CT 1138 : as (double-) eye ; eden gate in darkness and the cópy merged w/ matrix gate

CT 1138 : as (double-) eye ;
    eden gate in darkness and
the cópy merged w/ matrix gate

      [useful ; 2022-04apr.23]
CT 1138
main theme : the matrix gate exists bý the eden gate
… not long but very compact and tricky to read —
there still must be “an energetic blueprint being the eden gate below” 
since that is ‘the pool’ from where the watercourse (‘Nile’) steals the words ;
to read along ,
PDF page 502 , real page VII 484 , and scroll upwards ,
‘official’ translation – see annex ;
the matrix gate exists bý the eden gate :              (notes at end)
VII 484
the (matrix type-) darkness (KKU ; ‘specific for eden’). 
[by?] me. [over?-] (eden-) existence. to spread out (UBA=?). ,
[as?].       +
the son-construct of the other one. [of] (eden-) existence. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;
[and so to be] the darkness (KKU). [fór] the other (-one) (adj.) – [of] (eden-) existence. ,
[because?] by.        +
he (‘eden one’). within (-the matrix). 
[to be] the sekhem power. [of?] the one. nót. ,
[but?] [as?] the one ceased fire. ;
[and to be] the stretched out (?, UBA ; adj.) – darkness (KKU). 
[by means of] to make the watercourse (‘Nile’). [for the sake of this N.]. ,
[and] me. [at?] the branch (‘axis’? ; KHT).                                                     [<< Nile as axis]
to steal. all.                                                       [<< no subject but per context ‘eden words’]
[as?] the divine built (-one). [for this N]. ; 
[because by means of] the made watercourse (‘Nile’). 
[to be] the darkness by (?) the (matrix-) place-T (-alike-adam’s) (KKU/IT). 
[as?] the double eye. [by?] (the judged-) Set. ;                               [<< eden stone in eden]
[and] the divine (matrix-) face.     +                                              [<< or ‘(the one-) above’?]
him (‘the eden one’). to repulse. ,
[because]      +
[by] the union. [to be] this. aggressive (-one). [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
[to be] this (-one of?-). (matrix-) existence. [of] (eden-) willpower for matrix-existence. 
[and by] my. jackal power.      +                                                        [<<‘speech for the word’]
[to] me. [in] the (matrix-) existence. the (eden-) word to come.     +       [<< via the Nile]
[from?] the one as the ceased fire. ,                                                     [<< eden gate below]
[tó?] the one as the ceased fire.        +                                      [<< copied eden gate north]
[in?] the one. [as] the completed (matrix-) light (‘Atum’?).                     [<< as matrix gate]
1) lines g-e :
though we don’t know yet the specific nature of this ‘darkness’ KKU
it must relate to “the now matrix word” (U) brought bý the Nile (UAT) ;
while line a) has a version KKIT which can refer to (the place-) ÁNIT ‘fish city’ ;
it is difficult to see which eden gate he addresses :
the darkened one should be the eden one in the south
but both the latter and the cópied gate are one of ‘ceased fire’ ;
3) line a :
the “double eye” : the reading ‘two eyes of Set’ lacks a subject and 
could not have been “the two (olive-) trees” since there’s no follow-up ;
though a curious phrasing it does match him as ‘son construct’, ‘by the other’, etc ;
4) line n :
the ‘broad hall’ north (surrounding M-Babylon) is elsewhere called ‘broad face’ 
so probabably “the one above (‘north’)” was intended here ; 
the ‘union’ could only refer to ‘the eden gate incorporated in the matrix one’ ;
5) lines m-j :
because ‘ceased fire’ appears twice we must assume that the word comes fróm
the eden gate below to the copy now north (or the word would not come to there) ;
the official term ‘Atum’ is tricky – 
elsewhere as “the light (to?, of?) -T to give for hail” 
which we then must remember as an expression for the copied gate ; 
the dual Râ-Atum is only true insofar that the gate (as moon) is Râ’s blueprint
‘official’ translation
(by Faulkner – but remember he read the text the wrong way)
“Rê-Atum is dead ! Fire, fire. I have come that I may be strong in your company.
It is the Aggressor who joined the Scowler when Seth who made the Eye of Darkness
passed by. I am a destroyer with the Lord of robbery following me, I am he who passes
by and splits open the darkness, and fire has no power over me as over anyone else
who belongs to the night. The t-bird belongs to me, and I have split open the darkness.”



