PT 600 : the stolen gate : the pyramid – in Zech.4:7 as ‘the destroying mountain’ (and compare Giza)

PT 600 : the stolen gate :
  the pyramid – in Zech.4:7
as ‘the destroying mountain’
      (and compare Giza)

PT 600
main theme : the pyramid
note please : very unclear spell :
…. all the other posted spells about the gate are sure – but this one is tricky
simply because the description does not give us enough information :
the EYE (-in it) – here as ‘crown of speech’ , the gate , is sure ,
but nothing is said about its location or buildup ,
while linking to concepts which are not further expanded upon ;
you will also see
that the spell itsélf runs weird :
it’s a guess what is the subject in a number of lines ,
for example , not “the pyramid itself” can be “within (-the matrix)” 
so that should refer back to ‘the stolen gate’ , etcetera   —
these unclear descriptions make the spell difficult to follow ; 
the term ‘pyramid’ appears in 1650a ;
to read along ,
PDF page 381 , real page 1659 , and scroll upwards ,
‘official’ translation : 

PT 600
the one (-place-T). [for?] the double Ennead.                     [<< 9 main matrix constructs]
[for?] the solarplane (B). [of] (matrix-) willpower. 
by [means of?].            +
the crown of great (matrix-) speech.                             [<< matrix gate in top of pyramid]
existence to make (‘as concept’). to carry-off. ,                                         [<< to the matrix]
[and so] existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
………… though we did grasp that ‘the Ennead’ are 9 main matrix constructs
………… like Shu (atmosphere) , Isis (throne) , Geb (land of Mystery-Babylon) etc ,
………… we’ve no idea where these óriginate from – from the gate ?
………… (or , expanded , from the ‘nine houses’ H’ET ? – see BD) ; 
………… that there is “a dóuble Ennead” simply escapes us ; 
[as] (matrix-) existence to make.         +
[through] the presented (eden-) offerings. [for] existence to make (‘as concept’). ,
[by means of] (eden-) existence. the word. to make (=by eden, ÁR). , 
[and therewith]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[and] (matrix-) existence to make. [by] the selected (eden-) fowls. , 
(….. untranslatable pun…..)
[and therewith]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[and so for] the gods (‘demons’). existence to make. [as] the things of (matrix-) peace. ,
[by means of] existence to make (‘as concept’). to acquire. , 
[and therewith]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[because] the oil. , the raiment. , the fowl. [and] the foods.        +
[by] the royal south. to give. ,                                                              [<< gate region’]
[and through] the offering. (matrix-) existence to make. 
[namely by] the (eden-) word (adj.) – [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. , 
[and therewith]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[and so] (matrix-) existence to make. [of] sekhem power. , 
[as]         +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;  
(matrix-) existence to make. [for, by] the Ba bird spirit-being.     +               [<< Ammon sons]
[as]         +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;
(matrix-) existence to make. [of] praise. , 
[as]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;
[and] (matrix-) existence to make. [of] sharpness (SEPT’). , 
[as]          +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the (stolen-) eden sceptre. [for] (matrix-) existence. ; 
[through] this. pyramid (MER). 
[as] this. working one (‘labouring’?). to grow. (matrix-) speech. [of] beauty. , 
[and therewith]        +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the one (-place-T). giving. speech. 
all. the gods. ;                                                                     [<< perhaps ‘to be all the divine things’]
…………… also in PT 601 is the combination “to work (KAT). to grow (RUT’)” ;
…………… we’re not sure why it would “labour to grow speech” but that’s what it says
…………… because it’s not “the built one” (QET’ or KHEM) so it refers to ‘speech’ ;
…………… perhaps “speech” (resonance) changes when originating from a pyramid ?

[and so] forever. [to be] the own. (matrix-) existence. 
[by means of] within (-the matrix).         + 
the desired word of (matrix-) speech. to fashion (‘to build’) (QET’). alike-adam’s. ; 
………… equally strange : the word is either ‘made’ or ‘birthed’ but not ‘built’ ;
………… and here the verb could nót draw back upon ‘pyramid’ ;
c, d
[by?] this. pyramid (MER). 
[as] this. working one (‘labouring’?). to grow. 
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the one (-place-T). giving. speech.  
[because by] the one (-T of) the (matrix-) speech of beauty. 
[to be] every. aspect. [for] N’s (‘candidate’). (matrix-) existence. 
[by] speech to transform. , 
[and so]            +
(matrix-) existence to make. [by] the one (-place-T). giving. speech.  
[for] all. the gods. [of] existence. ;                                          [<< or: ‘all divine things’ etc]
[because]         +
[at] the one (-place-T) the offered (eden-) aspects to materialize (-in the matrix). ,
[and by] these. selected foods. the (matrix-) peace. to give. , 
[by means of]          +
the son-construct. the (matrix-) peace. to give. [by?] to make the (matrix-) place-T. ; 
[and so] forever. [to be] the own. (matrix-) existence.  
[as this N’s existence]. , 
[by] [to be] within (-the matrix). 
[namely?] the one (-T) for speech of beauty. 
[as] every. (matrix-) aspect. this. to make (=by eden ; ÁR) (-for hail). ; 
[and to?] this. one (‘pyramid’?). to come hail. ,
[namely] [as] this. hail. [by] the (eden-) word of the (eden-) mountain (tsiun). , 
[and for] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [..]. to complete. (matrix-) existence. 
[by means of?-] [+the one of?] (‘word’). [of] (eden-) existence. to ascend. , 
[and at?]         +
this. (matrix-) existence’s. island (?).          +
[to be] the ‘workable (matrix-) word’ (adj.) – alike-adam’s (adj.) – [for] the heir. ; 
…………. the above lines are impossible : the “eden word of the mountain”
…………. is always ‘bad’ and cannot just ‘ascend’ ;
…………. the ‘heir’ are the Egyptian corrupt adam souls ; 
[by] to ascend. the hail to come. 
[and?] to (?). the island. [of] the heir. (the hail-) to come. ,
[and so?] to (?). all. the gods. to come. ; 
[as] he. the (eden-) existence. inside. to present. ,                    [<< but magically-dangerous]
[as] the wandered-astray (adj.) – (eden-) existence. , 
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] he. the sanctified. word of the mountain (tsiun). ; 
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] eden-within. , 
[1646 skipped :
as “empowering Geb (‘land of Mystery-Babylon’) ]



PT 566 : the stolen gate : as Horus’ eye below and island of SEKER

PT 566 : the stolen gate :
  as Horus’ eye below
   and island of SEKER

[short ; 2022-04apr.18]

PT 566

main theme : the eden gate as “Horus’ eye below” where SEKER is ;
….. short spell only ; 
that it’s called “Horus’ eye (-below)” is very unusual , it can cause confusion because
usually his ‘eye(-s)’ are above – north , but also because it’s “magically-dangerous” to say ;
it’s also “an island”
but one which is “sacrificed” (MAÂT “to sacrifice (-eden willpower”) 
represented by the SEKER concept – see for him and the island amduat 5 
(and we could make an attempt at doing that one now) ;
his boat has two facing oryx-heads at both sides representing both (eden-) olive-trees ,
while he as “copied eden speech” constantly opens the gate 
(so we must assume that he resides there) ;
line d ‘wing’ : we don’t know yet what axis so we can’t translate that line ; 
to read along ,
PDF page 280 , real page 1429 , and read upwards ,
‘official’ translation , 

PT 566
the eye. [of] Horus. below (‘south’, eden’).                     [<< eden gate ; unusual phrasing !]
[for this N (‘candidate’).].
[is for this N.]        +
the moving (adj.) – (adam-like-) island. nót. ;
[because]        +
[it is] the (adam-like-) island. [óf] the Thoth perch axis (‘Nile’). nót. ;
[and]      +
[it is] the sleeping (adj.) – (eden-) pool in the (dimensional-) background. [of] Horus. nót. ;
…………. so “the eye below” is the eden gate construct , also called “an island”
…………. but it does not “move” – read : is not “ferried-over” etc ,
…………. which would be implied as “the Thoth axis brought this island” ;
…………. and again is repeated that “it is not Horus who constructed this eye” ;
[but instead] , 
[there is] the boat of (matrix-) justice (‘a construct’).            [<< lit. “of sacrifice”] 
[because]       +
[at] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..).       +                                                   [<< eden gate]
[is] the H’nu-boat of SEKER. ;
d : can’t read because we don’t know what is ‘wing’ (TCHNH’)
[and so] , Horus . [to be] thou. (eden-) willpower for matrix-existence. ,
[and therewith] [for] this. N (candidate’). to come health. 


