summary of themes 
  in prophets : from Christ,
  the Eden paradise, Adam,
our prison-planet and -body,
 Mystery-Babylon and ‘Gog’,
the corruptions in prophets
  to the restoration of Eden
          [easy overview]

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                                        from Eden’s fall to her restoration

            … because the material has become very extensive we thought it good
            to have an Introduction page where in short paragraphs a range of themes
            is described as they appear in prophets – and here all together on one page  —
            below is not merely a dry listing of them but we tried to embed a thoughtline
            to place the themes in a comprehensible overall context for you :

content [-as short paragraphs] :
– the Eden paradise – in the other reality
    mt. tsiun
    the dualistic realm
– Adam – after Eden fell
– the Beast region – north of Eden
– the implosion of Eden
     the Eden Gate 
    the cornerstone 
     the daughter of tsiun (the Revelation woman) 
    the daughter as mother 
     the mother and ‘corrupt souls’
    the seven torches 
    the Eden sky 
     the waters of life 
    the pillar of fire
– we , as Originals , left Eden
– Adam’s hideous Crime
    the torture of our Originals so that our soul went out
    and the soul then placed upon this prisonplanet
– our present body
– the first – and main – rescue : Christ
    the term ‘the sacrifice as the gift’
    the gift will stop when Eden is restored 
– the other half  of the story
     the hinge between the new and the old testament
      seeing only the new testament or the entire picture
– the corruptions in prophets
– cooperation of the soul
      God always ask a response of the soul 
– the soul is (just-) asked ‘to go understánd’
– the 500 BC fathers refused to listen – causing a curse
      a curse especially upon the generation in the endtime
– the curse is ‘lawlessness’ 
      God’s Covenant is “the restoration of Eden”
      he calls souls who do not subscribe to that ‘lawless’
      the so-called ‘anti-christ’ theme in NT is a corruption of this
 – the evil realm – action and reaction
       Mystery-Babylon : the betrayer betrayed
 – God’s rescue plan – part III : the sons

                                               summary (-per theme)

