Mt.20 [Mk.10] : no parable as ‘the workers in the vineyard’ but ‘the history of the Scroll’ [+part II :] the 144 vs pastors & the rapture [mirror : Mk.10] [version ; 2023-08aug.07-08] 

Mt.20 [Mk.10] : no parable as
‘the workers in the vineyard’
but ‘the history of the Scroll’
[+part II :] the 144 vs pastors 
& the rapture [mirror : Mk.10] 
[version ; 2023-08aug.07-08]




            … Matthew 20 contains two parts that belong together   —
            in the second half showed “mother” and “sons of Zebedee” : the latter was ofcourse
            the “sons of Ishral” (the 144) but the ‘mother’ was NOT ‘Eve’ as we hoped for ,
            so we had to look at the colour which Esau must have seen :
part II : the 144 vs ‘the pastors’ :
… this is a large theme in prophets as well – about the sons who will restore the scroll ,
but that will be rejected by the christian leaders so that they will not tell Jacob the message ,
with result that they will have guided Jacob into the Tribulation ,
and the people will hunt down the pastors for not having told them the truth …
it is a most Sober theme and we tried to restore the context accordingly :
buildup of KJV text :
– Esau saw “a split , an argument dividing a homogene group” 
      and turned that into “James and John wanting to be more important as the other disciples”
      [which is ofcourse an impossible theory] ;
      the key lines are 22 and 23 which is the main juxtaposition ; 
after that : part I , the alleged parable :
… having restored part II the question was “what about the presented Parable as part I” ? ;
was part II a separate theme and glued beneath a parable having anóther theme
or was the page originally one whole ?
the Invalid ‘parable’ :
… the story starts by mentioning “the kingdom of Heaven” but that is Eden = a red Flag ;
first we opted that it may have been a version of “the wicked husbandmen” parable
[Mt.21:33-41 , Mk.12:1-9 , Lk.20:9-16] which is about “understanding the scroll” 
where the wicked guardians are ‘the Pharisees’ and the final figure not Christ but the 144 ,
but since that one shóws in Matthew already it had to be something else ;
          secondly ,
          the by Esau painted “enmity within a homogene group considered Eden” cannot be :
          not even as you and we concerning those who joined the 144 later : that’s impossible 
          [and note “the enmity” as the main point in part II !] ;
          the scroll mentions but ONE type of enmity : between the 144 and the pastors !
so that Esau’s rather genius coverup shows :
                                KJV                                                                           the Scroll

– concerning ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’                        – read : Eden
– the lord of the house                                                           – read : Adam
– and his manager                                                                     – read : Esau
– the lord needs something to be done                        – read : Adam counsels something
– namely “work the vineyard”                                            – read : to corrupt the scroll
                                                                                                                       [to hide the other Reality] 
                                                    [Esau needed 7 lines for his story] 
– the received content is wrong (line 10)                      – read : the KJV text is wrong
– therefore ‘they murmur’                                                      – read : therefore the sons murmur
– because they borne the heat of the day                      – read : for they need answers
                                                                                                                         because of this horrible ape
          … you see where this is heading , right ,
          that the alleged parable – but in reality “the history of the Scroll” 
          is the perfect intro for part II starting – or better ‘continuing’ with “the sons” ,
          immediately followed by “the christian leaders that will reject the restored scroll” !
sub #1 :
note the devastating honesty in line 43 ;
sub #2 :
Esau was so proud on his masterful disguise (and granted – it was) , that he repeated 
his doing here in context in his Talmud , Berakhot 2.8 :
“In the evening , the workers came to receive their wages and he gave him his total wages
with them . The workers complained and said : we were toiling the entire day and this one
did toil only for two hours yet he gave him his total wages with us !”

corruptions :
theme :

Matthew 20

            [see intro about “Eden , Adam and the Ammon sons (-as Esau upon earth)”] 

            [Esau needed his “several hired workers” as continuation for his story] 


[the Reformation :]

[=then] – (will) come – (the-) evening=days
(that-) the – lord=elders (‘1500 AD fathers’) of – the – [..] vineyard=people     +    
(will) say – [..] [.. 1x ..] – (to-) him=them :
[=we] (will) call – the – workers=scribes
and – [=they] (will) pay=translate – (the-) them=scroll ;

