PT 566 : the stolen gate : as Horus’ eye below and island of SEKER

PT 566 : the stolen gate :
  as Horus’ eye below
   and island of SEKER

[short ; 2022-04apr.18]

PT 566

main theme : the eden gate as “Horus’ eye below” where SEKER is ;
….. short spell only ; 
that it’s called “Horus’ eye (-below)” is very unusual , it can cause confusion because
usually his ‘eye(-s)’ are above – north , but also because it’s “magically-dangerous” to say ;
it’s also “an island”
but one which is “sacrificed” (MAÂT “to sacrifice (-eden willpower”) 
represented by the SEKER concept – see for him and the island amduat 5 
(and we could make an attempt at doing that one now) ;
his boat has two facing oryx-heads at both sides representing both (eden-) olive-trees ,
while he as “copied eden speech” constantly opens the gate 
(so we must assume that he resides there) ;
line d ‘wing’ : we don’t know yet what axis so we can’t translate that line ; 
to read along ,
PDF page 280 , real page 1429 , and read upwards ,
‘official’ translation , 

PT 566
the eye. [of] Horus. below (‘south’, eden’).                     [<< eden gate ; unusual phrasing !]
[for this N (‘candidate’).].
[is for this N.]        +
the moving (adj.) – (adam-like-) island. nót. ;
[because]        +
[it is] the (adam-like-) island. [óf] the Thoth perch axis (‘Nile’). nót. ;
[and]      +
[it is] the sleeping (adj.) – (eden-) pool in the (dimensional-) background. [of] Horus. nót. ;
…………. so “the eye below” is the eden gate construct , also called “an island”
…………. but it does not “move” – read : is not “ferried-over” etc ,
…………. which would be implied as “the Thoth axis brought this island” ;
…………. and again is repeated that “it is not Horus who constructed this eye” ;
[but instead] , 
[there is] the boat of (matrix-) justice (‘a construct’).            [<< lit. “of sacrifice”] 
[because]       +
[at] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..).       +                                                   [<< eden gate]
[is] the H’nu-boat of SEKER. ;
d : can’t read because we don’t know what is ‘wing’ (TCHNH’)
[and so] , Horus . [to be] thou. (eden-) willpower for matrix-existence. ,
[and therewith] [for] this. N (candidate’). to come health. 


CT 1157 : the eden gate
as ‘the ceased fiery eye’

CT 1157
main theme : the eden gate as “the ceased fiery eye” 
to read along , 
PDF page 522 , real page VII 504 , 
VII 504
[by] the real adm-soul’s (-one). [are] the (matrix-) things of beauty. , 
by [means of]. the ceased fiery. eye (‘eden gate’). ;
[and by] the darkness.                                                                        [<< of eden c.q of the eye]
[..]. [is] the (matrix-) spirits consciousness.  
[through] the watercourse. [by] which is. the one. (matrix-) eye (‘matrix gate’). 
(which-) I am. ;
[because from?-] the ceased fiery one. [by] which is. the location. [for] (matrix-) speech.
[by means of] to make the watercourse (‘Nile’). 
[and so to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the mouth (‘matrix gate’). 
in line c it is the eden eye by context ;
juxtaposed to next line where he speaks as their eye ;
the ‘location of speech’ could have written “lion mouth” or “place-T of great (matrix-) speech”
or “crown of great speech” as interchangable for ‘the mouth’ (gate) in last part of the line

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CT 226 : the stolen eden gate : SEKER *inside* it (?)

CT 226 : the stolen eden gate :
     SEKER *inside* it (?)
(we would need to verify)


CT 226 

main theme : SEKER is IN the eden gate (?) ;
…. now it’s getting dangerous – 
the context suggésts that SEKER (‘mimicked speech’) opens the eden gate
but we would need more spells to confirm if this is indeed the right concept  —
it would mean that in amduat 5 , SEKER is constantly IN the eden gate ; 

