the ‘Perseverence rover’ : against the 144,000

(5 Hidden Gems Aboard The Rover’)    [<< NASA title]


what is ‘an Occult Ritual’ ?
… Esau often uses ‘Occult Rituals’ to either alter the perception of people ,
or – in this case – using them to have people agree with his intended theme :
rituals are so powerful because they are based upon the (spiritual-) Legal Right
of “(christian-) souls confirming that the event has happened”
(or even confirming a suggested event ;
see Introduction part II for the importance of ‘symbolism’) ;
because therewith “they confirm the intention of the Ritual as valid”   —
unaware that the ritual is heavily saturated with symbology ;

Esau’s type ‘Space Rituals’ – you first should decide your point of vieuw
… yes , your vieuw ;
we did our research (but don’t like to start that exhaustive theme here) :
ofcourse it is totally feasable that a rocket brings a sattelite into orbit ,
but “the 1969-74 moonlandings” and now these “rover missions” …           – no .
Please remember ,
Esau knéw that his so-called ‘landings’ would ruin the mindset of believers ,
because these Rituals virtually destroy their “awareness of the other Reality”
and he knows that because hé mutilated the message of prophets ! ;
that is a sublime victory for him and costing only a few lousy billions
(which those same souls will pay for , ofcourse) ; as a win-win situation for him .

the Occult Ritual of “the sons taken away from earth”
(to prevent it will happen in real-time)

build-up of the ‘Perseverence’ ritual


to right (credit: wiki) :
the ‘send your name’ concept           
was already introduced with
the previous (so-called) rover ,
but there is more going on as
just ‘a nice marketing strategy’ :

NASA first recycled the design of the previous rover (-hoax) ,
just placing an extra camera , antenna and flashlight upon it ;
he organized a contest ‘to give a name to the new Rover’ :
from the thousands of submissions 155 semifinalists remained ,
and 5 march ‘20 NASA “chose” the “winning name” : “perseverance” —
etymology :
persistance , endurance ; late 14c. ‘quality or state of enduring’ ;
… now ,
where have we heared that term before ?.. right , in 2 Thess.2: 6-7 ,
where the “the enduring ones” are mentioned – as the 144,000 ,
writing : “.. until they (=plural) will be taken away”
(please remember that last line !) ;
which is ‘coincidentally’ the same phrase for the 144,000
in the churches of Thyatira and Philadelphia ;           (see 7 churches page)  

NASA then invited people “to submit their name” (see voucher in pic)
under disguise of that marketing strategy ,
and a total of 10.9 million names were imprinted unto a microchip
attached to a plaquette placed upon the rover (pictured above left) ;
where a second microchip contained the 155 essays of the semifinalists :
… why not just make a “144 (.000)” number ?
– because that would be tóo obvious ;
he now obtained “a multitude” (‘of names’) alongside the 155 ,
read : 155 minus 10 – as 144 , for the plaquette writes “explore as one” ;
NASA understands very well how Ritual linking works , per their quote
“the simple illustration (=’that plaquette’) also connects this mission
with the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft and their festooning.”            [1]

what we have , so far :
… a concept has been created as “the enduring one(-s)” (‘the 144,000’)
based upon the attributes which them souls voluntary submitted :
the ‘voluntary’ is important here (see next) ,
and now this concept will be removed from earth    (though by a lift-off) ;

the so-called ‘Covid memorial’

then a second plaquette  (credit : nasa gov) ,
said [in 1] as “to commemorate the impact of
the COVID-19 pandemic and pays tribute to the
perseverence of […] workers around the world” ;
… but note how it nowhere writes ‘cojona’,
just a plain earth ‘carried’ by the caduceus :
meaning “a healthy earth”  —
namely “when the 144 problem is solved” ;

nothing to do here with ‘healthcare workers’ (Esau don’t care about them) ,
but all effectively reads as “the healthy earth (‘the picture’) [by] the victory   +
(‘commemorate’) [over] the perseverent [-ones] around the world” ;
… remember the ‘Ritual linking’ ;
the same phrase is used but now in connection with “a healthy earth” ;

the sundial and ‘the joy of discovery’

then a type instrument (credit : nasa gov) ,
said [in 1] as “symbols and mottos relevant
to the mission are included [-in it]”,      sic ! ;  
while the primary calibration target doubles
“as a sundial for educational purposes” ;
see the “Mystery-Babylon map” in index ,
and here ‘powering’ the aspects around her
which are represented by the drawings ;
this is “the educational purpose” ! ;
… the ‘two worlds one beginning’

is ofcourse Mystery-Babylon as mixture of their realm and eden’s ,
but here in the sense of “Mystery-Babylon will rule foréver” —
IF the sons will be neutralized ;
… then the ‘Joy of Discovery’ :
said [in 1] as “on the outer edge of the calibration target ,
there’s a bonus inscription: “Are we alone ? We came here to look
for signs of life, and to collect samples from Mars for study on Earth.
To those who follow, we wish a safe journey and the joy of discovery.”
Surrounding the message is the phrase “Joy of Discovery”
in a variety of languages.”                                                        [end quote]
wut ?
… the “we” is strange to say : but NOT when “the 144” are the subject ;
then the strange ‘Joy of Discovery’ :
per context it is some type of theme ,
and that leaves us two options : first as a song by Bill Nye , which’s lyrics
are about “exploring the universe and where we came from”
(but we know per context that this is a deflection) ;
the sécond ‘Joy of Discovery’ is a famous bible study method   —
and because that term is coupled with “the many languages”
which is the same as “the ones around the world” (as the 144,000) ,
the second option is valid  —
“we (=144) will be separated. [as] we who look. for signs of (eden-) life.     +
[by] studying on Earth. ,
[being] those who. desire. a secure. journey (‘to eden’). [by] bible-study.”

