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the “1 month theme” [started : end of june] : logs & remarks
B) the Jubilee / Weeks theme : all chapters
C) the birthright / Eden sceptre : all chapters



[about the failed Weeks window 26 June 2023] 
30 june
what a disastrous trainwreck this has become …
the negative logs may tire you but please understand that there. is. no. date. :
if we  were unable to pinpoint it it means that she doesn’t exist — it’s as simple as that ,
but therewith we have nothing no more to can survive this torturous existence
       no that’s not true — heroin is an option
the rock and the hard place … shutting down the site is not possible because therewith
we’d again seal the scroll which we just opened … but continuing to perfect incomplete 
chapters with a dosis reluctance is not the right way and can even impair judgment …
and where the soul – or whatever is left of her – before still needed Him to say something
now she is too disillusioned to even ask that anymore , imprisoning herself only stronger … 
        and what we do now ? wait for Trumpets , five. whole. freaking. months. away ?
        and how  to cross that endlessness ? and what would make Trumpets a candidate ?
why you let this happen to us our Majesty .. ? December was also a disaster until we
understood the sceptre thing — and we found it immediately , just as you said — so that
any disappointment was quickly erased and she was so completely  expectant of you :
why would you allow such wounding blow to your remnant which is already  struggling 
greatly to survive every next day in waiting for you … ?
you have not  sent your cavalry … NOT … and where we already lacked everything
now it has become totally impossible … however the most hurtful consequence is that 
something has come to stand inbetween you and her … something indescribable ,
uncatchable , a shadow , something that shouldn’t be there … 




30 june [6PM]
pondering ‘them worshipping the calf at Horeb’ — Adam trying to block us ?
… if we reconstruct what happened there : the people arrived at mount Horeb the 6th day
after Passover (see page) and after that it is probable that Moses stayed forty days upon
the mount , descending from it at Weeks — so in total 49 days from Passover ;
a)  every version of ‘the calf’ leads back to … Adam
… considered the text (-and context) the golden calf event appears to be genuine ;
thing is that whatever version this calf represented it was related to Adam :
we can’t know what version they made but we have several options : first as the H’EP-bull
which represented “the stolen turquoise Dome over the throneroom of God” – the eden gate ,
now as the dome over the matrix gate where Adam is (was) ;
it may have been “the Bull as the spirit-body which Adam designed for the nations (‘of spirits’)” 
but especially for the sons of Ammon , where the Egyptian “Festival of the Tail” confirmed the
slaying of our Originals to produce that bull [‘strength’] body for them ;
         though there are many types of bulls in the Spells – where for example Horus was ‘the calf’ 
         but because it refers to the eden-type body which he stole – the general meaning of the
         calf that they made múst refer back to ‘Adam’ otherwise the context would be Invalid  ;
now ,
b)  the worshipping the calf as foreshadowing event 
… Moses “holding the TABLET of the Covenant  descended to the people” , right ,
and similarity appears with Christ returning holding the Eden sceptre — see pages ;
yet Moses was met by Adam having … what ? ‘having instigated a blockage’ ?
what does the calf event — of which’ meaning those people were not aware — imply for us ?
– does Adam have a grip upon a part of the 144 ?
– did he instigate the event to thwart the appointed date — the (feast of-) Weeks ?
c)  afterwards
… now it gets even more difficult :
we cannot know for sure what happened after this — if indeed Moses broke the tablet ,
and if indeed he again went up to the mountain for an unspecified time ; 
however : the thing is “that something did NOT HAPPEN that 49th day” as the day when
he descended to his people , and though the Spirit came down upon the disciples and their
people 1300 years later — and compare again ‘the descending’ — NEITHER IT HAPPENED
at the 49th day what was supposed to be the day of the restoring of the soul ,
but instead it was a collateral for the days of the end when the sons would restore the scroll , 
now waiting for the very same timeframe only to find out that IT HAS NOT HAPPENED :
what is this — as if some Pattern here … ?
you see please where we are heading ?
d)  did Moses again go up the mountain and if so – important ! – how long  ?
… contextually it is probable  that Moses smashed the tablet since the breaking would
represent the annulling of the appointed day that the soul would be restored , right , 
and that he re-wrote (?) another tablet could indicate the restoration of the scroll    —
the whole point of the above exercise is ,
if the concept is true , does it imply that we still have , say , one month to go ?
e)  RE : closing
… so – if the people ‘chose for the calf’ which was related to Adam ,
where the logs the past days were about the choice for or against Him , related to Adam ,
does this imply that — very carefully stated — this window has been a test for us .. ?
        a test concerning Legal Right : because we did  restore the right themes ,
         and therewith gained a certain Legal Right ,
         and you , Majesty , wanted to see what we would do with that Right :
         stand upon it [-like Adam did] or return it back to you ?
the choice is not that difficult  —
you be our deity please and we be your people

