BOOK OF THE HEAVENLY COW   I. introduction II. the seven cow-constructs III. the four eyes IV. closing   [you can read the glyphs for yourself : Budge gave his translation the title “the destruction of mankind” , but he reads from left-to-right , while giving superficial meaning to used terms , and be also aware that he ‘grouped’ glyphs wrongly together : for you to follow : the start is at (his page) 399 , at (his line) 4 , you can follow each glyph in every line here by noticing the page and line number in front ; click : https://archive.org/details/godsofegyptianso00budg/page/398 start to read in lower right corner , from right to left , and then upwards ;]         I. introduction 399,4) [to be] hail. , [by] to say. (…. name candidate….). existence (=eden’s). [to be] nót. ; the beginning (of that) [was by] the…

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het DroomGezicht, 2009