to read along ,
PDF page 275 , real page III 259 , and scroll upwards , 

III 259
[by means of] Adam’s (eden-) place-T (‘eden gate’). within (-the matrix). , 
[to be] thou (‘the candidate’). (matrix-) existence.        +
[and therewith] the invoked (eden-) offerings to materialize (-in the matrix). 
[as] (-the ones for) thou. to acquire. ; 
……….. prophets (ánd spells ánd Rg-Veda) tells how “the sons of Ammon” 
……….. (corrupt adm-souls who got a matrix spirit-body in Mystery-Babylon) 
……….. invoke the eden-aspects from the south towards their region ;
[a short line as ‘sentence stop’]
[and therewith to be] thou. beer. [for] thou. to drink. , 
[and] the food. [for] thou. to eat. ;                                            [<< as stolen aspects] 
[sentence stop]
[because] night. [=and]. day. (these-) for. thou. to manifest (-in the matrix). ; 
[sentence stop]
III 258
[to be] the divine (matrix-) things. (………..). [for] Geb (‘as Chaldea, land of M-Babylon’). 
[by means of]     +
the H’ENNUU bark. [..]. to rise and be crowned. 
[as] SEKER’s boat. [at] he. the southern – fortress. [of] PTEH’. ,
[so that]        +
[tó] thou (N’s). (matrix-) existence. (eden-) existence. to give. speech. ; 
……….. difficult : SEKER represents “mimicked eden speech” conquering the eden gate
……….. (it can have written in the total corrupted Isaiah 21+22 Gate chapter :
……….. “Elam (=matrix) opened the gate of the people (=of eden)”) ;
……….. but it seems here that SEKER is in the eden gate ,
……….. as a boat (construct) with two oryx-heads facing eachother 
……….. and compare ‘the two olive trees (Zecheriah) supporting the emerald dome ; 
……….. 2) Ptah (PTEH’) is equated with SEKER as a mummy standing in a portal ,
……….. the ‘fortress’ must be the eden gate (also Rg-Veda calls the eden gate a fortress) ; 
[sentence stop]
[and by] he. the ruddish one. [of] eden-within.   +                                             [<< stolen gate]
[to be] the ruddish things. [of] eden-within. [for] the (type-) Ba bird spirit. , 
[as] thou. (matrix-) existence.    +
[by means of] (eden-) existence. to give (-it). speech. ; 
………….the ‘ruddish’ was an eden-aspect (compare hebr. root -dm , Adam , ruddish) ,
………… as aspects needed by the Ba-bird (the spirit-body for the corrupt adm-souls) ; 
………… however we saw in other spells that they can’t stand púre ‘reddishness’
………… but only the transformed version of it ;
III 257
[because bý] the divine NT-spirits. [at] the (eden-) place.                                    [<< gate]
[=through]. the one. UÂRT leg (-land) (‘axis’). [to] above (‘north’).     +
the (matrix-) word to manifest. ; 
[but as] the purified (matrix-) word. [for] the (matrix-) dimension. , 
(being-) ‘the workable (matrix-) word’. for. thou. to (can-) drink. ; 
[sentence stop]
he. the (eden-) name. to know. [through?] the one (‘gate’?). nót. ;              [<< see below]
[because]         +
[by] the great (matrix-) pillar (‘axis’) as the god. [to be] the word. [for] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by] the (eden-) words to gather. [and] (-they) above (‘north’). to manifest. ; 
[as]      +
the purified (adj.) – (matrix-) word. (being-) the word for the solarplane. 
[as] the food. (being-) ‘the workable (matrix-) word’.       +
[as] thou. (former eden-) aspects. for. thou. to drink. ; 
………….’the name’, probably “the nature of Heaven” which they want to escape ,
………… it can be “the one name” but since the theme is ‘gate’ perhaps “through it” ;
………… 2) the great pillar is the same axis as the previous UÂRT-leg ,
………… collecting the eden words (‘light-particles’) to convey them to their north ; 
III 256
[sentence stop]
[and so]       +
[tó] the West (-dimension). thou. (dimensional-) side. above (‘north’). the (eden-) word. to give. , 
[bý] the East. thou. side. [to] above. the word. to connect to. the support pillar. ; 
[sentence stop]
[and so] thou. (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). [for] thou. existence. existence to make (‘as concept’). 
to open (UN, matrix-term). ;                  [so “the matrix mouth to open which makes existence”] 
[very tricky :]
[because] the (adam-like-) cord to he the QER cave. 
[as] thou. (two-) fingers. [for] thou. existence to make (‘as concept’). 
[to be] the extended cord. ; 
[to be?] ‘the copied emerald dome (-of the eden gate)’. [by?] thou. two eyes. <<<<< blind ?
[and so?] thou. (matrix-) existence. [of] existence to make. to open (UN). ; 
…………. the ‘cord’ is “from the eden gate to their gate” (as ‘cave’ here)
…………. and as two fingers (‘from the eden hand as gate’) , the 2 ram’s horns ; 
…………. these now form the support for the “copied dome” SHABT\\ or SHEBT\\
…………. also as “two ribs of meat glyph” but in reality as the dome ; 
…………. 2) for this ‘cord’ compare Jericho ;  
III 255
[and] thou. the fat things (‘by eden’). [as] the words to doorkeep. , 
[because by] the words by the cord to he the QER cave. [to] thou. above (‘north’).   + 
[is] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] existence to make (‘as concept’). [by] the (éden-) vineyard (‘gate’).     +
to make to cease (T’ER). ; 
III 254
[sentence stop]
the things by the willow tree (‘axis’) (THERT+). [for speech]. [of] SEPT’U. 
[are] he. the offerings. [for] speech. [of] the Ba (type-) bird spirit-being. 
[by] the word, to come health. ; 
………….. unusual : the trees of Soped usually are the KHESBT-trees ,
………….. but either way these trees could represent the ‘two olive trees’
………….. where Soped can be the blueprint of the eden gate still there ; 
III 253
[sentence stop]
c, b
thou. (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). 
[is by] the double (matrix-) place-T as the Jaw. 
(which for-) Geb (‘Chaldea , land of M-Babylon’). (matrix-) existence. to open. ; 
………… this is the “I will put a hook in your jaw” in Ezekiel ; 
………… said to the dragon as Egypt (Geb here) ; 
………… it is a double-T and not “two jaws” as the dictionary narrates ,
………… as the double place which caries the stolen (emerald-) bow ;
III 252
[by] the rekhit spirits (‘unknown class of spirits – fallen angels ?’).    +
the gate (-as the double-T) of speech. [for thou existence]. to open (=eden gate). , 
III 251
[to be] the double (matrix-) place-T for great (matrix-) speech.   +
[namely as] the gate (-as the double-T) of speech. [for thou existence]. to open (UN, matrix). ; 
[and therewith]     +
the (matrix-) land. [and] sky. [of] thou. existence. to open. ; 
[sentence stop]
[too damaged]



