CT 260+267 : the stolen eden gate : the double portal KHENS (‘moon’)

CT 260+267 : the stolen eden gate :
the double portal KHENS (‘moon’)


CT 260

readability :
this one doesn’t run so well – and it’s because of the text itsélf , which is unusual ; 
but if you compare ‘the train of thought’ of other posted ones you’ll agree ; 
note :
CT 260 below is akin to this one but is even more chaotic ;

main theme : the KHENS double portal – ‘moon related’  (and posted because of this)
where KHENS must represent the stolen eden gate ;
but it’s very difficult to distill solid themes from this spell ;

to read along ,
PDF page 397 , original page III 381 ; and scroll upwards ; 

CT 260

III 381
[for] the West. [..] [to be] the divine (matrix-) spirits consciousness.     +
[by means of] the things of he (=eden) for the (matrix-) KH-house. ; 
[because by] the East. [..] the white (matrix-) light. [of?] speech. to make (ÁR). ;
Râ. (who is by?-). the top of the head (UPT+). [of] eden-within.       +
[of?] this. double portal (‘moon’, KHENS). (which-) I am. ; 
III 380
[for] the field of reeds. [by] the vessel. above (‘north’). [to be] ânkh life. 
by. the divine great pillar. my. word. (matrix-) existence. to adorn. ; 
NN. existence to make. to listen. [to] the Ba birds. [of] Nekhen (‘root T’EP’). ; 
[for] Ôn (‘M-Babylon’). [..] [to be] the portion of offerings (-by eden). 
[as] the foods by the ÁABt-vineyard. my. (matrix-) existence. to make (-by eden ; ÁR). ;
III 259
the house for to copy (?). thou. existence. [for] (matrix-) existence. 
[to be] the (festival of the-) completed solarplane. [by] decree of law. ; 
[because at] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’). [to be] the vessel. above (‘north’). 
[to be] the great (matrix-) word. [as] the ones for divine great (matrix-) speech. , 
[and] the divine ones for Ôn. [by?] me. [in] (matrix-) existence. to revolve. ; 
[for?] Râ. [me]. (matrix-) existence. to birth. , 
[and so by] the one of he (=eden) for the KH-house.        +
[to be] the Nut dome. [for] the divine. (matrix-) word to birth. ; 
[because by] the Thoth perch (‘unknown axis’). [..]. within (-the matrix). , 
me. menkh+scroll. ; 
III 378
the (matrix-) place-T for great (matrix-) speech. [is] the (matrix-) throne (-G). above (‘north’). 
[by means of] me. to rise up (-to it) and be crowned. ;
[by] the (stolen-) crown of great (matrix-) speech. [is] the illumination (-white light). above. , 
[as?]      +
the cleaned one. [being] enwrapped (?). [by?] the double Ennead (2x 9 main constructs). ; 
[and to be] the divine (matrix-) spirits consciousness. [for] existence. 
[by] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’). [for] the divine words of eden-within. [for] ânkh life. ;
the Tuat house. [is by] the things of the cord to the (double-) T in the (dimensional-) foreground. 
[for] the sacrifice (-of eden willpower). ; 
the divine (he-) the staff of (matrix-) power (NKHT?). 
[is] the (matrix-) willpower. by.        +
III 259
the divine (he-) the staff of place-T of willpower. as. the real adm-soul’s. vessel. above. ; 
to destroy (-eden) (H’TM). [for to be] divine great (matrix-) speech. [of] ânkh life.



CT 267

similar to CT 260 ,
yet this one runs even worse ;
main theme : the KHENS double portal – ‘moon related’  (and posted because of this) 
but very difficult to discover solid themes in this spell ; 


