hieroglyphic spells

hieroglyph spells

short introduction why are we listing a number of them ? … as you’ve seen by now , God adresses a number of ‘strange constructs’, and each of those belong to the realm of the enemy . Curious sentences (in scripture) as “I will give you opening of the mouth” make virtually no sense – untill one sees that ancient Egypt had a ritual which was literally named “the ceremony of the opening of the mouth” ; therefore we had to start looking what Egypt had to say about these : but only with the goal to understand scripture – not inverse . The searching for parallels is nót the same as ‘to synchronize’ , the latter term often depicts a negative attempt to Diffuse teachings . many difficult concepts we were greatly surprised, some 3+ years ago, when we discovered that “reading glyphs the other way around” (as the…

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het DroomGezicht, 2009