PT 600 : the stolen gate : the pyramid – in Zech.4:7 as ‘the destroying mountain’ (and compare Giza)

PT 600 : the stolen gate :
  the pyramid – in Zech.4:7
as ‘the destroying mountain’
      (and compare Giza)

PT 600
main theme : the pyramid
note please : very unclear spell :
…. all the other posted spells about the gate are sure – but this one is tricky
simply because the description does not give us enough information :
the EYE (-in it) – here as ‘crown of speech’ , the gate , is sure ,
but nothing is said about its location or buildup ,
while linking to concepts which are not further expanded upon ;
you will also see
that the spell itsélf runs weird :
it’s a guess what is the subject in a number of lines ,
for example , not “the pyramid itself” can be “within (-the matrix)” 
so that should refer back to ‘the stolen gate’ , etcetera   —
these unclear descriptions make the spell difficult to follow ; 
the term ‘pyramid’ appears in 1650a ;
to read along ,
PDF page 381 , real page 1659 , and scroll upwards ,
‘official’ translation : 

PT 600
the one (-place-T). [for?] the double Ennead.                     [<< 9 main matrix constructs]
[for?] the solarplane (B). [of] (matrix-) willpower. 
by [means of?].            +
the crown of great (matrix-) speech.                             [<< matrix gate in top of pyramid]
existence to make (‘as concept’). to carry-off. ,                                         [<< to the matrix]
[and so] existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
………… though we did grasp that ‘the Ennead’ are 9 main matrix constructs
………… like Shu (atmosphere) , Isis (throne) , Geb (land of Mystery-Babylon) etc ,
………… we’ve no idea where these óriginate from – from the gate ?
………… (or , expanded , from the ‘nine houses’ H’ET ? – see BD) ; 
………… that there is “a dóuble Ennead” simply escapes us ; 
[as] (matrix-) existence to make.         +
[through] the presented (eden-) offerings. [for] existence to make (‘as concept’). ,
[by means of] (eden-) existence. the word. to make (=by eden, ÁR). , 
[and therewith]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[and] (matrix-) existence to make. [by] the selected (eden-) fowls. , 
(….. untranslatable pun…..)
[and therewith]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[and so for] the gods (‘demons’). existence to make. [as] the things of (matrix-) peace. ,
[by means of] existence to make (‘as concept’). to acquire. , 
[and therewith]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[because] the oil. , the raiment. , the fowl. [and] the foods.        +
[by] the royal south. to give. ,                                                              [<< gate region’]
[and through] the offering. (matrix-) existence to make. 
[namely by] the (eden-) word (adj.) – [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. , 
[and therewith]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[and so] (matrix-) existence to make. [of] sekhem power. , 
[as]         +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;  
(matrix-) existence to make. [for, by] the Ba bird spirit-being.     +               [<< Ammon sons]
[as]         +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;
(matrix-) existence to make. [of] praise. , 
[as]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;
[and] (matrix-) existence to make. [of] sharpness (SEPT’). , 
[as]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[through] this. pyramid (MER). 
[as] this. working one (‘labouring’?). to grow. (matrix-) speech. [of] beauty. , 
[and therewith]        +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the one (-place-T). giving. speech. 
all. the gods. ;                                                                     [<< perhaps ‘to be all the divine things’]
…………… also in PT 601 is the combination “to work (KAT). to grow (RUT’)” ;
…………… we’re not sure why it would “labour to grow speech” but that’s what it says
…………… because it’s not “the built one” (QET’ or KHEM) so it refers to ‘speech’ ;
…………… perhaps “speech” (resonance) changes when originating from a pyramid ?

[and so] forever. [to be] the own. (matrix-) existence. 
[by means of] within (-the matrix).         + 
the desired word of (matrix-) speech. to fashion (‘to build’) (QET’). alike-adam’s. ; 
………… equally strange : the word is either ‘made’ or ‘birthed’ but not ‘built’ ;
………… and here the verb could nót draw back upon ‘pyramid’ ;
c, d
[by?] this. pyramid (MER). 
[as] this. working one (‘labouring’?). to grow. 
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the one (-place-T). giving. speech.  
[because by] the one (-T of) the (matrix-) speech of beauty. 
[to be] every. aspect. [for] N’s (‘candidate’). (matrix-) existence. 
[by] speech to transform. , 
[and so]            +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the one (-place-T). giving. speech.  
[for] all. the gods. [of] existence. ;                                          [<< or: ‘all divine things’ etc]
[because]         +
[at] the one (-place-T) the offered (eden-) aspects to materialize (-in the matrix). ,
[and by] these. selected foods. the (matrix-) peace. to give. , 
[by means of]          +
the son-construct. the (matrix-) peace. to give. [by?] to make the (matrix-) place-T. ; 
[and so] forever. [to be] the own. (matrix-) existence.  
[as this N’s existence]. , 
[by] [to be] within (-the matrix). 
[namely?] the one (-T) for speech of beauty. 
[as] every. (matrix-) aspect. this. to make (=by eden ; ÁR) (-for hail). ; 
[and to?] this. one (‘pyramid’?). to come hail. ,
[namely] [as] this. hail. [by] the (eden-) word of the (eden-) mountain (tsiun). , 
[and for] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [..]. to complete. (matrix-) existence. 
[by means of?-] [+the one of?] (‘word’). [of] (eden-) existence. to ascend. , 
[and at?]         +
this. (matrix-) existence’s. island (?).          +
[to be] the ‘workable (matrix-) word’ (adj.) – alike-adam’s (adj.) – [for] the heir. ; 
…………. the above lines are impossible : the “eden word of the mountain”
…………. is always ‘bad’ and cannot just ‘ascend’ ;
…………. the ‘heir’ are the Egyptian corrupt adam souls ; 
[by] to ascend. the hail to come. 
[and?] to (?). the island. [of] the heir. (the hail-) to come. ,
[and so?] to (?). all. the gods. to come. ; 
[as] he. the (eden-) existence. inside. to present. ,                    [<< but magically-dangerous]
[as] the wandered-astray (adj.) – (eden-) existence. , 
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] he. the sanctified. word of the mountain (tsiun). ; 
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] eden-within. , 
[1646 skipped :
as “empowering Geb (‘land of Mystery-Babylon’) ]



PT 566 : the stolen gate : as Horus’ eye below and island of SEKER

PT 566 : the stolen gate :
  as Horus’ eye below
   and island of SEKER

[short ; 2022-04apr.18]

PT 566

main theme : the eden gate as “Horus’ eye below” where SEKER is ;
….. short spell only ; 
that it’s called “Horus’ eye (-below)” is very unusual , it can cause confusion because
usually his ‘eye(-s)’ are above – north , but also because it’s “magically-dangerous” to say ;
it’s also “an island”
but one which is “sacrificed” (MAÂT “to sacrifice (-eden willpower”) 
represented by the SEKER concept – see for him and the island amduat 5 
(and we could make an attempt at doing that one now) ;
his boat has two facing oryx-heads at both sides representing both (eden-) olive-trees ,
while he as “copied eden speech” constantly opens the gate 
(so we must assume that he resides there) ;
line d ‘wing’ : we don’t know yet what axis so we can’t translate that line ; 
to read along ,
PDF page 280 , real page 1429 , and read upwards ,
‘official’ translation , 

PT 566
the eye. [of] Horus. below (‘south’, eden’).                     [<< eden gate ; unusual phrasing !]
[for this N (‘candidate’).].
[is for this N.]        +
the moving (adj.) – (adam-like-) island. nót. ;
[because]        +
[it is] the (adam-like-) island. [óf] the Thoth perch axis (‘Nile’). nót. ;
[and]      +
[it is] the sleeping (adj.) – (eden-) pool in the (dimensional-) background. [of] Horus. nót. ;
…………. so “the eye below” is the eden gate construct , also called “an island”
…………. but it does not “move” – read : is not “ferried-over” etc ,
…………. which would be implied as “the Thoth axis brought this island” ;
…………. and again is repeated that “it is not Horus who constructed this eye” ;
[but instead] , 
[there is] the boat of (matrix-) justice (‘a construct’).            [<< lit. “of sacrifice”] 
[because]       +
[at] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..).       +                                                   [<< eden gate]
[is] the H’nu-boat of SEKER. ;
d : can’t read because we don’t know what is ‘wing’ (TCHNH’)
[and so] , Horus . [to be] thou. (eden-) willpower for matrix-existence. ,
[and therewith] [for] this. N (candidate’). to come health. 