        [tricky : we need ‘beginning’ but line is very garbled now , so paraphrased here :] 
       “but it will not be the hire=scroll (misthon=biblion) of the till=words of first=God
       as he last=spoke them from=in the beginning” ;       +

[same corrupt :] 
         and=so that – [+they] (will have) come=produced – [..] [..] a – hour=corrupt – 11th=scroll
         (because-) [+they] (will) [+not] (have) got=listened – [=to] – denarius=Him ;                      [attested]
                                                                               part I b
                                                                          (the change) 
[=then] – the – first=souls (Protoi=Psuchê) – (will) come=appear                                                      [2017 AD] 
(who will-) presume      +
that – they=it (is) the genuine (lambanó=alêthinos) – more=scroll (pleion=biblion) ,
and – they – likewise – (will) get=read – up=the – denarius=sayings (‘lines’) [+of it] (KJV) ;

[=but] (while-) getting=reading [+them] (‘lines’) , 
they (will) murmur – against=about – [..] [+their] householder=emptyness ,     +                       [attested !]

saying : [+we] hour=need – to do=know        +                                                                    [‘need + know’ is a pair] 
that=the – one=trúe – these=words (houtos=logos) of – [..] last=God (eschatos=theos) ,           

and=because – [.. 1x ..] – our – them=soul – (is) made=tired of        +
those=having – to bear – the burden of – the – day=flesh                                                                     [attested] 
and=as – the (-one) – scorching heat=oppressing [+her] ;                                                                       [attested]
[next 13-16 : now Esau needs to work to a closing [-of his story] , 
meaning that we have less usable roots available :] 
[=then] – [..] Jesus – goes up – to – Jerusalem                                                [we left the “going up to” – why not ?] 
took=explaining – aside=the – own=previous – (to-) the – disciples – on – the – way ,        [< important] 
[..] saying – (to-) them :

note : 
… we’re still with the same theme here ! but Esau not : he needed to deflect it , see next ;
[next 18-19 : completely corrupt ; as is the verbatim mirror Mk.10 : 33-34 :]  
behold ! , we=it (will) go up=happen – into=in – the jerusalem=endtime                                     [< intro line] 
and=that – the – chief priests=scroll       +
(will be) given up=given – (to-) the – sons of – [..] man=Ishral (‘144’) ,
and=who – (will) scribes=search – [..] to condemn=understand      +   
(the-) him=words (autous=logos) of – (the-) death=Father (thanatô=patêr) 

[tricky :] 19
[=yet] – (the-) him=shepherds (‘pastors’)       +                                                    [19 : this theme will return later :] 
(will) [+not] deliver=tell – [..] [+their] (‘144’) nations=message (ethnos=angelia)      +
[=to] – the – scoff=believers (em-Paizó=Pisteuô !) ,
and=because – [+they] (‘pastors’) (will) scourge=reject – and=the – crucify=scroll
(that-) (will have been) rise=restored (egeiró=katartizô) – and=in – the – third – day=year ;

note :
… e) and we crossed that — see pinned log ;
[mirror Mk.10:35 — Mk. now until end ; text is virtually the same :]
[=now] : [..] (the-) john=shepherds – and – (the-) james=people       +
(will be) come=waiting – (for-) him=me                                                                                            [‘for my return’] 
and=alike – the – sons of – zebedee=Ishral (-will) (‘144’) ,

[next : the ‘other sons’ “want something , already claim something” 
and that must be juxtaposed with 38 “but you never cared” :] 

[the pastors and people-] saying : we=He (will be) willing – to master=take [+us] ,
that=because – you=we (have been) doing      +
[=everything] – which – we=he (has) requested – us (-to) ;

[=but] – the=whén – he=I (will have) says=returned – (to the-) him=world (autous=kosmos) ,
you=I (will) – what=not – (be) willing – to do=take – me=them – (with-) you=me ;        +

[next : the situation : ‘at the point of being taken — or not’ ;
and the reason should refer back to the “we did everything he requested” in line 35 
while juxtaposing to the [-next] “but you did not care for God’s words” :] 
[=yet] – [..] they (will) say – (to-) him=me :                                                                         [37 : the likely version] 
grant=take – us ! ,
that=because – [+we] one=believed (heis=pistis) – out=in – your – right=sacrifice (‘Golgotha’)
[attempt : probably :] 
              and=so that – one=we – the=would (?) – (be) left=rescued (?) – (by-) you
(and-) (be) seated – in – the – glory of – you=God (sou=theos) ;                            [< new subject , see next] 