CT 1157 : the eden gate
as ‘the ceased fiery eye’

CT 1157
main theme : the eden gate as “the ceased fiery eye” 
to read along , 
PDF page 522 , real page VII 504 , 
VII 504
[by] the real adm-soul’s (-one). [are] the (matrix-) things of beauty. , 
by [means of]. the ceased fiery. eye (‘eden gate’). ;
[and by] the darkness.                                                                        [<< of eden c.q of the eye]
[..]. [is] the (matrix-) spirits consciousness.  
[through] the watercourse. [by] which is. the one. (matrix-) eye (‘matrix gate’). 
(which-) I am. ;
[because from?-] the ceased fiery one. [by] which is. the location. [for] (matrix-) speech.
[by means of] to make the watercourse (‘Nile’). 
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘matrix gate’). 
in line c it is the eden eye by context ;
juxtaposed to next line where he speaks as their eye ;
the ‘location of speech’ could have written “lion mouth” or “place-T of great (matrix-) speech”
or “crown of great speech” as interchangable for ‘the mouth’ (gate) in last part of the line

[insert page=’ct-1138-as-double-eye-eden-gate-in-darkness-and-the-copy-merged-w-matrix-gate’ display=’all’]

PT 570 : the stolen gate : cornerstone and emerald dome (as stolen and copied construct) make the matrix-day and years through half-moon-month

     PT 570 : the stolen gate :
cornerstone and emerald dome
(as stolen and copied construct)
make the matrix-day and years
    through half-moon-month

     [useful ; 2022-04apr.17]
PT 570

main theme : stolen cornerstone and emerald dome , 
                            making the matrix day and years through the half-moon festivals
overvieuw :
…. well yes now they get more difficult each time  —
– what they want is “the eden type light and seasons”
– so one of their first moves is “to steal the cornerstone” (see prophets)
– because the cornerstone “makes the word” – that is his job ,
– the word both for speech and for light ,
– after they stole him they make the Nile – which brings the eden-words for him , 
– but ofcourse now he must make mátrix-type-words ; 
– his present ‘location’ is probably NOT as “being the floor of the copied gate”
    but he is in the place of Isis – the matrix throne ,
– and could explain why is said here “so that he won’t make that dangerous crown”
    by which is meant “the eden emerald dome” ,
    though he does feed here their “green crown” : their copied emerald dome ; 
– the (eden) bull :
    we think another term for “the eden emerald dome” 
    which’ concept was “stolen by apes” – but we don’t know why – 
    and now became Apis aka the green crown ;
– the eden-gate still seems to exist “in a type energetic blueprint” in the south 
    explained as ‘testicles’ (power source) and because it is ‘besieged constantly’ ;
– the copied gate is now ‘a star’ 
    also called ÁKHMT-SEK (singular)
    and the 7 Torches – which in eden dwelt within it – álso seem to be dislocated
    and operate from some island (which we can’t identify here) ;
closing :
– the eden stone “made the eden season” (years) – but now for the matrix ;
– the stone (apparently) produced “a monthly cycle”
    perhaps appearing itself ‘as some type waning and waxing moon’ 
    (perhaps as light-intensity?)
    but each eden-half-month the matrix steals its words to make their moon-month  —
    we just need to explore this further ;
    and finally , the stone produces the matrix day (-light)
…….. it doesn’t mean that we understánd all the details (-already) ,
we’re first in the process still of transláting them correctly ;

[sub : the UAS-sceptre :
represening “the eden gate until their copied gate”
(since the ‘testicles’ of that sceptre are the eden gate) ; 
while the 4 TCHÂM-sceptres (same type sceptre-glyph)
must be “the eden 4 cardinal points now in their north” ;

to read along ,
PDF page 306 , real page 1465 , and read upwards , 
‘official’ translation ,

PT 570
(quickly changing aspects ; not always easy to follow)
the (matrix-) sky. 
[is] (matrix-) existence. [by] the east. side (read: Heaven). for. 
the (eden-) light to rise up.
[in order to be] the (matrix-). light. [for] (matrix-) speech. alike-adam’s. ;
[therefore] , the (matrix-) sky. 
[is] (matrix-) existence. [by] the east. side. [by means of also] for.
this. N (‘candidate’). the light having risen up. ; 