CT 1185 : the stolen gate :
  ‘the mouth’ as R-STHAU’
and now as the place ABT’U

     [short ; 2022-04apr.20]

CT 1185
main theme : from R-STHAU to ABT’U 
to read along ,
PDF page 539 , real page VII 521 , 
breakdown after the spell ; 
‘official’ translation – see annex ,
VII 521 
[by?] the location R-STHAu-U (‘eden gate’) [by] which is. the (matrix-) dimension. 
[of] (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). 
[through] the ones (‘words’) of the watercourse (‘Nile’). ,

[is?] the location ABT’U. 
as (?). having become the one of the (matrix-) KH-house (KHET+). 
(which for-) me. makes the (matrix-) stability. ; 
[and therewith for] Osiris (‘the matrix’). 
from. the painful one (‘eden gate’). [..] to make the (matrix-) sweetness. , 
[because-] to be the (-previous eden but now matrix-) house-H (-of hail). 
[by means of] (-it) the speech. to give. ,
[and so to] my. (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ; 
[through] the crown of great (matrix-) speech (URRT). [..]. to manifest. 
[as] the (matrix-) ÁAT region (-at the perch standard). [for] to clothe (-the matrix). [..].
breakdown –
RSTHAU , often w/ ‘foreign land’ glyph (amduat 4 page , the slanted corridor)
is “the location/ of the (eden-) word/ to tow them / to the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’)” ;
the place ABT’U (Abydos) per context is their created gate region
and both gates are connected through the watercourse ;
the “painful one” was ‘the eden gate speaking flawless’ , see prophets ; 
the (now-) matrix house-H was eden’s ; see prophets ; 
not decisive but the perch-glyph ÁAT shows that their gate is now ‘higher up’ ;
‘official’ translation 
(by Faulkner – but remember he read the wrong direction)
“I am he who wrapped the standard, who issued from the wrrt-crown. I have come
that I may drive out pain, ease the suffering of Osiris, and establish offerings in Abydos.
The ways by water which belong to Rostau.”