“But Jesus said unto them, Ye know not what ye ask: can ye drink of the cup that I drink of? 
and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?”    
[=but] – [..] jesus=I – (will) say – (to-) them :                                                                           [see Jer.15 first lines] 
you (did) – not – know – anything (-about what) – you=he (has) ask=spoken ,
[+for] you (have) – [+not] (-even) able=cared – to drink=investigate – the – cup=scroll
which – I=he – (has) drink=given [+to you?]
and=as – the – baptism=words – which – I=he – baptized=spoke – (through the-) baptized=prophets ;

[=but] – (to-) the – him=sons (‘144’) – he=I (will) say :
we=you (háve) able=cared – the=about – yet=what – jesus=God – (has) said – (to-) them=you ,
indeed=because – you (have) drink=restored – (the-) cup=scroll
which – [+he] (has) drink=given – (to-) I=you ,
and=as – the – baptism=words – which – I=he – baptized=spoke – (through the-) baptized=prophets ;

note :
… you see that not évery similar word in 39 has the same meaning as in 38 ;
[=therefore] – [+I] (will) seated=take – the=you – out=unto – my – right=Father 
[attempt :] 
and=because – [..] [+you] (have) left=listened – (to-) me=him
not=and – (have) is=done – [that-] my=which – [+hé] give=desired ,                    [see 35 above + prophets] 
but=as – (the ones in-) whom – it=he prepared=delights (hetoimazó=synêdomai) ; 


                                                                         part I b
[Mk.10 still]
“And when the ten heard [it], they began to be much displeased with James and John.”
and=when – the – ten=people (DEka=DEmos) – (will) hear=see        +
(that-) [+they] (have been) begin=left behind ,
[+they] (will be) furious – with – (the-) james=shepherds – and – john=pastors ;       +

[=and] – the – jesus=people – (will) call=hunt – them (-down) , saying – (to-) them :

[next half : even nonsense in Ésau’s version : 
difficult to see but they do NOT have that much text [-in prophets] !  :] 

[+why] (have) you – [+not] know=warned (eidó=proepô) [+us] [+for this] ? ,                                 [attested] 
that=because – [+we] presumed – (that-) the – nations=Lord (ethos=kurios)       +
(would) chief=rescue [+us] 
exercise=upon – them=his – lordship=return ! ;                                              [corrupt double-root as in next :] 

[new line :] 
and=then – [..] their – exercise=trembling (?) – great ones=shepherds      +
(will) power=say – (to-) them :      +

note :
.. “exercise + power” 2715 was an invented double-root ;
[..] it=I (have) – not – be=told – thus=this – among=unto – you ,       +                                               [close eh ?] 

[next section : tricky b/c very corrupted [-idea] :] 

who=because – [..] [+I] (-myself) desired – to be – (the-) important one – among – you
(since-) [+I] was – your – minister ;

[next : now we would need an admission :] 
and=therefore – [+I] (have) – who=not – be=told – ever=the – willing=truth (theló=alêthês !) – (to-) you
[then next : a reason :] 
chief=even – [+I] (was) be=awáre of – (the-) all=words (pas=logos) of – slave=God (doulos=theos) ;  +

because      +
[..] the – sons of – [..] man=Ishral – (had) served=restored – not=the – came=scroll (ethen=biblion) ,
[attempt :] but – [+I] serve=hated (diakoneó=miseô) [+them]        +
and=for – giving – the – soul=message of – him=God (autous=theos)
(as the-) ransom=scroll (?) (lutron=biblion) of – many=his (polus=autous) – for=words (?) ;

note :
.. perhaps d) ran a bit different but 3083 is a very questionable root [-ánd expression] ; 


end of guaranteeable [restored-] text
closing section Mt. 20 : 29-34 :                      mirror Mk. 10 : 46-52 :
corrupt                                             corrupt 

                       the probable original closing theme :
                       after all the above the 144 are restored and sent back to earth to witness

Matthew 10 [mirror : Lk.10]   :
Christ explains the 144
[as restored 2nd half]  
[1st half :]   the history of Eden
[as overview – w/ too corrupt]  
[linking to Micah 7 theme]  

Matthew 10 [mirror : Lk.10]   :
Christ explains the 144
[as restored 2nd half]  
[1st half :]   the history of Eden 
[as overview – w/ too corrupt]  
[linking to Micah 7 theme]  

