CT 260+267 : the stolen eden gate : the double portal KHENS (‘moon’)

CT 260+267 : the stolen eden gate : the double portal KHENS (‘moon’)                [2022-04apr.03]     CT 260   readability : this one doesn’t run so well – and it’s because of the text itsélf , which is unusual ;  but if you compare ’the train of thought’ of other posted ones you’ll agree ;  note : CT 260 below is akin to this one but is even more chaotic ;   main theme : the KHENS double portal – ‘moon related’  (and posted because of this) where KHENS must represent the stolen eden gate ; but it’s very difficult to distill solid themes from this spell ;   to read along , PDF page 397 , original page III 381 ; and scroll upwards ;    CT 260   III 381 c [for] the West. [..] [to be] the divine (matrix-) spirits consciousness.     + [by means of] the…

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RV X , 14

  RV X , 14               (about Adam : several different themes)   1. HONOUR King Yama [=Adam] [with your oblations] , Vivasvān’s  [=’perhaps God, see later on’] Son, who gathers men together ; who travelled to the lofty heights above us, who [discovered] the path to many ; [just so in many prophets : Adam travelling to their north] Der den großen Wasserläufen nachgezogen ist und für viele den Weg entdeckt hat, dem Vivasvatsohn, dem Sammler der Menschen, dem König Yama huldige mit Opfer! 2 Yama first found for us a place to dwell in: this pasture never can be taken from us ; men born on earth tread their own paths , that lead them whither our ancient Fathers have departed ; [the ‘never be taken’ : remember they wrote this 1500 BC] Yama hat uns zuerst den Weg aufgefunden; dieser begangene Weg ist uns nicht mehr zu entreißen;…

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het DroomGezicht, 2009