PT 566 : the stolen gate : as Horus’ eye below and island of SEKER

PT 566 : the stolen gate :
  as Horus’ eye below
   and island of SEKER

[short ; 2022-04apr.18]

PT 566

main theme : the eden gate as “Horus’ eye below” where SEKER is ;
….. short spell only ; 
that it’s called “Horus’ eye (-below)” is very unusual , it can cause confusion because
usually his ‘eye(-s)’ are above – north , but also because it’s “magically-dangerous” to say ;
it’s also “an island”
but one which is “sacrificed” (MAÂT “to sacrifice (-eden willpower”) 
represented by the SEKER concept – see for him and the island amduat 5 
(and we could make an attempt at doing that one now) ;
his boat has two facing oryx-heads at both sides representing both (eden-) olive-trees ,
while he as “copied eden speech” constantly opens the gate 
(so we must assume that he resides there) ;
line d ‘wing’ : we don’t know yet what axis so we can’t translate that line ; 
to read along ,
PDF page 280 , real page 1429 , and read upwards ,
‘official’ translation ,

PT 566
the eye. [of] Horus. below (‘south’, eden’).                     [<< eden gate ; unusual phrasing !]
[for this N (‘candidate’).].
[is for this N.]        +
the moving (adj.) – (adam-like-) island. nót. ;
[because]        +
[it is] the (adam-like-) island. [óf] the Thoth perch axis (‘Nile’). nót. ;
[and]      +
[it is] the sleeping (adj.) – (eden-) pool in the (dimensional-) background. [of] Horus. nót. ;
…………. so “the eye below” is the eden gate construct , also called “an island”
…………. but it does not “move” – read : is not “ferried-over” etc ,
…………. which would be implied as “the Thoth axis brought this island” ;
…………. and again is repeated that “it is not Horus who constructed this eye” ;
[but instead] , 
[there is] the boat of (matrix-) justice (‘a construct’).            [<< lit. “of sacrifice”] 
[because]       +
[at] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..).       +                                                   [<< eden gate]
[is] the H’nu-boat of SEKER. ;
d : can’t read because we don’t know what is ‘wing’ (TCHNH’)
[and so] , Horus . [to be] thou. (eden-) willpower for matrix-existence. ,
[and therewith] [for] this. N (candidate’). to come health. 


CT 1157 : the eden gate
as ‘the ceased fiery eye’

CT 1157
main theme : the eden gate as “the ceased fiery eye” 
to read along , 
PDF page 522 , real page VII 504 ,
VII 504
[by] the real adm-soul’s (-one). [are] the (matrix-) things of beauty. , 
by [means of]. the ceased fiery. eye (‘eden gate’). ;
[and by] the darkness.                                                                        [<< of eden c.q of the eye]
[..]. [is] the (matrix-) spirits consciousness.  
[through] the watercourse. [by] which is. the one. (matrix-) eye (‘matrix gate’). 
(which-) I am. ;
[because from?-] the ceased fiery one. [by] which is. the location. [for] (matrix-) speech.
[by means of] to make the watercourse (‘Nile’). 
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘matrix gate’). 
in line c it is the eden eye by context ;
juxtaposed to next line where he speaks as their eye ;
the ‘location of speech’ could have written “lion mouth” or “place-T of great (matrix-) speech”
or “crown of great speech” as interchangable for ‘the mouth’ (gate) in last part of the line

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