[part B) especially written for those of you that are new here ; please see ‘conclusion’ there]  


                                                                     the 144 escape
                                                        the Lord teaching his disciples
                 … the two Micah lines brought us here  —
                 and because the theme in Micah became clear , this chapter should be
                 about the same – though Mt.10 and mirror Lk.10 are heartbreakingly corrupted ;
                 (a section of-) the second half is restored text while the first half became
                 a solid framework for an eventual later restored text 
start :
– it is not about some new “mission of the twelve apostles”                                     [Mt.10]  
    as a group which Esau also calls “seventy others”      [in Lk.10 as the mirror chapter]   
    but about ‘the sons of Ishral – in the endtime’ ;
first half :
– incredibly corrupted , though a number of lines provided a buildup ; see part B ,
    while we tried to show that through a side-by-side comparison of Mt.10 and Lk.10 ;
second half : start :
– content :
    the Synagogue of Satan corrupted the scroll because they hate that God loves Jacob ,
    but the sons will search back what God really said in the scroll ;
    however : Jacob — through his pastors — will not want to accept that ,
    but therefore they will not be taken in the day that Christ will return ; see fulltext below ;
    please note : the END of the narrative is lacking ,
    because Christ will surely have told how Jacob will be saved and dwell in Eden again ;
restored text :
… as the base of fulltext – fully worked out in part C       
phrases used in the fulltext :
the ‘peace’ (at line 21) :
… the “do not think I have come to send peace on earth” (KJV line 34) is ofcourse corrupt : 
because it must be future tense as “when I will return there will be the sword” [=Revelation]   ; 
while it must read ‘no peace’  — since the used term refers to the phrase in prophets where 
the “pastors say : there-will-be peace” ,
meaning : Christ will rescue the believers when He returns : which is the problem ;
then ,
the ‘set up the daughter against her mother’ (etc) (at line 22) :
… is corrupt : Esau needed to invent this to support his ‘peace’ corruption ,
to keep the whole in past-tense SO THAT all of Jacob + 144 would perish ;
the ‘pastors’ (line 21) :
… not in KJV but as ours : these are not ‘ALL the pastors’ but “a certain group” , namely those 
who know about the restored scroll but refuse to accept it : but neither tell the other pastors 
about it , so that most believers will not even know that a restored scroll EXISTS  — 
therefore this certain group is held responsible [-in prophets]   for the hell Jacob will go through ;
     problem is a bit that we have no satisfying term for this “certain group” :
     in other pages we termed them “non-144” , as those who know but are not part of the 144 ;
corruptions : very grave to impossible 
theme : context [of 17-23 + 34-35]   100% restored
remark : mentioned lines will be the base for an eventual final version

Matthew 10
fulltext [-of section]  

[below : solid :]  
and they (‘144’) will heed [=pay attention to]   the leaven      +                        [leaven = corruptions]  
that will show to them in the scroll ,            
because the synagogue of satan will have corrupted her ;
[=KJV 22 :]  
for Esau has hated you because you are of the Father ,
and did not want you to be saved at the end ; 
but the sons will search the scroll to understand what was written in her ,
and they will be given the words which the Father has spoken ; 
therefore it will not be they themselves (‘144’) that will speak
but rather the words of the Father speaking through the scroll ; 
(21)                                                                                                                                                                                [Micah 7]  

[Mt. 10:21 version :]  
and other (?) brothers (‘all 144’) will
confirm it are the words of the Father ,
but pastors (?) will rise up against the
sons and reject their words ;
[Mt. 10:34-35 version :]  
and they will understand that when
I will come back , I will not take the
people from the land ; because when
I will come back there will be no
peace but the sword ;
and other (?) brothers (‘all 144’) will
confirm it are the words of the Father ,
but pastors (?) will rise up against the
sons and reject their words ;
[invalid line – deleted ; see below why]  