[first by] the Set-stone (‘stolen eden cornerstone’).         +
[as] the protection (adj.) – [of] (matrix-) existence. , 
(through which-) Horus. (has) opened (UN ; adj.) – (matrix-) existence. ;
………… because he suddenly starts about the (stolen-) Set stone
………… it must be one of the concepts cáusing that light   —
………… the týpes of light are described at the end of the spell ;
[and then , to be] the divine (matrix-) things. 
[thróugh] the (eden-) word. [fór] the things of (matrix-) peace. [of] eden-within. , 
[because]        +
[+it] (‘word’). [to] the Thoth perch standard (‘Nile ; bringing words’). to listen (‘to obey’). ; 
[and then by] he (‘Set stone’). making (adj. ; ÁR) – the word.      +           [<< as concept]
(now-) the (matrix-) word to make. [for] to equip (-the matrix with). ; 
[and so]          +
to complete. the divine (matrix-) things. 
[because of] the inherited (eden-) one (-T). [to] Geb (‘Chaldea’). to listen (‘to obey’). ;
……………. you see how difficult he is to follow  —
……………. he says “the Set stone makes the word” , as attribute of what the stone does ,
……………. but now the stone is in the north , (eden-) words are coming to him via the
……………. Thoth perch (‘Nile’) so that he will make the mátrix-words ; 
……………. making the words which Geb (‘land of M-Babylon’) needs ; 
[therefore] this. N (‘candidate’). to die. nót. ;
[because of] the light of the one (-T =stone) of the made (matrix-) throne (S-ÁST).
[for] this. N. ; 
[and therewith for] this. N. [to be] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[yet]       +
[as] the divine (matrix-) things. [by] the eden sceptre. to make (-them) nót (=by eden). ,
[but instead] , 
[through] the éssence of he (=stone) for the (matrix-) existence for the solarplane (BNF+). 
[for] the (matrix-) speech of hail. ;
(….1x unknown…)
…………….. so again it suggests that the stone is at Isis (ÁST). 
…………….. (eventhough we need to check that) ; and he says that the stone should not 
…………….. make words according to his ówn nature – but make matrix-words ; 
[and therewith?-] Nebh’et (‘chalice beneath solarplane’). [for]. to manifest. ,                          [sic]
[as?, by] the ruddish essence (‘was eden’s).                                   [for this N]
[and]      +
Isis (‘the matrix throne’). [for]. to manifest. , 
[as?] the red (-garment) (ÁNS).                                                         [for this N]
…………….we’re not sure what this is doing here nor how it’s connected ;
next ,
the (now matrix-) Set-stone. [is by?] the testicles. below (‘south’, eden). 
[therefore] the raging (eden-) crown to be make (?, glyph). nót. ,       [<< of matrix gate]
[so that]      +
Horus’. eye (‘gate’). [to be] wounded (?). nót. ; 
…………… the “testicles’ : intended is some ‘source of willpower, of origin’ and to us it
…………… sounds like “the still existing blueprint of the eden-gate below” 
…………… which is – perhaps – constantly energetically copied
…………… (eventhough the Set stone itself was carried-off to their north) ; 
…………… the ‘crown’ must allude to the original eden emerald dome 
…………… (because here as matrix glyph S-AT’T+) ;
[and this will not happen] , 
[because of] the eden-word (..) to ferry-over (-to matrix). , 
[and as?] the one for (matrix-) speech. (it?-) (‘word’) [to be] re-transformed. nót. ; 
[by means of?]       +
(matrix-) place-T to birth. ;                   [‘where the word becomes the matrix-word’] 
[and because of]      +
the (eden-) place-T to encircle (‘besiege’). ,                                             [<< sic ; south]
the one for (matrix-) speech. (it?-) (‘word’) [to be] re-transformed. nót. ; 
[by means of?]         +
(matrix-) place-T to birth. ;
[therefore] ,         +
the (matrix-) voice. [bý] (matrix-) place-T for (matrix-) speech. to re-transform. nót. ,
[and] the (matrix-) violence (‘against eden’). 
[bý] (matrix-) place-T for (matrix-) speech. to re-transform. nót. , 
…………….. with “re-transform” he simply means “to undo, anull” ;
…………….. the “to encircle (besiege)” indicates that the eden gate – as energy form – 
…………….. indéed still can exist in the south ;
[because] the word – [of] the true (adj.) – (matrix-) voice. which is [by] (?). 
the cease funerary vases (?)                   XXXXXXXXXXXXX  [can’t follow thoughtline] 
[and by] this. within (-the matrix). ,                            [<< but ‘what’ ?]
(………2x………). this. (matrix-) masculine (‘male’?). [as] the fisherman (?). ;                + 
………….. you see how bad it is when losing a line because of néxt context   —
………….. next shows “baboons” so above must be some personalized concept
………….. but hów come “baboons to be fishermen” …? we know that “apes” played
………….. a part in stealing the first eden-construct(-s) — and compare Ramayana —
………….. but we’ve no idea why or because of what quality :
                                                              part II
[because by?] the baboons (ÁÂN+). [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. 
[was?] the one (-T of?) ape darkness (?). [for?] the (eden-) bull. ;
[and because of?] the one (-T as?) ape darkness (?). ,
the (eden-) bull (adj.) – [was of?] the baboons. ; 
[and therewith?] ,       +
the light (‘of the bull’?). [..] [became to be?] thou. own. [for] to make ânkh life. ,
[because] the light. [..] [was now?-] thou. own. ; 
……………. virtually impossible to reconstruct : what is “the (eden-) bull” SMA ?
……………. sometimes also addeed “for great (matrix-) speech” URT
……………. so it can be “the eden gate” or “the (eden-) emerald dome” 
……………. (the cópied dome is also ‘a bull’ : Apis) ;
……………  where SMA is “the bull to be reaped” SMA ; and somehow ‘baboons’
……………. played a part in stealing the dome 
……………. (where Cain – ÂQN – played a part in stealing the gate itsélf) ;
how the matrix-word is constructed upon the eden-word ,
[and so] thóu. (matrix-) existence. the word. to empower (‘say’). , 
[now as] the (matrix-) light. this. (eden-) word to command. ,
as. to obey (‘listen to’) (adj.) – the made (matrix-) word. ; 
he (‘eden word’). [was to be] swallowed. [and] chewed. nót. ,
[but became] the swallowable one. [and] chewable one. [by] Horus’. eye. [for N]. ;
[because by] the (eden-) word as the (matrix-) word-inside
the ‘workable (matrix-) word’. [..] to manifest. ,
[as] the design for to the real adm-soul’s (-one) (=word) to connect to. ,
(being) ‘the workable (matrix-) word’. [of] this. N. ; 
[and so by] the (matrix-) word to make. ânkh life to make. , 
[and for] this. N. (matrix-) health to make. ; 
next , (a: wás the SMA bull) , 
[because of?] the brought one (-to matrix).                                    [<< eden stone]
[and] the carried-off one (-to matrix). ,                                             [<< eden word] 
[now by] the Set stone. [..] (another-) one to manifest :
[namely] the ureaus (‘eden fire serpent’).                                                 [for this N] ;
(being) the (now matrix-) green crown. [as?] the cordage-bow (SHB). on top. , 
held by (adj.) – the (matrix-) white crown.                                                 [for this N]
[and so to be] the divine (matrix-) things. [by] the royal south (‘gate region’). 
[by] the inherited one. (which is of-) Horus. by decree of law. ; 
[because?] the TCHÂM sceptre. [of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix. 
[is by]         +
the UAS sceptre. [tó] above (‘north’). [for] this. (eden-) willpower for the matrix. 
[as] the splendid (-one) (adj.) – [for] this. N. , 
[because now] (matrix-) existences to make (‘as concept’).  
[by means of] the TCHÂM sceptre(-s). above (‘north’).       +
[for] the splendid (matrix-) word. ; 
[because]        +
[at] the island (…can’t read…). [of] the (matrix-) land. 
[is] the word. (originally?-) [of] the KHENS (copied moon-) construct (‘boat’). ;        + 
…………… perhaps 4 TCHÂM-sceptres are ‘the 4 eden cardinal points now north’
…………… because see below the ‘4’ ; next also the ÁKHM-SEKu are mentioned
…………… (the 7 torches) and the link “4 card-points + 7” was also in CT 203 :
…………… so he goes from green crown to 4 châm to (7) ÁKHM-stars : 
…………… (where it seems that the stars are now separated ? from the gate) ;
[namely as the word by-] the ÁKHM SEKu stars (‘the kidnapped 7 Torches’).  
[at] the (matrix) place of the inverted dome (=?). [fór] the divine things (?).            + 
[for?-] these. four.        +                                                                                          [for N]
TCHÂM-sceptres. [of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix. ,
d2, c, b
[repeat of last paragraph , unclear why]
1456 a [………]         next ,
forever. [for] this. N.                                                   [<< or: by he (=eden) within (=matrix). 
[..] [to be] this. (matrix-) land. [of] dryness. nót. ; 
[because for] this. N. [..] [to be] the (matrix-) sky. [of] emptyness. nót. ; 
[because by] he. the (captured-) eden sceptre (TÁ). [is] (matrix-) protection. , 
[now as] the god. (having) ascended (adj.) – [to] (matrix-) existence.           [of N]
[and] the (matrix-) sky. (with its-) scattered around stars (?, glyph). 
[is by?] the (main matrix-) star. [for] this. N. ;                                                   [<< gate]
[ás] the one ÁKHM-SEK-star (‘copied eden-gate’).      +
[for] he. the fat things (‘now of matrix-willpower’). ;
[and for?] the (matrix-) word of iron. [for] N’s. bones. ; 
……………. sing. ÁKHMT-SK , the 7 torches were ÁKHMu-SKu ; 
[because by] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..). [to be] the (matrix-) atmosphere (SHU). ,
[because fróm] the dome of NUT (‘bordersky’).     +
[to be] the word. [for] the support pillar for the word. ,
[as] the word of double (matrix-) willpower. [for] the (matrix-) land.         +
to plough (-eden with). ;         +
…….. (to plough by the solarplane of the (now-) matrix-house-H (HEB+). ; 
seasons :
[and therewith] to die. the below one (‘south’, eden).  
[and by] it. [to be] the (matrix-) season (‘year’). [bý] the Set stone. ,
(which was-) the (eden-) one (-T) of the eden-house-H fór (matrix-) existence.   +
[through] the (now matrix-) speech. alike-adam’s. ; 
[and by] to die. the below one (‘south’, eden). 
[to be] the (matrix-) season (‘year’). [for] this. N’s. (matrix-) existence. 
[as] the eden-house’s-H (-for matrix-) existence. ; 
………….. so it seems that “the Set stone – in eden – made the seasons” in eden ,
………….. but now the stone is theirs , he makes the eden-seasons for the matrix ;
moon / half-moon months
[and by] to die. the (eden-) wórd. below (‘south’, eden). 
it. [to be] the (matrix-) full-moon-months. [bý] the Set stone.
(which was-) the (eden-) one (-T) of the eden-house-H fór (matrix-) existence.   +
[through] the (now matrix-) speech. alike-adam’s. ; 
[and by] to die. the (eden-) wórd. below (‘south’, eden). 
it. [to be] the (matrix-) full-moon-months. [for] this. N’s. (matrix-) existence. 
[as] the eden-house’s-H (-for matrix-) existence. ;  
[..2x..]. [but originally as] he. the hálf-moon-months. [by] the Set stone. […4x…]. ; 
…………… you see that even for us it’s a bit confusing (ánd for him?) but sure is that
……………”the eden half-moon-month was made by the wórd the Set stone made” ,
…………… but now that he is in the matrix he makes their full-moon-month ; 
the matrix day (-light) :
b, a 
[same procedure ; Hru+light as
“the (matrix-) day (-light) as the (eden-) word of speech of the (now matrix-) house-H”]
(and all the above is by the matrix-gate as the place of)              + 
the eden-sceptre/-T for the blossoming (matrix-) existence [-by wick-H’] (H’enT). ,
[because].       +
he the (brought-) construct as the centipede (-face) SEPA.           +
(being) (the one-) [of] eden-within. [ór] (matrix-) existence. ,
[became]         +
he. the the eden-sceptre/-T for the blossoming (matrix-) existence [-by wick-H’].      +
[of] eden-within. ,
[to be of] (matrix-) existence. [by] decree of law. ; 
…………. centipede : eden (moon-) gate as “cymatic concept” ? ; see pages ;
until 1443a : [skipped] , not enough useful to spent time on





