27 april 2022

27 april
posted : CT 711 : SEKHMET lioness as the rival of the Revelation woman
—– declaring that SEKHMET has fallen ; Rev. 12: 4b-5

[04/28 :]
posted : CT 655 :
Sekhmet speaks to the daughter ;
… the dream a week ago about
the huge demon holding a whip
and tongues of fire … – to right :
the ‘whip’ means ‘power’ but can
be imagined as her “striking words”
while we found “tongue of fire’ …

[04/29 :]
posted : CT 184 : the matrix gate as “copied model” [-of the eden one]



CT 373 : the lady upon the moon exhaling ‘breath’ but stolen by the Nile to the copied moon KHENS [useful ; 2022-04apr.24]

 CT 711: SEKHMET lioness
(the ‘daughter of M-Babylon’) 
the rival of the Rev. woman
     (‘the daughter of Tsiun’)

[IMPORTANT ; 2022-04apr.27]
please remember that the 144 are the caretaker OF the daughter of Tsiun –
CT 711
[title above must be true — yet a difficult theme here ,
while we have only 1 coffin and the spell itself is damaged ! :]

SEKHMET and ‘her rival’ :
… we tried our best –
unlike the other CT here the rival is not ‘clearly identified’ as such ,
and only through context and certain terms this rivalry shows :
she is nót slain (so the other one is) ,
she is ‘the One’ as opposed to another ‘one’ ,
she is máde to be the matrix-flame (so the other one is also one) , etc ;
the eden flame óf the fiery eden gate :
342 m is interesting :
… we had “the ceased fiery eye” as eden gate before (CT 1157) ,
but the addition “extinguished one” here (ÂKHMT+) denotes a cónstruct
and context can only read ‘that the fiery eden gate has a(-nother) flame’ :
in last diagram
we posed “the Revelation woman as projected upon the tree of life”
upon the gate – and by extension projected upon the pillar of fire –
and here it seems to be confirmed !
SEKHMET as ‘the daughter of M-Babylon’ (in prophets) :
… this should fit –
if “the daughter of Tsiun” is the same as the Revelation woman
and she represents , as personified , the eden land ,
a good possible rival of her can be SEKHMET !
– we then have the question left concerning who is then “the eden mother”
(who birthed the two lions , Ezekiel) ; especially since Revelation describes
that this woman births the 144 … !
this spell : the ‘tears’ :
… we always thought that “to weep, tears” REM was a matrix-term
but because placed here in front of ‘below’ (=eden) it is used for eden as well :
the concept ‘tears’ means “essences” but tears belong to A PERSON
so the conclusion must be that SHE is crying ,
as if ‘radiating aspects’ – like what the tree of life does !
it seems to us that here “weeping” is used where in other spells “breath-air”
(and in those spells it was considered ‘foulness’ =eden essence)
but the méaning is the same — in this spell she makes ‘matrix-essence’ –
this also means that the cherubs on the Ark could be “(olive-) trees”, Zecheriah ,
as angelic beings who are the nature óf that tree
… you’ll forgive the cripple phrasing ; we’re just trying to describe
sub :
… in other spells we saw she ‘makes’ breath-air , here ‘makes the (matrix-) word’
which is “(matrix-) day (-light)” and the same time “darkness (-for eden)” ;
we just need to search further for more understanding ;
the SEKHMET type-power :
… as a kind of “power over light-particles by which the environment is created” ,
which , in the éden sense , fits with the daughter of Tsiun representing the eden land