(23 !)
“but therewith they (‘pastors’) will cause the people       +
to be persecuted in the day of judgment (‘Revelation’) ,                                                  [<< see line 15]  
because they will not be made to escape from the world ;
yet verily I say unto you :  
only the remnant of Ishral (‘144’) will escape
when the Son of man will come back ;
…. end of main theme here   >>  24-33 were not part of this ; neither closing-line 37

first half

… below : it is very difficult to derive even "a restored text" from these lines ,
      therefore only "a suggested context" is shown below , by no means complete ;
1) a second mirror is Mk.6:7-13
      but as a very brief and poor copy — and totally cut&pasted inthere — so we skipped it 
      [while the one line in Mk.16:18 shows you just hów cut up this theme got …]   ;
2) to give an example of how we proceed : in line 1 you recognize :
      (‘when’) [=time]   – (‘Lord’) [=title]   – an action    +
      twelve-disciples / seventy-others [=so we need an expression of two words !]      +
      an action – a subject – a reason 

3) note the KJV numbering ;
      please read the restored text as the bold brown one line after another :

                              [KJV Mt.10 :]  
"And when he had called unto [him]  
his twelve disciples, he gave them power
[against]   unclean spirits, to cast them out,
and to heal all manner of sickness and all
manner of disease.
(2) Now the names of the 12 apostles (etc)"
      [in line 6 : "house Ishral"]  
                                [KJV Lk.10 :]  
(1) "After these things the Lord appointed
other seventy also, and sent them two by
two before his face into every city and
place, whither he himself would come."

             "in the last days – God – will call     +
              the [twelve-disciples/seventy-others=]   sons of Ishral (‘144’ : "12" tribes !)     +
              as raising up souls who will desire to return to Him ;

                 … now : ofcourse we have NO PROOF that exactly this was said — but : 

  (3) "Therefore said he unto them,
The harvest truly [is]   great, but the labourers
[are]   few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the
harvest, that he would send forth labourers
into his harvest."

             "because the harvest [=Revelation]   will happen when the sons will arise ,
             but pray (!) to God that there will be souls who will understand
             His words in the scroll ;

             … a key word here is "pray" : Paul often asked his brothers the same (as above)
             but now we need a REASON why He says "pray to God that ….." ,
             and the main reason is "the corrupted scroll" :

  (23) "And he turned him unto [his]   disciples,
and said privately, Blessed [are]   the eyes
which see the things that ye see:

             "[…..]   for your ears are blessed because I tell to you the things that He spoke ;

  (24) "For I tell you, that many prophets and
 kings have desired to see those things which
ye see, and have not seen [them]  ; and to hear
those things which ye hear, and have not
heard [them]  ."

             "but I tell you , that the sons of Ishral [=prophets+kings]   will desire to know
             the words which He spoke in the scroll (eidon=biblon !) ;
             but the words which they will see will nót be of the Father ;

             … until now everything still makes Sense , no ? :
(26) "Fear them not therefore: for there is
nothing covered, that shall not be revealed;
and hid, that shall not be known."
             "because the enemy has concealed His words , yet they will be revealed [+to them]  
             as the sealed which=scroll not=which they must understand :

                                                                    part II
                                        probably : a short description of Eden
… after having said that "the scroll does not contain what the Father explained" the probable
theme now could be "the history of Eden"  —  yet this section was totally corrupted / deleted ;
but look :

  (10) "And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted
to heaven, shalt be thrust down to hell."

             "[because it will tell them]   , 
             that Adam was the one who exalted himself above the heavens 
             but he will be thrust down to the Pit ;

             … this is literally so said in Isaiah 14 where the subject is ‘Adam’ , when he made
             a pact with the evil realm … – and surprise : "Tyre" [=mystery-Babylon]   shows next ! ;

  (13) "[…….]   for if the mighty works had been
done in Tyre and Sidon, which have been done
in you, they had a great while ago repented, [..]  

          "[=because he helped to establish ?]      +
            the evil deed happening in Tyre [or: ‘in Mystery + Babylon’?]   
            as the one that happens since long time ago ;

            … where the "evil deed" is "torturing our Originals" – wherefore Adam will be judged
            and Mystery-Babylon will be destroyed ;   

  (17) "And the seventy returned again with joy,
saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us
through thy name.

           "because God’s people (‘the Originals’) [=seven+ty]   
           left the paradise (legontes=paradisos) because they were afraid of God ,
           then the demons subjected them [=when they captured them ?]   ;

(20) "And fear not which kill the body ,
but are not able to kill the soul [……..]  ."
(20) "[……..]   that the spirits are subject unto you;
but rather rejoice, because your names are written
in heaven.