PT 517 : the eden moon : place of stealing energy , as ‘field’, ‘boat’ and ‘island’ ;

PT 517 : the eden moon :
place of stealing energy ,
as ‘field’, ‘boat’ and ‘island’ ;



content :
– what they steal is “the willpower (fór speech)” ;
– the ‘field’ (aka island aka boat) is in the false east — see Introduction ; 
– intent : through “the place of sacrifice” , read “eden willpower to reap”, MA-Â ; 
– glyph “festival of the completed solarplane” as glyph H’EB ; 
– for the ‘fire-stick’ concept see the CT with QÂN (Cain) ; 
reading the glyphs of this spell :
original page at 1192 b) ; PDF page 170 , 
but remember to read UPwards ; 


PT 517


1192       intro
[by] the fowled (eden-) things for the (festival of the-) completed solarplane.    +
[to be] (matrix-) existence. , 
[and] N (‘candidate’). it (‘existence’). to value. ,
[because by] the doubled (eden-) things. [to be] (matrix-) existence. ,
[in order to be] he (‘existence’). [by] decree of law. ; 
[namely as] this. vulture-rule (‘matrix rule’). [for] N. ;

1191      start
[because through]         +;
the fowled (eden-) things for the (festival of the-) completed solarplane.        +
(matrix-) existence (-by itsélf). existence to make (‘as forms’).      +
[as] he. the valued one. , 
[because by means of] the doubled (matrix-) things.           +
(matrix-) existence (-itself). existence to make (‘as forms’). ,
[as] he. the decree of law. ; 

[b : bit unsure reading :]
[to be] the (matrix’-) double word. [by means of] the retired one (‘eden moon’?). , 
[because by means of]      +
the real adm-soul. within (-the matrix). ,                   [<< real adm-soul = Jacob = wé] 
to become the (matrix-) image (‘of what? ; ÁRU).       + 
[by?] he (‘eden moon’?). [as?] the one the speech to make for (matrix-) hail. ;
[in order to be]       +
the great. god (=’matrix great speech’).      +
which is [by]. the beautiful. (matrix-) seat.    +
[being] the (matrix-) field. [for to be] (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[as] this. N’s (candidate). fire-stick construct (‘boat’). ; 

    a :
    the ‘field’ is the same as “the (Soped-) forest being the field” in another PT ,
    so this is definitely the place of capturing the moon ; 
    we don’t have a palpable concept for ‘fire-stick construct’ yet ,
    yet it should be this same place 
    (compare how Cain , in another CT , stole the fire-stick) ;
    the reason we misinterpreted the fire-stick is (partly-) because a line in prophets
    saying “.. and now the (eden-) staff shoots fire ; this will stay a lamentation”  —
    which we understood as ‘firing BACK at eden’ ;
    but perhaps it wrote “fire + staff” (and not ‘shooting’ but ‘stolen’…?) ; 
[in order to be] the divine health (‘the solarplane to make existence’, SNB).    +
[of] (eden-) willpower for the matrix. , 
[as] this. divine wholesomeness (UTCHA, w/ fire-stick glyph’). ; 

[because] N’s. (matrix-) speech of hail. invokes (adj.) – existence to make. 
(‘as concept’). ,         +
(speech of hail-) [being] the great god. [through] the seat (‘that field’).       +
[in order to be] the adam-like. (matrix-) word. for speech above (‘north’). ,
[..skipped 1x ‘thou’..]
by [means of].         +    

to command. the one (=eden moon) by decree of law. [for] to obey (‘listen’).     +
[for to be] (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[and so to be] the (matrix-) ânkh life. [of] (matrix-) existence.     +
[as] this. N’s. (matrix-) speech of hail. [being] (matrix-) existence of hail. ,
[being] (matrix-) existence. [as] this. (matrix-) daylight (‘word of speech’). ; 

    e :
    in other spells : ‘ânkh life is the speech in the (matrix-) atmosphere’ ;
[because] the (eden-) ways (?, glyph). [..] to wander-astray (-to matrix). ,
[..skipped 1x ‘thou’..]. guided (adj.) – [by] (matrix-) existence. ;
[as] the (eden-) houses. [..1x..]. (matrix-) existence. to obey (‘listen’). , 
[in order] to become (adj.) – the opened (matrix-) word. ; 
[because] the great (matrix-) speech. [by] he. the seat (‘that field, still?’).      +
the (matrix-) word of double (matrix-) willpower. to guide. , 
[as] the god (‘matrix great speech’).       +
[for] (eden-) existence’s (?). vessel (‘eden moon?’) to empty (?, glyph). ; 
       (as the god emptying the vessel of (eden-) existence)
[then by] the god (‘great speech’). ,
the (matrix?-) word. to dance. [like] this. pygmee. ;         + 

    a :
    some bizarre humor ; very unusual sentence ; the term does not seem
    to have the colour of eden so it must be théir type word ; and see next ; 
[because by?] the dome of Nut (‘border between matrix and eden’).     +
[at] the two stable legs (‘2 matrix axes to the south’). ,
[is] the one (matrix-) word of eden-within.
[as] the (eden-) staff of rule. [for] (matrix-) existence. ;

returning to theme ,
he. the (matrix-) speech of hail. [to] N. to arrive
     (lit.: to come the (eden-moons-) speech for to make the (matrix-) root ; SPR+). ; 
[and therewith]      +
N. [in] (matrix-) existence. to can swim (‘solarplane related’). ;

    e :
    unclear still what is the connotation of this ‘to swim’ ;
[because for] the (matrix-) land. ,       +
(matrix-) existence. owns (adj.) – this. island (‘where moon is captured’). ,
[in order to be] the sacrifice (‘of eden-willpower’, MA-Â). [for] this. N. ;

    d :
    the ‘island’ is also used in PT 566 , in the same context ; see ‘the field’ above ;
[and so for] the (matrix-) land. [to be] (matrix-) speech and nature. ,
[through] the (matrix-) ský. [of] (matrix-) speech and nature. ;
[by means of]   +
the sacrifice (‘of eden-willpower’). [for] this. N. ; 

closing ,
[for] the field of Reeds (‘likely as habitated fields throughout the solarplane’).     +
[to exist] the ferry-boat (‘constantly bringing eden-aspects’). 
[by means of] the construct (‘boat’, adj.) – [of] sacrifice (‘eden willpower’). 
    (= the place of seizing the eden moon)
[as] (?). the fire-stick construct (‘boat’). [for] (matrix-) hail. ;
to recite. 