CT 1157 : the eden gate
as ‘the ceased fiery eye’

CT 1157
main theme : the eden gate as “the ceased fiery eye” 
to read along , 
PDF page 522 , real page VII 504 , 
VII 504
[by] the real adm-soul’s (-one). [are] the (matrix-) things of beauty. , 
by [means of]. the ceased fiery. eye (‘eden gate’). ;
[and by] the darkness.                                                                        [<< of eden c.q of the eye]
[..]. [is] the (matrix-) spirits consciousness.  
[through] the watercourse. [by] which is. the one. (matrix-) eye (‘matrix gate’). 
(which-) I am. ;
[because from?-] the ceased fiery one. [by] which is. the location. [for] (matrix-) speech.
[by means of] to make the watercourse (‘Nile’). 
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘matrix gate’). 
in line c it is the eden eye by context ;
juxtaposed to next line where he speaks as their eye ;
the ‘location of speech’ could have written “lion mouth” or “place-T of great (matrix-) speech”
or “crown of great speech” as interchangable for ‘the mouth’ (gate) in last part of the line

[insert page=’ct-1138-as-double-eye-eden-gate-in-darkness-and-the-copy-merged-w-matrix-gate’ display=’all’]

CT 203 : the stolen eden gate : two olive trees + Tree of Life into their Worldtree-concept (+Apis and cardinal points)

     CT 203 : the stolen eden gate :
   two olive trees + Tree of Life
       into their Worldtree-concept
         (+Apis and cardinal points)

      [very useful ; 2022-04apr.15]
CT 203
main theme : the eden trees transformed into their gate

…. logical (and well written) buildup  —
he starts with “how the four eden cardinal points come into the matrix’ ,
and the key carrier of that concept seems the eden tree of life 
(which seems to be part of the main eden vertical vector 
and finally we can place that tree now – even it needs to be checked)
the tree
is described as “the lord of the Set-stone” – eden cornerstone – 
where this type phrasing we need to compare with Zecheriah ;
Apis :
… because he – as copied eden emerald dome – is mentioned first ,
we got the idea that the tree of life is ‘fed’ by the dome ,
both in the eden-situation as well in theirs now ;
two neHt trees :
he then continues about how their “two grain stalks” in their north 
derive from the place of both neHt trees (‘olive trees’ ? – Zecheriah) ,
and not the “double sceptre” in this section :

the Beautiful Tree :
finally , he says how “their main tree is ‘in the name of’ the neHt tree – singular –
and context decides that he means ‘their worldtree’ – or “the base thereof” ;
those type details we still need to find out ofcourse
to read along ,
PDF page 155 , real page III 139 , and read upwards ,

CT 203

first 3 columns : eden’s cardinal-points now in the matrix ,
III 139
[by being] within (-the matrix). ,                                         [<< some eden concept]
my. desirable. (matrix-) word of the solarplane. at. me. to dwell. ; 
[namely by?-]         +
the (4-) corners. [as] the real adm-soul’s. four (-ones). (now-) above (‘north’). 
[in]         +
this. (matrix-) sky. [of] my. (matrix-) existence. to revolve. ; 
………….. or “in the sky of my revolving (type-) existence” as serpentine revolving ;
[incomplete :]
[as?] the (eden-) uraei.                                                              [<< ás the 4 corners?]
(now-) [of?] (matrix-) existence. (…..1x lost…..).                     [=’tied to’ THES+ ?] 
the ones of the green crown.                                                          [<< see Apis spell]
………….. we badly like to know what it said but it’s impossible because we could
………….. think of options but none’d get confirmed : because he starts with ‘corners’
………….. are these (4-) ‘uraei’ “representing the cardinal directions” ? or/and are these
………….. the same as the ‘filaments as uraei’ (see previous posted here) ?
[damaged , not so important : he addresses “the watercourse” (Nile) as construct, axis, 
bringing the eden-words to their north]
III 138
next : because of their copied eden tree (see also end of spell) :
[skipped T2Be , was damaged anyway] 
[because]        +
the real adm-soul’s offered one.                                                        [<< the eden tree/vector]
[is] carried up (adj.) – [bý] the (matrix-) double-place-T for the matrix.               [<< gate]
(now-)     +
[ás] the praised (adj.) – (matrix-) tree of beauty. ,
(having been?)         +
the inside. [of?] the (eden-) coverings (‘veils’). below (‘south’, eden). ; 
……………. compared to the end this reading must be right  —
……………  then the eden tree must be direct related to the cardinal directions ;
……………  2.
……………. these ‘coverings (-for to reap)’ are likely “top of the eden gate” now as Apis ;
[and] (-it) (=tree) to fly-up along the axis as to (matrix-) existence to connect (THEN+). 
(… 2x unsure…).
[and by] the real adm-soul’s (-one). thou (=candidate). to become new. ; 
[because] the one in the north. [of] the (matrix-) sky. 
[wás?] the lord. [of?] the (judged-) Set-stone (‘eden cornerstone’ , ST). ,
[but now as?]       +
the donkey (-óf Set for hail ; Á-ST). [for?] the (matrix-) house.             [<< gate region]
…………… the ‘donkey’ means ‘pillar, axis’ but has already a phallic colour 
…………… (that’s their mindset) also since it ‘rose up’ but then as tree construct ;
next , about Apis (-but rather abrupt) , 
[because by?-]          +
the (matrix-) place SA-U (‘likely Sais’). [to be] (matrix-) existence. [as] the KH-house. ,
[and so?]       +
[through] Apis. for. my. (matrix-) existence. the (eden-‘apis’) one to thresh (H’UT). ; 
……………  it seems we’re at “the north side of the gate now , where Apis is” 
……………  and this place seems to be the base of the stolen tree ;
……………  2.
……………  the place Sais relates to ‘a fourfold concept’ because of its goddess Neith
…………… (where her strange arrows-crown can be the cardinal points) ;
…………… and in amtuat is posing with 4 huge ram-oxes ;
…………… 3.
…………… the ‘thresh’ (-continuously) – the original eden construct which Apis wás ; 

next , because Apis (=top of the dome) makes speech :
III 137
to be the (matrix-) environmental garment.         [<< dressing their reality]
by. his (Apis). (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[to be] thou. (matrix-) existence. [by] the (eden ‘apis’-) one to thresh (H’UT). ; 
[in order]    +                                                                                                                    [sic]
[to be] the god (Apis) (adj.) – [for] the (matrix-) land.             [<< bec/ unusual]       
[and so to be] the divine things. [for] the (matrix-) sky. 
[namely]        +
[by] the (eden-) word. [for to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] the word of eden-within. ,
[as] the words fór divine great (matrix-) speech. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
……………. so Apis makes (matrix-) speech now but he needs “the word” for that ;
……………  but then as eden-word having become the matrix-word
……………  (making that “threshing authoritative matrix-word” H’U) ;
[and by] the one (Apis) of the real adm-soul. (now-) [for] thou. (matrix-) existence. 
hé. the (matrix-) land to till. ,                                                            [<< no negative term]
[by means of] he. the speech. to give. for. (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
[to be] the praised (matrix-) regions (?, glyph). 
by [means of]. the double one of the (dimensional-) background (‘eden’). 
(now-) my. (matrix-) existence. to till. [..]. ; 
[so that] all. the light. below (‘south’, eden). 
[by means of] the divine other one (=Apis ; ‘now of matrix’, KI). 
to be the aspect. [as] divine (matrix-) speech of light. [being] thou. ânkh life. ; 
………….. f : the glyph ‘below’ is always a sentence-stop and requires a subject
………….. (some terms can also be used for eden like ‘throne’ ÁST) ; 
[see b]
[tricky :]
[and because by]        + 
the one of the real adm-soul. [to] me. existence to make (‘as concept’). to bring. ,
[to be]       +
Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [of] the Ba bird beings.                  [<< Ammon sons , Gen 48 page]
[through] the caretaker at (?) the double (matrix-) place-T for the (matrix-) word.        +
[of] Horus. , 
[as?] the nurse (-for to constantly (?) mutilate). the (eden-) house.                              [KHNMT]

[and therewith]         +
the one (Apis) of the real adm-soul. [for to be] thou. existence. [by] his (-one) ,
[namely] his (-one) (=eden-words). [of] speech. [of] mutilated. willpower. ;            [<< eden speech]
[because]            + 
(matrix-) existence. to calculate (‘devise’).       +
[through] this (-his own) ignorant (eden-) (-one) (=the eden wórds). ,
[in order to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;             +
…………. he says “Apis’ speech is powerful – but the eden-words (he needs) are nót” 
Thoth perch (‘Nile’?) and 7 aspects ,
[and by] the Thoth perch (‘an axis’). [tó] the house (adj.) – [of] Horus (=gate). ,
the 7 (?). aspects for (?) food. to become. ;          +  
………….. this Thoth axis is coming out from eden but unsure if it’s “one we know” ,
………….. yet one writes “the watercourse (Nile) for speech above (=north)” ;
………….. S1C seems very sure of ‘7’ – which is an eden aspect ,
………….. and coming fróm eden bý that axis makes sense ; 
III 136
[as] the aspects. which are. [of?] the word (‘light-particles’ ?). ,
[being?] 7 (?). aspects. for. my. ânkh life. ; 
[fór] he. the speech. [of] thou. existence. to come for hail. ;            [<< ‘word’ comes]
[and for] this. (matrix-) land. [..]. to be the environmental garment. , 
through. he. the (matrix-) speech of hail. [of] thou. ânkh life. ;        + 
               our problem now :
………….. who álso “make the word for the eden-environment” are the 7 Torches
………….. (in glyphs as the ÁKHM-SEKu-stars and see ÁKHEM below)
………….. but since they are not mentioned (further) and because we can’t know if
………….. that ‘7’ is true , we simply don’t know : the whole problem is that spells
………….. also say things as “the 6 aspects of (matrix-) daylight” ;
[by] to calculate (‘to design’). 
[that] this (-his) (Apis) (-one) (‘eden word’). (will be for-) me. the ignorant one (ÁKHEM+). 
— [as] the one to be commanded (-by matrix) [<< 1x] —
[and it to be] empowered (‘say’). [bý] the (matrix-) speech.\\ which is. this (-one). [of] mé. ; 
………….. so he says  that those words will sérve my (matrix-) speech” ;
next theme ,
my. sandal (-double (matrix-) place-T for the solarplane to connect to). 
for. he. the (matrix-) speech. above (‘north’). 
[..]. to be stepped upon. nót. ;                                                                 [<< was also in prev. posted]
[because] my. double (matrix-) power. [is?] by. he. (eden-) existence. 
to rise up (-above) (adj.) – me. nót. ; 
[and therefore in] my. body. the (eden-) speech. to enter. nót. ;
[but instead] , (-it) to be doubled (‘as matrix-type’). [for to be] (matrix-) peace. ; 
…………… also interesting : 
…………… this must relate to “new eden in the wilderness , north of M-Babylon” –
…………… apparently (?) they never counted that God would do that (?)
…………… since in that case eden indéed would ‘step upon them’ ;
[and therewith] me. [+(eden-) existence]. to eat. nót. ;
[because] , the foulness (‘eden essence fór the dimensional environment’). 
[is] this. my. abomination.  ;
b, a
………….. the ‘abomination’ means “produced by the eden place-T” as BUT
………….. (essence of the (eden-) T for the (eden-) word for the solarplane” ;
III 135
[repeats of only 1 coffin ; skipped because could pollute the buildup] 
III 134
Ôn (‘M-Babylon’). 
with. the aspects of place-T of he (=eden) for the speech of the real adm-soul (SRFT+). 
the place below to battle. ,                                                                                   [<< eden to battle]
by [means of]      +
the aspects of place-T of he (=eden) for the speech of the real adm-soul (SRFT+).     + 
[for] (matrix-) speech. [through] the founded (matrix-) place-T [..]. ; 

