27 april 2022

27 april posted : CT 711 : SEKHMET lioness as the rival of the Revelation woman —– declaring that SEKHMET has fallen ; Rev. 12: 4b-5 [04/28 :] posted : CT 655 : Sekhmet speaks to the daughter ; … the dream a week ago about the huge demon holding a whip and tongues of fire … – to right : the ‘whip’ means ‘power’ but can be imagined as her “striking words” while we found “tongue of fire’ … [04/29 :] posted : CT 184 : the matrix gate as “copied model” [-of the eden one]    

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CT 373 : the lady upon the moon exhaling ‘breath’ but stolen by the Nile to the copied moon KHENS [useful ; 2022-04apr.24]

 CT 711: SEKHMET lioness (the ‘daughter of M-Babylon’)  the rival of the Rev. woman      (’the daughter of Tsiun’) [IMPORTANT ; 2022-04apr.27]   please remember that the 144 are the caretaker OF the daughter of Tsiun –   CT 711   [title above must be true — yet a difficult theme here , while we have only 1 coffin and the spell itself is damaged ! :]   SEKHMET and ‘her rival’ : … we tried our best – unlike the other CT here the rival is not ‘clearly identified’ as such , and only through context and certain terms this rivalry shows : she is nót slain (so the other one is) , she is ’the One’ as opposed to another ‘one’ , she is máde to be the matrix-flame (so the other one is also one) , etc ; the eden flame óf the fiery eden gate…

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