BD 110 : the Field of Reeds [very long but-] informative much is readable

  BD 110 : the Field of Reeds
     [very long but-] informative
            much is readable


to right :
vignette belonging to this 110  —
note ‘the canals’ as described in Ez.35+36 ,
and the stairway-boat in the bottom 
which is the region of their matrix-gate 
(the boat is also in the ‘oaks of Bashan’
Ezekiel chapter) ;

please note :
… because sections also contain themes we simply do not understánd
and are therefore virtually impossible to translate , 
we opted to make a summary listed in the main Theme page  —
to have the (sometimes Bizarre-) concepts all on one page 
so that you (-and we) won’t need to spit through the long type spells

to read along :
real page 230 , PDF page 271

BD 110
[we added ———————————————— after every theme stop line]
the place as the Field of Peace.     +
[of] the (matrix-) words of eden-within.
[is for] the gods (‘demons’). the (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of]       +
having become the praised (matrix-) words.       +
(which-) (eden-) existence. gives. ; 
[now-] having become. the word of the (matrix-) voice.  
[in order] (eden-) existence. to seize. ;
[by] the mooring place (MNÁT). existence. to support. , 
[as?] the dome of words for speech above (‘north’).  + 
[for?]the double pool-land (SH ; the Field). ,
by [-means of] (?). (through-) the mooring place.      +  
the word (adj.) of – (eden-) existence.       +
[to] (matrix-) existence. to connect. , 
[and so for?] the Ennead (‘9 main matrix constructs’).     +
[to be] the – main (adj.) – purified (matrix-) words.  
[as?] the word to follow. 
[and] (it?) existence. to carry.      +
[and also?] (eden-) existence. to repulse.    + 
[by means of] the one (‘eden word’) being within (-the matrix). ,
[and so to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;     [<< stop line] 

[by?] the god.     + 
[as?] the district (‘nome’). [of] spelt. [and] wheat (=gate region).  +  
[are?] the turquoise lights. ,
[and?] by. he (‘lights’). to make health (‘soundness’).      +
[for] all (adj.) – the gods (‘demons’). ,
[to be as] the Ka bull (‘strong concept’). this. god. [which-] I am. ; 
the Ennead (‘9 constructs’ : their land, sky, etc).        +
[is by?] the dome of words for speech above (‘north’).    +
[by] me. to guide (=the words). ,                          [<< Amos 1]
[as] my. importance (?, head).       +
[at?] the white crown (=region ?). below (‘south’). :
………… the white crown theme is tricky ; that it adds “below”
………… usually refers to ‘eden’ but here perhaps to their region
………… south of the field from where he invokes eden aspects ;
(the matrix-) to become equipped. [through] my. importance (?).
[by] to wake (-it) up. [through] my. vessel (=copied eden gate?). 
[and so by?] the one within (-the matrix). ,
[to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 

[because by?] the SMAM deity (=their ruling the eden-gate?). 
(are?) the provisions (‘authorative matrix-word’). 
[so that for?] (matrix-) existence. the (matrix-) word to birth. , 
to become. the main (adj.) – (matrix-) house. [of] (matrix-) speech.
[so that by?] the one (‘eden-word’?) within (-the matrix). , 
[to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 

[because?] the divine powerful one (‘to make matrix-speech for the word’). 
[is by?] the divine. he. the vessel (‘the copied eden gate’?).
(matrix-) existence. to make (-by eden) (ÁR). ; 
[and for?] the two – blue – eyes. [for] great (matrix-) speech.    +  
[it is?] my. importance. [to] (matrix-) existence. the word to connect to. ; 
[because through?] my. importance. [is?] (matrix-) existence.      +  
[of] the willpower. [of] speech. ,
[as] the divine great (matrix-) speech. [of] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
…………. the ‘two blue eyes’ must be “the copied eden-gate within
…………. their matrix-gate” as some type of double construct ; in other
…………. spells they can also turn into ‘the red eyes (-of Horus)’ 
…………. but it’s an obscure theme ;
…………. so he invokes the ‘words’ fór ‘the gate of speech’ ;
[so that for?] the Ennead. [is] (matrix-) existence. 
[by means of?] the words of breath-air. existence. to follow. , 
[because by?] the blue lights.     +      [<< when the gate is blue?]
the (matrix?-) words to come (=go?).         + 
[for?] to repulse (-eden). ;                            
[and so by] the one (‘eden word’) within (-the matrix). , 
[to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 