[because] […] the god (Apis). [for] (matrix-) speech. 
[as] this (-one). [to] me. to fly-up by the axis and to (matrix-) existence to connect to. ; 
[and then by] having become (adj.) – the field of (eden-) offerings. , 
[so that for] me. the (matrix-) foods. to become. ; 
………….. so now they battle eden “with her own essences” (though changed ones) ,
………….. this is a major theme also in prophets ;
………….. so next to – or below – Apis is now ‘a field of offerings’ ?
………….. because now he starts about the ‘spelt’ :
[because by?] the white (‘light’). spelt (-at the double matrix-T). 
[..] [is] the beer. for to make to devour (‘drink’). ,              [‘words’]
[and by] Egypt’s (?, KAMT). spelt (-at double place-T). [are] the foods. [for] existence. 
[as] (the one-) for. my. ânkh life. ;                                           [‘speech’]  
…………….. so the words – as aspects – come to these spelt stalks ? to feed Apis ?
…………….. above : very unclear (also in relation to previous ‘7 words’) ;
…………….. are these “2 spelt trees” – staffs – usually 1 is ‘white’ and one ‘ruddish’ ;

III 133
[therewith?]         + 
these. (eden-) names. (by-) me. to know. ,                          [<< through those words?]
[and] these. to know. [through] my. double (matrix-) place-T for the (matrix-) word. 
[as] the double place-T of (matrix-) existence. above (‘north’). ; 
[because for?] these (=words?’). 
[are by?] the (eden?-) trees (‘for the word’?) to seize. ,            
[and so?]       +
the rim (‘lip’) (-at matrix double-T) (SEPT+). to be removed (?) (-by eden). nót. ; 
[and so ás] the upside-down. this. (eden-) existence. 
[for] me. (matrix-) existence. to make (=by eden, ÁR). nót. ; 
……………. problem is that we don’t know what means “lip, lips” SEPT+ ;
……………. perhaps a technical name for “a bow” ?
……………. yet anyway connécted to these two places-T : as SCEPTRES , see next :
[because by]        +
the double sceptre (‘both spelt stalks’) of the Ba-soul of the solarplane (BBA+). 
[to be] (matrix-) existence. by. this. (eden-) existence. 
[but] my. (matrix-) existence. (to be as-) this. (eden-) existence. nót. ; 
[therefore] ,  this. (opened? eden-) palette (?, SESH+). within (-the matrix). 
[me]. to make to burn. nót. ; 
…………….. bit complex but followable : cannot these be only the 2 stolen trees ?
…………….. (or perhaps as “energetic duplicates – now having another nature” ?) ; 
…………….. see how this BBAA sceptre is 1 step away from the ânkh symbol ; 
[repeats :]  
III 132
[repeats of the ‘will not be stepped upon’ lines]
[repeats of ‘to eat not’]


the neHt trees section (=before they became spelt stalks) , 
………….. now seems to start the introduction about the eden tree of life ,
………….. yet immediately linked to previous two stalks :
III 131
the great (-pillar as). the god.     +                                        [<< likely matrix-worldtree]
[for] he. the word (or: for essence ÁF).                                            [<< distributing that]           
[bý?] the real adm-soul’s (-one). below (‘south’, eden). 
[but for] (matrix-) existence to become new. [through?] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ;
[to be] he. the (matrix-) existence. 
[but by] he. the evil. he. the real adm-soul’s (-one). [for] the word. nót. ; 
…………. the ‘matrix pillar’ became by the ‘donkey’ – see previous ; 
…………. which is “radiating the words” needed for “speech” which is given by Râ 
…………. (you see the relation of ‘pillar’ with the Rev. ‘trumpets’ ?) ;
III 130
[but] [to be] the real adm-soul’s. [type-] speech. above (‘north’). 
[by] (it?-) (=word?). [in] my. (matrix-) existence to hover. ,                                         [KHENN]
[in order?] (matrix-) speech to manifest. , 
[therefore] ,        +  
[to be] the adam-like (matrix-) dimension (-of the solarplane) (AGBI+).  
[by?] the two (eden-) neHt trees. [to be] the (matrix-) regions.                         [<< double-T]
[at?] the one vessel. [for] speech above. ,                                                        [<< vessel = gate]
[to be?]        +
the (matrix-) -T (-tree) of beauty. 
[aLIKE] the (1) neHt tree. (now-) above (‘north’). to make to hover. ,                    [S-KHEN] 
[and so to] my. (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ; 
…………… this is absolutely the BEST reading we can make of all 3 combined :
…………… that it is “a matrix-tree of beauty” shows T1Be , reading 
“the real adm-soul’s offered (-one). [bý?] the double (matrix-) place-T of existence. 
[in] náme [of] : the neHt tree. [of] below (‘south’). [in] my. existence. to hover.” ;
…………… the neHt tree “is below” per syntax ,
…………… reading “the tree (at-T) of the eden-house-H fór (matrix-) existence”
…………… but the “in name of” means that a concept was copied ;
…………… and he says that BY ‘two places’ now ONE (main-) neHt tree emerges ;
…………… almost like .. the two “braiding themselves” into one tree
closing (-but unclear) ,
now somehow he múst return to “the 4 corners” theme of start of spell :
the (matrix-) son-construct for to make (matrix-) stability. 
for. my. existence. [is?] the NEGG (-central egg?). ,                           [<< see below]
[to be] great (matrix-) speech. by. (.. the evil one ?…).                               [<< unclear]
[to] my. existence. (having) flown-up (‘to north’). , 
[by] he. the (eden-) throne. to direct (‘arrange’). 
[to be] the (matrix-) Ka bull. [for] me. ;                 [<< strong (‘doubled’-) construct]
[and so to be] my. (matrix-) speech. [by] the far-away one. ;
[and so for] Ôn (‘M-Babylon’). [..] the foulness (‘eden essences’). 
[to become] the praised ones. [for] to be hail (-by). ; 
III 129
i. h
to become a spirit (‘demon’) (adj.) – in. the West (-dimension). 
[of] (matrix-) existence. [through] the mouth (‘gate’). 

CT 21 (short) : Apis

CT 21 (short) : Apis

main theme : Apis ‘invoking’ the eden-word to ‘him’ 

remark :
syntax runs a bit sloppy – is not because of translation ; 
understandable shorter spell
to read along , 
PDF page 83 , real page I 63 , and scroll upwards ,

addressed to Apis :
I 63
[by] the divine great (matrix-) (-one). to complete. [is] this. beer (‘matrix aspect’). ,
[as] the Apis bull’s.        +
I 62
milk (ÁART(-T). ,                                                                     [<< eden-aspect for speech’]
as.                                        +
the lights of (eden-) speech to make to connect to (matrix-) existence (-as the god). ;
[namely, first]                     +
by [means of]                      +
the natron. [..] thou (=Apis). to purify (-with). , 
[and so] thou. a (matrix-) throne. to become. ; 
[and] incense. for. thou. \\ (dimensional-) backside (‘eden’). , 
[in order for] the (stolen-) words to can be presented.          +
I 61
to. thou. (dimensional-) fóreground (‘matrix’). ;   
[so that as] the purified one. [by] thou. to become.        +
the ânkh life (adj.) – [through] Râ. ;            [<< who is matrix-speech] 
……………. all very tricky — but their realm is an inversed one 
…………… so they first need to ‘clean’ him before they can use him ; 
…………… they need him for “connecting the speech to the words” 
…………… though bóth are stolen aspects turned into their type ; 
[and because] thou (adj.) – has become (adj.) – the double purified eden-sceptre (TÁ). ,
[through] the NT-spirits. [at] thou (adj.) – location. 
the divine things. [for] (matrix-) existence. [by] thou. [the one]. to make (-them) (=by eden). ;
[because by]         +
thou. [in] the (matrix-) house. [..] [as] the one of the (dimensional-) background (=eden). ; 
I 60
thou. [are] a branch (-in the matrix-house-) for health. ,
[and therewith] thou. (eden-) existence. to overthrow. ; 
[yet] [by being in] the (matrix-) fortress. [for (matrix-) speech]. [at] the jaw (‘matrix-TT). , 
the (eden-) word. [of] speech.         +
[of] thóu. (eden-) existence. to manifest. nót (-in the matrix). ; 
[but instead] , the (eden-) word. [as] the (matrix-) word-inside. [for] the (matrix-) land.   +
(which is-) [through. the vessel. above (‘north’). [as the mouth, 1x].                  [<< gate]
[by] thou. speech. to manifest. ; 
………… so he won’t speak the eden-word but the already ‘altered’ (now) matrix-word ;
………… 2. ‘the jaw’ :
………… as “the ascended double (matrix-) place-T” (where their 2 grain stalks are) ,
………… the same construct as the “hooks in your jaw” in prophets ;
[because by] the (whóle-) upside down (-one) (=eden). wandering-astray.
thou. (matrix-) existence. to make (=by eden). nót. ; 
[but for] thou. ,     +
[through] the legs (‘axis’). [to] above (‘north’). the ones (=words) to wander-astray. , 
I 59
[and] thou. the speech. to make (-by those) (=by eden ; ÁR). ; 
next theme ,
[sentence stop ; ‘and to this N to descend’] 
[and so] existence to make (‘as concept’). within (-the matrix). 
[and] the (matrix-) dimension. [thanks to] thou. to can drink. ;
[because it is now] the double shrine of speech (=matrix dimension). 
(which-) [is] holding hostage (adj.).        +
the ÁAT’T vineyard (‘eden gate’). [of] thou. (eden-) existence. ; 
[and therewith to be] the divine things. for. [..].       +
I 58
Râ’s. (dimensional-) side. [of] speech. ,                    [<< matrix ; see ‘the shrine’]
[by means of]         +
the MAQT ladder. [to] thou. (eden-) existence. [being] tied together (-to). ; 
[and so] the (matrix-) sky. [through] thou. speech. to manifest. ,
[because to] thou. (type of-) speech (-of hail). the (eden-) word to come. 
……………. so in this part he is reasoning the other way : becáuse Apis is above ,
……………. by his speech he “invokes” the eden-word to come to him
……………. (because ‘speech’ is masculine and ‘the word’ feminine)
……………. via the MAQT ladder – the same double-axis as “the legs”