the Great Jubilee : at Pentecost [-this June]
… we waited at the end of 2022 as the end of the 3d year , right ,
before we understood that we still had to find “the birthright” as
the sceptre of Eden  – please see relevant pages ;
after that , “the last day of Unleavened” showed all the hallmarks
but now it turned out that “the Great Jubilee” is even more  likely ,
and – important – as a continued window OF Unleavened :
hence the search for confirmation of this event in the pages below
latest theme :
      our possible date at Pentecost — as ‘the double feast’

       [where the week of Unleavened was ‘a blueprint’ for the next 7 weeks] 
       main reasons :
               #1) Pentecost as ‘small jubilee’ (50) is now Pentecost as the Great Jubilee (Isaiah)
               #2) and ‘double’ because :
                       — the strong link between the disciples (+their people)  >>  and we 
                             as “a connection in Time (-on earth)”            
                       — culminating into the strong link between us  >>  and our Originals
                             as “a connection to the other Reality
                             because both latter groups will be saved simultaneously ! 
                             [see below pages for more aspects]   

29 june : assessing the damage of this cursed Date thing
… in spite of having been so careful  we gambled and Lost :
– meaning we need disentangle the Weeks subject from the main theme of individual chapters
  so that their theme will not have an il-Legal connection with a concept turned out false
– an even greater problem is What Now :
  any other candidate is not half as solid as the Weeks theme and frankly we’re thoroughly fed up
  with this freaking Date thing — it’s worse as the Stockholm Syndrome by not even wanting  anymore
  to spend energy to this trauma which yet is THE most important day for us
  … the hype now is ‘the 9th of Av’ supposedly as the 26th of July  [showing it don’t mean I like the Esau guy
  with his “dead rise first” T-shirt which is ‘the 144’ ofcourse — to be fair I think he’s a Troll] 
  but 1) the ‘wine’ connection is wrong because corrupt and 2) it is very questionable whether Moses
  went up another 40 days (it’s even possible that Moses NEVER BROKE the tablets – breaking a
  heavenly tablet of God ? – but just invented by Esau as pretext for ‘another 40 days’ : who knows ?) ;
  aspects can be so corrupted  that the only thing we can trust is our own judgment and searching to
  understand why things happened or were said   — and that’s what we do all the time , right  
  and yes occasionally we lose  like with this Weeks theme
         however : the Gorgeous that appeared 24-26 june/july (probably july) last year makes that we
         cannot turn down ‘next month’ too easily — but the main problem ofcourse is that there is not
         any textual backup whatsoever for any event just after Weeks
– and the greatest problem of all ,
    is that this whole thing has damaged the relation with Him ,
    though it is very tricky – and dangerous – to describe what is that damage :
    does the phrase “not doing it anymore with 100% enthusiasm” make any Sense to you ?
    and the danger ofcourse is that this is a door to even darker thoughts … this must have been the
    very “first moment that Adam thought whether he could continue on his own” — and though ofcourse
    our situation is incomparable – apart from the fact that we do not want  to leave Him – the aspects of
    that event come frighteningly close …
    in the apocryphal “first book of Adam and Eve” is the line “.. and God ceased to speak to Adam”
    in a situation after he ate the fruit — this “ceasing to speak” akin to our situation now , and it is not
    unthinkable that exactly this  caused the final decision of Adam …
    I’m always honest to you : is this but a mindf*ck — or is it a realtime play-out ?
– and finally ,
    is it possible that the Date was thwarted .. ?
    we always called out any of Esau’s occult Rituals we spotted , right , and though we don’t believe
    that any specific ritual can have thwarted a date , it is possible that He has set a date but not as
    one in stone (-contrary to what what we may believe) but more like ‘a fluid one’  — 
    this is not said “as excuse because Weeks did not work out” but as serious question ,
    knowing that Adam will literally DO ANYTHING to thwart any final date
    so hurtful to have to write the above
    you please ponder everything and discuss it with Him
    be assured that I’d like nothing else as to have the relation with Him as before   this disaster
[+3 hrs]
it is a horrible play-out
for it would mean losing your radiating kindness
[which you showed that 24-26th a year ago] 
it would mean losing the sweet female inside radiating her love
and it would mean losing your son with his covering protective sword
which’ shining tip rested in the gravel two decades ago
we will not leave you
please tell us that we passed the test
restore us tomorrow and forgive us everything immediately

