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– the video
– the books Maccabees and Baruch about ‘the buried Ark’,
telling “how it will appear in the endtimes”
– other possible texts : Jeremiah 3 and Habakkuk 3
– can the find have been a Hoax ?
– the wider picture
– closing



the Ark of the Covenant : found (or not?)


… after ‘the seven churches’ and ‘morning star’ (see pages) we looked again
into the story of the man who purportedly located the Ark back in 1982 ;
though many have called this event a fraud , several aspects are interesting
enough to go investigate this theme further   —
… the below video is very watchable , showing the history of the Ark
and the attempt to find it (we only have cut off the final ten minutes
because personal conclusions are drawn which we cannot agree with)


first about the Ark , itself :


… Jeremiah was the prophet before and after the fall of Jerusalem ;
after her fall , the Assyrian king let him free and Jeremiah went with
a remnant of the people to Egypt –
significant is that in Egypt he buried two gemstones in front of the people ,
almost as a Hint to what – possibly – could have happened with the Ark
(see Jer. 43 ; both gemstones are the eden-cornerstone and the other one ,
which were the same concept as the two gemstones upon the shoulder
of the highpriest) , simply because the “burying theme” is so prevalent ;

about the Ark : Maccabees 2
… this book is not always correct in details due to the fact that it was
written much later – but the main message in this chapter should be valid :

We know from the records that Jeremiah the prophet instructed
the people who were being taken into exile to hide some of the
fire from the altar, as we have just mentioned. We also know that
he taught them God’s Law and warned them not to be deceived
by the ornamental gold and silver idols which they would see in
the land of their exile (=misunderstanding of ‘body’ theme, hR).
and then he urged them never to abandon the Law
(=but as ‘the covenant to return to eden’, hR).

These same records also tell us that Jeremiah, acting under divine
guidance, commanded the Tent of the Lord’s Presence and the
Covenant Box to follow him to the mountain where Moses had
looked down on the land which God had promised our people
(=they confused this mount with the Moriah in Jerusalem, hR).
When Jeremiah got to the mountain, he found a huge cave and
there he hid the Tent of the Lord’s Presence, the Covenant Box
and the altar of incense. Then he sealed up the entrance.

Some of Jeremiah’s friends tried to follow him and mark the way,
but they could not find the cave. When Jeremiah learned what they
had done, he reprimanded them, saying :

          No one must know about this place until God gathers his people
          together again (=the time of Revelation, hR) and shows them mercy.
          At that time  (=sic, hR) he will reveal where these things are hidden,
          and the dazzling light of his Presence will be seen in the cloud
          (= as the sign upon the cloud, hR) as it was in the time of Moses [….].”

… not only is the burying theme mentioned here , but it is directly linked
to the endtimes : the “his people” must be in general here (as ‘Jacob’)
and not directly ‘the 144,000’, since that is included in the next line :
the sign upon the clouds precedes that event , and befóre the latter
will happen , “he will reveal where they are hidden” !
… you see how it now became póssible what the video showed ?

Baruch (the scribe of Jeremiah)
Baruch 2 ;
… we saw already in the Jeremiah chapters that the fall of Jerusalem
also contained a large metaphysical theme , and compare this section
(here also show “the four beings” talked about in the video)  —

And it came to pass on the morrow that, lo!, the army of the Chaldees
surrounded the city, […] and I was grieving […] ;
and lo!, suddenly a strong spirit raised me, and bore me aloft over the wall
of Jerusalem (=outside, hR). And I beheld, and lo!, four angels standing at
the four corners of the city, each of them holding a torch of fire in his hands.
And another angel began to descend from heaven, and said unto them :
“Hold your lamps, and do not light them till I tell you. For I am first sent
to speak a word to the earth, and to place in it (=sic, hR) what the Lord the
Most High has commanded me. And I saw him descend into the Holy of
Holies, and take from there the veil, and holy ark, and the mercy-seat,
and the two tables, and the holy raiment of the priests, and the altar of
incense, and the fourty-eight precious stones, wherewith the priest was
adorned and all the holy vessels of the tabernacle.
And he spoke to the earth with a loud voice :

     “Earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the mighty God ,
      and receive what I commit to you, and guard them until the last times,
      so that, when you are ordered, you may restore them,
      so that strangers may not get posession of them .
      for the time comes when Jerusalem also will be delivered for a time
      (=namely after the return from Babylonian exile, hR)
      until is said, that it is again restored forever.”                                  (=as eden, hR)

and the earth opened it’s mouth and swallowed them up.       (=now buried, hR)  
and after these things I heared that angel say unto those angels who held the lamps:
“Destroy, therefore, and overthrow its wall to its foundations, lest the enemy
should boast and say :

      “We have overthrown the wall of Tsiun,
      and we have burned the place of the mighty God.”
      and they [would?] have seized the place where I had been standing before.

Now the angels did as he had commanded them, and when they had broken up
the corners of the walls, a voice was heared from the interior of the temple ,
after the wall had fall[-en] , saying :

     “Enter, you enemies, and come, you adversaries,
      for he (=God, hR) who kept the house has forsaken it.”