gate theme (Gen. 48:8-12) : promise to Judah [-as House] and see link w/ Rev. 6:12 + 12:1 (will be part of Introduction)

gate theme (Gen. 48:8-12) :
promise to Judah [-as House]

and see link w/ Rev. 6:12 + 12:1
(will be part of Introduction)



 Jacob blesses his twelve sons [-aka the two Houses]

subs :
did Jacob address the sons akin to the timeline of the 7 Revelation churches ?
… it is very possible :
not only because of the two Houses which the twelve sons represent
but also because of the interpreted context in this section ,  
while Gen. 49:1 writes : “… what shall befall you in the last days” , the end of days ;  
the problem is ofcourse that Esau so deeply corrupted the promises to the brothers
(where especially the end of the chapter is Nonsense – having ruined any possible context)
that we can only propóse that it had a Timeline ;
– related to this ,
is the mentioning of ‘the anointed’ (Christ) in line 10 here :
they may or may not have understood who Christ is but for the próphecy that is irrelevant
because of that important “last days” condition ;
comparison with the (corrupted-) blessings in Deut. 33 :
… Moses probably repeated Jacob ;
if you look close then you see that parts of the twelve type blessings overlap (and match)
but most is a mess : ‘the lawgiver’ appears here with Gad who is ‘a lion’ 
(which are the attributes of Judah in this page) ,
while also the séquence of the brothers is altered ;  
and the mysterious ‘Jeshurun’ here is no other then ‘the anointed’, Christ (ishrun=mschh) ; 
retrieved context : 100%
and most of the text except for lines 11-12 
(at least a revanche for Esau’s “colt and vine” we bought into , at the start) ; 
… however we do have a question :
you know that the house Judah represents ‘the eden sky’ and the house Ishral ‘the land’
so the gate theme here perfectly fits Judah – but was something adapted and have we
searched it ‘fór’ him ..? (and is this related to the Joseph-Benjamin story in Egypt ?) ;
– and linked to this ,
his attribute the gate went astray – just like Judah – and the link between ‘Tamar’ 
as tree (eden-vector) and ‘the lawgiver’ (mentioned in that story) makes you wonder
whether Judah had a playout concerning the gate …

Gen. 49:8-12

ieude Judah athe you iudu·k they-shall-acclaim·you achi·k brothers-of·you id·k hand-of·you 
b·orph in·nape-of aibi·k ones-being-enemies-of·you ishthchuu they-shall-bow-down to·you 
bni sons-of father-of·you   
Judah, thou [art he] whom thy brethren shall praise:
thy hand [shall be] in the neck of thine enemies; thy father’s children shall bow down before thee. 
Judah , you=in – the praise=last (achi=achrith) – [+days]         [<< see below]
your hand – (will be) in the neck of – your enemies (‘spirits’) ,  
and – the sons of – father=Ammon (!) – (will) bow down – to you ;

initial line :
…. it does not anywhere else write how “the other sons will bow for Judah”
because in fact this only happened with Joseph : so it’s póssible – but unlikely   —
therefore the ones who will bow must be ‘spirits’ (see line 9) ;
– the ‘last days’ : first , the line here – see above – is similar to line 1 
(ath·km you b·achrith in·hereafter-of e·imim the·days)
but more important this theme is indeed in the very last days
so it is imaginable that this phrase of line 1 would be repeated here !
restoring attempt :
… the often occurring syntax as “third line specificates the second” fits here also ,
where “the sons of Ammon” in prophets is a specification óf those ‘enemies’ : 
these Ammon sons are the corrupted-adm-souls (like Esau , Egyptians etc) 
whose role are described more specific , below :
gur whelp-of arie lion ieude Judah m·trph from·prey bn·i son-of·me olith you-go-up kro he-bows 
rbtz he-reclines k·arie as·lion u·k·lbia and·as·parent-lion mi who ? iqim·nu he-shall-make-rise·him
Judah [is] a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: 
he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?
[+but] Judah – the lion’s – whelp        +

(will) son=search (bn-bqr) – [..] the prey ,       +               [<< the double door , in prophets]
[+as] the gone=double door (olith=dlth !) (-of?) – (…..a hint to Eden ? – unknown……)
lion=which – the parent-lions (‘spirits’) – made to rise up – (to?-) [+their] who=land (?) ;
(arie=ashr)                                                                                                                                 (mi=arts)
initial line :
…. the lion “standing, sitting, walking and talking” makes absolutely no sense ; 
restoring attempt :
… but now the enemies are defined as hostile lions (see f.e. Zechariah as the ones which
cry out because they lóst something) – in prophets it writes “sheltered lions” instead
of ‘old lions’ but that isn’t important here ; 
however – also “the prey” is used in prophets – as ‘double door’ (we forgot about that) ; 
– it’s unsure if it had a hint to Eden : but the “make to rise” suggests “a locátion”
(and compare line 26 a term as “everlasting hills” – so it’s possible) ,
and therefore could require a location of them spirits , as well ; 
la not isur he-shall-withdraw shbt scepter m·ieude from·Judah u·mchqq and·statute-maker’s-staff
m·bin from·between rgli·u feet-of·him od until ki that iba he-shall-come K shile Shiloh Q shilu Shiloh
and·to·him iqeth expectation-of omim peoples    
The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, 
until Shiloh come; and unto him [shall] the gathering of the people [be]. 
[+but] not=when – Judah – (will have) depart=found (sr=hqr) – the (eden?-) sceptre
[as] the ruling (-one) – between (‘under’) – his feet ,                      [<< comp. Revelation]
[..1x..] – then – the shiloh=anointed one (Christ) – (will) come       +
d                                        (shle=mschh !)
[=upon] him=whom – the peoples=sons (omim=bnim) – (will be) waiting ; 

initial line :
…. difficult because much made sense : see next ;
restoring attempt :
… because he “searched” in 9 now he must
have found it which is immediately linked to a PROMISE  —
and compare how Deut. 33 also mentions the anointed one (Christ) ;
– it’s possible that it wrote “gate (shbt=shor) between his feet” but perháps unlikely :
intended must have been a symbolical concept , first perhaps to make a connection
with the – much later – Revelation , but perhaps also to the egyptian spells (see pages)
by which could be found ‘the answer’ to this riddle ; 
11-12 – closing : impossible – see outline :
asri one-binding-of l·gphn to·the·vine K oir·e colt-of·him Q oir·u colt-of·him u·l·shrqe 
and·to·the·yellow-muscat-grape bni son-of athn·u female-donkey-of·him kbs he-launders 
b·iin in·the·wine lbsh·u clothing-of·him u·b·dm and·in·blood-of onbim grapes K suth·e 
coverlet-of·him Q suth·u coverlet-of·him chklili flushed-one-of oinim eyes m·iin from·wine
u·lbn and·white-one-of shnim teeth m·chlb from·milk  
Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass’s colt unto the choice vine; 
he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes: 
His eyes [shall be] red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.   
… it’s such nonsense that it’s hard where to start  —
first option is “that all this was invented to present this ‘Shiloh’ better” 
(as a trick Esau also does often in prophets) to hide the ‘anointed one’ corruption ;  
… second option is “the restoration to our Originals” after our rescue ;
then for example the mentioned “garment” could have referred to physicality ,
but even then the corruption is so overdone that no normal line can be retrieved ;
problem with this option is that ‘the Originals’ is not Judah’s attribute !  
… therefore the third option makes the most sense  —
as expanding upon “whén the anointed will return” 
and perhaps even to underline the “cosmic character” of Judah’s search   
as a theme which importantly would often return in PROPHETS , 
and he can have mentioned “the sun going dark and the moon red as blood” :
compare in this 11-12 ,
– unknown , “when he (will) bound=rescue them ………….”  (?)
– “the clothing=moon. as blood” ?
– [and] “the coverlet=sun. (will be) flushed=dark” ?
                       (suth=shmesh)                  (chaklili=chsk ; obviously invented form)

+ unknown ,
    something like before the eyes=day (oinim=ium) of wine=IEUE (iin=ieue)  ?




