the goal of the ‘vaccine’ :
targeting “the God gene”
(or: making the soul docile)

core argument :
the reason that not the usual manner of creating a vaccine was followed ,
but that this new method of mRNA had to be used ,
is because not a (non-existing) virus must be attacked – but a proper system !

the goal of the ‘vaccine’ : targeting “the God gene”
… we exaggerated the title a bit – sorry ;
but it is the shortest description we could think of to describe you Esau’s goal
(in his own terms – because we ofcourse do not support a ‘God gene’ theme)

… it’s just that the whole situation keeps on nagging us , and very much so ;
but also because two separate – yet linked – aspects must be in play here ;
please bear through a short introduction trying to identify the problems  —
the metaphysical aspect
(‘behind the palpable reality’)
… the consciousness of humans is maintained by everyone participating in it ,
but that consciousness may change (‘alter’) when a certain treshold is reached
of people who started to think differently – either by free will or by force … true ?
… somewhere back in March ,
we definitely sensed another surroundment had like descended  –
as one where “the soul got more isolated from the consciousness of the mind”,
as if its character was ‘living in some isolated bubble’ ;
in hindsight , it is very possible that the outside enforcement of literal isolation
and lockdowns may have caused this specific type altered consciousness
… until two or three weeks ago :
when (and that is even móre difficult to describe) , the soul ‘lost’ a great deal
of contact with the mind , particularly in the areas of cognition , memory ,
overview and … ‘desire’ ,
– almost as if that altered connection were “the next step in some process” ;
the above doesn’t mean that we oursélves are degrading (we hope not !) ,
but we described “what the soul senses” – because she is always listening ;
ergo , we sense that the ‘wordly aspect’ (complementary to the metaphysical one)
is being played alongside and even in sync with the metaphysical one :
in the sense that very recently another ‘treshold’ may have been reached  —
because , where previously was suggested “a solid vaccine will be ready in 2021”,
now suddenly every country will start vaccinating this month   –
we (hR) suggest that ‘the vaccines’ have been prepared for a long time already ,
but this stage of Esau’s operation had to wait until ‘the go’ was given :
which we interpret as the second stage of altered consciousness (two weeks ago) ,
as if the general consciousness of people … has consented to that
the wordly aspect (of his Ritual)
… since there never was any ‘Covid disease’
(but any said symptoms were maximum the regular flu ,
while the latter has ceased to exist in all the official presented statistics !) ,
the goal was always “to implement the vaccine” , using ‘covid’ as pretext ;
… many other sites will inform you about a concept termed the Great Reset
(therefore we don’t need to ; but compare posted Isaiah 9) ;
but where in olden times the usual type reset was acquired through (banker-) wars ,
these days that risk is probably too great , considered modern weaponry ;
therefore any reset can only be done with a cooperating people ,
and here comes his vaccine Ritual in play :

  • a) a number of people question (and rightly so !) the mRNA method used in
    this new type vaccine , fearing it “will alter DNA” and turn humans into ill mutants ;
    but this scenario is implausible , see below
    (besides, as far we (hR) are concerned , we live inside a pimped ape anyway) ;
  • b) neither it is some ‘mark of the Beast’ thing , though probably a forerunner ;
  • c) but , thinking in Esau’s way :
    he would never risk anything which could hurt himself , as well ;
    while what he needs most of all is an obedient population for himself  —
    or rephrased : A) a much smaller and B) obedient population
  • A) the ‘smaller’ aspect will never be reached “by mutilating people DNA-wise”
    (because of the own risk , above) , but the solution to have a smaller population
    should be completed by other events like the promised (sic) food shortages next year ;
  • B) therefore , per definition , the vaccine is only targeted at the obedience factor ;
    yet neither in this case there will be a mutilation , because a healthy obedient people
    is needed – or they could not work for nought (since that is the third goal , see WEF) ;

the ‘God gene’ theme 
… first do please notice that whole his project is his -umpth attack
against the West – as the region where genuine christianity may occur :
a number of prophet chapters show you why other regions of this earth
are not really a danger for Esau ;
that said ,
the best type of obedience is to have a rather lethargic soul (=core)
living inside the body – therefore the best option is to target the body ;
you and we have learned that many ideas – and the related set of emotions
based upon the former – are heavily influenced by the mind of this body ,
and this includes the religious opinions , as so often described in prophets :
compare what God explains in Isaiah 59 (index) and then consider the next :
(below phrases in bold : Wikipedia-page titles so you can follow the thoughtline)
… now ; the theme the God gene was news in 2004 , as a concept which was
ofcourse ridiculed by many (yet sites as nature .com gave exulting reviews , sic) ;
but keeping the above in mind it is not ridiculous at all when exploited :

this specific gene is called vesicular monoamine transporter 2
(short termed VMAT2)
and is responsible for transporting dopamine and serotonin ;    
into the nigrostriatal pathway (controlling dopamine pathways in the brain)
and the mesolimbic pathway , which is also called “the reward pathway”  —
regulating “incentive salience”, described as the ‘wanting (something)’ ,
or ‘the motivation (for something)’ to search it or approach it ;

so we have the region of the brain controlling the ‘wanting’ ,
and that same region “rewards” also – by dopamine and serotonin ;
where the former plays a role in motivation , arousal and reward ,
serotonin (via the according receptors) is about memory , learning ,
positive or negative moods and cognitive aspects


apart from that , VMAT2 is an integral membrane protein ,
shown to right , of the category transmembrane protein 
(=read : crossing the cell’s membrane) ;
and the aspect of ‘binding’ here (you know those ‘feet’, ‘spikes’
from the Convid virus Depiction which the media shows daily)
is interesting enough to raise the question :
the anchors (‘feet’) of what exactly Esau wants to close off …?