    e :
    the ‘field of reeds’ : very possible ‘in this solarplane’ ,
    remember prophets “and those who stand afar off weep ,
    when they see Mystery-Babylon burn” — and the ‘those’ are spirits …


annex :
‘official’ translation (Mercer) :
but remember he read it upside down ,
and disregarding MANY glyphs ,

PT 593

Pyramid Text 593


longer spell : overvieuw :

the eden-star as SEPT’T (‘Sothis’) now renamed as the T’UA-star
… reading the glyph strictly ,
it is “(the star of) the eden-stone (‘hand’) (for) to make the [new] root”,
in the sense that the eden-star is now placed inside their matrix
(therefore SEPT’T has little to do with ‘the star Sirius’, that is but exoteric) ;

the star ‘decides’ which dimension rules
… now the matrix has stolen the eden-star , he is renamed as T’UA-star
(hence the many references here as “now in the name of”) ;
glyph T’UA is immediately linked to “the matrix-dawn”- as ruling dimension ,
hence prophets address “the return of the éden-dawn”
(therefore Râ and ‘matrix-daylight’ are but aspects óf the matrix-dawn) ;

the eden-star , belonging to the eden-stone , is installed in a (similar) new place
… see SEPT’T above  —
the star , together with his “four feeders” (see PT609) were disconnected
and placed at “a matrix-construct MIMICKING the eden-cornerstone” :
in this 593 called ‘the pool’ and lateron ‘the ST-stone’ (as in PT609) ;
this is important for us ,
in the sense that this weird ST-stone glyph we now can connect to other concepts ;

the eden-star ‘birthing the matrix-word’ and therewith ‘great [matrix-] speech’ :
… the star itself is the attribute “speech” (see PT609) ,
and here connected as being the source for “great [matrix-] speech”
(as their type creational speech) ;
in this case , the star is “fed with words / sounds”
(likely as the mutilated words of the 7 torches below him) ,
the – now matrix – star then creates “matrix words” which are sent to their north ,
causing their [spiritual matrix-] awareness ;

2) but in the eden-situation :
… we really don’t know , yet ;
it is obvious that Gód is ‘the awareness’ ,
therefore we suppose that the eden-star functions as “maintaining creation” ,
as if “the star directly executes the words of the 7 torches” —

2b) the “four feeders” :
… are not directly mentioned in this spell ,
but they must relate to “the four cardinal points” theme
(in Zechariah then , it are not ‘3’ but must be “four” crowns of the 144,000 sons)   —
we go find another spell about this specific theme ;

note the section about ‘this situation remains because of the imprisoned adm-soul’

read parallel the glyphs : start at line 1637 (p.379) and read UPwards :
the ‘official’ translation :


Pyramid Text 593

b) the father (‘Osiris, as matrix’). to protect. [by] the son. Horus. ,
[in order to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] he. the name. [=of]. :
Horus. connecting – the word. [to] [matrix-] existence. [as] the protection. ;

[next : A : the boat name :]
… to obtain that protection , now some eden-concept is connected to the matrix :
the said ‘boat’ in next 1637a is “an eden construct”,
as “the word of (eden-) speech of the hand (eden-stone) (now) fór (matrix-) existence” ;
like a construct “making speech”, and explained in following 1636 ;

[because by means of]      +
the tch-n-t’-r-u (eden-) boat (‘see A above’). [to be] within (‘in the matrix’). ,
[to become] the spirit-awareness. [for] [matrix-] existence. [in] he. the name. [=of]. :
[because by means of] he (‘boat as construct’). [to be] within (‘the matrix’). ,
[are] thou (‘eden-star’). [for] [matrix-] existence. [of] spirit-awareness (‘of matrix’). ;

b) [namely as]     +
the Sothis star (‘star of the eden-stone’,-SPT’T+). [of] eden-within. [for] Horus. ,
[and so to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] he. the name. [=of].  :
thou (‘eden-star’). within (‘the matrix’). to manifest. ,
[now as] the sharp one (-SPT’, as pun on -SPT’T’). [of] Horus. ;
[because] the Sothis (eden-) star. [to become] the sharp one (at place-t). ,
[as] the one (‘eden-star’) for the real-adm-soul. [now to be] within (‘the matrix’). ,
[and so by] thou. the seed (‘matrix-aspects’). to manifest. ;      +           

context so far :
… instead of “(making awareness) for the real-adm-soul” (Egyptians were nót) ,
he now makes matrix-spirit-awareness as “the power of speech” ; see next ;

b) [because by] thou. [to be] the desirable word. [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[as] the praised one (for) [matrix-] hail. ,
[and by] the seat. [for] thou. , [to] [matrix-] existence. to come hail. ;    [<<pass.]
[because] existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] speech.      +
[to be] far from. thou. nót. [when being] within (‘the matrix’). ,
                                                                                    (‘he will not lose his attribute as ‘speech’)
A2) [but instead] ,       +
the word. to connect. [to] existence to make. [now as] the T’ua star (‘renamed’). ;

context so far :
… the eden-star is now “renamed” as T’UA-star
(hence the line “in thou name of” shows up often in this spell) ;
The strict reading of T’-UA is
“(the star) (of) the imprisoned (eden) word (by) the hand (‘eden-stone’)”
but more likely is the second meaning of -T’, as “.. the imprisoned word. to give” ;
2) as “matrix-dawn”,
… T’UA as ‘dawn’ is the concept of “the now ruling matrix-dimension (itself)” ;
Hence prophets address “the return of the eden-dawn” ;

[next : they devised ‘a pool’ , a dwelling-place for the star :]

c) [being the T’UA-star-] [at] the divine pool (‘a new created matrix-construct’). ,
[as] the pool. [for] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :
thou. within (-it) (‘the pool’).       +
[matrix-] existence to make. [as] the god of speech. [for] [matrix-] existence. ;
[as] the location (‘the pool’) the one (‘star’) to – completely – protect. ,
[as] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :
[by] thou. within (-it) (‘the pool’). ,
every (type-) – existence to make (‘as concept’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ;
[therefore,] the location (‘pool’) the one (‘star’) to protect. ,
[as] the [matrix-] house (at -t) for all. (eden-) willpower for [matrix-] existence. ,
[because by this] seat (‘the pool’). ,     +
thou. (eden-) existence.  [matrix-] existence. to protect. ;

context so far :
… the “star and its 4 feeders” were separated from the eden-stone ,
and – very likely – placed upon “a mimick stone” (here as ‘the pool’)
which is termed ST-stone in PT 609 ;
… rest of 1634 is a bit flowery , but the clue is in last line :
eden-existence now protécts matrix-existence – by him dwelling there ;
2) divine speech ,
… now the star is renamed as T’UA , he makes their “great [matrix-] speech” UR,
listed in dictionary as “the T’UA star the god” ;
3) ‘nepthys and isis’ ,
it does not read ‘Nepthys and Isis’ here , though similar glyphs are used ;

c) [and by that same place as] the location of (=for) the (fourfold-) djed-pillar. +
[to be] thou. double saying (‘a pun’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ;
[as] the transformed [matrix-] speech. [of] (vampiring-) ânkh-life. ,    +
[being?] the (birth?-) staff. [for] ânkh-life. ;                                                   [<< or ‘by the staff’ ?]