           "and the spirits (‘demons’) killed (‘tortured’) them , and rejoiced
             that now they could make bodies for themselves from them ,      +

(8) "[…….]   raise the dead, cast out devils:
freely ye have received, freely give. "
(9) "Provide neither gold, nor silver,
nor brass in your purses"

            "because the demons freely received their gold (‘eden-physical-aspects’) [+ ?]   ; 
                                                                               next :
                                                         a section we cannot know
                                                                                end :

  (11) "[…….]   be ye sure of this, that the kingdom
of God is come nigh unto you. "

           "[……..]   but He (God) swore that the kingdom of heaven (or: paradise ; or: eden)
            will be restored unto you ;

                                                                  we stop here :
                                              please continue in fulltext (-in part A)
conclusion of this B :
the above is only the FRAMEWORK of the first half :
is the above a ‘picking lines to make an own type narrative’ ? 
– no ; MANY prophet chapters are about this important theme "the history of Eden" 
and those (-partial or complete) chapters provide a Solid enough context for the outline
as described above : it is just a question of "knowing where to look for" ,
and 95% of the words in the restored version were taken from the KJV text !
as the terms consistently used in prophets when describing these themes ;
the real origin of the KJV text :
please imagine this scene : two Pharisees , Esau-types ,
— their tiny cruel eyes sparkling of hateful glee above their hook-noses and dirty beards —
both sitting at a smelling kitchen table in some halfdark room , and in front of each is a scroll :
the one as "the original Matthew scroll" and the other the "Luke scroll",
while they are cackling with eachother WHO leaves out WHAT line in WHICH scroll , while they
constantly smirk when penning down lines THEY decide that will remáin into Trivial ones :
please understand that THIS – IS – HOW – IT – HAPPENED !!  
Esau got his dirty hands on Every Single Chapter — including those of prophets !
and he got away with it – because today the link with the OT is gone : 
… ofcourse this is a direct result óf Esau having corrupted the prophets , as well ;
therefore the modern believer does not recognize the many hints to the text in the prophets
through certain "words", "phrases", "concepts", etcetera ;
and though Christ did nothing else ás referring to prophets , Esau skillfully disarmed those ;
our mind is an Idiot :
… one of the greatest Mysteries is "believers thinking the scroll could never be corrupted"   
and therefore often mind-bending Tricks have to be performed — see also concordances —
to can turn obviously nonsensical lines into ones containing ‘spiritual’ meanings ,
while the obvious inconsistency is being ignored :
for example ,
the main question of this chapter’s KJV version as some "great commission" at say 25 AD ,
writing "give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions" etcetera :
did that power – (supposedly-) instigated by the Lord himsélf – then END with this mission
because the hundredthousands áfter them were crucified and thrown to the lions … ?  
you see please ?
the simple answer is : because our Lord never said anything in that context ! ,
and certainly not as some ‘great commission’ in that timeframe ! ,
because the first church was assigned as "seed" — very often ‘through (physical-) death’ ,
and fortunately many could bear the latter because they felt the Lord close inside them
[you see the pattern concerning Jacob during the seven Trumpets …?]   ; 
… turning the entire KJV framework into a most Unstable context :
and that needs little explanation by now  —
then you can also spot Esau’s numerous ‘lines without any meaning’ and endless repeats
as page-fillers , like "provide no gold nor silver nor brass in your purses" :
our ‘helpful’ mind whispers : "well because God would provide them with all they need" ;
but the line is plain Nonsense ofcourse and Esau helpfully adds "shoes , staff , robe and rod",
while he forgót to add "handkerchief , toothbrush , mobile and ID-card" ;
or ,
"when entering a town , enquire who in it is worthy" ,
as a bit strange for guys who just received all knowledge and power to tread scorpions ;
this repeated as page-filler "and if the hóuse be worthy let your peace come upon it" ;
the quasi-mysterious "are not two sparrows sold for a penny ?"  —
you’ll spot all the nonsense by now !  
restored text :

line 17 :     —  below : good  — 
… ‘beware of men’ [=why?]   >> ‘beware of the leaven of the pharisees’ 
and also ‘synagogue’ shows here : attempt : [and note the same theme in Micah 7]   :
“and they (‘144’) will heed [=be paying attention to]        +
the men=leaven (that-) will deliver=show [=to]   you=them                     [leaven = corruptions]  
in the sanhedrin=scroll ,            
and=because the synagogue of them=satan (autos=satanas) will have scourge=corrupted [=her]  “