the Eden paradise – in the other reality
… this is crucial to understand :
mt. tsiun is God’s mountain in the other Reality carrying the Eden paradise
and her positioning may be imagined as ‘south-east of this present earth’ ;
though Heaven is what we would call ‘in the East’ , Eden was created by God
as a kind of ‘bridgehead’ against the evil dimension of the West 
(as the region where the he-goat came from in the book Daniel) :
for reasons later explained , Eden was created ‘in the centre of a Dualistic realm’
bordering Heaven , existing of two (corrupt-) complementary realms where the
northern one is called ‘Behemoth’ and the southern one ‘Leviathan’  —
hence Genesis tells God created Eden in their midst ‘by separating both seas’ ;  
Adam – after Eden fell
… Adam did not die , but went – together with Eve – to the north (-of Eden)
as the region where the fallen angels and all the other type demons had
installed themselves , to make a pact with them and work together with them
against God and by extension also against ús : the Isaiah 14 chapter is not
about ‘lucifer’ but about Adam going to the north ;
little is said about Eve but Adam is the subject in many prophet chapters ;
the Beast region – north of Eden
… so called in Revelation because it is ‘in the sea’ meaning ‘evil dimension’
and in prophets as ‘the dragon being the Pharaoh of Egypt’ ; it feeds itself
with riches she continuously steals from Eden therewith making her desolate ,
so that their type ‘false paradise’ for the spirits is dressed with her riches ;
in its centre is the ruling city called ‘Mystery-Babylon’ which in all prophets
– and in Revelation – is accused not only of “trading Eden (stolen-) aspects
with the nations (-of spirits) around her” but also of a specific  crime     —  
the implosion of Eden
… a cascade of disasters happened after the Fall and we are asked to
understand what happened concerning a number of concepts :
the Eden Gate
  … is the equivalent of the Throne Room in Revelation
  (yet there as the restóred situation) ; it bordered the Behemoth realm
  and “spoke into it” – as Light – in order to cleanse that corrupt realm ,
  but the spirits hated that and devised their own gate as a copied version :
  the Eden Gate concept is represented by the Ark of the Covenant
  as the most sacred attribute of the Tabernacle ;
the cornerstone
  … the spirits needed ‘the stone’ 
  which is “the tried cornerstone” and ‘tried’ because they stole it  —
  this stone functions like a kind of ‘dimensional-anchor for Eden’ and by
  stealing it Eden would never be “the ruling dimension”, so to speak ;
  the stone is very likely the ‘sea of glass’ as the floor of the restored 
  throne room in Revelation ;
  it is possible that the stone tablets that were placed inside the Ark 
  represented the tried cornerstone as an integral part óf the Gate ;
the daughter of tsiun
  … because the stone was gone
  the Eden land – personified as a female – also went to the north to search
  him since he was her dimensional-anchor , but the land got stuck halfway
  Eden and the matrix , alone in the dark and continuously desolated ;
  in prophets the woman is called ‘the daughter of tsiun’ and she is the same
  as the woman in front of the dragon (‘Beast’!) in Revelation ;
the daughter as mother
  … Eve did not get pregnant and carried a child but ‘new Originals’ came
  forth from this mother — probably imagined as ‘walking out of her’ ;
  for us this concept is strange but compare the Revelation woman theme, the
  chapter of the mother bringing forth the two lions and the chapter where she
  throws up her hands being worried for Jacob during the time of Revelation ;
the mother and ‘corrupt souls’ 
  … not only ‘the Original (-bodies)’ come forth from her but context indicates
  also our souls : however  , since she is now under rule of the matrix 
  also corrupt adm-souls come forth from her — which are our enemies and
  termed the ‘Esau’, ‘Canaan’ or ‘Cain’ type souls in scripture ;
  this theme is very important but too long to address here ;
the seven torches
  … also called ‘the seven eyes of God’ and in Revelation “the seven stars”
  which Christ holds — the correct reading there must be ‘the stars ás the
  torches’ , and later on they stand upon the sea of glass ;
  their function is “to maintain creation” but these seven were kidnapped
  by the matrix to sustain their own matrix dimension ; the seven torches
  were represented by the lampstand in the old Tabernacle ;
the Eden sky
  … or better “the dome containing Eden’s atmosphere” : if you imagine
  the ‘dew in Eden’ as “light-particles of eden-Life” it makes sense that these
  were contained in – protected within – a kind of sky dome ;
  also this dome is said to have wandered astray to the matrix – but this dome
  will not return because the spirits mutilated it too much for their  use ;
the waters of life
  … see previous – they are taken up from the Eden land by a tornado-like 
  concept and then flow ‘like a river to the north’ , this river as the Nile ‘which
  the dragon made for himself’ (though it may read : Adam made , since in
  another chapter he is linked to ‘making storms and rain’) , in order
  that especially  the corrupt adm-souls in the Beast region have eden-Life ; 
  per context they must also steal a more .. exquisite dew : that which the
  Tree of Life emanates ; but we need to have that confirmed further ;
– the pillar of fire
  … on top of the Gate , akin to how the pillar of fire appeared above the
  old Tabernacle ; in prophets called ‘the sword’ and very likely a section of
  the vertical main (dimensional-) Vector of Eden ; in new Eden the pillar will
  cause a protective dome of fire around Eden and it will be this fire that will
  destroy the hordes of ‘Gog’ – Satan – when he will attack Eden after the
  thousand years are over ;  
[in addition :]
… still difficult is the theme ‘the (eden-) vine’ which should be the same as
the stalk which the falcon (Horus) stole but it’s hard to get this more clear ;
and a theme as the eden sun and moon as the binary still circling around in 
the south (-if this was not a corruption of the Gate theme) ; 
we – as Originals – left Eden  
… God has created phenomenal bodies for us souls , as bodies not able 
to sin – provided that the soul is not separated from God ; but after Eden had 
fallen our souls  became afraid of God , and we went to the north to our father 
Adam to ask for his help concerning that problem ;
Adam’s hideous Crime
… but Adam betrayed us because he had devised a way to avoid being 
judged by God by means of using us as hostages against Him —
he gave us to the demons who tortured us so much that our soul went out