to read along ,
PDF page 358 , real page VI 342 ,
‘official’ translation see annex
CT 711
VI 342
me. [to be] the slain (-eden standard). nót. ;                                    [<< =MT’S , see note]
[but by] me. [to be] (matrix-) health.
(being-) this. made (matrix-) flame (-at T) (S-KHT). within (-the matrix).
[namely as] mé. to manifest. ;                                                               [<< ‘me’ is that flame]
[and therefore are] the tears. below. ,                                     [<< eden cries “essences”]
[because of] me (‘of I’). ;
[because for?] me. [is] the (eden-) word. [of] (eden-) existence.
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [of] willpower. [of] hail. ;                             [<< not : ‘to wash’]
next ,
[and so] every. day. supporting (adj.) – Râ.             [<< Râ: WILLPOWER of speech]
[since] Râ’s. existence. [is] by] [this’]. me.                        [<< subject isn’t Râ, see note]
[because] me. [are] the (eden-) tears.         +
[as] the ones of (‘in’) the watercourse (‘Nile’). to make to cool down. ,
[and so by] me. [to be] the ceased fiery (adj.) – (eden-) eye (‘gate’).       +
[becáuse of] (it’s-) extinguished flame. ;                                          [<< the Rev. woman]
[and so] the (-T of the) One. [óf?-] he. the (eden?-) eye.
as. he the Self. [for] the word to make (‘as concept’). to weep. [fór] Râ. [through] me. ;
[and by] her. tears. [..]. (matrix-) existence. [through] me. to constantly renew (=by eden). ,
[therefore through] me. [to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;
(damaged section)
[damaged = lost]
to divinely complete. the (matrix-) eye (‘gate’).
[by, for, through?] the FENTHU serpents. (…. damaged 2x……). ;
the (matrix-) flame (-at -T) for the word to make (‘as concept’).
[and to] (matrix-) existence. the fiery (matrix-) word of praise. (by-) me. to give. ;
[because] me. [as] the (matrix-) One.
from. the real adm-soul’s (-one). to select.
[and so] my. jackal power (‘me as the staff?). to become. ;           [<< make speech for the word]
[as] the divine authoritative (matrix-) word. [of] me. ;
[because through] me. [as part of] the main (adj.) – (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). ,
me. [for] the (matrix-) dimension. [to be] the (matrix-) flame (-at T) (KHET). ,
[because]        +
me. the (matrix-) flame. to give. [to] he (‘gate’). [as] the one to be connect to (-it). ;
Geb (‘land of M-Babylon’). [is] by. me. (being-) the (matrix-) double-T of power. ,
[and]        +
[for?] Râ. through. me. [to be] the \\ (matrix-) word of willpower. ;
[because] [at?] Hathor.                                            [<< house of Horus ; gate region]
[..] me. [to be] the (matrix-) place-T for speech to connect to (-as the god).           +
the two eyes. ,                                                                        [<< connect to both gates?]
[namely]         +
(being-) SEKHMET.
[and] by. me. the (matrix-) essence at the (matrix-) T for vulture-rule. to become. ;
(closing : virtually lost)
(….. around 8x lost……). [by] the slain (eden-) words. [to be] (matrix-) hail. ;
(…………). [by] the (matrix-) day (-light) (‘also killing eden’). [..]. to manifest.
1) line s :
…the MS is -MT’S ; to be fair only by reasoning around the meaning can be found
(namely by understanding that Sekhmet is the copied Revelation woman)
and then the listed versions in the dictionary also make sense ;
main root is probably -MET’ “to command” + S “real adam-soul’s (-one)”
but álso linked to the slanted corridor T’ES+knife (to get to her) ;
2) line o :
… openingline (+end !) confirms that the subject cannot be Râ
but agreeing that the ‘I/me’ is sometimes awkwardly used in this spell ;
‘official’ translation :
(by Faulkner – but remember he read the text upside-down)
“To go out in the day ………. O Wounds ! O […………….] . My striking-power is
SAkhmet the divine; my eyes are Hathor, my arms are Rê; my strength is Geb.
My brazier spurts fire and my water is on my mouth, for I am H’u, my power
chooses as the Sole One (?), I give heat (?) to ……… [………….] .
I place maggots in the Eye of Atum , I am Rê [………….] , I have come that I may
repeat his tears for him, for I am Rê who weeps for himself with his sole Eye.
The fire is quenched with my Eye, the ways are cooled with my tears. I am the
[………….] of Rê who lifts up Rê daily; I have washed myself, I am possessed with
tears, I go forth from it, (namely) this fire, and I am hale, I am not cut down.”



CT 373 : the lady upon the moon
exhaling ‘breath’ but stolen by the
Nile to the copied moon KHENS

      [useful ; 2022-04apr.24]

CT 373
[see related CT 1138, 1139 and 1140 ,
and latest two diagrams]
main theme : woman upon the moon , nostril and breath air (+KHENS)
…… not an easy one but readable 
(an extended version of CT 623 , incl. ‘open eye of Râ’) ;
the lady :
is in CT 1138 equated with ‘horn’ but in prophets also as “eden banner” 
(‘which the spirits will fear when she will be restored’) 
which we – until now – understand her as “representing the family tree of adm-souls” ,
and it may be that she “is projected over the eden tree” 
as standing upon the emerald dome – but we don’t think that she LÉFT :
in this 373
she produces ‘breath’ (compare the tree) but as a type which the spell calls ‘foulness’
which has to become “their words of breath-air” “brought by the Nile” (the watercourse) ; 
becáuse of this concept the thing “carried-off” is likely NOT the woman herself
but more “the concept, the construct which she represents”
(where the copied gate – now north – will receive those ‘words’ via the Nile
and will transform those in ‘breath air’, ‘darkness’, etc) ; 
gate as ‘nostril’ :
…. in prophets God’s anger is linked to ‘the nostril’ (-aph) 
and because ‘words’ can be light-particles , words , but also ‘air’ 
the stolen gate is often termed “the (matrix-) nostril” here ; 
sub :
… glyph “god+judge” usually interpreted as ‘Set’ (same as the set-stone)
but by context it can address also other eden constructs – like here ; 
to read along ,
PDF page 416 , real page V 36 , and scroll upwards ,
‘official’ translation , see index