line 18 :
           [next : now it could tell WHY they did that : “because Esau hates you [=Jacob]  ”
           and does not want him to enter the kingdom ,
           but the KJV roots don’t leave much room for this :
         “And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, 
           for a testimony against them and the Gentiles.”
           … however line 22 DOES — and is superfluous after line 21 [see below]   :
           “And ye shall be hated of all [men]   for my name’s sake: 
           but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”       << see brown , next :
attempt : as KJV 22 :
“for all=Esau has hated you because [+you are]   of the name=Father ,
and did yet=not endure=want [+you]   to be saved at the end ; 

line 19 :
[=continued from 18 :]  
“but the whenever=sons will deliver=search the you=scroll [..]  
to worry=understand how=what was speak=written or=in what=her ,
[=and]   you=they will be given (the-) in=words 
that=which the hour=Father (hora=patros) has spoken ; 

line 20 :
“therefore it will not be you=they (-themselves) (‘144’) that will speak
but (-rather) the spirit=words of the Father speaking in=through the you=scroll ; 

line 21:                                                      [=the brother against brother thing — but as Mic 7 in 35-36]  
… this is the Micah 7:6 line    [=the reason we needed to look at this Mt. 10]   ,
yet of this line 21 is another version as lines 34-35 (-36) of this chapter — see below
and that 34-35-36 section was verbatim copied from Micah 7 : 
” And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child:
and the children shall rise up against [their]   parents, and cause them to be put to death.”
        “and brothers=other (?) brothers (‘of the 144’) will deliver=confirm
        into=it are (?) (eis=esti) the death=words of the Father [..1x..]   , 
        but children=pastors (?) will rise up against the parents=sons (‘144’) 
        and kill=reject their [+words ?]  ” ;
… now — in the scroll is said “that the non-144 will hate the 144” but the ‘hate’ (KJV 22)
better fits “Esau’s hate” and hence was moved to above : 
this line 21 about “the others rising up against them” anyway shows similar theme , no ? ;
line 23 (!!) :
“but when=therewith they (‘pastors’) will cause the you=people
to be persecuted in the city=day of this=judgment (‘Revelation’) ,                   [<< see line 15]  
[+because]   [+they]   will [+not]   be made to escape into=from the other=world ;
yet verily I say unto you :                                                             [<< finally – a non-corrupted line ..]  
no=only the cities=remnant of Ishral (‘144’) will finish=escape
till=when the Son of man will come (-back) ;

——- next lines (until 34) were NOT PART of this main theme 
            [though it must have had a proper closing — we just can’t know what]  
            next :
           the lines 34-36 as a longer (-and probably original) version of line 21 above :
“[+and]   [=they]   will think=understand that (when-) I will come (-back) ,
I will [+not]   throw=take the peace=people on=from the land=land ,     [<< see ‘peace’ next]      
[+because]   not=when I will come (-back)                             [prophets: ‘there-will-be-no peace’]  
(there-) will throw=be [+no]   peace but the sword ;    

… perhaps it wrote “they will understand that when I come back there will be no peace :
when I come back there will be no peace but the sword” ,
yet that repeat sounds WEIRD : it’s more logical that first He said “take the people” 
so that the “no peace” would be understood as the “not taking”   —
ofcourse He used the ‘peace’ to refer to prophets ; 
… because KJV is virtually the same context , we just copy line 21 above :
     “and brothers=other (?) brothers will deliver=confirm              [KJV : copied from Mic.7:6]  
     into=it are (?) (eis=esti) the death=words of the Father [..1x..]   , 
     but children=pastors (?) will rise up against the parents=sons (‘144’) 
     and kill=reject their [+words ?]  ” ;    
[invalid – deleted]  
… this KJV line may be Esau’s addition to make sure that his “infighting” was understood :
“And a man’s foes [shall be]   they of his own household.” ;
yet at the end the subject needs to be “pastors” or next line 22 will not run proper :
1) this line only shows in this Matthew 10 ,
2) the term “household” appears NOWHERE else – but in this chapter line 36 and 25 ;
3) the whole line is a verbatim quote of Micah 7:6 ,
4) quoted by the Esau-drone that has corrupted this chapter ;
5) however you try restore the line , the subject REFUSES TO END on ‘pastors’ ;
6) for all the reasons above the line is unusable – therefore we legally delete it .  
… this line belongs to another theme – see Luke 14:26-27

het Report