I. introduction
II. the seven cow-constructs
III. the four eyes
IV. closing

[you can read the glyphs for yourself :
Budge gave his translation the title “the destruction of mankind” ,
but he reads from left-to-right , while giving superficial meaning to used terms ,
and be also aware that he ‘grouped’ glyphs wrongly together :
for you to follow :
the start is at (his page) 399 , at (his line) 4 ,
you can follow each glyph in every line here by noticing the page and line number in front ;
click :
start to read in lower right corner , from right to left , and then upwards ;]


I. introduction
399,4) [to be] hail. , [by] to say. (…. name candidate….). existence (=eden’s). [to be] nót. ;
the beginning (of that) [was by] the cherub-wheel to make the new root (sep-tep\\). ,
3) [in order] for. the evil hand of the eden-house (to be under) (matrix-) vulture-rule. ,  +
[and so to be] my flesh. ;
[through] NU (=mixed dimension in top of eden).   +
existence (=eden’s). to serve. (matrix-) existence. 2) [as] this. god. ;
[by means of] existence (=eden’s) . to serve. (matrix-) existence of hail. ;

what is he saying ? : also in prophets is this theme of “declare-you ! (=our soul)” ,
in this case the corrupt-adam-souls declare that théir reality prevails ;
cherub-wheel : as the land eden (within it) ; compare Isaiah where is said to the land
“lift up your round-about eyes” and compare how Ezekiel describes the wheel ;

to say. : [by?] your. passive places-T for the beloved eden-speech for the m-realm (merrt+). +
as (?) . 1) the staff-tá (=eden-lawgiver, likely). [of?] sekhem-power. [to be] thou. word of hail. :
thou. ones (=’cows’) of the (eden-) hand for great speech (urt’+).   +
[to be] as. the island of the eden-house for the solarplane (beH). ,
by [means of]. 398,8) he. the branch-axis , (eden-place-T) to come. for. vulture-rule. ,
[to be] the dóuble-place-T for (matrix-) existence. ,
[and so by] the gods. , [to be] (matrix-) existence. ;

what is he saying ? : the staff (as eden-lawgiver) seems to be “seven stacked places” ,
much like “the tree trunk” we described in the introduction ;
the pestle-glyph-T is elongated (as copy?) and is now north , at the angle of théir vector –
this ‘eden lawgiver staff’ is the theme of the (difficult) Jeremiah 48 chapter ,
ones for the eden-hand : as URT’ , also with ‘passive’ and ‘stars’ suffix –
per theme here as the cow-constructs – rather than the 7 torches ;
double-place-T : the eden-cornerstone now linked with their (sela-) stone ;

the thing to say. : my. willpower. 7) to become by the word (by place-T) of totality. ,
[as] the power (=to force the eden-hand for existence of willpower). to become new. ,
[in order to be] (eden-) existence. nót. ;
[for] me. , the evil double-place-T (eden’s) to be nót. ;
6) [but instead, to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the cherub-wheel to make the new root. ,
[and by] to make the places-T. , me. the (eden-) island to slay (=make to reap). ,
[in order] existences to make (=concept) . [of] eden-willpower for the matrix (h’enã). ,
5) [and so] (matrix-) existence to become new. ;
[to be] (matrix-) great speech. [by] the passive (eden-) word of the (eden-) hand for great speech. ,
[and so for] the divine torso (=their region). [to be] the word of hail. ;
[as] (matrix-) existence. [of] my (vampiring) ãnkh-life. [through] Rã. ,
4) [by means of] existence (=eden’s). to serve. existence of hail. ;       [<<< stopline of paragraphs]

what is he saying ? : by the hand (now as Damascus) is “(matrix-) great speech” ;
the link between “speech and stone” may be “an emitted resonating frequency”
(compare glyph for ‘stone’ ÁNER , stone of speech for existence of hail) ,
but now the eden-stone is in théir reality , “fed” by now passive eden-words ;