RV X , 9

waters (and soma)   RV X , 9 (soma = ‘purified’ eden-waters)   6 Within the [eden-] waters – Soma [=’essence’] – dwell all balms that heal, [as the all-blessing fire] 7 O Waters, teem with medicine to keep my body safe from harm, so that I long may see [Sûrya] [=’our sun : but her dimensional aspect’] =abravîd , -abra unlisted ; only solid part is -vîd ; [same Zech. 11 theme]

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RV V , 81

  RV V , 81 (a golden eden-aspect , now part of this sun , as savitR – egyptian ÁTEN)   2 The Sapient One arrays himself in every form: for quadruped and biped [=’their living beings’] he hath brought forth good ; excellent Savitar , [the poet] on heaven’s [gracious] [four devisions = cardinal-points?] , and shineth after the [beginning] of the [matrix-] Dawn (=USas) . 3 Even he, the God whose going-forth and majesty the other Deities have followed with their might, He who hath measured the terrestrial regions out by his great power, he is the Courser Savitar. 4 To the three spheres of light thou goest, Savitar, and with the rays of Sûrya [=’this sun’] thou combinest thee. yea, thou, O God, art Mitra [=’Damascus-eye’, so both are linked’] through thy righteous laws. [= you – go around [eden] – both – (matrix-) nights ?] [=’unclear…

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RV VII , 60

  RV VII , 60 (this sun , by the VaruNa and Mitra eye ; + the seven torches)   2 Looking on man, O Varuṇa and Mitra, this Sûrya [=’this sun’] , [the one guiding men] , [goes up?] by both [of the ground?] , [=’2 staffs of Zech. 11 ?’] guardian of all things fixt, of all that moveth, beholding good and evil acts of mortals. Da geht, o Mitra und Varuna, Surya, der Aufseher, über beiden auf der Erde auf, der Wächter über alles was steht und geht, Rechtes und Schlechtes unter den Sterblichen erschauend. 3 He [=Sûrya] hath yoked the Seven [yellowish ones] [=’7 torches’] [from their station] , who, dropping oil and fatness, carry Sūrya [=’sustain this sun’] ; Yours, Varuṇa and Mitra, he surveyeth the worlds and living creatures like a herdsman. Er hat jetzt die sieben schmalzigen Falbinnen von ihrem Stand weg angeschirrt,…

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RV VIII , 25

sun (Sûrya , our sun)   RV VIII , 25 (Mitra-VaruNa , the both “eyes”, feed our sun with soma , TOO)   19 Sūrya hath spread his light aloft up to the region of the sky, Like [the agni-fire] all aflame when gifts are offered him . 19 Sūrya hath spread his light aloft up to the region of the sky, like a clear fire , when offered fuel [=’soma’] . Dieser Surya hat im Schutze des Himmels sein Licht aufgerichtet, hell wie Agni, wenn er entzündet und mit Schmalz begossen wird =samidh ‘burning, igniting ; also ‘fuel’ RV ; =âhuta ‘laid in the fire (f.e a corpse]’; offering as an oblation’ RV ; [hence prophets “the sun will go dark at noontime” ; see “restoration of sun” chapter]

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