[the vision ends and the Chaldees enter the city]

… nobody WOULD find the Ark : but only “when ordered in the endtimes” ,
because the earth is commanded here to swallow them until that time ;

the four angels :
… Christ as ‘centre angel’ must represent ‘the morningstar’ here ,
where the ‘four’ are often related to ‘the cardinal points’ just like in above Baruch :
note this same concept in Rev. 7 ,
where “the four angels standing at the four corners of the land ,

holding in check the four cardinal points” ;
while “another angel cried with a loud voice to them” ;

Revelation 7 shows how the cardinal points relate as attribute to the 144,000
(line 14 cannot write ‘out’ (-EK) of the tribulation ,
but must be ‘before’ (-PRIN) or the entire context doesn’t make Sense anymore) ;
other possible texts : Jer. 3 and Hab. 3
… but both have been very  corrupted  —
in our restoration of the last section of Jer. 3 we saw “the 144,000 sons are called”,
and therefore we omitted the (KJV) ‘ark’ theme in line 16 as not part of the theme  —
now : it is POSSIBLE that somewhere in Jer. 3 “the ark” was mentioned
especially because it was the attribute of Jeremiah himself ;
this is also possible because Esau made it to read :
“they will NOT remember the ark and will NOT think about it”  —
as an indication that it may have read “he (ark) WILL BE remembered”
(since it is about the time when the sons will be called) ;
… we only add this option for Legal Right and will be posted within that chapter ;
Habakkuk 3
… is incredibly corrupted , and we haven’t found head nor tail as subject , yet    —
line 1 may read :
“IEUE. [+when?] [=you] (will) hear. the report. [+about] (..the ark ?..) (ira=aron) ,
[+as] your work         (………….)                                              (within. the third. year. ?)
line 4
(the ark) “becoming. the bright. light. [+being?] (..the lightnings..) (qrn=bqr)   +
[=at] [=your] hand (‘temple-fundament’). [=as] the powerful – (……………) ;
… other words are ‘earthquake’and again ‘lightning’ (-bqr) , etcetera (see Rev.11)  —
it is virtually Impossible to restore that chapter
but we must mention that possibility here for the same Legal reasons ;

B    can the find have been a hoax ? 
… ofcourse  –
the entire theme sounds too fantastic to be true : and where are the photo’s ? ,
and why wasn’t there made much more effort to get the Ark out ?
(though Wyatt does tell about several people having died , while trying that) ;
several sites and books explain their opinion “why it was all a hoax”
yet their arguments are rather Simplistic and much accusation is ad hominem ;
… also , we know that a third party – Esau – can create any Ritual he likes ,
yet , reading between the lines ,
it seems as if Esau had a bit of a blackout during those years , not fully
understanding the cónsequence of the Ark theme – and instead , he fabricated
a movie called “the Raiders of the lost Ark” (now from whére he got the theme?)
almost as a kind of ‘damage control’ : the movie is a half-magickal story where
at the end the ark sinks again into oblivion , to be forgotten forever ;
while indeed ever since , he keeps the lid (yes) solidly shut about any ‘ark news’

but : the wider picture : the ‘touching upon’ :

… instead ,
we suggest to keep looking to the WHOLE picture , the metaphysical one :
believers (‘Jeremiah’) had buried the things , and believers (‘Wyatt’) had to
release those – not “bring out” – but release them in the form of “touching” ;
several times we addressed the symbolic importance of ‘touching upon’ ,
which is factually the same concept we do with prophets !
… in this sense , it is indeed “not needed to show proof worldwide”
(a third of the people would shrug , another third start a fanatical war
and christians would sink into endless debates) ,
but only the fact of ‘touching upon’ would matter

… his story about “the four lifting up the lid while he removed the both
tablets – which then were placed in a niche” is ofcourse unverifiable ;
IF it holds any merit , it can only be about the 144,000 (as two houses)
showing forth to the world  — compare again Revelation 7 —
never about the Ark itself , because of the same reasons above ;

about Wyatt + Jeremiah 38
about the man himself :
… we found NO indication (in this Ark case) that he was a charlatan ;
he speaks honest , humble , having a humorous self-criticism
(though his firmly held SDA belief struck us as a bit strange ; but see next) ;

the figure appearing to him in the garden :
… we pondered that   –
obviously he was impressed by this figure ;
though it could have been anyone , “Jeremiah” would be a logical context  —
while the strange remark from the latter as “I am coming from (south-) Africa
and going to the new Jerusalem” is the same time related to the Ark theme
which will go to the new Jerusalem (but likely in some ‘transformed’ version) ;
… ‘Africa’ here should juxtapose to the new Jerusalem and is therefore ‘earth’
(it is possible that the etymology of Africa is “dust + land”) ;
but there is another interesting connection – namely with Jeremiah 38 :

Jer. 38 : the Cushite ‘servant of the king’ saving Jeremiah out of the well
… this is contextual  —
Jeremiah , who himsélf is linked to the temple attributes , was imprisoned
in a well (‘cave’) by a hostile a group of men who hated what he preached ;
but a household servant of king Zedekiah pleaded for Jeremiah to be freed :
the king answered by commanding him “to release Jeremiah from the well” ;
the servant and his mates lowered a rope “and worn out rags” into the well
to be put underneath his armpits , and so pulled up Jeremiah to freedom
(later Jeremiah has to tell this servant that God remembers his actions ,
and the context there is related to THE ENDTIMES) ;
… now ,
the servant was “a Cushite” – as the general name used for ‘Africa’, backthen ,
as a theme implied in what the mysterious visitor said to Wyatt   —
it is possible that the latter ‘played the role of the Cushite , in Jeremiah 38’ :
– getting out Jeremiah from the cave after the command
– to release (“by touching”) the ark in the cave after the command
(both in the sense of a metaphysical and a personal command) ;
where the name of Zedekiah’s servant was Ebed-Melek , “servant of the king”
and Ronald Wyatt’s name as “(brave) soldier + of the (wise) king”
… there is more to this analogy – see Zephaniah 3 – but we leave that here .

closing : the theme of Christ’s blood :
… we think it’s possible :
a number of certain repeating ‘concepts’ exist in scripture ,
and this may very well have been another one in that category ,
but the best we can do here is ‘be silent’ – because this exceeds our authority

… we hope the theme sparked your new interest – just as it did ours ,
especially as an event embedded within a much wider context .

[2021 feb 23-25 – het-Report] entire video