posted :
Jer.44           : [1-14] Pt. II : 6th seal :  the history of the corruption  of the scroll – said to Jacob
                            [+ the evil consequences ..]
Jer.43          : (8-13) : Pt. I : 6th seal : Nile stops , gate ceases and sun goes dark , Adam dies
Is.62             : the 144 go witness to Jacob : all our people saved  [pastors&prophets warned]
Is.61             :  our Originals freed after we understood that declaring the sceptre
                           causes  the acceptable day upon which God will act
                               [continued from 58 , gorgeous chapter]
Is.58             :   we declare the eden-sceptre and she returns at the Jubilee  [and see line 13]
                               [Adam is judged and we go]
Mt.16            :   [theme] final thing we do : declaring Eden’s sceptre-key 
                            so that Adam and Ammon sons are done (as well as their Vatican) ,
                            God stops the Nile (sun&moon) and Christ will come to us [also Is. 60 & 22 + others]

Is.22              :   the sceptre + our Date :
                             our Originals saved from Adam when he dies at the harvest [when sun and moon get dark] +
                             Christ retrieves the sceptre before he comes for us  [see Hab.2&3, Rev.3:7 etc]
Hab.2            :    Adam judged after us declaring his crimes   [!]  + Hab.3 [part I] our Date
Acts 1[+2]   :   Christ ascends [=same as the Transfiguration] male + female Original appear
                             promise to disciples the return is at Weeks (harvest) at 6th seal

                                 [Pentecost is subtheme here]  [rest of book of Acts is Fake]

  Jer.8             :  the sons of Ammon having corrupted the Scroll : but we find out and kill them
  Jer. 6            :  (cont.) :  our Date + [likely:] the Jubilee horn ;
                             demon armies invade earth +’the foreign land’ concept tutorial to Jacob & pastors

Jer.5               :  the harvest + Weeks as solid phrased Date of us            [sic]
                                 [+ warning to the pastors + God addresses Jacob]

Is. 17              :  the harvest [at Weeks] when we go – as the day of Jacob’s trouble ,
                             the same day Adam dies + Damascus [matrix-gate] ceases : 6th seal

[Gospels]      :  ‘the gleaning in the the grainfield’ : 
Christ telling us the feast of Weeks is our date
             [sic ..]
theme            :  Christ’s ascension at Weeks (49th day) hours before Pentecost (50th day)
                                 now as the Great Jubilee [virtually 100% sure]

Joel 2             :  [gorgeous chapter] ‘the day of darkness’ : the demon army , the (Jubilee-) trumpet , 
                             birthright and the 144 and disciples + people restored [linking to Lev.25 and Acts 1-2]

Lev.25            :  the Great Jubilee : [was hidden:]  as our Date (!)
2 Cor              :  the Jubilee as ‘the disciples linked to 144’ theme [+breakdown]
Romans         :  breakdown
1Cor 16        :   two keys mentioned : Pentecost 
                              and the theme “the disciples + their people , and we (‘144’)”  [gorgeous chapter] 

under construction :
[John 7]          :     Jesus at the temple square “at the last + day + of the great + feast” (Unleavened)
                                  was very likely “at the last + day + of the seven + weeks” : right at Pentecost 
                                      [now we’ve to see how “the acceptable day” (Jubilee) and “the 7th (-what?)” fit in] 


‘the acceptable day’ and Exodus theme
         [though in some pages the ‘Unleavened’ connection is too strong ,
         we’ll look at that after the present ‘Pentecost’ theme is worked out]  

important — please see intro in the John 1+2 page (click)

latest theme : feast of Unleavened – 11 May – as our Date

posted :