[in] the H’esat-cow (‘their paradise’). me. to reap.        +
[through?] my. word of hail. ,                               [<< ‘by sorcery’] 
[and] me. to plough. [through?] my. word of hail. :
[and] hé (‘eden’?). to reap.      +
[by?] the two – sharp (adj.) – horns (=’double-edged sword theme’?).
the (eden-) veils \\ to surround. to become the sacrifice. ;
[and] the divine marvellous thing (‘sword’?). to show.     +
[being?] this. god. , 
[because by?] (eden-) existence’s. name. [by] me. to know. ,  
(eden-) existence. to snatch-away. ;      + 
………… it seems that he uses the reaping to make the eden example :
………… in line 25 the 2 sharp horns are ‘of his mouth’
………… and are sharp ‘because he knows edens name’ : see next :
[so that] the (eden-) H’efa serpents (‘eden-veils’). are fowled (‘fished’). 
[by means of] me. to copulate (-with the eden dawn). ,
[because] me.      +
the divine (matrix-) mother (‘their paradise’). [of] existence. to value. ;
[and] [+me] (only-) Osiris’ (‘matrix’). existence. to see. ;  

[and] (by me-) [as] the one within (-the matrix). ,
[to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;
……… so the Hefau serpents are stolen dimensional (eden-) veils ;
……… for ‘value my mother’ see also line 21 ;

THEME : Revelation woman (?)
[by] the divine QNQNTT (‘in CT : a city as ‘the beating-place’).   +
>>>>> [reading: ‘the beaten goddess’ ? the Revelation woman ?]
to become the beautiful things. , 
[by means of] (eden-) existence. to be beaten. 
[and?] the fowl (APT’U, unknown’). [of?] (eden-) existence. to fowl. ;
[and so through] me. (matrix-) existence. to discover. 
[because by] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..).      + 
[is?] he (‘matrix-existence’?). [of] eden-within. ;
[because by] the divine great (matrix-) speech.      +
all of (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. to flourish. ,
[for by] my. (matrix-) speech. [is] the word of the watercourse (‘Nile’).
[to be] every. (matrix-) word. [by] the foulness (‘eden aspect as word’). ;
[unclear :]
[and for] me. [by] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..). 
[as] the divine marvellous one (=his speech).
[as] the ones (of?) the pool-land (SH). me. to submerge (-with?). ;
[by] the one within (-the matrix). 
[to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 
………… the ‘beaten’ cóuld refer to the daughter of tsiun because
………… they want ‘her words’ and see above ; in Amos 1:13 the
………… woman is clearly abused – ‘beaten’ may be ‘oppressed’ ;

[for] all of (adj.) – the two lands. [to be] the divine (matrix-) peace.
as. (matrix-) existence having become new. ,
[because] [in] the (matrix-) sky. [of] eden-within. ,
the words to follow (adj.) – Râ. ,                      [<< commanding speech]
[because in] the (matrix-) sky. [are] the words of eden-within. 
[as] the words following (adj.) – Râ. ; 
[therefore] the (matrix-) sky. [is] the sanctuary.      +
[as] the real adm-soul’s one (..). 
[because by?] Râ. [is] the (environmental-) garment of wisdom (?, glyph).   
[and it to] existence. the word to tie together. ; 
[and by] the (environmental-) garments.       +
the (matrix-) dimension. (by-) me. to dress. , 
[because by] (me as?-) the one within (-the matrix). , 
[to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;