RV X , 92

RV X , 92 (eden’s binary sun and moon – for the eden-dawn – are warned)
11 For these, the Earth and Heaven with their abundant seed,
Narāśaṁsa [=’a construct related for favour of mankind (nâra)’?] ,
[being?] [‘the one having 4 limbs (or extremities)‘] , [=’cardinal points ?’]
Yama [=Adam] , Aditi [=’a type constructs of them’?] ,
the god Tvaṣṭar
[=’egyptian KHEPER-beetle , transformation’] Wealth-bestower,
the Ṛbhukṣaṇas, Rodasī [=’both unknown still’] ,
Maruts [=’bronze soldiers’ as the Medes ; see index’] ,
Viṣṇu [=’Anubis’] , claim and merit praise.
Denn diese beiden, Himmel und Erde, die samenreichen, Narasamsa, der viergliedrige, Yama,
Aditi, Gott Tvastri, Dravinodas, die Rhibuksan´s, Himmel und Erde, die Marut, Vishnu haben den Vorrang

12 And may he too [be aware] , the Sage, from far away [=’eden’] ,
the [serpent] [=’as eden-day’ , -ahi’] of the Deep, to this our yearning call :
sun and the moon , moving – [heaven-dwellers] , [=’who máke the eden-day’]
you both be aware , sami + nahusi [=’sun and moon as eden-binary’, very likely] .
[you see the problem we have …?
Henoch describes the eden-binary , saying “they forever hold their course” ;
at the deluge (around 8000BC) this sun sûrya was created
(see ‘restore the sun’ chapter in index) ,
so a certain eden-aspect ‘travels continuously TO THIS sun’ – as savitR , ÁTEN – to feed it ;
but it’s very tricky to think out any workable concept here]

Und auf uns, die Heischenden, soll weithin jener Seher, der Drache der Tiefe auf den Anruf hören
und Sonne und Mond, die getrennt wandelnden Himmelsbewohner. Achtet, Sami und Nahusi,
aufmerksam auf diesen!

=caturaN+ga ‘having four limbs (or extremities)’ RV ;
=suryâmâsa , sun + month , dual-number ;
=divikSit ‘heaven dwelling’ RV [here] ;
=dhyai ‘meditate, remember, etc’ RV ;
=’sami ‘labour, toil’ RV , eden-‘sa ; -‘sama ‘peace’, but root of – ‘Sambara ‘jerusalem’ ;
plus -nahus ‘neighbour, neighbourhood’ RV ; nahuSi was an ancient king (house of Nahusa ,
related to Thoth, latter has moon-attribute) , taking posession of Indra’s [=north-realm]
throne but was deposed , and made to be a serpent (as moon KINGA in Sumerian tablets) ;
=bodhatam , 2nd person dual present of -budh ‘wake up, observe, heed, be aware, etc’ RV ;

RV IV , 28

solarplane (and eden-binary)

RV IV , 28 (creation of this solarplane – imprisoning eden below it)
1. ALLIED with thee, in this thy friendship, Soma, Indra for man made [eden-] waters flow together,
slew Ahi
[=‘eden-day as serpent’] , and sent forth the Seven Rivers [=’eden-rivers ; we know 4’] ,
and opened as it were obstructed fountains.
Mit dir im Bunde, in deiner Genossenschaft, o Soma, ließ damals Indra für Manu die Gewässer zusammenströmen. Er erschlug den Drachen, ließ die sieben Ströme laufen und öffnete
die Kanäle, die gleichsam gesperrt waren.

2 Indu [=‘deep-south realm’ as Leviathan , likely’] , with thee for confederate,
Indra swiftly with might pressed down the wheel of Sūrya [=’solarplane’, likely’] ,
that [revolved !] , all life’s support, on heaven’s high summit ,

separat[ing] from the great oppressor [=eden] .
[indra, north-realm, presses it down = must be solarplane]
Mit dir im Bunde drückte Indra das Rad der Sonne sofort gewaltsam ein, o Saft, das auf dem hohen Himmelsrücken rollte. Die ganze Lebenzeit des großen Unholdes war zu Ende
=khid , ‘strike, press, press down’ RV ;
=vartamâna ‘turning, moving, living, existing’ into vRt ‘revolve’,