hieroglyph spells

short introduction

why are we listing a number of them ?
… as you’ve seen by now , God adresses a number of ‘strange constructs’,
and each of those belong to the realm of the enemy .
Curious sentences (in scripture) as “I will give you opening of the mouth”
make virtually no sense – untill one sees that ancient Egypt had a ritual
which was literally named “the ceremony of the opening of the mouth” ;
therefore we had to start looking what Egypt had to say about these :
but only with the goal to understand scripture – not inverse .
The searching for parallels is nót the same as ‘to synchronize’ ,
the latter term often depicts a negative attempt to Diffuse teachings .

many difficult concepts
we were greatly surprised, some 3+ years ago, when we discovered
that “reading glyphs the other way around” (as the usual translations do)
yielded incredible contextual results , in a cohesive buildup .
The difference between reading top-down , as the ‘official’ translations ,
and the reading we do , yield enormous differences in subject and actions :

“after that, I was taken being the food to be devoured by the king”
             factually reads :
“the king eats first , after I brought the food”

However – due to the large amount of (for us) incomprehensible concepts
it is often difficult to grasp what is being described , reading like a puzzle ;
and yes all too often it renders sections unreadable (incomprehensible) .

parallels of constructs in scripture and spells
there is, for example, a chapter where God describes “the willow tree”,
showing how this tree is an extension inbetween the eden-vine and her fruits :
we can go back to the glyphs and try make Sense of the term used there –
it’s glyph as THER shows “(the willow) of speech for to connect to (eden)” ,
which makes absolute sense !
Another example is “the large horn and the 4 coming from it” (book Daniel) ,
where a CT-spell , written by some pharaoh ‘travelling’ in that region writes ,
“thou. Eastern. Horn., thou. Northern. horn., thou. Southern. Horn.,
[and] earth (=this one). [at] the tip. Of. Thou. Western. Horn” ;
where the ‘large horn’ we consider to be, for now, glyph ÃA, “the great pillar” .

hieroglyphs as a pictural sequence of different concepts :
in Introduction we saw how their realm steals all from eden, then inverses it ;
but the main thing they were after was “the eden Word” ,
as the word to create by , and to live upon – in their case ‘to feed upon’ .
Therefore they broke down the eden-gate (‘the gate of My people’) ,
which “speaks the word into the dimension north” (‘the gate spoke flawless’) ,
and split-off the Watercourse (carrying the words) towards their North .

The ‘speech’ (masculine) creates by ‘the word’ (feminine) ,
that is why the spells are full with the themes “great speech” and “word-inside”,
as the vital aspects for them to can live , while subduing eden (with them) .

examples of transitions :

  • – (U) is ‘the eden-word’ ,
    into (NNUU) “the opened eden-word inside for matrix-existence”,
    turned into (NU) as ‘inside’ – “the eden-word inside matrix-existence” ;
  • – (R) is ‘the eden-mouth’ being the “gate of My people” in scripture ,
    into (R’) as glyph ‘lion-mouth’ in the north (termed “the noise” in scripture) ;
  • – (N) ‘existence’ is the same for both realms , depending on context in line ;

the inverted placing of consonants to depict a change of nature :

  • – (Ã) is ‘willpower’ ,
    when at the end of a word , it is “eden’s willpower” ,
    like (SHÃ) “to cut-off the lights of eden-willpower for the sh-pool (north)” ,
    but (ÃSH) ‘multitude (of spirits)’ is “by the sh-pool of matrix-willpower” ;
  • – (Á) is ‘hail’ ,
    when placed at the start of a word , then always “for benefit of the matrix”,
    like (ÁT’) ‘to smite’ (eden) , as “to force the eden-hand for matrix-hail” .

continuity of lines :
hieroglyph texts are very ‘staccato’ , as but some rudimentary set of terms ;
keeping in mind the above concepts, we added our insertions [between brackets]
for readability – hoping we grasped the direction the writer wanted to express .

reading option :
perhaps open a new tab for a side-by-side description of each paragraph .
There are thousands of spells , many are very long ,
therefore we can only select because it would require a lifetime –
as the time we simply do not have left, anymore ….


index :
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CT 257, CT 256
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ct 257, ct 256
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