CT 373
V 36
[for] me.                                                                                    [<< lit: my corrupt adm-soul]
the (matrix-) word to make. [of] (matrix-) quality.            +
[for] to make to breathe. within (-the matrix). , 
[but as] he. this. word. [by] the (eden-) one. nót. ; 
[because]      + 
[to be] the dirt (‘eden essence’). by. she. the lady’s (‘edens’). one (place-T) to carry-off.     +
[to?] above (‘north’). ,
[and then ?] the (matrix-) word. [for]. to discover. 
[by] to transform (-it) (?,KHPR). above (‘north’). ;
……………. it’s likely NOT ‘the lady’ which is ‘carried-off’ but “the concept as her” ;
[and by] the real adm-soul’s (-one). within (-the matrix). 
[for] me. the (matrix-) word to make. [of] (matrix-) quality. [at?] the (matrix-) side (?, GES?). ;
[and therewith to] the (matrix-) land. to come double stability.                                 [<< ‘to quake’?]
[as] the (matrix-) day (-light). [for] me. 
[by means of] the real adm-soul’s (-one) of the (eden-) hand to seize. ; 

[because fór] the (matrix-) land. [..]. to reap. every. word of the (eden-) mountain (‘tsiun’). 
from. this. his (‘mountains’). lady. [as] the aspect (?,KHT). to shoot-out. ;             + 
V 335
[and therewith for] the (matrix-) dimension. 
[..]. [to be] the words of breath-air. [for] to can breathe. ,
[to be] the (matrix-) dimension. 
[..]. [by] the words of breath-air. [for] to can breathe. [as] the ânkh life. , 
[because]        +
[by means of] to destroy (-eden).          +                                                           [<< needs subject]
me. to know. [+the one] (‘word’?). (which-) gives. speech. , 
[and] my. (matrix-) existence. [to be] empowered (‘say’). [by] the judged one (=eden gate). , 
[for to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;           + 
[namely as] (now-) my. nostril. for. the word of breath air. ;             [<< nostril = matrix gate]
                   now subject seems to be just the gate :
[because for] the (matrix-) land. [to be] the main root (‘head’ ; matrix-gate). 
(being-) Râ’s (adj.) – eye. [for me. to open (UN). ;                                   [<< eye = matrix gate]
[and therewith]       +
my. (matrix-) speech. [for] me. to manifest. ; 
[because] my. nostril. for. the word of breath air. 
[is] the one of (matrix-) justice (adj.) – [..]. [for] the (matrix-) dimension. 
[as] the sacrificed (-one). [for] speech. [to] my. (matrix-) existence. to descend. ;
[and so] the word of breath air. to enter. 
[to be?] he (=they?). [as] the ones of the red crown (?, NT). [by?] the judged one. ; 
[and to be] the words of breath air. [by] the watercourse to make (‘Nile’). 
[by means of?] the double (matrix-) door (adj.) – [for?] the KHENS pool. to open (UN). ;
…………. the KHENS-pool can be “the pool inside the KHENS-moon” 
…………. to where the water (‘words’) would flow , but “who does what” is tricky here ;
[because] the passive one of the (eden-) hand for great speech. to make to alight. 
[in order] the (now-) matrix willpower. to lift up. ,
[and so] the (matrix-) word of spaciousness. [by] he. to give.    
[for] (matrix-) existence of hail. 
[because] to come the hail to existence (?).         +
[by means of] he. the word of breath air. to snatch-away. ,                      [<< to steal]
[and to] his. (dimensional-) side. above, to fall down. ,  
[namely to] the son-construct (adj.) – [of] the Nut dome (‘border’). 
(being) this. judged one. ; 
[and at?] (..Bakhau ?..) (BKHA=?). (eden-) existence. to judge. (by-) above (‘north’).
[by means of] the word of spaciousness. he. to give. ; 
[and so by] the judged one (‘stolen gate’). [fór] (matrix-) existence of hail. [to be] hail. ;
[because] the environmental garment. [of] hail. above. [to be] empowered (‘say’). 
[also through ?] Nebh’et. [fór] (matrix-) existence of hail. [to be] hail. ; 
[to be] the darkness (-for eden) (KKU). [by?] transformation (?, KHPR). 
[and as?] the acquired light. it. (matrix-) speech. to complete. ;
[by] the NT-spirits making the watercourse (‘Nile’).           + 
to make the mysterious (adj.) – (matrix-) speech. ,
[to be] the (matrix-) dimension. [..]. [of] words of breath air. to can breathe. 
‘official’ translation
(by Faulkner – but remember he read upside-down)
“Breathing air among the waters. Hidden are the ways for those who pass by;
light is perished and darkness comes into being – so says Nephthys. 
‘Why is it said?’- so says the Outcast. 
‘D-f-3w is upon (?) the Outcast… It means that the Outcast, the son of Nut, 
has fallen upon his side and that his breath has been taken away – so says
D.-f-3w, and the arm of Him who rests wearily is uplifted. The doors of the
hns-water are opened, and the winds pass out; its Nt-crowns are parted, 
and the air goes in. I have gone down in order to present Maêt with water, 
for breath is in my nose; I will go forth and open the eye of Rê upon earth,
for breath is in my nose. It is the Outcast who speaks to me and informs me
that life is provided and that air is breathed among the waters. Breathing air
among the waters. The offering of this wife of his is put into a new bowl in 
the earth, and the man shall take it on the day when the earth quakes, 
and the man shall anoint himself with it ….. the man shall breathe it.”