from the by God created body , and the soul was placed upon this earth 
but as a prison-planet NOT made by God , inside a body NOT made by God ;
this way the soul would not remember her previous state nor her Eden land ,
so that Mystery-Babylon could forever continue to steal the aspects from Eden
and Adam’s ruling position would be protected against God ; 
our present body
… our soul was literally thrown away like rubbish by the demons ; but God
had mercy upon her and ordered Adam to make our present type body 
using several Eden aspects which He would provide ;
yet He warned the soul that this would be a blind and dumb body not able
to see nor hear Him , and saying to this body that she is inherently evil
because she will whore around and eventually be possessed by the demons
she will have worshipped – and that therefore she will be destroyed by fire , 
which in context means ‘during the great day of IEUE’ – that is Revelation ;
the first – and main – rescue : Christ  
… He tells the demon world that Christ has volunteered (!) to go to earth
and take the form of the horrible image (‘this body’) so that ‘for a moment we
will not see him as pretty as he is now’ to bring ‘the sacrifice as the gift’ 
being a term denoting Golgotha , after which God will restore him
and he will be the king of all the people he saved ;
we can only suspect  what they did to Him in Mystery-Babylon, see previous ,
and one chapter refers to this, asking us “but who of you will realize that ?”,
but it shows us something of the incredible magnitude  of this gift ;
please do realize that the gift will end at a certain point in time 
simply because the Eden situation will have been restored :
meaning that the so-called ‘sacrifices during Ezekiel’s temple’ is a corruption ;
the other half  of the story 
… this is the hinging point between the new testament and the old one — 
because though indeed Christ restored the soul to God , she is not restored 
to her Original (-body) , the Eden paradise is not being rebuilt and the evil 
region is not destroyed – not even after 2000 years      —
christians say  that “they believe they will get their resurrection body” but how
can they obtain it if all the Originals are still imprisoned in Mystery-Babylon !? :
though the letters of Paul have been hideously corrupted , the context shows
that Christ had informed him that he and his friends would receive their 
Original only ‘in the time of the end’ – because that would be the crown of 
God’s rescue operation towards all the generations of adam-souls ;
… the same is true when they say that they “believe that He will make a new
heaven and earth” – by which is often assumed ‘this prisonplanet’ – but how
can that be if desolated Eden is still firmly under control of the evil realm ? ;
the corruptions in prophets
… considered all the above it is immediately clear ‘who’ would benefit from 
distorting the situation as God described it : Adam , the evil region and their
minions on earth – Esau – who would execute that job ;
they ofcourse could not prevent that millions of souls would accept Christ
but they sure could conceal the other half  of the story : buying enough Time
until the evil realm would finally have invaded this earth – which , per prophets,
she has always searched to accomplish – 
and would have imprisoned the soul so completely that she would not even
be aware  of God nor Christ anymore and therewith not being able to execute 
what He has requested from her — so that Eden would never be restored 
cooperation of the soul
… most christians will stagger at a line as “the soul needs to do something”,
responding ‘Christ did everything – and we cannot add to that’ :   
considered the gift as the sacrifice that is absolutely true
but that negates the fact that a response is required from the soul  
which can be seen as “doing something” : in the past 2000 years this 
response may often have been that the soul was ‘only’ asked ‘to accept Christ’ ,
but souls have also been asked to respond to certain situations which are 
often directly related to God’s rescue plan — compare the patriarchs and the 
first christians ;
the soul is (just-) asked ‘to go understánd’
… because the soul is a rather helpless being God does not ask the impossible
from her – but only “that she agrees with the things as He says that they are” :
which is not quite the same as “accepting Christ – and that’s it” ! ,
but to understand what is the reason  for the rescue He performed , and if there
is a larger context that we are part of and to which we are restored again
because of  his sacrifice which has put us on the right track again , so to speak ;
yet most of modern christianity is unwilling to – just like the 500 BC fathers were :
the 500 BC fathers refused to listen – causing a curse
… though they were told – through all the prophets – the entire story from the fall
of eden to the coming of Christ and the restoration of Eden , they did not listen ;
therefore God becomes angry on them saying : very well – from this moment
onwards I will not speak to you (read: to the adm-soul) again : until you will
search back and understand what I REALLY have said through prophets ;
but know that you have brought a curse upon you and later generations by 
refusing to listen because the enemy (Esau) will go corrupt my words ;
the curse is ‘lawlessness’ 
… what God calls ‘my covenant’ is all about “the restoration of Paradise”
and He calls the attitude of the soul that does not want to hear about this
– or has simply no knowledge about it ! – “lawless” :
in the new testament the concept has been corrupted into “the man of
lawlessness” where Esau turned it into ‘an anti-christ’ yet it simply means
that ‘many christians in the endtime will not know what is God’s covenant ,
and therefore they will still have to pay the price for sin : physical death
but during the timeframe we call Revelation   —
this is the meaning of the parable of ‘the wheat and the tares’ because the
seed is not ‘people’ but ‘God’s words’ and the harvest is Revelation ;
and in many prophets is warned against the danger in the endtime ;
the evil realm – action and reaction
… one can ask ‘but is that fair ?’, and indeed it is a complicated problem 
also because different factors appear to play a role here :
in a sense one could say that the 500 BC fathers are responsible for this
since the curse started by them – but are today’s  souls so willing to hear ? ;
according to prophets the latter is not the case because several chapters 
describe modern christianity in the endtime as ‘lazy’, using harsh terms as
‘they prostitute and steal’ — because they do accept Christ but are not
interested in what God himsélf may have said yet desiring His blessings ;