context so far :
… they removed the star from the eden-stone (as ‘hand’, glyph -T’) ,
therefore their “mimick stone” may be called “doubled-hand”   T’-T’
which is the term for “Djed” – so that pillar ‘rises up from there’ (?) ;
2) the ‘staff’ ,
… normally ‘the staff’ should refer back to ‘the djed pillar’,
but this glyph (-T) is a weird choice and may read “sceptre” ;

b) [by means of] thou. [to be] within. the father (‘Osiris as matrix’). ,
Horus. [matrix-] existence. to protect. ;
[because by] thou. [is] the [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[and so to be] Horus’. existence. [of only] iron. nót. ;                        [<< dimensional quality]
[and] thou. granite (?,-bkhn). [to] Horus. existence. to give. nót. ;
[because by means of] thou. within. the father (‘matrix’). ,
[to be] Horus. desirable – [matrix-] existence. [of] hail. ;        +

1632                                                                                                                                                    [1632a : tricky]
a) [because] thou. willpower (?). [at?] the HQ (?).       +   
[to be] for. all. the gods (‘spirits’).
[by means of] thou. [matrix-] existence. to surround (-shn). ;
[and so to] Horus’. existence. to give. speech. ;
b) [namely as]     +
he the speech of hail. [by] thou. to create (-pth’). [as] great [matrix-] speech. ;
[and therefore?] , [to] thou. below. to bow down to (-ks). ,                                                               (?)
[because of?] ‘making the word’ (‘as concept’). [for] thou. (eden-) existence. ,
[now] he (‘word to make’). [to] [matrix-] existence. to give. speech. ;

[next : certain regions + they make sure to get the word by the star :]

[through] the ST-stone (‘that pool’). [to] Horus. thou. existence to bring. ;    +
b) [because by?]    +
the island (‘pool/stone’) to – greatly – perish the (eden-) dimension. ,                                     (?)
[because to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :
the great one (‘matrix-dimension’) of vulture-rule. ;                                                              (?, glyph)
[because by?].    +
the island (‘pool’) all the things for the [dimensional-] background (‘eden’).   +
[now] to revolve (-in the solarplane) (-t’bn). ;
[and so to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :                             [a2 : same tricky]
thou. willpower. [at] the HQ. ,
[now] for. all kind of things. [thou]. existence. [thou]. to encircle (-with). ;    

d) [this encircling?]    +
[as] the great (-ur) – completed (-kam) – (defensive-) shield. ,                       [<<whole torus?]
[to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] thou. name. [=of]. :
the completed – one (‘star’) of great [matrix-] speech (urt). ;       +
[because]      +
the word. to make to connect to. [matrix-] existence. [of] spirit-awareness. ,
[by means of] thou. [to be] within. the seat (‘pool’). ,
thou. the one (‘word’) to copy (-snt). [and] existence. to take (-it) (-ntchr). ;
[to be the one] (‘word’) within (‘the matrix’). ;
[because by]     +
thou. below. [to be] the word for the solarplane (-bu). for. existence to make. ,
[and it] (‘word’) [to] [matrix-] existence. to return (-hm). ;
[because by] the [matrix-] house for all. (eden-) willpower for [matrix-] existence ,
[as] the word by the seat (‘pool’). ,
(… not understanding the pun… ) to come hail. ;   

context so far :
… apparently they dont mean just “the covering of Ôn (Mystery-Bbylon)”
but the wider torus – since this section is about ‘dimension’ ;
2) ‘word to return’ ,
… they want to make sure that “the words which the star makes”
do return to their solarplane above (see PT609 for the strange ‘to take’) ;

[next : the made word ascends to their north via a vertical axis :]

c) [namely by means of the star]      +
the real-adm-soul’s. (type-) word to birth. , [as the one of] eden-within. ,
[and] great [matrix-] speech. [as] the one connected to (-it). ;
[and then]     +
the word. to make to connect to. the (4-fold) support-pillar (-thes). ,
                                                                                             (‘as the vertical axis in the pyramid’)

[and so] the word. to make to connect to. to (can) embrace (‘in the north’). ,
[as] the word. made to connect to. to unite (-with) (‘in the north’). ;

[next : tricky : about us souls ?   (though also s-th-u construct) :]

[and to remain that] word (-there). ,       +
[by] connecting (-it). [to] the real-adm-soul. [who is] defended (‘imprisoned’). ;
[because] thou. [to be] within (‘the matrix’). ,
[by means of] the real-adm-soul. to guard (or: ‘as the son’). above (‘on earth?’). ;
[as?] the sacrificed one (?,khrt). [for to be?] the nut-dome. ;    [<< intent unclear]
c) [because by] thou. [is] the [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[by means of] he. the essence of the hand (‘eden-stone’) for the real-adm-soul.
(+for to be hail). ,
[now as?]        +
the fountain. [for] [matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’).      +    [<< but âmâ]
[and therewith] [matrix-] existence. to be defended. ;

context so far :
… they tálked already about ‘the shield’ and ‘great dimension’ ,
therefore we interpret that in the above a sub-theme is described :
as long they can keep the real-adm-soul (‘us’) imprisoned ,
then the essence which the star makes for the real-adm-soul
will keep being the ‘fountain’ for thém , instead
(as ‘the fountain of (eden-) willpower (for) to devour , âmâ+) ;

[closing :]

b) [by means of] thou. [being-] below. [to be] he. the offering (‘to matrix’). ,
[through] thou. below. [at] the ST-stone (‘that pool’). [for] thou. existence.  +
existence to make (‘as concept’). [to] [matrix-] existence. to give (‘likely’). ;
[and so by] the ennead (‘9 main matrix-constructs ; sky, land, etc’).    +
the word. to connect to. [matrix-] existence. [as] the protection. ;

b) [by] thou. [is] the speech. [for] Geb (‘Chaldea land’). ,
[and by] thou. [for] [matrix-] existence. , (eden-) existence. to perish (-sek). ;
[by means of] thou. to stand upright (‘at matrix-vector’). ,
he (‘matrix-speech’). to give. ;
[and therewith]     +
[to] Horus’. existence. thou. willpower. thou. [to] [matrix-] existence. to give. ;
[as] [now] [matrix-] willpower. standing upright (‘at matrix-vector’). ;
to recite. ;


[2021 feb 22 – het-report]

PT 609

PT 609

Pyramid Text 609 chapter buildup :                                                              [see PT 539 for same theme]
the eden-boat (‘construct’) descends (-to matrix) ,
then is positioned at a certain place ,
then is said how the eden-star now functions as matrix-star

the concept of this eden-star : as main attribute of the Ark

… let’s reason the other way around a moment  —
whý was the Ark ‘of the covenant’ the centre piece                 
in the old Tabernacle ?
why was it ‘a chest’ (indicating a fourfold concept) ,
repeated by ‘the 4 tips of the cherubim wings’ ?
and did ‘a star’ appear inbetween those wingtips ?