CT 219 : the stolen eden gate : as spherical dome of serpents

CT 219 : the stolen eden gate :
as spherical dome of serpents

    [useful ; 2020-04apr.12]
CT 219

main theme : 
…………… a stolen eden gate as “spherical dome of light , of energy” which has ‘coverings’
…………… which exists out of ‘serpents’ (fiery eden-uraei : ‘filaments’ ?) which “spit out words” 
…………… but understóod as “light-particles” which “are their bread and food” ;
– however bizarre at least this is what we get from it ;
we’ll look for other ones w/ this theme
and óur question ofcourse always is “does this match with some event in prophets ?”
(the ‘urine and foulness’ – see f. CT 218/220 – must be the ántipodes of this ‘beer and food’ ;

to read along , 
PDF page 216 , real page 200 , and read upwards , 
CT 219
III 200
[to] the West (-dimension). side. above (‘north’). the one to give. , 
[namely by] the East. side. [to] above. [as] the one by the support pillar (-to there). ; 
[and then by being] within (-the matrix). 
[to] my. (matrix-) existence. the word (‘light-particles’). to be given. 
[to be] all. the (matrix-) words of the solarplane.          +
[as] the beer. [and] food. [to] me. this. to give. ; 
next , ‘the god’ is this stolen construct :
[by] the god. (matrix-) existence. to beget. [of] beauty. ;      [<< or ‘at double-T for beauty’]
[as] existence to make (‘as concept’).          +
[by means of?] the coverings (‘veils’ ; or ‘tresses’ ?). [to] me. to come. , 
[and by] the divine Ba bird spirit-beings. [as] me. (eden-) existence. to carry-off. [..]. ; 
[because by] the (eden-) uraei. [for] existence to make. within (-it?). 
[through] me. to manifest. ,         + 
[when?] the ones (?, uraei?) of the egg (‘energy torus’). [for] existence to make. within. 
[to] me. to descend. ; 
…………… so we must have “a spherical dome of light , of energy” which has ‘coverings’
…………… which exists out of ‘serpents’ (uraei) which ‘make the bread and food’ ;
…………… the reading can be that it is “a layered dome” and hence “more serpents”
…………… and it was probably HENKT ‘coverings’ not HENSKT ‘tresses’ 
…………… (well so where does the ‘medusa’ concept originate from ?) ; 
III 199
[and so at] the island of the horizon (‘gate region’).        +
[to be] things of (?) the pool. [as] my. fire-drill construct (‘boat’). ,
[as] the ferried-over construct (‘boat’). by. the cord of the tackle (-into the north).  
[into?]       +
the equillibrium. (by-) me. (having) tied together. ;     [<< to matrix high place QA ; CT 218]
[and by it being] within (-the matrix). , 
[to] my. (matrix-) existence. the word. to be given.
[as] all. the words for the solarplane.       +
by [means of] me. the vessel. [for] (matrix-) existence. to acquire. ; 
…………….. it’s unclear “if he tied the cords” or “they were tied fór him” 
…………….. (so that his job is to work with it – that is what the sons of Ammon do) ;
…………….. considered text below he is not thát humble :
[so that factually by?] me. to (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. 
[through?] the (matrix-) word of hail. ,
[and because of] me. (matrix-) existence. to (can) drink. , 
[and] the foods. [through] me. to (can) eat. ; 
[because] me. the West (-dimension). side. above (‘north’). the word. to give. , 
[because by] me. [is] the East’s. side. word by the support pillar (adj.) – [to] above.



      CT 204 : as Apis bull
(‘causing the half-moon’?)

CT 204
main theme : the Apis bull (as ‘strong construct’) as the dome of the matrix gate (?) ;

……. interesting  —
though in previous spell it was described as ‘uraei’ this bull represents “a nature” 
and is directly linked to “the (covering of the-) top of the head” UPT+ 
and factually “the ópened covering”  :
in III 140
– the “eye” seems correct – as matrix gate
   (Apis is depicted with the red sun – eye – almost as part of him) , 
– he is often shown ‘kneeling on a base’ which can be him as covering ,
– he is shown with the UATCH-goddess , ‘green’ (=maimed emerald) ,
– he wears the same MENÁT as Khons (KHENSU) – which is now the matrix gate ;

– it writes on murals and plaquettes “that he comes from Seker-Ptah” , that is from the eden gate ,

Apis cáusing the half-moon … ?
…. just an idea for we don’t know still —
the eden-half-moon (‘month’?) makes the matrix-moon – and therewith their seasons ,
but suppose that this “top bow of the moon” (as gate)
can be linked to that concept ?
question , 
was ‘the golden calf’ in Egypt ‘Apis’ ?
it would fit the main theme of “speech” … 
– besides ‘the double chevron’ glyph of H’EP (Apis) looks lot like a compass
perhaps as the square used in the masonic logo – where ‘G’ is just ‘gate’ ,
that logo depicting the matrix-gate mixed with eden aspects ?
to read along , 
PDF page 158 , real page III 142 , and scroll upwards , 
CT 204
eden-existence only rises up until (-as high as) the matrix dimensional-centre ,
III 142
my. (matrix-) existence. to be made upside-down (‘like eden’s). nót. ;
[but] (it-) [by] the legs (‘axis’). [to] above (‘north’). [to] me. to wander-astray. :
[úntil] my. sandal (-as the double (matrix-) place-T for the solarplane to connect to. 
[and so to be]         + 
the real adm-type speech above (‘north’).       + 
[but] (it-) to step. [upon] me (adj.) – nót. ; 
[likely :]
[because] (it-) (higher-) to rise. [as] the two fingers (‘axis’). [for] my. existence. nót. ; 
…………… the ‘legs’ are “the two risen up eden-ram horns” just as the ‘fingers’ ;
III 141
[and therefore] the (eden-) dimension of urine.          +
(by-) me. to drink. nót. ;
f (!)
[+and] [+the foulness (‘eden aspects’)]. me. to eat. nót. ; 
g (!)
[but instead] , [by] to untie the (eden-) essences (-from eden). , 
[as] the essences (‘as words’) of the (eden-) mountain. [for] (matrix-) speech.    +
(which are-) my. abomination (-eden-T). , 
[to be] the divine (matrix-) ones by being connected to (matrix-) place-T of vulture-rule.   +
to become (adj.) – [for] me (adj.) – above (‘north’).
……………… so he says
……………… that the unclean essences (of the eden mountain) are his ‘abomination’ (B-UT)
……………… but because they are produced by the eden-place-T ;
[and because of] the nurse (‘matrix-T for stability’). above. [for] me. to become. , 
[to come] the mutilated (eden-) things. [for to be] (matrix dimensional-) wideness. ; 
[to be] the things by the eye (‘matrix-gate’) (?). [in?] the celestial region. 
[as?] (matrix-) existences of speech. [of] beauty. ;                                   [<< unlikely ‘names’?]
III 140
[because by] the coverings of the top of the head. (which is-) [at] the (matrix-) high place. 
[is] the (matrix-) sky. [of] eden-within. ,
[ás] this. Apis bull. ; 
(now as-) this. divine descended one (=to the north). [for] me. ; 
………………. see notes in top ;
closing :
[and therewith] ‘the workable (matrix-) word’ . [to] my. existence to bring. ; 
[tricky :]
[to be] the ânkh life. [by?] (eden-) to destroy. [for] (matrix-) hail. ; 
a = i
the cemetary below (eden). as. the upside-down (-one). to wander-astray.
[in order for] to complete (-the matrix). ; 


PT 594 : the stolen gate : as
 ‘gate of speech’ and ‘sceptre’

PT 594
main theme : the eden gate now as ‘matrix gate of speech’ 
to read along ,
PDF page 370 , real page 1638 , and read upwards , 
[to be] he. the (matrix-) existence. 
[by] (the star of-) the (eden-) [=hand] of great speech. nót. ;                       [<< eden gate]
[but instead] , 
[by] (eden-) existence. [to be] thou. (matrix-) existence. [of] splendour. ;
[because by]        +
UPUAT (‘the jackal perch-standard of the watercourse (‘Nile’) opening the eden root’).
[..]. [to be] the eden sceptre (TÁ). [at] the (matrix-) high place. , 
[namely as]     +
the royal south. [..]. (where is-) the risen up (adj.) – (now matrix-) sceptre (T). ;        + 
[as] the gate (-of speech). [for] (matrix-) speech of hail.       +
[for] thou. (matrix-) existence. to manifest. 
the “star of the hand” usually as URT’ (not URTCH) and a star ;
the “jackal upon the perch” indicates already that his standing place is ‘in the north’ 
stressed by the term “high place” QA ;
the difference between TÁ and T is subtile but the reading must be correct



CT 225 the stolen eden gate : the two elongated axis (two trees theme)

CT 225 the stolen eden gate :
   the two elongated axis
(two trees theme)