[insert page=’ct-1140-the-lady-upon-the-moon-as-horn-copied-on-the-matrix-gate-emiting-darkness-as-day-light-now-prob-as-sekhmet’ display=’all’]



   CT 655 : Sekhmet lioness
speaking to Revelation woman

CT 655
main theme : Sekhmet speaking to the Revelation woman ,
… no introduction required – please see previous spells ;
this is but 1 coffin (and he didn’t write as clear as others did)
but there are only FEW spells in existence which mention Sekhmet directly
so we need each one of these ,
to read along ,
PDF page 292 , real page VI 276 , and scroll upwards ,
‘official’ translation see annex
CT 655
VI 276
the one (‘eden place-T’) to come. 
[and so] thou. (type-) existence. to make to resemble (‘remember’ ; S-KHA). ;
[by means of]        + 
[for] the (matrix-) land. the (eden-) word. [by] the head of the (matrix-) root. to command. ,
[in the way that-] thou (adj.) – to enter (UBA). nót. within (-the matrix). ;
[and therewith by] my words. [of] ânkh life. (matrix-) existence to make (‘as concept’). 
by [means of]. [..] it (‘place-T’). to descend (-to matrix). [in order for] speech to manifest. ,
[and through] this. god. to be (matrix-) hail. ; 
…………… so Sekhmet says she only wants the woman’s standingplace (‘place-T’)
…………… in order to have ‘her words’ by that 
…………… (which are brought to that place by the watercourse – the Nile)
…………… but not herself to be in the matrix ;
[because by]        +       
thou. things of place-T of he (‘eden’) for the KH-house.   +                            [‘enemies’] 
(is) the (matrix-) speech. ,
[and by] thou. (is) the (matrix-) willpower. [of] the sekhem sceptre. ;
[by means of]       + 
the (eden-) word. to connect to. the (matrix-) word. [to be] (stolen-) Sight (MAA). ,
[because by] thou. to be (……made (matrix-) throne-G (?)……..) (S-GG+passive).
[for] to be (matrix-) hail. ;
…………. the ‘sekhem sceptre’ must be SEKHMET herself ;
…………. because ‘sekhem power’ is a type rule over light-particles (as ‘words’)
…………. it makes sense that this all-seeing-Sight is linked to those particles ;
…………. the ‘make throne-G’ is not sure but we had Sekhmet at throne-G (as GET) ;
[and so to be]    +
ânkh life. [as] the (matrix-) spirits consciousness. [for] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of] this. (eden-) image (ÁRU). fór. the (matrix-) land. ,
[namely]        + 
the (eden-) word. [through] the top of the (matrix-) root (=Sekhmet). to command. ,
[in the way that] thou (adj.) – to enter (UBA). nót. within (-the matrix). ;

