RV X , 92

  RV X , 92 (eden’s binary sun and moon – for the eden-dawn – are warned)   11 For these, the Earth and Heaven with their abundant seed, Narāśaṁsa [=’a construct related for favour of mankind (nâra)’?] , [being?] [‘the one having 4 limbs (or extremities)‘] , [=’cardinal points ?’] Yama [=Adam] , Aditi [=’a type constructs of them’?] , the god Tvaṣṭar [=’egyptian KHEPER-beetle , transformation’] Wealth-bestower, the Ṛbhukṣaṇas, Rodasī [=’both unknown still’] , Maruts [=’bronze soldiers’ as the Medes ; see index’] , Viṣṇu [=’Anubis’] , claim and merit praise. Denn diese beiden, Himmel und Erde, die samenreichen, Narasamsa, der viergliedrige, Yama, Aditi, Gott Tvastri, Dravinodas, die Rhibuksan´s, Himmel und Erde, die Marut, Vishnu haben den Vorrang 12 And may he too [be aware] , the Sage, from far away [=’eden’] , the [serpent] [=’as eden-day’ , -ahi’] of the Deep, to this our yearning call :…

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RV IV , 28

solarplane (and eden-binary)   RV IV , 28 (creation of this solarplane – imprisoning eden below it)   1. ALLIED with thee, in this thy friendship, Soma, Indra for man made [eden-] waters flow together, slew Ahi [=‘eden-day as serpent’] , and sent forth the Seven Rivers [=’eden-rivers ; we know 4’] , and opened as it were obstructed fountains. Mit dir im Bunde, in deiner Genossenschaft, o Soma, ließ damals Indra für Manu die Gewässer zusammenströmen. Er erschlug den Drachen, ließ die sieben Ströme laufen und öffnete die Kanäle, die gleichsam gesperrt waren. 2 Indu [=‘deep-south realm’ as Leviathan , likely’] , with thee for confederate, Indra swiftly with might pressed down the wheel of Sūrya [=’solarplane’, likely’] , that [revolved !] , all life’s support, on heaven’s high summit , separat[ing] from the great oppressor [=eden] . [indra, north-realm, presses it down = must be solarplane] Mit dir…

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het DroomGezicht, 2009