– Lk.16  the two Covenants : the ‘mystery of lawlessness’ ; 
    Adam + the scroll , and why Jacob goes into tribulation
– theme page :   the ten commandments : what did it réally write ? 
    + the 7 (so-called) Beatitudes : the seven commandments 
– Mt.24 :    [Lk.12]  :  the Parable of ‘the Faithful Servant’ 
– [all gospels] :   ‘the triumphal entry’ — foreshadowing our Date 
– Hos. 12 :   after we found the birth right we go at the ‘2nd Exodus’ 
– Hos. 2 :   the daughter of tsiun (-as eden mother) returns from the matrix 
– Hos. 1[+2]  :   the return to Eden through the birth-right ; from 800 BC till now
– Mt. 17 :   the Transfiguration IS our birthday as [95% sure-] at Unleavened       <<<<<<    
– theme page :   Adam makes a pact with Ptolemy II + the Septuagint 
– theme page :   the REAL mt. Horeb — “at the 7th day [-distance]” 
– Gen. 50 :   #B : Joseph blesses ‘the future sons’ [+ the ‘bones’ corruption]
– Gen. 49 :   (22-26) : #A : birth-right history : blessing Joseph (-with the sceptre)
– Ex. 13 :   the sons will remember Unleavened as théir day of rescue
– Is. 58 :   Unleavened is ‘the day of acceptance of IEUE’                                   [core of John 7]
– John 7 :   [+5+10]   : [recomposed :]   Christ returns at Unleavened                [core chapter]  
– 1 Cor.5 :   the feast of Unleavened is the restored scroll                                             [important] 

content in :
C) Luk.11 (15-26) : “a sign (!) + Pharisees (see Mat.) + divided house + 7 others (=7th day?)” ,
  (see for 2x ‘armour’ also Eph.6) however whole theme sóunds plausible but is corrupt ; f.e. line 20 ;
  line 25 : for I will come when they will have found the swept=birth-right” + “at the 7th day (26 !) ? ,
  where                “seven    + different (-hetera) + spirits (-pneumata)” 
  can be                “seventh + day (-hemera) of  + unleavened (-azymos)”         — look at the close roots ! ; 
  remember this was a discussion with the Pharisees ! , comp. “sign” in 16 and “kingdom of God” in 20;
  >>>>>>> mirror :
B) Mat.9 + Mat.12 (was cut up) : 9 (32-34) “exorcism + pharisees” , and Mat.12 (24-30): “exorcism + 
  Pharisees + divided house” (as exactly copied Lk.11) following upon the ‘acceptable day’ theme !
  conclusion :
  mirror of John 7 were Mat.9 + 12 (combined) and Lk.11 + 4 (lines 17+18 : the ‘acceptable day’) ;
  so that the sign as + found birthright + acceptable day + as 7th day + of leavened” is defendable !
  when one would list ALL the themes in the above bolded chapters ;
then ,
C) Eph. 6 (closing) : “breastplate as armour” ; term ‘birthright’ may have been ‘armour’ (shown 2x of 3) 
  yet the “armour theme” = corrupt ; armour (-panoplia) [=pas+hoplon]   = birthright : (-prôtotokia) ? ;
  NOWHERE in prophets is any “self-defense theme” but instead “be the humble soul” ;
   this ‘armour’ idea may have been taken from : Luke 11 (21-22) ;                         [too corrupted for now]  
D) 2 Cor. 6 : “the acceptable day” [=solid]   in line 2 ; chapter is utterly corrupted beyond belief —
  however “Christ + Belial” (in 15) must be the “Christ + Beelzebub” theme in Luke 11 above ! ;
  >>>>> possibly parts of this chapter belonged to : 2 Cor. 3 : “tablets of stone” (line 3) as 
  the “heavenly tablet” = birth right , “chiseled in stone + Moses” (in 7) is the ‘Sinai mount theme’ ? ;
  assumption : 2 Cor 3 + 2 Cor 6 belonged together ;                                                      [too corrupted for now]   
E) Gal. 5 : (line 1) : “liberty”, (5+7) : “wait + hope” and “a race + hindering” [9th month theme?]   , 
  (8) “not + calling” [as ‘not having declared yet’ ?]   , (9) “leaven” [sic]   , (13) “call + liberty” 
  [like ‘proclaim jubilee’]   , (14) “all + law + fulfilled” [feast of Unleavened fulfilled ? , see 1 Cor.16]  
  (15-24 : makes absolutely no sense — likely corrupt , comp. 2 Cor 3 + 6 above)                  [worth a try]  
F) Haggai 2 :
  posted chapter 1 énded with “the restored scroll in the 3d year” [=important]   , first half of chapter 2
  is the “ninth month” (which is about ‘go find the birth-right’ — perhaps that’s why “9th” : as clue ?)
  and must have written (in 3) “who of you sees=remembers the house=birth-right ?” (RAe=zAkER)
  and (BEth=BkrE) — making 100% sense ! ; consequently in part II the “day I bless you” can only
   refer to ‘the acceptable day’ , compare “the great blessing” in Gen.49,50 and Ex.13 – see list