N = attaching point !     

mRNA – and the Apollo tactic
… to give you an idea of the beguiling we feel is going on , these days :
indeed many thousands worked to have the Apollo rocket lift off  —
but after it launched the command was transferred to ‘another HQ’ ,
and none of the former were involved anymore (see movie Capricorn One) ;
how much is the chance that exact the same is going on right now .. ?
(we – carefully – estimate a 100%)
… afterall , ofcourse every university is allowed to study ‘the deadly virus’ ,
yet the three or four pharmaceutical conglomerates (intrinsically linked)
are the ones who are allowed to indeed produce the ‘vaccine’ :
do all those universities know what they study … ?
… the reason that not the usual manner of creating a vaccine was followed ,
but that this new method of mRNA had to be used , is because of the above :
not a (non-existing) virus must be attacked – but a proper system !
the FDA released a safety survey 22 october [1,2] stating 22 possible side-effects ,
and we found that quite a number of them relate to functions regulated by
the dopamine and serotonin system !
Even the reported “loss of taste” which the media (but) presented as a Covid result
is related to the serotonin receptors in the tongue !
… yes ofcourse , we admit that we aren’t MDs – but we do use our instinct :
we would love a good physician looking into the thing as described above
(though that’s something which will likely never happen…) ;
simply because he tricked the medical community into studying the wrong things !
(no we won’t make the comparison with prophets here)
aftermath – the soul
… the computerprogram which UK’s MHRA bought to process the many
expected side-effects (see also log) should therefore not be interpreted as
‘counting casualities’ but as “studying the effects upon the inner life of people”,
since that was Esau’s goal all along ;
we therefore were interested in quotes as “33% of the controlgroup reported
altered states of mind after the injection” and we expect that it will be these type
reports which will substantiate our thesis ;
… the situation however is that many people aren’t aware that they are a soul ,
and therefore the reported side-effects won’t be immediately recognizable :
a ‘less functioning midbrain’ does not automaticly mean “a state of depression”
(wherein the soul has no control over her own mindset anymore) ;
but the situation may show in aspects as poor judgment and an apathic attitude ,
especially in the area of personal convictions and personal freedom ,
(which we relate to the religious mindset of this body – see again Is. 59 and others)
back to the metaphysical
… in a Jeremiah chapter God explains how – unadulterated – evil constantly searches
to attack earth , but is held back by him from doing that – yet the latter is conditional ,
depending upon how his people on earth think and act ;
we (hR) simply cannot help sensing that we experienced a Live proof of that , this year :
we felt a change past March , and another step (-down) two or three weeks ago ;
and we suspect – though we can only point at a relational aspect – that the turning down
by the people of the found message in prophets is a Legal reason for this … deterioration
… we posed (see log) how , when God tells “they did not repent from their sorceries”
(the term used is ‘pharmaceikos’, Rev.9) , we should first try to understand why he said
that in this manner – before we make our ówn opinion about a line like that ;
and a fearful conclusion must be that they won’t be able to , anymore
(the ‘gods of silver’ etc mentioned there simply means ‘physicality , physical things)
two more things : the timing of this , and the crystal-dimension :
… to us , the timing of his project appears to be too late ,
considered the fact that we have found the message of prophets ;
you may want to watch
the video of “the opening of the 2012 London Olympics” ,
telling the story from the iron-age untill the arrival of the New Dawn ;
where a specific segment is “the NHS section” , which caught our attention :
the ‘girl reading the book of secrets’ represents you and we ,
after which she and the others are chased by demons ,
while the sorcery figure prevents her from ascending ;
another video (from that same year !) called “I Pet Goat II” has the same theme :
Osiris enters the dimension of earth – representing the New Dawn dimension ,
and the falling apple spells out 20 20 – in our interpretation ;
whatever the exact meaning , it does show to us that the mills of Esau
work very precise – though apparently very slow …
the crystal-666-dimension
the Osiris-dawn which will enter soon , is our next problem :
this iron dimension will totally seal off the soul within the body
(and we deeply fear that dimension – considered the glimpses we’ve had of it) ;
but we do not understand – yet – the relation between Esau’s project and that realm :
is his project of making the soul docile a forerunner of that incoming realm ? ,
to create the (awareness-) stepdowns ‘necessary’ for that realm to cán enter …?
… everything above we phrased you , we ofcourse discuss also with God
(though sadly we get very little answer from him …) ;
but the only thing you and we can do is to keep observing , since that is our job as sons ;
… until he will – please – take us out from this hellhole
11 december 2020     —     het-report
[1,2] covid 19 vaccine bombshell
fda documents reveal death 21 serious conditions possible


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