CT 1049

“de ezelin en de maan” van Jer. 2

PART I   CT 1049   readable and comprehensible lines in bold not yet understood concepts or/and nonrunning lines in black themes : athon-donkey , per Jeremiah 2 , part 1 of 1 part #2 and #3 on this same page , below notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ; perhaps open new tab for side-by-side comparison CT 1049   VII 379 b,a) the áãh’-moon. [of] the house of saturn (h’et). , [being in] this. dimensional middle (mtr)., VII 378 c) the imprisoned-adamite-soul. to beat (qn). , [in order for?] “the [eden-] willpower to make the m-realm” (?,smã). to snatch-away (nh’m). , [by means of] the utchat-eye [=eye at place-T for the word]. to bring (án). [for] this N [=candidate]., b) [and so] the darkness [=for eden] (gerh’). [to be] of [=by]. thou. speech. above [=north]. , [in order for] me. to be repulsed. [by] existence…

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het DroomGezicht, 2009