[difficult ; 2022-04apr.09]


main theme : the ‘two legs’ (see depiction)
                          as “the two mighty rivers coming from Tartarus (=eden)
                          flowing to the North” which Plato described
…. linked to this is the tricky ‘grain’ theme in the second half ; 
we’ll try to translate as best possible 
since this is a particular Nasty spell concerning context 

to read along ,
PDF page 266 ; real page III 250 , and scroll upwards ,

CT 225
the ‘words’ he talks about are ‘light particles’ : 
III 250
the cunningness (‘by inversing’) (adj.) – [of] sharpness (SEPT’). 
by. [to be] the real adm-soul’s. [type-] speech. [through] thou. tongue (‘a construct’). ; 
III 249
[sentence stop]
[by means of] the words of breathe-air. thou. to sustain (?). 
[through] (-it) remembering (?).     +
to stand upright (-at matrix vector). 
[because] the East. thou. (dimensional-) side.                                  [<< read: Heaven]
[to] above (‘north’). the word. [..]. to give. ; 
III 248
[as] thou. words of breath-air. [for] to sustain.
[by?] (-it) remembering (?).   +
to stand upright. [as] the one dwelling (-in the matrix). ; 
[and therewith] the word. [..] to give. ; 
[because fór] thou. West. above (‘north’). 
[to be] the word. [through] the support pillar. , 
[and it] [tó] thou. West. above. the word. [..] to give. ; 
III 247
[by] the cemetary below (‘eden/tsiun’). for. the (matrix-) land.     +
the main root. [for] thou. (matrix-) speech. to make (=by eden). , 
[to be] the (matrix-) words by decree of Law. [for] thou. sekhem-power. ; 
[because] the cemetary below. for. thou. speech.
the divine (matrix-) words of speech to make (=by eden). 
for. thou. sekhem-power. ; 
………. ‘sekhem-power’ is a type of “rule over light-particles (as ‘words’)”
………. hence the description ‘for speech’ ,
………. see the relation with “the workable word” NNUU below ; 
[because] the adam-like (-one) (‘those words’). to give. within (-in the matrix). , 
[and in] thou. (matrix-) existence. to materialize.    +
for. thou. sekhem-power. ; 
[by means of for] the West. thou. side. above. the word. [for thou. [to be by] the support pillar. ,
[sentence stop]
[in order to be] thou. divine (matrix-) things. 
[by] the ones of he (=eden) for the (matrix-) KH-house.                        [<< dictionary: ‘enemies’]
for. thou. sekhem-power. ;  
III 246
[by] thou. eastern. side. [to above. 
[fór thou (matrix-) speech of hail]. 
[to be] thw ord. [by] the support pillar. , 
[sentence stop]
[and so for] thou. [to be] the things of he (=eden) for the (matrix-) KH-house. 
for. thou. sekhem-power. ; 
[as] the ones at the solarplane shore. of. thou. sekhem-power. ; 
III 245
[because by?] the pools for the ‘workable (matrix-) words’ (?) (NNUU+).
for. thou. sekhem-power.  
[sentence stop]
[is?] the double shrine of (matrix-) speech.     +             [<< realm of copied eden-speech]
of (?). thou. sekhem-power. ;
III 244
III 243
[by] thou. legs (‘axis’). [to be] [..]. thou. sekhem-power. ; 
………… see depiction in top of page : these “legs” are the elongated ‘olive tree’ axis
………… or as in Daniel “the eden ram’s horns growing to the North” ; 
………… Plato saw “two mighty rivers rising up from Tartarus (=eden) to the North” ;
III 242
[to be] thou. word. [of] double (matrix-) power. for. thou. sekhem-power. , 
[through] thou. vessel in the (dimensional-) (matrix-) foreground.   +    [<< ‘gate’, likely’]
for. thou. sekhem-power. ; 
[now as?-] thou. vessel. for. thou. sekhem-power. ; 
[sentence stop]

III 241
thou. double willpower. as (?). thou. sekhem-power.    +
[by] thou. vessel (‘gate’) in the (dimensional-) foreground. of. sekhem-power. , 
[as?] thou. centre (‘vessel’). for. thou. sekhem-power. ;
[sentence stop]
III 240
b [difficult :]
the place of ‘8’ (KHMENNU). [at?] the Thoth perch axis. 
which is. the (-place-T at?-) the scroll (-sky). 
the things to command as the god. 
[to be?] (matrix-) existence. [by?] the blueprint. [from?] below (‘south’). 
[and therewith for] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [to be] the (matrix-) speech. 
[by] to make the fire-drill construct (‘boat’ = gate). 
[alike] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..). ; 
…………. we don’t know yet much about this KHEMENNU ‘8’ ; 
…………. perhaps as the centre of two sets of cardinal directions ,
…………. since it’s original name is related to “to breathe” SSNNUU ;
[being?] the place of the real adm-soul’s nostril for (?) the ÁTEN sphere.
[as?] the (matrix-) place-T for the (matrix-) KH-house. ; 
………… killing , these lines : what does it mean ?
………… the ÁTEN-disk-sphere , like some giant balloon , emerges from here ?
III 340
III 339
[because at?] Hathor.     +                   [‘house of Horus’]
[to be?] the acquired one (‘star Orion’ ; SAH’T ; the inversed one’). 
[as?] the myrrh (ÂNT+). [which is by the?-]. trees (NEHT+). below (‘south’). 
[for thou speech for thou to dwell?]. 
………… how does this line run proper ? what does it want to say ?
………… these NEHT trees are definitely eden’s — the two olive trees – 
………… so Orion – the acquired gate – is BY the NEHT trees ?
………… (but what the myrrh has to do with anything?) ;
………… myrrh is a type OIL – so “the oil” in Zechariah can be valid ? 
III 238
[repeat ; but this one adds “coverings” (SMAu) , but “of” the NEHT tree ?
the NEHT trees FOR the covering (‘the emerald dome’?) ; how to read this ?]
III 237
to purify (-it?).    +                                                                                  [<< purify what ?]
[in order to be?] the (matrix-) word for the solarplane (BU). 
[for?] (matrix-) speech. 
[by?] the white. spelt (-at double place-T) (BET’TT). 
[by] which is. the beer (‘aspect’). for. thou. to (make to-) swallow. ; 
…………. so both NEHT trees are “below” (and stáy below) 
…………. but now replaced by thwo spelt-stalks in the north ?
…………. please remember to read Introduction ;
[and?] the ruddish. spelt (-at double place-T). 
[to be?] (matrix-) existence’s. food. for (?). thou. ânkh life. ; 
………… this ‘ruddish’ is a mutilated eden aspect 
………… but is one ruddish and another one white
………… or do they fluctuate from white to ruddish and back ?
III 236
III 235
[sentence stop]
[because?] the things of the (eden-) place-T of the real adm-soul.     + 
thou. to eat. nót. ;
[because] this. [real adm-soul’s (-one) (..)]. [is] thou. abomination. ; 
[but instead] , 
[by] Geb (‘land of Mystery-Babylon’). [to be] (matrix-) existence. 
[by] the food. [of?] the real adm-soul’s (-one). for. thou. ânkh life. ; 
……….. above : he probably means “the entire gate construct” ;
III 234
next : likely said to the stolen eden gate itself : 
[the question is who was the ‘thou’ in previous lines – that is always difficult – 
but it would not change the context of the aspects themselves] 
III 233
this. N (‘candidate’). thou (‘stolen eden gate’). to empower (‘say’). alike-adam. ,  

[by for] he (‘N’) the (matrix-) speech of hail. to birth. [..]. ; 
[because] [as] the cemetary below (‘eden/tsiun’). [..] thou. the (matrix-) speech to make. ,
[for] the (matrix-) word by decree of law. as (?). thou. [type-] sekhem-power. ; 
………….. also the version “for the (matrix-) land thou the speech to make (etc)” ;
III 232
III 231
[sentence stop]
[because] [as?] the cemetary below. of. thou. speech. 
the words of speech to make. as. thou. [type-] sekhem-power. ; 
[sentence stop]
III 230
III 229
[almost empty]
III 228
[skipped ; about the ÁTERT shrine – the realm of mimick-eden-speech]
III 227
[skipped ; not important]
III 226
III 225
[sentence stop]
[by means of] adam’s (eden-) place-T (‘gate’). within (-the matrix). 
[to be] thou (N’s). (matrix-) existence.     +
[by means of] the invoked (eden-) aspects to materialize (-there). 
for. thou. sekhem-power. ; 
b , a
………….. now we’re back at the start of this spell ;
III 225-220
next : (matrix-) day [-light]  :
III 219
the (matrix-) day [-light]. for. thou. to manifest. 
[because] the place H’ENT (‘gate’). [to] thou. existence. to give. speech. ; 
[because] [at] the place H’ENT. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail.
[for] thou. the (eden-) mouth (‘gate’). to open (SENSH, eden term). , 
[and at] the place H’ENT. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail.
[for] thou. the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). to open (UN , matrix term). ; 
[sentence stop]
…………. this is A MISTAKE : in ALL the other spells the usual term is
…………. “to open the double doors” (of the eden gate) in order “to close the mouth”
…………. (to stop the eden speech of the gate) ; 
III 218
said to the eden gate :
III 217
[in order to be] the (matrix-) speech (adj.) – [for] the (matrix-) land. 
[by means of] thou. within (-the matrix). 
[to be] he. the (matrix-) willpower.     +
[by] the ‘shot one’ (‘eden gate’) to make at the double-matrix-place-T. 
[as] thou. within (-the matrix). , 
[to be] the willpower. [for] the desirable clothing (-of the matrix) (?, MER+). 
[as] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
[by means of] the (eden-) word. to untie. 
[and as] the (matrix-) word. to guard. 
[to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
III 216
………… this is difficult again : the ‘word’ seems to belong to ‘the two trees’ 
………… (now as ‘spelt’) which would “feed” the speech of the mouth as gate (?) ;
III 215
[to be] the (matrix-) land of Sight (-by the double-place-T) (?).   +
[by?] the main (matrix-) house (‘the gate’). 
[because fór] Geb (‘land of Mystery-Babylon’).      +
the one at the (matrix-) high place (‘north’). thou. (matrix-) existence. to open (UN). ; 
[and therewith] the (matrix-) land. [and] sky. 
[of] thou (matrixc-) existence. to open. ; 
[sentence stop]
III 214
III 213
[see 212]
III 212
[by] the cemetary below’s (‘eden/tsiun’). [..]. one of he (=eden) for the (matrix-) KH-house. 
[to be] the (matrix-) speech. 
[and so for] me. [to be] the (word of-) true voice.      +
[as] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘now matrix gate’). 



