PT 566 : the stolen gate : as Horus’ eye below and island of SEKER

PT 566 : the stolen gate :   as Horus’ eye below    and island of SEKER [short ; 2022-04apr.18]   PT 566   main theme : the eden gate as “Horus’ eye below” where SEKER is ;   ….. short spell only ;  that it’s called “Horus’ eye (-below)” is very unusual , it can cause confusion because usually his ‘eye(-s)’ are above – north , but also because it’s “magically-dangerous” to say ; it’s also “an island” but one which is “sacrificed” (MAÂT “to sacrifice (-eden willpower”)  represented by the SEKER concept – see for him and the island amduat 5  (and we could make an attempt at doing that one now) ; his boat has two facing oryx-heads at both sides representing both (eden-) olive-trees , while he as “copied eden speech” constantly opens the gate  (so we must assume that he resides there) ;   line d…

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CT 226 : the stolen eden gate : SEKER *inside* it (?)

CT 226 : the stolen eden gate :      SEKER *inside* it (?) (we would need to verify)          [2022-04apr,08]   CT 226    main theme : SEKER is IN the eden gate (?) ;   …. now it’s getting dangerous –  the context suggésts that SEKER (‘mimicked speech’) opens the eden gate but we would need more spells to confirm if this is indeed the right concept  — it would mean that in amduat 5 , SEKER is constantly IN the eden gate ;    to read along , PDF page 275 , real page III 259 , and scroll upwards ,    III 259 g [by means of] Adam’s (eden-) place-T (‘eden gate’). within (-the matrix). ,  [to be] thou (’the candidate’). (matrix-) existence.        + [and therewith] the invoked (eden-) offerings to materialize (-in the matrix).  [as] (-the ones for) thou….

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