Unleavened – our departure & the birth-sceptre of Eden     [list] 
previous theme :  the birth-right aka birth-sceptre       [+’the 9th month]  
posted :

– Zech. 7
– Mt. 24
– Mal.1
– Heb.12
– 1 Cor.4
Is. 41+46
– Zech. 1
– Zech. 2
Zech. 9
Zech. 10
– CT + PT
to post:
– Hag. 2
– [themes]  
:  the birth right : the sceptre will pass from Adam
   to the sons – if they declare it is théir birth right
:   [1-27]   (‘the endtime chapter’) : gorgeous summary of OT and NT  [new – gorgeous]  
:   birth-right : “whý I love Jacob but hate Esau”  [new – very good]  
:   the birth right [and runs well]   + the 144 witnessing to Jacob  [new]  
:   Christ returns SOON after the sons found the birth right  [new]  
:   the birth-right as ‘the tablet of the Sunrise’ [=Heaven]        [see Haggai]  
     [general overview – 41+46 were one but terribly corrupted]  

:   all of Micah is birth-sceptre ;  [in chapter 3 the 144 find the birth-right]  
     [general overview – but many lines restored already]  

:   the Revelation pattern : Adam holding the sealed scroll  [new]  
:   the new eden land north of Mystery-Babylon  [new]  
:    birth-right explained ; we + Originals are rescued – [new]  
:    we háve the sceptre – Christ rescues it AS his return  [new]  
:    searching the sceptre [as AMS ‘sceptre’ , as SEKER the attribute]  

:    birth-sceptre and 9th month theme + ‘the heavenly tablet’ per Enoch
     [will be the main hubpage of this theme]    

:     the ‘tower of Babel’ is most likely ‘the Giza pyramid’ that is a copy of
       the matrix-mountain — Giza was to regulate the frequency (‘speech’) of earth]  

D : Vatican’s mega Ritual

[23 february]  
Vatican mega Ritual : ‘Ash Wednesday’ + 40 days : as “the time of acceptance”  (!!)
… half expected they would [1]   , yet strange to see — 
the opening line of the homily for the season of Lent is the ‘acceptable year’ per 2 Cor. 6 ,
starting with the theme “ash as the dust from which God made man” :
the entire context shows that their ‘God’ is ‘Adam’ because ofcourse Esau works for him ,
ending with “to rise from the ashes” [=the Phoenix theme]   — but as disguised birth right ;
don’t be deceived : Adam  works against us just like Pharaoh did , back then ,
and though they won’t make the same mistake twice : technically , they have lost already   
however    —
before I saw this I woke with an unusual dream : with two other passengers in a car driven
by a younger man – a vague relative from ages ago – as a typical overconfident new driver ,
and at the curvy way he lost the wheel and the car slided off the road
… the dream changed : now walking in a large city “needing her foreign currency” (?) ,
the pavements were full of Indian or Pakistani , all dressed in their local garments
        strangely , the name of the driver translates frightening much like “young believer”
        while “money” in dreams so far is ‘an attribute’ (so , “needing attributes still” ?)
        and the type people can be “those of the 144 that are out of our reach” …
therefore , please , 
we always said , right , that we are not out of the woods until we go  … perhaps wé cannot
be Tricked anymore : but the new ones may be at risk — may be  at risk ; we don’t know … 
therefore please stay with us ; try keep the Ape as clean as possible a while still and plead :
because now He is kind to show the entire theme He will certainly hear you  
proclaimed : “the sick (counter male-) child healed by Mystery-Babylon (‘Mary’) and born healthy”

after a week vacation , this one — see Mt.17 Transfiguration page why this is wrong
now Adam’s vehicle ‘the Vatican’ links back to her (purported-) origin through “a council” [1] 
(and he does this because wé are linking back to the ‘council’ of Unleavened at mt. Horeb !) ,
trying to amass the entire world population  (“every human being”) as the “non-baptized”
together with all christians — yes he just exerts Legal Right over all  of them by using the
Legal Right of “being the oldest organization”, hence his above “council as origin” theme ,
as all “christians (that were and are-) baptized” : namely , ‘in this occult Ritual’ ;
so ,
amassing virtually the entire fckn world against “a little group” (read : you and we)
further identified as “proceeding “alone” (we’ll explain that later) , who are , according to the
misapplied Gal. 1 “accursed , (because they-) preach a contrary gospel” [-as Esau does] —
congratulations friends ,
for you must be doing somethin’ right : you have officially been declared anathemas  by Esau
[1] all quotes above in blue from :
[3/17 :]