III 400
[by] the head (‘gate’) (adj.) – [..] [of] the East.    +               [<< read ‘Heaven’s realm’] 
the divine things of (matrix-) sekhem-power. to manifest. ; 
[for] Râ. [to be] the top of the head (see 260). [of] eden-within. ,
[to be] the great (matrix-) speech (‘for him’).       +
[by means of to] the double portal (KHENS). the one to connect to. ; 
III 399
the ânkh life. through. me.
[is by] the firstborn. Horus. the (matrix-) word. to connect. [to] me.
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] nobility (SAH’). ; 
[because by] the sacrifice (-of eden willpower). ,
the passive one (?) (‘the original eden construct’). to obey.         +
the Ba bird beings (‘sons of Ammon’). [of] Pe. [and] Nekhen.           [<< root P and T’EP]
[and so for] Ôn (‘M-Babylon’). [to be] the portion of offerings (-by eden). 
[=and]. the completed solarplane. [by] my. existence. to make (‘by eden’ ; ÁR). ;
[because by] the place (-of the word of) T’EP. thou. existence. [to be] (matrix-) existence. ,
[and] (to?-) the place P. my. existence. to give. speech. ; 
III 398
[by] the Thoth perch (‘unknow axis still’). [..] [is] N’s (‘candidate’). ânkh life. [of] stability. ,
[because by] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’).        +
[is] the (matrix-) word. [for] the foremost (matrix-) KH-house. ,
[through] the serpent (eden-) words (-of eden-willpower for matrix-existence) (NÂU+).    +
[becoming] the ones for divine great (matrix-) speech. ;  
[and therewith for] Ôn. [..]. the things of (matrix-) sekhem-power. to manifest. ; 
[because for] Râ. the (matrix-) words to birth.                      [<< Râ himself is ‘speech’] 
[and through] the one of he (=eden) for the KH-house.          +
[to be] the Nut dome. (which-) the (matrix-) word. [..] [for] (matrix-) existence. births. ; 
III 397  [5 different versions, using B2 :]
the divine great (matrix-) speech. [is by] the one. house for to unite (-it). above (‘north’). , 
[in order to be] thou. (type-) speech of hail.      +
[by means of] thou. speech. to rise up. ;                                                         [<< to that house]
[and by?] he (=they?). the double Ennead.          (…..different / unreadable content…..). 
this. divine (matrix-) spirits consciousness. [of] (matrix-) existence. 
[is by] the island of the horizon. [of] the (matrix-) word of eden-within. [for] ânkh life. ; 
the Tuat house. [is by] the things of the cord to the (double-) T in the (dimensional-) foreground. 
[for] the sacrifice (-of eden willpower). ; 
III 276
[by] the one of he (=eden) for the (matrix-) KH-house.       +
[to be] nót. the (eden-) willpower. at. the vessel. above (‘north’). ,
[but]   +
[as] the (matrix-) willpower. to come for to flourish the matrix. ,
[through] the divine great (matrix-) speech. [for] ânkh life. ; 
(the matrix-) [to be] renewed (‘by eden’). [by] (eden-) to die. , 
[in order] to complete (-the matrix).  


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  CT 184 : the matrix gate
as ‘copied model’ (image) 
feeding off the eden one

