
this. (eden-) existence. to eat (adj.) – me. nót. ; 
[but instead] , 
[by] my. speech. existences to make (‘as concept’). [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. , 
thou the (matrix-) speech of hail. to eat. ;
Seker. // [by?] whom is. // the (double?-) sandal 
(‘a dimensional-veil caused by the solarplane pressing down upon eden’ ? ; THEBT//). ,
for / as.    +
II 48
mine. sandal. [through my word]. [as] the one which is (?, NTT). above (‘north’). ; 
[repeat of 49 d]
PT 324
522 c
[……….. lost……….] to connect to (matrix-) speech of hail. , 
Horus’. double birth-sceptre. [as] the (stolen-) One. (matrix-) existence. to provide. ; 
PT 252  [complete spell]
274 c
the great. god. [of] this. N.
the real-adm-soul. he. to make (=by eden ; ÁR). 
the beautiful one. [of?] N. the word by decree of law. ;
the (eden-) light as the boat (-of the word) to ferry-over (-to the matrix). 
[to be] the willpower of the matrix.
[and by?] N. to dwell (-there). ;
N. he (=the subject). to purify. ,
[namely as] N’s. birth sceptre. ,
[as] he. the important one. [for] (matrix-) speech of hail. 
[for?] N’s. sekhem power (=to command light-particles to create with). ; 
273 c
the double god. to open (=open eden , UP). [in order to be] matrix willpower. ,
[because] within (=the matrix). he (=subject) to dwell.      +
[and] he. (matrix-) existence. to make (=by eden ; ÁR). ;
[to be] the purified. this. solarplane shore.
[through] the speech. [of] N. to empower (-it) (lit.: ‘to say’). ; 
[to be] the light of the solarplane shore.      +
[by?] the fortress (KHENNU ; where the object is). for. the word. [of] ânkh life. , 
[therewith] (eden-) existence. [by] N’s (adj.) – word to command. [and] to judge. ;
[because by] to connect. [..]. speech. [to] existence. , to become the word by decree of law. 
[as] N’s. word by decree of law. ,
[unsure :]
        [and by?] this. border. [of] speech. ,
        this. thou. M [was MU ‘dimension’?]    +                             [<< don’t understand]
[by] N. to furnish. , 
[to be] the fearful (-one) (=matrix-dimension towards eden ?).     +
by. N. to make to advance. ;  
the great. god. for. [speech-] to transform.       +
[in order?] the (matrix-) word to make. [of] this. (all-seeing-) Sight (MAA). 
[and so through] N. to come hail (-to the matrix). ;
[and so to be] the Tuat region. [of] the word of eden-within. 
[unsure :]
      [and for] the gods. this. [to be] carried up (adj.) – above (‘north’). ;
to recite. ; 
CT 1099
VII 407 
he. existence. [by] the passive (eden-) hand for great speech.       +
nót. to stand upright (-at matrix-vector). ,
[but instead] , [to] the olden praised. people of a bygone age (‘them spirits’).     +
me. (matrix-) existence. to give. ,
[because by] he (=tablet). within (-the matrix). , 
[to be] my (adj.) – [type-] (matrix-) sky. ,
[by means of?] the adam-like (-nature of it?) (=tablet). to perish. ; 
[because] the birth sceptre. [for, by] me. to acquire. ; 
[and therewith] the divine (matrix-) speech for all to complete (?, NEBRTCHER).     +
[as] the praised olden. (matrix-) existence. 
[through] the one (=tablet) to give. ; 
            [next pages : very difficult to see the subject : unsure if it still is the tablet  —
            IF so , she is “ferried-over (-to the matrix)”, and her “designs to grasp” ,
            and so “the light of ÂPEP (=eden-serpent) to snatch-away”] 
VII 395
he. the eye (=the tablet). by (?). Horus. to inverse. ,                                  [<< inverse the tablet]
to be the image. [of] the (matrix-) word. ; 
VII 394
[and so to be] the beautiful (matrix-) things. [by] the great (adj.) – (eden-) things to wander-astray. ; 
[and for] Râ. [to be] the speech (R). 