a second factor is ‘the pastors of Jacob who áre aware of the restored
version of prophets — but refuse to pass it on to their people” : considered
the context in prophets this group is virtually held responsible  for the fate
of physical Jacob and the tone (-against these) is extremely harsh ; 

on the other side of the spectrum the guilty one ofcourse is Esau : 
it was hé who corrupted the prophets because of his insane hate for Jacob 
and not wanting to lose his current status because of him  —
hence Esau will be severely punished for the trap he placed ;
the fourth – and probably most true – reason is that pesky evil realm :
in order for them to be destroyed , théy must have destroyed something
which supplies the Legal Right for them  to be destroyed — it’s hard to phrase
but in prophets often appears this “eye for an eye” concept concerning them ,
like the theme “the betrayer betrayed” : Mystery-Babylon will fall because
her own plotting and scheming will be found out :
in an unparalleled fashion God lets her to paint herself into a corner
and her final act of cruelty will be against Jacob — then she is finished
God’s rescue plan – part III : the sons
… after ordering this body for the soul , having started with the patriarchs
as undoing the Fall in the new situation of the soul now on this earth
and after the sacrifice as the gift of Christ ,
he would raise up a company of 144,000 sons (-and daughters) in the end
who would find the key to His acting again – by understanding prophets ,
as the moment when the curse left by the 500 BC fathers would be undone ;
however ,
he’d first need to “stretch them and twist them , bend them and break them”
before they would become so desperate that at all costs their soul would 
need to find out what He had really  said in prophets   —
but yes this group is very fortunate : Christ will bring them to mt. tsiun in the
other reality where they will be restored in their Original ; they will go war
Mystery-Babylon , rebuild Eden , then be sent back to earth to witness to
their people Jacob ; almost like a dream …
          [will be continued]