[virtual repeat of i ; also damaged]
………….so ‘the image’ is “the concept of the Revelation woman” which is now
………… Sekhmet for the matrix ; interesting is “top of the root” : standing upon Apis ;
………… (the other term for ‘image’ is “extinguished flame of the image”, see below) ;
[through] thou. to come the mutilated (eden-) things (-of the eden-T). 
[and therewith] to come (matrix-) health. ,
[because to] me. things of the vessel (‘eden moon/gate’). to descend.                             
[and by] the willpower. [of] [=my]. vessel. to become (matrix-) health. ; 
[because by]     +
the things of he (=eden) for the (matrix-) KH-house. [..]. (is) [=my]. sekhem power. ,
[in order for?] the (matrix-) day (-light). by. [=me]. to manifest. ; 
[ás] the darkness (-for eden) (KKU). 
[by means of] the (matrix-) word. to make to illumine. ;
……………… we saw that the matrix-day (-light) is the same time darkness for eden ;
                                            PART II – sections missing :
VI 275
[to be] the words of the (eden-) fortress (-as the nostril).               [<< aspect of eden gate] 
[by means of] the cord (‘axis’). to open. , (…… 2x lost…..). , 
[as] the branch (‘axis to matrix’). for.         +
my. (type-) speech. ;
[and so by]         +
the mysterious (adj.) – words of the prison (-as turtle) (SHETH+).         [<< see below] 
(matrix-) existence to make. [for] (matrix-) existence of hail. ; 
………….. the ‘turtle’ must be “the emerald dome of the eden gate” 
………….. (‘connecting to  / the matrix-pool’) ; where this connection is achieved
………….. by an axis described as cord and branch ; 
[because] to equip. the divine (matrix-) spirits consciousness.
[through] the (matrix-) place-T of (matrix-) peace. ,                           [<< Sekhmet’s place]
(…. 2x lost…). to come hail. ;
[and so by] the divine (matrix-) word. to build. (matrix-) existence. , 
[and for] he. the Ba bird spirit-being. [..] [to be] the (breath-) air.         [<< hence ‘nostril’]
[=as]          + 
(matrix-) existence. [through] the (matrix-) flame (‘Sekhmet’). 
[bý]. [..]. the extinguished (eden-) flame. ;                                     [<< ‘as the image’, ÂSHM]
[to be]           +
the (matrix-) dimension. (….1x lost…). [by] the flame (+?). [as?] [=my]. speech. ; 
[skipped ; key terms are lost , making any restored line a guess ;
also : in several instances here the author lost the plot about the “me VS thou” 
juxtaposition and mixed up the ‘me’ and ‘thou’ pronouns   —
this started to go wrong already in the previous few columns where he started
to use “he” – so strange that even deBuck noticed that ,
see his note ‘sic’ at the start of column 276 b]
[to be]        +
the things of (matrix-) spirits consciousness. [by means of] me. to present (-them). ,
[namely by] Sekhmet. (whom-) (…I am…) (?, lost, but possible). ;  
(… lost ; something with ‘watercourse (‘Nile’)’ likely …). ,
[then in] the T’uat house (‘middle register’). [..]. the (matrix-) place-T to manifest. ;
[and therewith] the divine things to follow. 
by [means of]. [..]. the (eden-) place-T to descend (-to the matrix). 
[as?] entering (-it). , 
[and then as] the (matrix-) place-T (‘for Sekhmet’) to manifest. 
‘official’ translation
(by Faulkner – but remember he read the text upside-down)
“To go to and fro among the servitors, to issue from the netherworld, to know [……].
O Sakhmet, I assemble the spirits, I go out, I have power over [……] word, I do not
reveal the word of my …….. Protection is in my hand [……..] to whom […….] goes
down, so say they, the offerers and servitors, concerning me. O you powers and
gods, help me in [……..] for me; burning (?) [……..] water; it quenches the fire of his
breath. His soul is in the Demolisher who comes (?) […..in peace], an equipped
spirit; so say they, those whose sanctuaries are secret, concerning me, after him
who is weak [……..] .
The obstacles are opened up and the darkness is lightened; may you go out into
the day, may [you] have power over your foes, may you have news of (?) the ……..
Proceed on your journeys, go to and fro, may you [go forth] among them, the living.
Do not reveal the word of those who are on the earth as to the shape of a living
spirit; may you astonish those who see you and may your sceptre be in [your] hand
against your foes. O you god, going to and fro among them, the living, do not 
reveal the word of those who are on earth who recall for you the coming.”



CT 470 : place-T of Rev. woman
    (as Sothis-star?) now north 
   (as Orion-star) fór the lioness
           Pakhet = Sekhmet
   (+ 12 stars + Giza + TCHÂM)
     + NETÁT place of Adam

      [almost ; 2022-05may.04]
CT 470
[Sothis + Orion theme still needs be verified] 
main theme : see top ;
… the lioness theme is okay 
but we’ve problems with the reading of Sothis – SEPT’T :
it is either “the standingplace óf the Rev. woman” or “herself” 
but either way it was her standingplace which was seized — nót herself ; 
“the divine/ star (as,of?) the place-T of the (eden-) hand for to make (matrix-) root” ,
where the -T ending — but not as ‘place-T’ — is also in ‘lady’ NEB-T 
or ‘(divine-) woman’ H’EMT as she is described elsewhere ;
the other problem is
that Orion SAH’ has nó T-ending (so don’t seem place-T related) 
reading “the acquired star (for the inversed wick)” 
so the exact definition of both must wait untill we had other spells ;
considered the lioness – PAKHET is the same as SEKHMET where the former
(not really appearing in spells) is “place-T to the KH-house to fly-up” 
and interestingly he calls the lioness ‘my mother’ ;
do compare the pyramid diagram showing also Giza
where the lower room ‘house’ correlates with Sirius in the south ;

for the 12 stars
see note in text

to read along ,
PDF page 416 , real page V 400 , and scroll upwards , 
‘official’ translation see annex

