Ez. 24: onze Originelen in de kookpot

already at the opening sentence it becomes clear that it is about the other Reality.
The “show them a parable” is the same theme that the former 144,000 could have known,
and the concepts and roots used show that “the flock” is cooked as our Originals

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Ez. 33 : het “ik ben al wedergeboren” als groot gevaar

the 144,000 are said to be the “lookout post of all believers”,
and their responsibility to those others,
Ezekiel accountable (as attribute) for the 144,000
conveys God’s message for them:
that message is pretty harsh – unmasking the self-righteousness of the belief
“I am already born again – because after all I made a choice” –
God declares this “is not enough”.

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het DroomGezicht, 2009