[part II:]
the cartoon +
Urbi and Orbi and the cedar of Lebanon
+ Nashville bombing [26 Dec.]

[part II:]
the cartoon  +
Urbi and Orbi
and the cedar of Lebanon
+  Nashville bombing
[26 Dec.]

… you know that all we do is stay attent to what happens  —
please don’t dismiss too quick the below connections :


pictured : posted yesterday 25 December ;
yes we realize it is ‘only a cartoon’ – but wait :
the alignment top-left turns the tree into “a cosmic theme” ,
and note what the tree is actually predicting ;
yes the cartoonist used the Jefferson quote as excuse of the theme
but we found that ‘Ben’ is one of those ‘in the know’, and see next
(please also remember the ‘shield’ shown at the tree) ;

25 December – the ‘Urbi et Orbi’
(officially ‘to Rome and the world’ ,
but read ‘Mystery-Babylon and earth’)
“To us a child is born, to us a son is given” (Is 9:6). 
The theme of the Pope’s Christmas message looks at 
how Jesus was born for everyone"  (vaticannews)

             (CNA com)


… to start – you and we know that Is.9:6 never wrote this ,
because that chapter is about ‘the Great Reset’ ;
using the “praying for many countries” as deflective theme ,
the real intention appears in addressing ‘Lebanon’ : 

"[the pope] then addressed the people of Lebanon, to whom he wrote a letter
of encouragement on Christmas Eve. “May the star that shone brightly on Christmas night
offer guidance and encouragement to the Lebanese people" [1]

… so we have again the ‘star’ and ‘(cedar-) tree’     –
both in the cartoon above as well as in the Urbi et Orbi ;
the letter continues ,

"Vatican City, Dec 24, 2020 / Pope Francis has written a Christmas letter to the people
of Lebanon encouraging them to trust in God during times of crisis.  [2]
“Beloved sons and daughters of Lebanon, I am deeply troubled to see the suffering and
anguish that has sapped the native resilience and resourcefulness of the Land of the Cedars”. 
“On this Christmas Day, however, ‘the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light’ — 
the light that lessens our fears and instils in each of us the sure hope that God’s Providence 
will never abandon Lebanon and will turn this time of sadness to good,” he wrote."

…then follows some talk about the Beirut explosion in August 2020
– of which we backthen suggested was about ‘the worldtree’ ! –
because of the huge pillar of smoke ascending ;
below : after that , the flag of Lebanon as the tall cedar ;


continuing the letter ,
“Lebanon is mentioned frequently in sacred Scripture, yet surely one image of the Psalmist
stands out: ‘The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, and grow like a cedar of Lebanon’,
he wrote. “In the Bible, the majestic cedar symbolizes steadfastness, stability and protection.
The cedar  symbolizes the righteous who are deeply rooted in the Lord, a sign of beauty
and prosperity, standing  tall and bearing abundant fruit even in old age.

… that is ofcourse a Lie : in prophets the cedar – as worldtree – is consistently negative ;
which begs the question, below , which nation he really adresses : the spirits ? ,

“Like the cedar, draw deeply from the roots of your life in common, so that you may once more 
be a people of fraternal solidarity. Like the cedar that withstands every storm, may you make 
the most of present events in order to  rediscover your identity, which is to bring to the whole 
world the sweet fragrance of mutual respect,  coexistence and pluralism,” Pope Francis said."

“Yours is the identity of a people which does not abandon its homes and its heritage, 
the identity of a people which refuses to renounce the dream of those who believed 
in the future of a beautiful and prosperous country.”                                              [end of article]

their intention :
… the Vatican is spokesman fór Mystery-Babylon , 
therefore her goal is "to defend the worldtree" ,
so that the axis will NOT show – because that would be their end indeed ;

yet in this defending Ritual a link is required to this theme 
(under the guise of the Christmas story) to get souls to agree ;
hence the veiled nativity scene and now this cedar talk




the deliberate Nashville explosion :
… trust us – we really “don’t spot a demon behind each tree” :
this bombing is supposed to be “a mystery”
(therefore MSM can exploit the event to the fullest)
because it is part of , as we (hR) call it “a supportive Ritual”                    
of the main theme – the worldtree  :
the name ‘Nashville’ derives from “ash tree” ; the nature of
the ritual links to Beirut , while in the flag of Nashville appears
the same shield as shown in the cartoon on top of this page



a second “suspected vehicle” was investigated – having also loudspeakers urging people
to evacuate before a bomb would go off – in , wait for it : Lebanon TN !
the manifactured scapegoat for the Nashville event we therefore dismiss , as well]


[1] https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/pope-francis-calls-for-coronavirus-vaccines-for-all-as-he-gives-christmas-urbi-et-orbi-blessing-50094

[2] https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/pope-francis-pens-christmas-letter-to-beloved-children-of-lebanon-83361

UPD. 5 Jan 2021 :
… the explosion happened next to the RV van – not inside it ;
next , the patsy apparently “sent letters two days before the event”
(like the ‘manifestos’ in the occult rituals in previous years) ,
containing “talk about UFOs and changed DNA” [1] —
… remember the main theme of this Ritual was ‘worldtree’ ,
where the patsy was called ‘Warner’, and if we skip the etymology
it simply refers to ‘warner, warning’ ;
reportedly the message was sent in an envelope signed ‘Julio’ (‘July’?) ,
using keywords as “the known universe”, “endgame for the planet”,
“aliens launching attacks on earth”, “perception of reality” , etc ;

… it’s all fine with us – as long we don’t need to wait out until ‘July’

UPD. 5 Jan 2021 – same theme but part of the Urbi et Orbi :
… around the same time as the above update , Patriarch Bechara Rai of
Lebanon warned (!) “… to find consensus and avert Lebanon’s collapse” ,
as “.. rescuing the nation (sic) from a total collapse” [2] ;
yes ,
ofcourse we realize that he indeed could have addressed ‘his politicians’ ,
were it not that we know the organization he works for
(the “Lebanon cedar” as “the king” “who needs help” …. réally ?)



UPD. 17 january
… see previous log for context ;
the Washington Post headlined: “Trump’s evangelicals were complicit
in the desecration of our democracy”. The Atlantic called the riots
“a Christian Insurrection” and added, “Many of those who mobbed
the Capitol on Wednesday claimed to be enacting God’s will”.
for the links inside see [1] ;
– to right , transcript of the ‘prayer’ by the hired rioteers ,
and full video from The New Yorker in link [2]




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