RV V , 85

RV V , 85 (VaruNa , sela-stone eye , makes Assyria ; + inverted eden-house)

1. SING forth a hymn sublime and solemn, grateful to glorious.
Varuṇa [=’the eye / moon of the sela-rock’] , imperial Ruler,
who hath struck out, like one who [slays out] a [rug] , [a worker] a skin ,

[as having spread out] earth [=’Assyria, above eden’] in front of Sūrya [=’this sun’] .
Dem Allkönig stimme ein erhabenes, tiefsinniges Erbauungslied an, ein liebes dem berühmten Varuna,
der die Erde zum Teppich für die Sonne auseinandergeschlagen hat wie der Zurichter die Tierhaut.

2 [In, above, among] the tree-tops the air he hath extended,
put milk in kine and vigorous speed in horses,
set intellect in hearts, fire in the waters,

Surya [=’this sun’] in heaven ,
(by?) Soma [=’a moon around their tree of life ; the Red Sun”?’] on the [matrix-] mountain (=adra) ;
[we still try find a workable concept for soma being both ‘a moon’ and ‘essence’ ,
it’s possible this soma-moon is ‘the red sun’ or ‘flying disk’ ,
as “the dimensional sun , of which we can only see the material golden outside” ;
see RV X , 85 : “the soma-moon marries this sun (sûrya)”]

Über den Bäumen hat Varuna die Lüfte ausgebreitet, in die Rennpferde hat er den Sieg, in die Kühe die Milch
gelegt, ins Herz die Überlegung, ins Wasser den Agni, an den Himmel die Sonne, auf den Berg den Soma gesetzt.

3 Varuṇa lets the big cask [=’Judah-house, as Moab-house now’] , the opening downward (!) ,
[hover in] the heaven and earth [as] air’s mid-region ;
therewith the universe’s [king] waters
[=eden’s] earth as the shower of rain bedews the barley ;
[term as -kabanda : he was the inside-out version from -danu , the original eden-house]
Varuna goß den Schlauch mit der Öffnung nach unten in beide Welten und den Luftraum aus; damit
durchnetzt der König der ganzen Welt den Erdboden, wie der Regen das Korn.

4 When Varuṇa is fain for milk he moistens the sky, the land, and earth to her foundation ;
then straight the mountains clothe them[-selves] in the rain-cloud:

the Heroes, putting forth their vigour, loose them.
Er netzt den Boden, Erde und Himmel. Wenn Varuna gemolken haben will, dann kleiden sich die Berge
in Gewölk und kraftbewußte Männer lockern das Kleid.

5 I will declare this mighty deed of [eden-] magic (=maya) , of glorious Varuṇa the Lord Immortal,
who standing in the firmament hath meted the earth out with Sûrya
[=this sun] as with a measure.
[compare the many ‘plumbline verses’ in scripture !]
=kavandha , kabandha , name of inversed Danu (eden-atmosphere , Judah-house)
=nîcîna-bâra ‘having it’s opening below’ RV ;
= 3d sing perfect of sRj ‘to let to fly, throw, cast, etc’ RV ; to hover is acceptable ;
[the Judah-house INVERSED – with opening (=gate) DOWNWARD : see diagram]

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