CT 184
what is stolen from the eden gate – and what isn’t … ?
– the cornerstone is ; confirmed in prophets ;
– the 7 Torches are ; confirmed in prophets ;
– the standingplace of the Revelation woman (place-T in spells) ;
– the standingplace of both olive trees               (two neHT in spells) ; 
then ,
more tricky is “the emerald dome” : CT writes that Apis is “cleaned” ,
eventhough that dome seems to be more a result of óther constructs
as a palpable dome which could be ‘carried-off’ ;
in this 184
is clearly said that the stolen eden gate is a copied model ,
meaning the eden gate as energetic blueprint must still exist in the south 
otherwise they could not – daily – vampire upon it 
(and that in spite of the palpable aspects of it having been carried off) ;
in other CT’s 
we had “the (now matrix-) gate as extingished flame being the image” ;
to read along ,
PDF page 100 , real page III 84 , and scroll upwards ,
‘official’ translation see annex
CT 184
III 84
existence to make (‘as concept’). within (-the matrix). ,
[by means of] the (captured-) One. (which-) I am. ; 
[and through] the Thoth perch standard.                                                     [<< axis as Nile]
[..]. me (adj.) – [to] the (matrix-) land. [to be] joined. ; 
                                                                                               [lit. ‘joined after being reaped’ SMA]
……………you see that in a) the coffins don’t agree : we decided to not follow
………….. the coffins showing ‘the Sothis star’ (SEPT’T) since we still can’t 
………….. figure out if this is the eden gate or the copied gate 
………….. (the SEP ‘to make the (matrix-) root) ; 
III 83
[in order for to be] Râ. [..]. [in] the (matrix-) sky.  
[by means of] me. the fire-drill construct (‘boat’). ;                                         [<< matrix gate]
[and at]         +
the (matrix-) sky. [of] the western (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. side. above (‘north’). 
me. to hover. ,
[because fróm] the sky. [of] the eastern (adj.) – existence. side.        [<< read : Heaven]
[tó] above (‘north’). me. to fly-up. ;  
[namely to]         +
the (matrix-) sky. which is [by]. the island of the horizon.           [<< matrix gate region]
[at] the UÂRT-leg land (‘axis’). [for to be] (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). , 
(being-)           +
this. son-construct for (matrix-) speech of ‘the workable (matrix-) word’. (which-) I am. ,
[at] the double (matrix-) place-T of doubled (matrix-) existence. ; 
……………… in d) the ‘western’ means “the evil Western dimension” in which the
……………… stolen gate now hovers – coming “from the eastern side” as a description
……………… of the impórtance of this stolen construct 
……………… (or it’d have just said “from the cemetary below” – eden/tsiun) ;
……………… ‘the east’ is here ‘the false east’ (hebr. -qdm) as the region in front of Heaven ;
……………… in b) ,
……………… two coffins hint to Adam (the double-reed glyph) ;
……………… in b) ,
……………… the NUR+son can be “heron” which would link to Bennu (the phoenix) ;
copied gate and ‘the energetic (eden-) original’ ,
[and therewith] the foods. to (can) eat. 
[by means of] the copied model (-as the foundation) (SNNU).        + 
as. the vessel. [for] (matrix-) peace. ;
III 82
[because] the (eden-) vessel. [as] the one – copied model (adj.) – to come.  
for [to be]. the (matrix-) vessel as the gift (AUT+). ;
[and by] (constant-) copulation. to be the copied model. ,             [<< ‘to be’ : see glyph]
[and so]         +
[for] the spirits (‘demons’). me. [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ; 
…………….. these were the important lines ; see dictionary for SNNU ;
…………….. and there must be something ‘to copulate (NEK) WITH’ :
…………….. that can only be “the eden gate as still energetic blueprint”
…………….. (or any other type description) , since it’s still “a vessel” ;
[and so to be] the (matrix-) dimension. [by] the one above (‘north’). ,
[and]      +
[because of] the feather (‘axis to north’).                                   
the (matrix-) dimension. through. me. to drink (adj.) – the (eden-) existence. nót. ;
[and] Geb (‘land of Mystery-Babylon’). the father. [through] me. to (can) breathe. , 
[and so]         +
[because of] me. [to] (eden-) existence. to (have to-) bow down. nót. ; 
…………. well we’ll see about that grin ;
…………. the ‘to not drink’ means ‘to not ingest the eden dimension’ , where the 
…………. ‘to breathe’ means the stolen (and changed-) eden-words’ now as air ,
…………. where the gate also functions as ‘nostril’ , see other spells ;
…………. 2. the ‘feather’ :
…………. see amduat 4 where “the slanted corridor” is ‘the feather’ (axis) ;
[skipped ; a pun about ‘blossoms’ (words?) , but not important and coffins don’t agree]
III 81
[skipped ; continued pun and see above]
the gods creating their own surroundment – through ‘speech’ ,
[for] the field of reeds (‘wider solarplane’). 
through. me. [to be] abundance. ,
[because through] the field of (eden-) offerings. [..].       +                   [<< IN the gate ?]
[are] the foods. [as] the ânkh life (adj.) – [by] me. ; 
[by] me. [is] the (matrix type-) speech.
[and therewith for]         +
the gods (‘demons’). (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). [through] the voice. ,  
[because] to become the environmental garment. 
by [means of]. the (matrix-) speech. [of] hail. to eat (‘ingest’ ; adj.) – [by] thou (‘candidate’). ;
[as] the environmental garment. [by] he. the speech. [of] hail. [as] thou. ânkh life. ;  
                                                  main theme ended
                                          PART II – closing : skipped
III 80
[skipped ; the usual ending as “dirt (eden essence) is my abomination” 
and – in f – “(eden-) existence will not rise up (above-) me”, read , north of me]
III 79
[skipped ; continued ; there is a “for eternity. [to be] victorious” 
and some unimportant ‘birds’ (constructs) names ; T1L adds a standard ending] 
‘official’ translation
(by Faulkner – but remember he read the text upside-down)
[skipped his first 6 lines – as the section we skipped] 
“What will you live on ? What will you eat of ?” say the gods to me. 
“I will live on bread in the Field of Offerings, I will have abundance in the Field
of Rushes, my basket of the nnt-plant is in my hand, my cloth-bag is of twn-plants.
I will never bow down to kiss my father Geb, I will never drink water from the plume
which is on the water. There is given to me power over the pleasure (?) of copulation,
joy in pleasure (?) when desire comes, and contentment at the pleasure (?) of eating 
bread, because I am this heron (?) which is on the plateau of the horizon of the sky,
I fly up on the eastern side of the sky, I alight on the western side of the sky, I cross
the sky like Rê, I come to the land like Thoth, I am unique among them.”


