Colossians 1-4 : too corrupted

  Colossians 1-4 : too corrupted   … another one lost .   (see the Thessalonians and Timothy page for the type corruptions)   … if you look honestly to the KJV version of this letter , Paul has been made to say nothing of any importance , whatsoever – the reason is that all his brothers knew Christ : but we forget that they did !!   the usual buildup of Paul’s chapters :   … we know that Paul used a certain pattern to describe his message : a) saying “we know Christ – but in the end of days the people will not , because Esau will have corrupted scripture” , b) therefore “souls will need to become who will investigate the word of God” c) the latter will receive their Original – and then we will also” d) after the wrath , God will save the…

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het DroomGezicht, 2009