the 1 Tim. chapters 1-6 as PART of 2 Tim. 1-4 : too heavily corrupted see inside for retrieved outline of contents

  the 1 Tim. chapters 1-6 , as PART of 1 Tim. 1-4 : too heavily corrupted   Incredible .                                               … even worse than Thessalonians ; the depiction almost literally shows what is going on here … we even started to question whether the problem is with ús , as perhaps “losing our touch”  — but the answer must be Negative … after having done prophets , we do feel that Esau’s ancestors were not as … filled with hate like his later generation (both to right) ,                             (cortés) because the corruptions in these chapters show … extreme determination to mutilate the lines in every conceivable way , but the Hate manifests specifically in the mockery of “making the text to contain ridiculous themes” … the start of all these chapters is , likely , 1 Tim. 1 ; the closing is 2 Tim. 4 , but every single line…

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het DroomGezicht, 2009