rv v 85 sela stone eye

RV V , 85

  RV V , 85 (VaruNa , sela-stone eye , makes Assyria ; + inverted eden-house) 1. SING forth a hymn sublime and solemn, grateful to glorious. Varuṇa [=’the eye / moon of the sela-rock’] , imperial Ruler, who hath struck out, like one who [slays out] a [rug] , [a worker] a skin , [as having spread out] earth [=’Assyria, above eden’] in front of Sūrya [=’this sun’] . Dem Allkönig stimme ein erhabenes, tiefsinniges Erbauungslied an, ein liebes dem berühmten Varuna, der die Erde zum Teppich für die Sonne auseinandergeschlagen hat wie der Zurichter die Tierhaut. 2 [In, above, among] the tree-tops the air he hath extended, put milk in kine and vigorous speed in horses, set intellect in hearts, fire in the waters, Surya [=’this sun’] in heaven , (by?) Soma [=’a moon around their tree of life ; the Red Sun”?’] on the [matrix-] mountain (=adra)…

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het DroomGezicht, 2009