CT 470
V 400
all of (adj.) – my. house. [is for] me. the son.                               [<< ‘son of Ammon’]
[as] the (eden-) place-T for the word to connect to. ,                     [<< the house is]
[as also] thou. seat. (being-) place-T of he (=eden) for the KH-house. 
[and therewith by] thou. [to be] the (matrix-) nobility (SÂH’). ,
[because to be] the (matrix-) peace. by. this. light to rise. ,
[by means of]         +
the (eden-) object (?, SEP). [through] me. the son. [tó] (matrix-) existence. to give. ,
for.            +
it. to empower (‘say’). the essence (-of he (=eden) for matrix-hail) (ÁF+). ; 
…………. so he will give “the eden place-T (-as standingplace of the Rev. woman)” 
…………. in prophets she is also called “a banner, a standard” and linked to ‘horn’ 
…………. but we cannot see yet if the next mentioned TCHÂM-sceptre IS that banner :
[because] he. the (matrix-) willpower. [of] eden-within. 
[is by?] the TCHÂM-sceptre (‘of golden lights’). [of] me. 
(which?-) he (=eden). gives (adj.) – [to] (matrix-) existence. ; 
next ,
V 399
[and by] he. within (-the matrix). ,                                                     [<< likely the sceptre] 
[through] me.              +
[to be] the lights of (eden-) speech to connect to (matrix-) existence (-as the god). ;
[and then] the (matrix-) word to make (‘as concept’). [by] me to acquire. , 
[by means of]          +
the TCHÂM-sceptre. [by] me. to make to stand upright (‘at matrix-vector). ; 
[and by?] he. the (eden?-) willpower. of (?). the TCHÂM-sceptre. , 
the watercourse (‘Nile’). [to] above (‘north’). to stand upright. , 
[and there?-]             +
Orion (‘the acquired star’). [by?] me. to (can) discover. ; 
[and by] within (-the matrix). ,                                          [<< Orion star or TCHÂM ?]
the word. [for] (matrix-) speech to manifest. , 
[for by] me. [is] the speech. [for] to smite (-eden with). ;     [<< with matrix word]
……………. so the Nile flows tó where the sceptre has been placed ? 
……………. or IS this sceptre another term for the Nile ? ;
……………. it means that ‘Orion’ is “his house” ? ;
……………  (Orion is listed ‘with 12 stars’ : the 2 x 6 time-goddesses as shown
……………. in Book of Gates — as some copy from the Rev. woman) ;  
next , their lioness as their copied Rev. woman ,
[through?] my. mother connected to place-T of (matrix-) existence. ; 
[as] the great one.              +                                                   [<< or -T for great speech]
[at?] the one. UÂRT thigh land. 
the speech. the stairway (-having grown) (RUT’). 
[in order for] (eden-) willpower. to strike. ;                           [f : refusing to run proper]
[because] me. the watercourse (‘Nile’). to make (=but by eden ; ÁR). 
[tó?, from?]             +
the Sothis star (SEPT’T). [for?,to?] my. Ba bird spirit-being. ;        [<< Sothis = eden-T ?]
[to be] the darkness (-for eden) (KKU).      +                                     [<< ‘by matrix-word’]
as. the (now matrix-) aspects. [by] the seized (eden-) place-T. ; 
[to be] the (matrix-) place-T of (reaped eden-) Sight.                  [<< a type ‘all-seeing’] 
[of] the (matrix-) lioness of (reaped-) Sight. ;
[as?] the claws. [by?, tó?] the place-T (-of Sothis). 
[for] to close the (eden-) eye (‘gate’). ;                                                                [<< probably]
[because] the great one.         +                                                     [<< or -T of great speech] 
[as] the lioness PAKHET.        +                                            [<< eden-T having flown-up]
[is] by. me. risen and crowned. ; 
………….. so his Ba-being needs (?) the type construct as the Rev. woman ,
………….. who IS ‘the Sothis star’ – standing on the eden-T (the -T in SEPT’-T) ? ;
………….. the ‘seized eden-T’ follows in that line and the lioness makes ‘darkness’ ;
………….. 2. “sharp claws” we think makes little sense , 
………….. it is a pun SEPT’T here – without the deity+star glyph ; 
closing ,
V 398
[to be] the word of double (matrix-) willpower. above (‘north’). 
[at?] the locality NET’AT. [of] eden-within.                         [<< Damascus , where Adam is]
[by means of]         +
the helpless (-one) (=the eden-T). within (-the matrix). ; 
[and therewith] the (eden-) dome to (-make to) sleep. 
[and] wake up. the (matrix-) land. [by] to illuminate (-it). ; 
[because at?]          +
Orion (‘acquired star’). the speech (-of the moon) (‘stolen gate’). to arrive (-in matrix). ,
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [by] the (matrix-) mouth (‘gate’). 
‘official’ translation
(by Faulkner – but remember he read everything upside-down)
“Spell for reaching Orion. O you of the dawn who wake and sleep, o you who are
in limpness, dwelling aforetime in Nedit, I have appeared as Pakhet the Great, 
whose eyes are keen (?) and whose claws are sharp, the lioness who sees and
catches by night. O Sothis my soul, make my path ready, set up a stairway to the
great plain, for you are my mother (?), and H’u is at (the place) whence Orion issues. 
I find Orion standing on the path with the staff in his hand, and I set up the staff and
receive it, and I am a god by means of it. He gives me the staff which is in his hand,
and he says: ‘Give me my son, for it is he who rises in peace; you shall be ennobled
before your throne, for you are my son, the lord of my house.”