CT 226 : the stolen eden gate : SEKER *inside* it (?)

CT 226 : the stolen eden gate :
     SEKER *inside* it (?)
(we would need to verify)


CT 226 

main theme : SEKER is IN the eden gate (?) ;
…. now it’s getting dangerous – 
the context suggésts that SEKER (‘mimicked speech’) opens the eden gate
but we would need more spells to confirm if this is indeed the right concept  —
it would mean that in amduat 5 , SEKER is constantly IN the eden gate ; 

to read along ,
PDF page 275 , real page III 259 , and scroll upwards , 

III 259
[by means of] Adam’s (eden-) place-T (‘eden gate’). within (-the matrix). , 
[to be] thou (‘the candidate’). (matrix-) existence.        +
[and therewith] the invoked (eden-) offerings to materialize (-in the matrix). 
[as] (-the ones for) thou. to acquire. ; 
……….. prophets (ánd spells ánd Rg-Veda) tells how “the sons of Ammon” 
……….. (corrupt adm-souls who got a matrix spirit-body in Mystery-Babylon) 
……….. invoke the eden-aspects from the south towards their region ;
[a short line as ‘sentence stop’]
[and therewith to be] thou. beer. [for] thou. to drink. , 
[and] the food. [for] thou. to eat. ;                                            [<< as stolen aspects] 
[sentence stop]
[because] night. [=and]. day. (these-) for. thou. to manifest (-in the matrix). ; 
[sentence stop]
III 258
[to be] the divine (matrix-) things. (………..). [for] Geb (‘as Chaldea, land of M-Babylon’). 
[by means of]     +
the H’ENNUU bark. [..]. to rise and be crowned. 
[as] SEKER’s boat. [at] he. the southern – fortress. [of] PTEH’. ,
[so that]        +
[tó] thou (N’s). (matrix-) existence. (eden-) existence. to give. speech. ; 
……….. difficult : SEKER represents “mimicked eden speech” conquering the eden gate
……….. (it can have written in the total corrupted Isaiah 21+22 Gate chapter :
……….. “Elam (=matrix) opened the gate of the people (=of eden)”) ;
……….. but it seems here that SEKER is in the eden gate ,
……….. as a boat (construct) with two oryx-heads facing eachother 
……….. and compare ‘the two olive trees (Zecheriah) supporting the emerald dome ; 
……….. 2) Ptah (PTEH’) is equated with SEKER as a mummy standing in a portal ,
……….. the ‘fortress’ must be the eden gate (also Rg-Veda calls the eden gate a fortress) ; 
[sentence stop]
[and by] he. the ruddish one. [of] eden-within.   +                                             [<< stolen gate]
[to be] the ruddish things. [of] eden-within. [for] the (type-) Ba bird spirit. , 
[as] thou. (matrix-) existence.    +
[by means of] (eden-) existence. to give (-it). speech. ; 
………….the ‘ruddish’ was an eden-aspect (compare hebr. root -dm , Adam , ruddish) ,
………… as aspects needed by the Ba-bird (the spirit-body for the corrupt adm-souls) ; 
………… however we saw in other spells that they can’t stand púre ‘reddishness’
………… but only the transformed version of it ;
III 257
[because bý] the divine NT-spirits. [at] the (eden-) place.                                    [<< gate]
[=through]. the one. UÂRT leg (-land) (‘axis’). [to] above (‘north’).     +
the (matrix-) word to manifest. ; 
[but as] the purified (matrix-) word. [for] the (matrix-) dimension. , 
(being-) ‘the workable (matrix-) word’. for. thou. to (can-) drink. ; 
[sentence stop]
he. the (eden-) name. to know. [through?] the one (‘gate’?). nót. ;              [<< see below]
[because]         +
[by] the great (matrix-) pillar (‘axis’) as the god. [to be] the word. [for] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by] the (eden-) words to gather. [and] (-they) above (‘north’). to manifest. ; 
[as]      +
the purified (adj.) – (matrix-) word. (being-) the word for the solarplane. 
[as] the food. (being-) ‘the workable (matrix-) word’.       +
[as] thou. (former eden-) aspects. for. thou. to drink. ; 
………….’the name’, probably “the nature of Heaven” which they want to escape ,
………… it can be “the one name” but since the theme is ‘gate’ perhaps “through it” ;
………… 2) the great pillar is the same axis as the previous UÂRT-leg ,
………… collecting the eden words (‘light-particles’) to convey them to their north ; 
III 256
[sentence stop]
[and so]       +
[tó] the West (-dimension). thou. (dimensional-) side. above (‘north’). the (eden-) word. to give. , 
[bý] the East. thou. side. [to] above. the word. to connect to. the support pillar. ; 
[sentence stop]
[and so] thou. (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). [for] thou. existence. existence to make (‘as concept’). 
to open (UN, matrix-term). ;                  [so “the matrix mouth to open which makes existence”] 
[very tricky :]
[because] the (adam-like-) cord to he the QER cave. 
[as] thou. (two-) fingers. [for] thou. existence to make (‘as concept’). 
[to be] the extended cord. ; 
[to be?] ‘the copied emerald dome (-of the eden gate)’. [by?] thou. two eyes. <<<<< blind ?
[and so?] thou. (matrix-) existence. [of] existence to make. to open (UN). ; 
…………. the ‘cord’ is “from the eden gate to their gate” (as ‘cave’ here)
…………. and as two fingers (‘from the eden hand as gate’) , the 2 ram’s horns ; 
…………. these now form the support for the “copied dome” SHABT\\ or SHEBT\\
…………. also as “two ribs of meat glyph” but in reality as the dome ; 
…………. 2) for this ‘cord’ compare Jericho ;  
III 255
[and] thou. the fat things (‘by eden’). [as] the words to doorkeep. , 
[because by] the words by the cord to he the QER cave. [to] thou. above (‘north’).   + 
[is] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] the (éden-) vineyard (‘gate’).     +
to make to cease (T’ER). ; 
III 254
[sentence stop]
the things by the willow tree (‘axis’) (THERT+). [for speech]. [of] SEPT’U. 
[are] he. the offerings. [for] speech. [of] the Ba (type-) bird spirit-being. 
[by] the word, to come health. ; 
………….. unusual : the trees of Soped usually are the KHESBT-trees ,
………….. but either way these trees could represent the ‘two olive trees’
………….. where Soped can be the blueprint of the eden gate still there ; 
III 253
[sentence stop]
c, b
thou. (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). 
[is by] the double (matrix-) place-T as the Jaw. 
(which for-) Geb (‘Chaldea , land of M-Babylon’). (matrix-) existence. to open. ; 
………… this is the “I will put a hook in your jaw” in Ezekiel ; 
………… said to the dragon as Egypt (Geb here) ; 
………… it is a double-T and not “two jaws” as the dictionary narrates ,
………… as the double place which caries the stolen (emerald-) bow ;
III 252
[by] the rekhit spirits (‘unknown class of spirits – fallen angels ?’).    +
the gate (-as the double-T) of speech. [for thou existence]. to open (=eden gate). , 
III 251
[to be] the double (matrix-) place-T for great (matrix-) speech.   +
[namely as] the gate (-as the double-T) of speech. [for thou existence]. to open (UN, matrix). ; 
[and therewith]     +
the (matrix-) land. [and] sky. [of] thou. existence. to open. ; 
[sentence stop]
[too damaged]



CT 1185 : the stolen gate :
  ‘the mouth’ as R-STHAU’
and now as the place ABT’U

     [short ; 2022-04apr.20]

CT 1185
main theme : from R-STHAU to ABT’U 
to read along ,
PDF page 539 , real page VII 521 , 
breakdown after the spell ; 
‘official’ translation – see annex ,
VII 521 
[by?] the location R-STHAu-U (‘eden gate’) [by] which is. the (matrix-) dimension. 
[of] (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). 
[through] the ones (‘words’) of the watercourse (‘Nile’). ,

[is?] the location ABT’U. 
as (?). having become the one of the (matrix-) KH-house (KHET+). 
(which for-) me. makes the (matrix-) stability. ; 
[and therewith for] Osiris (‘the matrix’). 
from. the painful one (‘eden gate’). [..] to make the (matrix-) sweetness. , 
[because-] to be the (-previous eden but now matrix-) house-H (-of hail). 
[by means of] (-it) the speech. to give. ,
[and so to] my. (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 
[through] the crown of great (matrix-) speech (URRT). [..]. to manifest. 
[as] the (matrix-) ÁAT region (-at the perch standard). [for] to clothe (-the matrix). [..].
breakdown –
RSTHAU , often w/ ‘foreign land’ glyph (amduat 4 page , the slanted corridor)
is “the location/ of the (eden-) word/ to tow them / to the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’)” ;
the place ABT’U (Abydos) per context is their created gate region
and both gates are connected through the watercourse ;
the “painful one” was ‘the eden gate speaking flawless’ , see prophets ; 
the (now-) matrix house-H was eden’s ; see prophets ; 
not decisive but the perch-glyph ÁAT shows that their gate is now ‘higher up’ ;
‘official’ translation 
(by Faulkner – but remember he read the wrong direction)
“I am he who wrapped the standard, who issued from the wrrt-crown. I have come
that I may drive out pain, ease the suffering of Osiris, and establish offerings in Abydos.
The ways by water which belong to Rostau.” 




CT 247 : the stolen eden gate : the ‘box’ part of the Ark (four vessels – for ‘sound’?)

CT 247 : the stolen eden gate :
    the ‘box’ part of the Ark 
 (four vessels – for ‘sound’?)