… Christ said to the 144,000 sons (see Thyatira)
that “they would be given the star of (eden-) dawn” ;

obviously that must be some important Attribute – or he wouldn’t say that ;
while in Rev. 11:19 the Ark appears to have impressive power :
it causes lightning and thunder and earthquakes and great hailstorms

this 609
explains how , virtually , the whole Ark construct descended to THEM
(as the very reason why John sees it in God’s temple again – per Rev. 11) ;
… where ‘the eden-star’ is now renamed , as working for THEM ,
and therewith causing their dimensional-dawn as the victorious one

this relates immediately to the sons , in the Thyatira chapter ,
because “the sons WIN BACK the eden-dawn : by obtaining the morning-star” ,
so the eden-star is a very important attribute :
namely as “the birth-sceptre , which is (creational eden-) speech”

the nature of this star – per PT 609

… the star is said “as the speech máking the words”,
in the sense of ”composing words (‘lights’)” ;
speech is the typical masculine attribute , and ‘words’ the feminine one ;
but instead of for eden ,
the star now composes théir type words , to make théir reality ;

subthemes :
also the concept of “the four” is addressed here (‘the cherubim wings’)
as an (eden-) construct “feeding” the star ;
these “feeders + the star” originally belonged TO the eden-stone
(hence Rev.11 , where the stone as temple-fundament is restored) ,
but that whole construct was separated from the stone ,
now seated in the centre of their pyramid (see PT 601 diagram) ;
2) the Neh’bKau construct :
as the forked axis between AA and BB (see PT 601) ,
by which’ rightside (-axis) the feeders + the star rose to their north    —
see coming PT 539 for more diagrams
3) T’UA star vs SEPT’T star :
see PT 601 ;


read parallel the glyphs : start at line 1709 and read UPwards :
the ‘official’ translation :


Pyramid Text 609


b) [to be] [matrix-] hail. [through] the fire-drill boat (‘stolen eden-star’). ,
[by means of] (the (eden-) one-) [for to be] [matrix-] hail. to descend. ,      +
[and therewith] the [matrix-] peace. to give. ,
[because] to make the one (‘fire-drill boat’). bý. the (eden-) boat. to descend. ;
[and so to become] the boat of [matrix-] dawn (glyph). ,      +                  [‘t’ua’]
by [means of]. thou (‘eden-star’). to descend (‘to matrix’). [for to be] hail. ;
[because] thou. willpower. he. the (‘proto-matrix?-) word. to seize (-ntchr). ,
[for thou are]       +
the divine (birth?-) staff (of) (eden-) existence (fór) (matrix-) existence      +
(in) the (stolen eden-) house-H ;                                                                             [‘Hnnt’]

context so far :
… we only know recently that “the fire-drill” is the relocated eden-star ,
and just like in PT 593 the relocated star is addressed as “thou” ;
2) line a2 :
… interpretation appears valid : the “birth-sceptre” is about “speech”,
and in this spell “the proto-words will dwell with him”,
since the star turns them into ‘great [matrix-] speech’ ;

[next section : the region where the star is placed :]

f) [and so to be]      +
the doubled ennead (‘9 main matrix-constructs’). [as] [matrix-] existence.   +
e) [of] [matrix-] speech of beauty. , [as] this. hail – [by] thou. ;
[and] to be (that-) hail. [through] the forked (matrix-) axis (-nhbkau+). ,
[in order to be]        +
(matrix-existence-) [by] the (4-fold) support-pillar (fór) the (matrix-) word. ,
[as] the one (‘matrix-word’) [which-] returns (‘to matrix’). ,
[by means of] thou. [being] the one to guard. ,       +
[and] thou. existence. [now for] [matrix-] existence. to say (-the things). ;


context so far :               
… so , just ago “the star was supplied with proto-matrix-words”,
but the star now made powerful matrix-words (“of great speech”) ,
hence it writes “and those return to the matrix” ; 
2) the “things to say”, literally so described in the Nahum pages ;
3) it is not
‘the woman’ (-h’hmt’) as ‘the daughter’ (-sat)  etc ;

c) [because by] the forked (matrix-) axis (-nhbkau). [is] existence. [of] beauty. ,
[as] this – hail – [by means of] thou. [matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’). ;
[and by means of] the (fourfold-) support-pillar (fór) the [matrix-] word (-uthes).    +
b) [to be] the [matrix-] sky. ,
[as] [matrix-] existence. [by means of] the east (‘heaven’). side.      +
[to be] the [matrix-] word of hail. [as] [matrix-] speech to manifest. ;
[because]      +
existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] the fuel (?,-tchâb; ‘words’). [for] above. ;
[because] the (proto-matrix-) word dwells.      +
[in?] the region (-áat=ST-tile of 593?). [of] these. 4 (-of the hand of he).   +
[in order for] [matrix-] existence of hail. [for]. to bring (‘to matrix’). ;

context so far :
… the words said by the 7 torches (in the lower SH-pool) are mutilated ,
and now “rise up as sounds”
(depicted by the 4 sistrum-bearers in the Akhenaten page) ;
we termed those ‘sounds’ as “proto-words” – for lack of better phrasing ,
while the eden-star now creates powerful matrix-words of those ‘sounds’ ;
2) the “four of the hand of he” ,
… the “hand of he” means “the eden-stone”,
appareantly having “four vases” which ‘fed the words TO the star’  (?)    —
in this case those 4 may have been replaced by “the 4 sistrum-bearers”
(see also “the 4 vases NEMS” theme) ;

[next : the eden-star becomes the matrix-star , within the pyramid :]

c) [because] the doubled ennead (‘9 main matrix-constructs’).        +
[to become at] the (matrix-) side. [of] place-T for [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
                                                                                                                            (‘where the star is’)
[as] the one (-place) for great [matrix-] speech. [in] the throne. above. ,
[in order] existence to make (‘as concept’). [as] the one of eden-within. ,
[by means of for] thou (‘star’). the (matrix-proto-) word to dwell (-there). ;
[and thou now as] the T’ua-star , the god. , thou. the [mátrix-] word to birth. ;
[because]        +
[as] the Sothis (eden-) star (-spt’t+). thou. the one to copy (‘the same concept’). ;

c) [and therewith]        +
[matrix-] existence to make (‘as concept’). [of] (eden-) willpower (for) existence. ,
[by means of] [thou-] within (‘the matrix’). [he]. the (matrix-) word to birth. ;
[and by means of] within (‘the matrix’). the word to birth. ,
[to become] the word for the solarplane (-bu). [of] (matrix-) speech of hail.

[closing section : again about that forked-axis , just using other terms now :]

1706 b,a)    [skipped]
1705             [skipped]
1704             [skipped]
1703             [skipped]
reason :
… 1705 and 1704 tell nothing new (but just use other terms) ,
in order not to confuse or complicate the theme so far , we skipped these ;


[2021 feb 21  — het-report]

PT 601

PT 601

Pyramid Text 601 chapter buildup :
opening line
doubled theme
doubled theme
closing line

the pyramid : as a construct carrying Mystery-Babylon 

… this is the REAL meaning of that depiction ,          
for this chapter explains the pyramid itself ;
it is not so important whether M-B sits atop
or if she is “in the top” of the pyramid ,
because the meaning is the same ;
note : in prophets shows the line “behold ! ,
I am against you, you destroying mountain” ;


build-up of this chapter :

  • 1st section :                                                  (1 )
    the eden-cornerstone moves to the north ,
  • 2nd section :                                                (2 )
    and is there coupled with the other stone ,
    as if forming ‘a horizontal axis’ (and another
    name for this construct is ‘island of horizon’) ;
  • 3d section :                                                    (3 )
    next , about a ‘double place’ as vertical axis
    (as the eden-pool and their pool) ;
  • 4th section :                                                  (4 )
    both the horizontal and vertical concept
    create a matrix-region above the pyramid ;
  • 5th section :
    that region is described as Ôn and Geb ,
    as Mystery-Babylon and her land (‘Chaldea’) :
  •       do pay attention to the line “M-B is by the surrounding house” (see X , at 1664)
    because we still look for evidence of M-B being “inside our sun” ;
  • 6th section :
    the pyramid and M-B are described as “one” (see the 1 dollar bill) ;
  • 7th section :
    closing line ;

the pyramid “creates speech”
… but that is only becáuse of the constructs inside him :
compare the pyramid a bit like ‘an erupting volcano’ ,
where MER+ is “the pyramid (of the M-realm) [for] [matrix-] speech.” ,
and several times it’s said “he labours (for to make speech)” ;     
2) the ‘legal’ glyph in the text ,
as “by decree of law” or “an obtained right” – we used ‘legal’ ;


read parallel the glyphs : start at 1671 (p.388) and read UPwards :
the ‘official’ translation :