RV X , 14

RV X , 14               (about Adam : several different themes)
1. HONOUR King Yama [=Adam] [with your oblations] ,
Vivasvān’s  [=’perhaps God, see later on’] Son, who gathers men together ;
who travelled to the lofty heights above us, who [discovered] the path to many ;

[just so in many prophets : Adam travelling to their north]
Der den großen Wasserläufen nachgezogen ist und für viele den Weg entdeckt hat,
dem Vivasvatsohn, dem Sammler der Menschen, dem König Yama huldige mit Opfer!
2 Yama first found for us a place to dwell in: this pasture never can be taken from us ;
men born on earth tread their own paths ,

that lead them whither our ancient Fathers have departed ;
[the ‘never be taken’ : remember they wrote this 1500 BC]
Yama hat uns zuerst den Weg aufgefunden; dieser begangene Weg ist uns nicht mehr zu entreißen;
auf welchem Wege unsere Vorväter abgeschieden sind, auf dem ziehen die Geborenen je ihre Straße.

3 Mitali  [=’top of eden-house’?] prospers there with Kavyas [=’their fish-soul seers’] ,
Yama with Aṅgiras’ [=’unknown still’] sons ;
Bṛhaspati  [=’their construct called “self” ? , he is always thunderously speaking’] with Rkvans :
exalters of the Gods, by Gods exalted, some joy in praise and some in our oblation ;

Matali mit den Kavya´s, Yama mit den Angiras, Brihaspati von den Sängern erhöht, welchen
die Götter zur Erhöhung verholfen haben und welche den Göttern: die einen ergötzen sich
unter Svaharuf, die anderen an der Götterspeise.
4 Come, seat thee on this bed of grass, O Yama, in company with Aṅgirases and Fathers ;
let texts recited by the sages bring thee (here) O King, let this oblation make thee joyful ;

[the ‘grass’ is often mentioned : as ‘flax’ in prophets , where theirs will be ‘chaff’ ?]
Setze dich, Yama, darum auf diesen Grasbüschel in Eintracht mit den Angiras´, den Vätern!
Die von den Sehern vorgetragenen Dichterworte sollen dich herführen.
Ergötze dich an diesem Opfer, o König!
5 Come, Yama, with the Aṅgirases the Holy ,
rejoice thee here with children of Virūpa  [=’the speckled one’?, comp. leopard-beast’] ,
to sit on sacred grass at this our worship ; I call Vivasvān, too, thy Father hither ;

[is the latter intended as mockery?]
Komm mit den opferwürdigen Angiras´! O Yama, ergötze dich hier mit den Vairupa´s –
ich lade auch den Vivasvat [+ein], der dein Vater ist –
nachdem du bei diesem Opfer auf dem Barhis Platz genommen hast.
6 Our Fathers are Aṅgirases, Navagvas [=’from ‘9’, egyptian Ennead?’] ,
Atharvans, Bhṛgus who deserve the Soma  [=’essence as “purified” eden waters’] ;
may these, the Holy, look on us with favour, may we enjoy their gracious loving-kindness ;
Unsere Väter, die Angiras, die Navagva´s, die Atharvan´s, Bhrigu´s, die Somawürdigen –
in der Gunst dieser Opferwürdigen und in ihrem glückbringenden Wohlwollen möchten wir sein.
7 Go forth, go forth upon the ancient pathways whereon our sires of old have gone before us ;
[you shall look] on both the Kings enjoying their sacred food :

God Varuṇa  [=’the eye of sela-stone’] and Yama [=Adam] .
[why the combination VaruNa-Yama here ? ,
Adam rules his eye (Zech.9) and VaruNa is “the eye of the evil shepherd” (Zech.11) ,
or is VaruNa also some personification from their realm – like Adam is ..?]

Geh hin, geh hin auf den früheren Wegen, auf denen unsere Vorväter verzogen sind.
Beide Könige, die sich an der Geisterspeise ergötzen, den Yama und den Gott Varuna sollst du schauen

8 Meet Yama, meet the Fathers, meet the merit of free or ordered acts, in highest heaven ;
leave sin and evil, seek anew thy dwelling, and wear another body bright with glory ;

[sic ; -tanva as ‘physical body’]
Tritt mit den Vätern zusammen, mit Yama, mit deinen Opfern und den anderen guten Werken
im höchsten Himmel! Allen Makel zurücklassend komm wieder ins Haus; vereinige dich mit
einem neuen Leib in blühender Kraft!
9 Go hence, [go, on all roads] the Fathers have provided ;
Yama bestows on him a place to rest in adorned with days and beams of light and waters ;