you see what Esau did there ?
– he made ús ‘to speak’ , but speaking what hé desires !
and he can do that because them souls voluntary gave him the attributes to !

the so-called ‘landing’

… Esau hyped up his Ritual using         
the slogan “7 minutes of terror”
(boring trick – see his CoJona hoax)
to get the attention of the people ;
then published these type things   -->
… but WHY use that weird language as
“a representative of planet Earth” ? ;
it is not 1969 anymore where at least
that quote would fit the (fake-) landing ;

… or another one  –
a shot as if taken by a 1969 camera
(ritual link to the Apollo moviestudio ;
because the clearer ‘official photos’
will be from Greenland or similar) ;
where agáin is spoken ‘in the name of’ :
here as ‘the persevering ones’ made to
to be said “hello world : we got expelled”;
– yet things get even móre Sinister :


the so-called ‘landing place’ itself

… it purportedly has the name “the Jezero crater”, but as most unusual
since ‘Jezero’ is a Bosnian term (for “lake”) , while all the other regions
usually bear Latin names ;
… móre weird is that in September 2019 NASA informed the authorities of
the village called Jazero (north-west of Sarajevo) they would use it’s name ;
therefore we know that the name was NOT intended as ‘Bosnian language’ :
… there is a Jazer in scripture ,
as the hebrew root -yzr (-yatsr) meaning “to form, to fashion” ;
the base root of that is -tsr “suppress , confine, adversary”
as literally the rootword of “Tyre”      (=’aka Mystery-Babylon’) ,
and all this together effectively reads :
“the persevering ones “land” in the place of confinement of Mystery-Babylon”
(with other words : they will NOT reach eden ,
as the main goal of this entire Ritual !) ,
and hénce the tweets as “hello world , this is our (‘144’) forever home”
or the weird phrase “just landed a representative of earth”
(and yes , NASA is a semantic covering for the hebrew root “to beguile” !) ;  


… to right the both Mars 2020 insignias
(later represented by that rover’s name) ;
description of the leftside one :
“designed in hexagonal shape” (=’sorcery’) 
accentuated by the 6 columns bottom left ,  
now “containing” the perservering one(-s) ;

… next , the JPL logo ,
the centre said as a stylized form of the rover ,
yet it’s very akin to glyph KHENT’ shown below 
as “throne , seat” : in spells often showing as
“thou. iron (as ‘light – here as ‘star’). throne.”   
as their boat-construct supporting Mystery-Babylon ;


… we always ask ourselves (and in the same way concerning prophets !)
do we see it right ? have we overlooked something ? is it palpable ?    —
but in this case we feel it’s all true
(and we followed a LOT of his Rituals over the years :
this not a simple NASA “Osiris meets the [-egyptian] Bennu-bird” type ,
but a tricky one because he knóws that we understand his language) ;
… yes ,
we do believe that his Occult Rituals have power – especially this one ;
yet not so much “for us” (as in you + we) ,
but it COULD endanger the others who will complete the 144,000 :
simply because we are NOT OUT YET – UNTIL THEY ARE ALL IN SAFETY
– this is the reason we submitted this page ,
because now at least that danger is neutralized

Yours respectfully ,

[2021 feb 19]

[1] 5 hidden gems


22 februari
posted : PyramidText 593 : the stolen eden-star (II) :
as the one of the Ark – now powering the matrix-dawn

… see Rev. 2:28 and Rev. 11:19 ; important theme

perseverence Ritual :
shown : header of jpl nasa gov article —
yes ofcourse it can be innocent phrasing ,
but knowing Esau ……….



23 januari
[quote] “the parachute contains a secret message
that the agency (=NASA) asked the public to decode
– the message reads “Dare Mighty Things” ;
outwardly related to the ‘space exploration’ theme ,
          (planetary org)

but this is (once again) a theme – from ‘the Strenuous Life’ , Roosevelt’s speech :

“Far better it is to dare mighty things , to win glorious triumphs,
even though checkered by failure ; then to rank with those poor spirits
who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in a grey twilight
that knows not victory nor defeat”

… now – ‘those poor spirits’ is “you and we” (according to Esau, ofcourse) ,
and written in the parachute because that one Ritually ‘dumped us there’ :
note how ‘triumph’
is a term deriving from “the Roman armies who paraded before the Roman
emperor after having won a battle” ,
therefore factually Esau said “that he triumphed over us”.