CT 469 : the lioness , Orion
Sothis (Shesmu , red crown ,
‘make existence by names’ ,
the stealing) very extensive

[1 of 3 ; long ; 2022-apr.05]

CT 469
[still pending if they only stole “the standingplace of the Rev. woman” or also hersélf]
and see diagrams
note please : a trap is that “once discovered a theme , it can happen
that many spells séem to describe the same theme – when they aren’t” :
we learned this law and carefully look to phrases –
in this case the 2nd half of 469 looks like previous 470
(it can happen in spells that several consecutive spells share the same theme)
notes follow after each section —
– part I is very readable
if you know that “existence to make” is a real concept in the other reality ;
– part II : bit more difficult
about ‘Orion’ as “the acquired star” commánding the (standingplace of-) the woman ;
part III : bit more difficult
about ‘Shesmu’ who is probably “stealing the words (‘lights’) of the Rev. woman ;
– part IV is readable
back to the Rev. woman and the lioness ;
sub note :
… in Rg Veda (book I,173?) is “a woman, desiring to be impregnated by the father” –
both are “constructs” here and the woman is eden’s , but we couldn’t – yet – see
if the woman is still in eden or has moved to their north ;
to read along ,
PDF page 414 , real page V 398 , and scroll upwards
‘official’ translation : not doable and also useless