[scripture ascribes virtually éverything they made to Adam]
Weichet, entweichet, verkriechet euch von da: diesem haben die Väter jene Stätte bereitet.
Einen durch Tage, Wasser, Nächte verschönten Rastort gewähret Yama diesem.
10 [still said to his fellow-spirits :]
[pass along] the two dogs , (being) Saramā’s offspring [=’likely guarding Adams soul’] ,
[speckled] , four-eyed, [straight to the goal] ;
draw nigh then to the gracious-minded Fathers where they rejoice in company with Yama ;

[also Sumer tablets describe how Dumidzu (Adam) was escorted by two Gallu-demons]
Eile an den beiden saramaischen Hunden, den vieräugigen, gefleckten, auf dem richtigen Wege vorbei und gelange zu den Vätern, die leicht zu finden sind, die mit Yama in gemeinsamen Gelage schwelgen
11 And those two dogs of thine [=’for you’] , Yama  [=Adam] ,
the watchers, four-eyed, [guarding the path], [‘watching and guarding man’] , —
[entrusted of you = for you] , King ,

so [‘we are sure’] [you will bestow] prosperity and health (on us) ;
[grammar shows this is the intention of the dogs]
Deine beiden Hunde, Yama, die vieräugigen Wächter, die den Weg bewachen, die mit dem Herrscherauge, denen vertraue ihn an, o König, und verleih ihm Glück und Gesundheit!
12 [broad-nosed] , [having widely reaching power] ,
Yama’s two envoys roam among the people :
may they
[=’the two dogs’][cause] a fair existence [to be given] to us here and to-day ,
that we may see the sunlight (=Sûrya).
[so the dogs guard him –
just like the “four-feeted eden-animal-construct” in (posted) X , 99 guarded théir animal-souls ;
this four-feeted eden construct is described in Greek mythology as Cerberus ,
which sprang from the serpents Typhon (Adam) and Ekhidna (Eve) ;
however we don’t appreciate the watered-down Greek mythology – it was just an example]

Die zwei breitnasigen Lebensräuber, die ………………., gehen als Yama´s Boten unter den Menschen um. Diese sollen uns heute hier das schöne Leben wiedergeben, auf daß wir die Sonne sehen können!
13 [pour you, press you out] the soma to Yama , bring to Yama consecrated gifts :
to Yama goes the sacrifice prepared and heralded by Agni  
[=’king of Mystery-Babylon’] ;
[see prophets chapter where he makes an illegal covenant with Thoth (Agni) ;
yet it appears they don’t have much contact with eachother]

Dem Yama presset Soma, dem Yama opfert die Spende!
Zu Yama geht das zubereitete Opfer, dessen Bote Agni ist.
[end –  still 3 closing lines containing praises]
[breakdowns :]
=vaivasvata ‘patronymic of -yama’ RV , ‘coming from or belonging to the sun’ RA ;
          from -vivasvat ‘shining forth’ RV ; ‘the briljant one’ described as the father of -yama ,
          elsewhere as father of yami [Eve] en yama’ RV (see X,17,2) ; related to soma (IX,14,5) ;
          (name of hymn author in previous X,13)
=mâtalî ‘being associated with yama’ RV , -mâtali ‘indras charioteer’ MH ;
          derived from -ma (eden) + (a)tali [vowelchange â] , -talin exists but unclear ;
          tala ‘surface, level, roof (of house etc)’ RV ;
=virûpa ; -virûpa ‘variegated, speckled, etc’ RV ;
=vRdh ‘prosper, etc’ ;
=sârameyau ; -sâra ‘strong (perhaps from solid core)’ RV ; 2) said from -saramâ ,’fleet one’,
          female dog Belonging to Indra [north-realm] , as mother of the 4-eyed dogs (here)’ ,
          said as authoress of part of X,80 ;
          (then -saramâ ‘name of a rakSa [eden-construct]’ RA , is misunderstood) ;
          3) Sumerian “2 Gallu-demons going with Dumidzu (Adam)’ ; 3) glyph T’ESEM ;
=urûNasa ; broad-nosed’ RV (nasa = nose) ;
-dhehi , 2nd present imperative (=you will) of -dhâ ‘to give, bestow, etc’;
=tRpat ‘to ones satisfaction, with pleasure’ RV ;
=udumbala ‘wide reaching power’ RV ;
=sunuta 2nd plural present imper. (will) of -su ;
=aramkRta ‘prepared, ready’ RV ;

parts of original text : Griffith [1896]

26.11.19   —   submitted   —   first version   —   het-report