[by means of] the NEMES (eden-) crown. [by] me. to acquire. ;                    [<< as “four jars”]
[as? by?] the birth sceptre. [by] me. to grasp. ; 
[and] he. [for?] the (matrix-) throne (ÁST). [..] the (matrix-) word to make. , 
[and to] my. (matrix-) existence. to come power (-as the dimensional-backside). ; 
          [same problem : a section still may be about ‘the tablet’ – but unsure] 
CT 858 
the god. for. this (=what?). to destroy. ,
[by means of] he (=tablet). within (-the matrix). , this. to destroy. ;
[by] the birth sceptre. […] to connect to. willpower. 
to connect to. the (matrix-) existence. to be filled. ; 
[as?] Horus’. eye. [of] the word of eden-within. 
[so that to] the (matrix-) dimension. [connect to]. (eden-) existence. to give [+speech]. ,
CT 857 [full] [belongs to 858] 
VII 60
he. the head. to tie together. nót. ,

to connect to. hold hostage. he. the ânkh-life. nót. ;
the real-adm-soul’s. speech. [for?] everything. 
[by?] the one of the mountain (=eden’s). existence to make (‘as concept’). 
[as?] the eye. [of] willpower. for / of. this. N Osiris (‘candidate’). ,
the one protecting (-the matrix). ; 
the ones of knowledge (=unclear group). smite (-eden with matrix-word).     +
[with] the (matrix-) sceptre (-of light ; H’ETCH-T). 
[as] Horus’. eye. [that] begins again (?) (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. [of] peace. ;
[repeat of i]
this. to support. 
[by?] the Set dog’s. fingers (‘axis’ eden-willpower for solarplane). below (=eden). 
[as] the things of the foreign land. [by] the branch (KHET). 
to come the one (=tablet) for to make hail for (matrix-) existence (?, glyph). [and it] to become new. ,
by.     +
the birth sceptre. for. (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[in] the name [of].: adam-like [-things] to make (-by eden ; ÁR). ; 
[and by] Horus’. eye. [..] the (matrix-) word. to manifest. ,
[so that to] the (matrix-) dimension. [to connect to]. (eden-) existence. to give. (matrix-) speech. ; 
the real-adm-soul’s (-one) of hail. [of] Horus. [for] this. N Osiris (‘candidate’). ,     +
[and so] this. (matrix-) land. [by] thou (=N). to harness (control ?). ; 
VII 59
thou. (matrix-) existence.       +
[is as] the (matrix-) strength (-as dimensional backside) (adj.) – // [of] the Set dog (=eden). ,
[because] thou. existence. [as] Horus’. (type matrix-) existence. to discover. ;
[as] this. harnessed (control?) (adj.) – (matrix-) land. [of] sekhem power. ;
the despicable ones (or: (eden-) lights ?) (KHAKU+). to smite (w/ matrix-word). 
[with] this (adj.) – tamarisk (ÁSER). birth sceptre.
[as] (matrix-) existence. [that] began again (?) (adj.) – [being] (matrix-) existence. [of] peace, ;
tamarisk / juniper :

versions :
ÁSR the tree / the speech / the soul / hail ; 
          the flowers / of the mouth (=gate) / \\ the soul / the island ,
          the flowers / of the mouth / \\ (in?) the workplace (ÁS) ;
H7573 ratham [1x] 
Micah 1:13
“O thou inhabitant of Lachish, bind (-ratham) the chariot to the swift beast: 
she [is] the beginning of the sin to the daughter of Zion”
[chapter is totally corrupt but theme context cóuld be “the tablet”]
H7574 rotham [4x]
… four verses not usable ; 
H815 eshel [3x] 
Gen. 21:33
“Abraham planted a tamarisk tree (-ashl)” in Beer-Sheva ; the ‘Negev’ is ‘the false south’ 
  [=the south region of the matrix] , Beer-Sheva “to return (restore) / the slider-bar” ? ;
H6176 aroer [2x] [perhaps juniper]
— in Sumer : Inanna and the huluppu tree : a planted tree (comp. Abraham) of which Inanna
      wanted her throne to be made of , read : the rule OF the huluppu tree [=birth sceptre] ; 
      the Anzu bird set his young in its branches [read : eden aspects still were inside ?] ,
      the Anzu wanted to steal (-back) the birth sceptre ;