CT 469
the ‘thou’ here is the Rev. woman – spell likely said ‘by Orion’ :
V 398
existence to make (‘as concept’).
[by means of] the names. [of] thou (‘subject’). (eden-) existence. to know. ;
[by] to become the place-T for to equip.                       [<< stolen eden-T (from TÁ)]
[as] the (matrix-) place-T for spirits consciousness. ,
[and so]       +
[by means of] the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..). [as] thou. ,
[to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. ;
[because] (matrix-) existence to make (‘as forms’). [by] the vessel (‘matrix gate’).
[by means of] (eden-) existence to make (‘as concept’). to know. ;
[because?]           +
existence to make. [is by?] the (eden-) names. fór (?). (eden-) existence to make.
[and by]         +
the speech. [of] my. (matrix-) existence. thou. (eden-) existence. to invoke (‘names’?). ;
[and therewith] existence to make.
[by means of] the names. mý. (matrix-) existence. to empower (‘say’). ;
[therefore through?] Orion (‘the acquired star’). [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ;      XXX
…………. it seems that “(eden-) names make existence” so he needs ‘those names’ ;
…………. we knew that the concept ‘name’ was important – but have to ponder this ;
…………. 2. you see how difficult it is to place ‘Orion’ — is he “the vessel” (-speaking) ?
to steal. to make (=by eden). the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..). I. nót.             (?)
[but] the boat (‘construct’). [of] the (eden-) side. [to] the (matrix-) side. to join. ,
[and then]       +
[through] sorcery. [to become] the new (matrix-) words. ,
[by means of]         +
thou. [as] the sacrificial cow (-as eden-place-T).
[through] thou. (eden-) existence. mine. (adam-like) to make (=by eden ; ÁR-I). ;
next ; but we don’t know yet what concept is the (stolen eden-) ‘ruddish crown’ :
V 397
the ruddish crown (at -T?) (T’SHRT). [of] thou. (eden-) existence. [by] me. to devour. ,
[and instead]          +
[by] the double (matrix-) place-T for existence. existence to make. ,
[to be]          +
the (matrix-) existence. [by] thou. (eden-) existence. to empower (‘say’). ;
[as] (matrix-) existence to make.
[by means of] the names. [of] thou. (eden-) existence. to know. ;
[and so] (matrix-) existence to make. [by] the vessel (‘matrix gate’).
[by means of] (eden-) existence. to fall down (-to the matrix). ;
…………. we don’t know “where” the ruddish crown is now – at the matrix-T ?
…………. (wait – or is it one of both olive trees ?)
…………. nor have we a workable concept of what it IS ;
existence to make. [as] the things above (‘north’).
as. the victorious (adj.) – (matrix-) existence to make. ;
[because] the (eden-) existence to make (‘personified here’).
the (matrix-) essence (-but fróm eden ; ÁF). of. me. to tremble for. ;
[because now] existence to make. [by] (matrix-) existence. ,
[by means of]        +
thou. [by] decree of law. (matrix-) existence to make. to (must-) make (=by eden ; ÁR). ;
[and] the (eden-) existence to make (‘personified’). trembles.
[for] the terrifying (adj.) – (matrix-) existence to make. ;
…………. not long anymore – that’s why we do these spells ;
                                   part II : bit more difficult concepts are used :
[by] thou. to become the (matrix-) word of voice.
[and therewith] the (eden-) existence to make. to obey (-the matrix) (‘to listen’).
to become the (matrix-) KH-house of hail. ; [<< or : ‘to flourish’]
[unclear section :]
[because] to become the (matrix-) spirits consciousness.
[by means of] the (eden-) word. having been given. (?, T’T’).
(…….can’t read – UFT’T’U+…….)
[to be] (matrix-) nobility (SÂH’).
[as] these. things by the given throne (?, glyph). [of] the (matrix-) word of eden-within.
[because by?] the speech. thou. to invoke. ;
[and tó?] me. to listen. [by tó?] thou. the speech (-of hail). to give. ,
[by?] my. speech. [as?] Orion (‘acquired star’). [for] existence of hail. ;
…………. unclear section – problem is that ‘female’ is about ‘the word’ (not speech)
…………. so it looks like Orion is now invoking her directly
[and by] the sacrifice.                                                               [<< responding to invoking]
thou. (matrix-) existence. to empower (‘say’). ;
[because] I am (adj.) – the lord (adj.) – of the things of the KAR shrine. ,
[as?] the flame of the word for (?) vulture-rule of (matrix-) existence.
(being?-) the one of eden-within. ,
[and?] the divine place-T of the real adm-soul for (?) the (matrix-) moon (?, ÁH’-ST).
the (divine-) son. [me]. thou. to SEP. nót. ;
V 396
[but] the completed (adj.) – matter. me. [to] (matrix-) existence to bring. [..]. ;
[because] the divine other (-one). as (?). me.
[by] the one (or: place-T) below (‘south’, eden).
me. [to] (matrix-) existence. the (eden-) one (or: -T) to carry-off. [..]. ;
[and then by] these. things of jackal power (-at -T?).      +     [<< matrix speech]
me. (eden-) existence. to seize (KHMÂ). ;
[to be] these. things (at the -T of) the (dimensional-) foreground (‘matrix’).
[by means of] me. [to] (matrix-) existence. (the eden-T) to carry-off. ;
[through] the god. as. me.
[by] me (adj.) – to have (adj.) – risen and been crowned. ;
[and] the praised (-one). [as] me. (adam-like) (adj.) – (matrix-) existence. to give. ;
[and for] me. (eden-) existence. to be terrified.
[because for] me. (eden-) existence. to tremble. ;
the (eden-) words to bow. for. me.
[and therewith] (adam-like) (adj.) – (matrix-) existence to come [..]. ;
[skipped ; more of the same]
…………….. the mentioned KAR-shrine is “to double / speech”
…………….. but we need to know more about KAR because it’s often used ;
                     part III : ‘Shesmu is stripping the woman from words’ (?) ,
[by] to connect to. the real adm-soul’s (-one) (..). ,
(matrix-) existence to make. (being-) the noble things (SÂH’).
[as] making (matrix-) existence. [for] the gods (‘demons’).
(being-) the things of the winepress god. (whom?-) thou. existence. is terrified of. ;
[by] stripping. [and?] doorkeeping the words.
[and by?] the speech. [to?] thou. the victorious (matrix-) word. to give. ;
[yet] the things of the winepress god. existence to make. existence. to give. speech. nót. ,
[and] to strip. [and?] to doorkeep (-the words).
me,my. existence. [to] (matrix-) existence. to come hail. nót. ;
V 395
[but instead] , the real adm-soul’s place-T to bring.           +
[to] me. the vessel (‘matrix gate’). above (‘north’).
[as] the sacrifice. ,
[and therewith] (matrix-) existence to make. [by] the speech. [of] me. ,
[because by?] thou. to become spirits consciousness.        +
[through] to listen (‘obey’) (adj. ) – me.
(when-) giving (adj.) – [to] thou. the (matrix-) speech (-of hail). ;       [<< when I speak to you]
………… the term SHESMU is tricky , related to ‘the (eden-) word’ U ; his sigil is some
………… type “guarded vineyard” and may point to the eden place ;
………….you see how difficult it is when he is ‘mentioned’ but not properly expláined —
………… it looks like SHESMU is stealing the words when she speaks (=radiates) them
………… and áfter that those words go into the flame of the KAR shrine ;
              part IV : returning to woman theme ,
[two versions :]
L 1 :
[for?] the (matrix-) goddess (at matrix place-T). [to be] the (eden-) word from below. ,
[and] so. (matrix-) existence to make.       +
[through] the words of the sacrificial cow (-at eden-T). to (adam-like) make (-it) (=by eden). ;
L 2 :
all the (matrix-) place-T. [as] the (matrix-) goddess. [of, for] the god (‘matrix gate’).
[is by] the (eden-) place-T below (‘south’, eden). ,
[in order] for. existence to make. within (-the matrix). ,
[by means of] the words of the sacrificial cow (-at eden-T). to (adam-like) make (-it). ;