Pyramid Text 601

[1. : next : the contents of the pyramid , itself :]

[to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [for] [matrix-] existence. alike-eden’s. ,
[as]       +
[this]. he (‘pyramid’). labouring. [for] [to be] the legal. [matrix-] speech. ,
[being] this. pyramid (-mer). [for] legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
[and therefore to be] this. N’s (‘the candidate’). [matrix-] existence. ,
[in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
a)                                                                                                             [next : the first condition :] 
[by means of] the place of T’EP (‘the eden-corner-stone’).    +
[to be] at. the place for to flourish (‘now at a matrix place’). ,  
[AS] [matrix-] existence. [in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

context so far :
… it is presupposed here that the other stone is already within
their dimension (as ‘the root which flew-up’, glyph PA) ,
but now the eden-stone has come towards their north ;

[2.: next : both stones form their horizontal ‘gate region’ :]           A    (gate)    A

[to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [for] [matrix-] existence. alike-eden’s. ,
[skipped ; see M]
c)                                                                                                                                        [d,c,b : repeat]
[being] this. pyramid. [for] legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
b) [and therefore to be] this. N’s. [matrix-] existence.,
[in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[for to be] the place of the khesem-shrine. [for] [matrix-] speech of hail. ,    +
[+AS] the divine foremost two eyes (‘both stones’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[in] the name [of]. ‘the stable one’ (-men). ;                            [‘to be matrix stability’]

[to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [for] [matrix-] existence. alike-eden’s. ,
[skipped ; see M]
c)                                                                                                                                           [d,c,b : repeat]
[being] this. pyramid. [for] legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
b) [and therefore to be] this. N’s. [matrix-] existence.,
[in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[for to be] the island of the horizon (‘gate-region’). [for] [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[in órder to be] the áten disk-sphere (-in the north) (‘glyph’). ,
[in] the name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

context so far :
… the ‘horizontal bar’ (see above)                                                                       
is the same as “the island of the horizon” ; 
in 1669 a “a vector turn” is suggested :


[3.: next : two places on a vértical axis in the pyramid – the ‘lower’ place first :]

[to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [for] [matrix-] existence. alike-eden’s. ,
[skipped ; see M]
c)                                                                                                                                                 [d,c,b : repeat]
[being] this. pyramid. [for] legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
b) [and therefore to be] this. N’s. [matrix-] existence.,
[in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[for to be] the place of (..can’t read ; nekhen?..).            [<< a pool on a ‘vertical’ axis’]
[AS] Horus’ (-one). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [for] [matrix-] existence. alike-eden’s. ,
[skipped ; see M]
c)                                                                                                                                               [d,c,b : repeat]
[being] this. pyramid. [for] legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
b) [and therefore to be] this. N’s. [matrix-] existence.,
[in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[for to be] place (-t) of the solarplane for (lights of-) gold (-nub-bt+, Ombos). ,
[AS] the ST-stone (‘set-tile’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

context so far :
… context requires that 1668 is the SH-pool
(as the base where the 7 torches are) ,
and north of that the “place for golden lights”; …                                                                                           
but this is the first time we see the ST-stone positioned                        
(and at thát place…?) , we need to ponder that;

[4.: next : both constructs form the nature of their habitat – atop of pyramid :

d) [to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [as] [matrix-] existence. alike-eden. ,
c) [by] this. pyramid (-mer). [for]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
b) [and so for] this. N.    +
[to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

a) [for to be] the (type-) vulture-rule. [of] the foremost – West (-dimension). ,
[AS] Osiris (‘matrix as habitat’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

d) [to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [as] [matrix-] existence. alike-eden. ,
c) [by] this. pyramid (-mer). [for]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
b) [and so for] this. N.    +
[to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

a) [for to be] the double (-realm) region for the solarplane (-abtch). ,      +
[AS]. Osiris (‘matrix habitat’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[5.: next : now their habitat is described more specific as land and sky :]

[to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [as] [matrix-] existence. [of] eden-] within. ,
c) [as] this. the pyramid (-mer). [for] legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
b) [and so for] this. N.    +
[to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [by] [matrix-] speech. ;

a) [for to be] the place of Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’).     +                                 [<< or ‘city’]
BY [or ‘in’]. the surrounding [matrix-] house covering (shn+). ,                          [<< X]
[AS] the [matrix-] sky (‘that surrounding house’). [fór] [matrix-] existence. ,
[in] name [of]. the legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [as] [matrix-] existence. [of] eden-] within. ,
c) [as] this. the pyramid (-mer). [for] legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;
b) [and so for] this. N.    +
[to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] name [of]. legal (-utch+). [by] [matrix-] speech. ;

[for to be] the [matrix-] land. [of] the praised Ba-spirit. [of] [matrix-] speech of hail. ,
[AS] Geb (‘Chaldea land in prophets’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[in] name [of]. the legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[6.: next : closing (as conclusion) : likely as two concepts within the pyramid :]
… it appears that now a recap starts :
though previous theme was ‘land and sky’,
we think the used glyph here don’t refer to those ;                                 (6. : as AA + BB)
but (the unknown) MENST+ “as two places”
must relate to 2 constructs inside the pyramid :
… see to right ,

  • AA is ‘tefnut’ as the two stones at the gate 
    as “horizontal” construct for the pyramid                                   
    (tefnut is in prophets Tehpanhes , as the place 
    where Jeremiah had to hide the stones ,
    namely “at the GATE of Pharaoh’s house) ; 


  • BB is ‘shu’ (often paired with tefnut) ,                               
    as “the double pool inside the pyramid”,
    the eden-SH-pool below
    and their KHA-lake above that ;

[to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [for] [matrix-] existence. alike-eden. ,
c) [by means of]      +

this. pyramid (-mer). [for] [matrix-] stability. ;                    [<< in dimensional sense]
b) [and so for] this. N.       +
[to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] name [of]. stability. ;                [<< stability = below]
[for to be] the city of Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). BY.        +
the island (as) the one below (being) the made one for stability (?,-mnst khrt+). ,
[namely] the lady (‘tefnut’?, nbt). ;
[AS] tefnut (‘horizontal -TT construct at gate’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,       [A]
[in] the name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [for] [matrix-] existence. alike-eden. ,
[by means of] this. pyramid (-mer). [for] legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

b) [and so for] this. N.       +
[to be] [matrix-] existence. [in] name [of]. speech. ;                  [<< speech = above]
a) [for to be] the city of Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). BY.      +
the island (as) the one above (‘the other one’) made for stability (?,-mnst hrt+). ,
[namely] the lord (?, nb). ;
[AS] shu (‘then a vértical -TT, in pyramid’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,                 [B]
[in] the name [of]. legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. ;

[closing :]
… so the pyramid-construct “provides their speech”,
and therewith the pyramid has constructed Mystery-Babylon (on top of it) ;
2) the ‘ennead’ ,
as 9 concepts (as sky, land, etc) together forming their matrix habitat :]

c) [for to be] the great one (‘as matrix-habitat’).        +
[being] the foremost one – [by] the ennead (‘9 constructs forming the matrix’). ;
[AS] the completed one (‘habitat’). [in] name [of]. legal (-utch+) – speech. ,
[as] the [matrix-] speech. alike-eden (-speech). ;
[therefore, to be] forever. the construct (‘body’). [for] [matrix-] existence. ,
[by means of]      +
this. pyramid (-mer). legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. [this]. to give. ;
[and so to] N (‘candidate’). the legal (-utch+). [matrix-] speech. [this]. to give. ;
[for to be (N in)] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [as] the one of eden-within. ,
[AS] the great one. having become (adj.) – [by] the ennead (‘as 9 constructs’). ;
to recite. ;



[20 feb 2021 – first version and definitive]