   [useful : 2022-04apr.06]

CT 247

main theme : the “box” part of the ark ;

… here as ÂFT (or ÂFT’T)

“the box of the hand of he (=eden) for (matrix-) willpower”
where ‘the hand’ is ‘the executive region’, often so termed in prophets ; 
here linked to “four (-vessels)” for ‘words’ 
and perhaps an explanation for the square form ; 
said here is that these “make the words for speech” 
yet this must be another type as SU “to make the (matrix-) words” ;
in the (still not posted) Akhenaten stele show ‘four goddesses’ ‘making sound’ 
where these four likely represent the now matrix nature
but it doesn’t help us in determining whát can be this sound / these words about
(it’s an option that these four will be the NEMÁST vessels)
– perhaps – in our case – the original is linked to ‘the four eden cardinal points’ …?
(the Zechariah chapter mentions “four crowns” – though in a corrupted section)
[placed here :
ÂFTT+scroll is in CT 234 ,
“[by] the cemetary below (=eden). [is] the one of (matrix-) existence.
[as] the box (-the double one of he (=eden) for (matrix-) willpower.
[for] to equip (-the matrix with).”]

to read along ,
PDF page 356 , real page III 340 , and scroll upwards ,

III 340
the (matrix-) word to make. [as] he. the desired (one).      + 
[by] he. the main (adj.) – (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). ,
[by means of] the word. [of] the passive ones (‘eden horns’ NN). [of] he. existence (‘eden’). 
the word. [to] (matrix-) existence to bring. ; 
……… for ‘the two passive eden roots’ NN see other spells and Introduction ; 
III 339
[and therefore]     +
[for] Râ. which is. [by] the one. box (‘chest’ ; former eden construct’). [of] the word of eden within. , 
(matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] (matrix-) speech.     +
[by means of] the words for speech to make (=by eden ; ÁR). 
[in order to be] the (matrix-) words of jackal power (‘to make matrix-speech for the word’). ; 
………… the chest “is making words (-for the matrix speech)” 
………… is this ‘a lower section of the ark’ perhaps linked to ‘four vessels’ ? (see below) ; 
[see Sq3C:]
[and so as] Horus’. eye.     +                                                    [<< this entire stolen construct]
[to be] the word. [for] (matrix-) existence. 
[by] these. four. (whose-) names. I. know. [..]. ; 
[because by] the divine sistrum / moon           [ÁH’ or ÁÂH’, sic ; as ‘vessel’ see below]
[as] the (matrix-) house.                                   
[is?] the divine union.                                               [<< or ‘construct united with the house’?]
[because by] the opened (eden-) root. [as?] the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). 
[is] all. the jackal power. [for] me. ; 
[by] the Thoth perch (‘still unknown axis but obviously coming from eden’).      +
[to be] the vessel. above (‘north’). ,
[and so] this. olden (?) (matrix-) word. [for] my. (matrix-) existence. to manifest. ; 
[and] the protected – divine things. in. my. existence. to enter. ;      (?)
[closing :]
the great (matrix-) god.        +
[as] the ceased flame (adj.) – [of] the (dimensional-) background (=eden). [..] to manifest. 


CT 251 : the stolen eden gate : the “Emerald Bow” now of matrix (and likely the Ark is described)

  CT 251 : the stolen eden gate :
 the “Emerald Bow” now of matrix
(and likely the Ark is described)

       [useful : 2022-04apr.05]


main theme : the Emerald Bow (-over the Throne) now in the matrix (?) 

situation :
… this is still about the eden Gate construct – see other pages ;
but Enoch describes “a bow – a dome – of Emerald above the Throne (-room)” , above the gate ; 
this spell
seems to be specific about this emerald dome now in the matrix – as double UATCHT
(‘green , greenish, emerald’ ; where its root is the glyph “judged” , so as “stolen green”) ;  
description of the Ark (-as eden gate construct) :
… we’re almost positive that this one DOES   —
this series of spells is running so fluently because the THEME must be right 
(we’ve always stated that without proper concept texts cannot be translated) ,
and though the used terms here are outright … offensive ,
they fit the concept and the message ;

to read along , 
PDF page 367 , real page III 351 , and scroll upwards ;


so this now matrix dome speaks :

CT 251
III 351
the double UATCHT ureaus (-goddess).       +                                [<< prob. ’emerald’] 
[as?] the adam-like desired (adj.) – [=lady] (?). [for] he. the divine father (=Osiris , ‘matrix’). 
am I. ;
[and to?] Osiris’. (type matrix-) existence. me. to be give. , 
[by?] ‘the two helpless eden horns’ (‘both trees’?). [for] ânkh life. ; 
[to be?] the place of the (matrix-) root.        +                                                [<< in general?]
[as] the two ladies. ,
(being) these. two (matrix-) places-T (-of wick-H’) for the mouth (?). ;             [R-H’T\\]

III 250
[because] me. [to be] the aspect of the fire-drill (‘the gate’) (?). 
[as?] the willpower. by [=means of] the double god. to calculate. above (‘north’). ,
[and so] me. to become. ; 
[because for] Osiris (‘matrix’). am I. , 
[yet] his (=eden’s). character. [by] me. to die. nót. ; 
[in] my. name [of] : he (‘as eden one’). (matrix-) existence. to renew. ,    [<< by eden]

[by] me. to double. [at] the (matrix-) high place. ,                      [<< as the doubled one]
[tricky syntax :]
to be hail. [for] the (matrix-) throne. ,
[by means of]        +
he (‘the eden one’). having (adj.) – come (as) the ‘back support’. [for] Osiris. ,
[by] having (adj.) – come the son-construct.        +
[as?] the serpent to connect to for existence by he (?, FNTH). ;
[by means of] the fly (ÂFF). having – flown-up. ;
[and so to be] the real adm-soul’s (-one). within (-the matrix). ,
[yet] me. [as] the adam-like one to come (-to matrix). nót. ; 
[but instead] ,     +
me. to die. (being) the (eden-) crown (ÂFT+). ; 
…………. the ‘crown’ is ÂFT “the crown of he (=eden) for (matrix-) willpower” ,
…………. the ‘fly’ is similar , “the fly of he (=eden) for he the (matrix-) willpower”
…………. (perhaps fly denotes ‘sound as vibration ?)
…………. and in the same cluster is ÂFT’ “chest , box” (ark ?) ;
                                                                              part II
III 349
my. food. [is] this (-his). food. [by] the (eden?-) root. ;
every. day (?). me. the bones (‘matrix constructs’?). to tie together. , 
[so that] every. day (?). the bones (‘idem’ ; adj.) – [of] Osiris. [are] tied together. ; 
i, h, g
[unclear intention :]
[by means of] me. within (-in the matrix). , 
[by] the Set stone (‘eden stone’). [to be?] the (matrix-) sekhem power. nót. ;
[so that?] me (=I). (will) die. nót. ;
[but instead] ,      +
to be connected. [to] the name. [and therewith?] me. (eden-) existence. to know. , 
[and] to become the weary one (=eden). [of] (eden-) willpower. ,
by [means of] me. the (eden-) word (‘light particles’). to snatch-away. ; 
[as] the weary one. 
[by] the willpower. for. Osiris. to snatch-away. , 
[for] ânkh life. ; 
                                                                  part III
III 348
the divine lady’s. image (‘matrix bow’). the (eden-) one to repulse. , 
[as] the lady. [by] the two divine – powerful (adj.) – eyes (‘two roots’). [of] me. ; 
[to be] the divine double name.             +
[as] the mysterious (adj.) – foremost (adj.) – (matrix-) house. ; 
[unsure intent :]
[and therewith] the words of breath-air (‘winds’?). [to] (matrix-) existence to bring. , 
[as?] the one. food. [by] this (-his). (eden-) existence. [for] speech to make. ;           (?)
[by] these. his (=eden’s). two nurses. [of] (eden-) existence’s. name. [by] me. to know. [..]. ;
[to be] Osiris’. nostril (?). [by] he. the below (-one) (‘south’). [now as-] I. ; 
………… these ‘two nurses’ can be “both eden olive-trees (or their standing places)” ,
………… supporting the dome ; while the ‘nurse’ contains “to mutilate” NEM ;   
he. the (matrix-) willpower. as. my. health.    +
[is] my. willpower. by. he (=eden dome). [for] health. ; 
III 250
[for] this. N (‘candidate’). the (matrix-) word to make. [as] the protection. , 
[so that for] this. N.(against?-) he (=eden dome?). [to be] the protection. ; 
[because by] me (‘as former eden-construct’). within (-the matrix). , 
he (‘the eden one’). [has?] sekhem-power. nót. ; 
……….. the ‘sekhem-power’ is about “commanding light-particles” , and perhaps
……….. (but not sure) the term can also be used for eden (like ‘throne’ etc) ; 
[because for] the West (-dimension). [is now] the strong bull.        +
[as] these. these divine serpent things of the (…?…). , 
[as] Osiris’. protection (adj.) – [for] this. N. ; 
[by means of] me. [to] (matrix-) existence. to descend. ; 
the divine flown-up (-to matrix) centipede face (?). am I. ;
[for] Osiris (‘matrix’). which is. [by] the nurses (‘the two olive-trees’). 
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [because of] the (matrix-) gate. 
………… this ‘centipede face’ is mysterious (in Dutch ‘thousand-legged one’) :
………… Rg-Veda mentions “the 100 fortresses at the mount” (Tsiun) and also
………… a “1000 pointed star” – but we failed to identify that still 
………… (though it’s said that the Falcon (Horus) dwelt between the fortresses) ; 
………… it can be that the Emerald Dome ’emits’ these ‘spikes’ , perhaps as
………… (and you forgive the term) as some cymatic Dome — compare ‘the fly’ ;