‘the pillar of fire’ as the
first stolen eden-concept :
its function and position
+ ‘this sun will go dark’
when he will return

(plus foreign texts)


some theme …
– if we ever would make a final version of all chapters , getting all the Oopsies out ,
we’d need to understand every possible concept : hence this page ;
and though the theme seems outlandish , we’re sure of the understanding :


the first stolen construct : ‘the [Tabernacle’s-] column of fire’


                                                                               part I
                                                          the firecolumn itself
we need to show this in three parts
(because the 3d is the difficult one) :

… the old Tabernacle displayed a theme
as “eden-constructs in the other reality”;
the tent itself as ‘the eden-house’
protected by ‘dimensional veils’ represented
by the different types tent-coverings ,
symbolically standing upon ‘the cornerstone’ ;

the ‘7-armed candlestick’ in the Tabernacle
represented the seven Torches ,
as feminine beings whose words maintained creation ,
where their words were ‘guided’ by the Ark’s “(‘masculine’-) star of speech” –
the concept ‘words’ and ‘speech’
is incredibly important in the other reality
because both define and create the other reality ;

the ‘table of offerings’ stood in the ‘stargate’ –
see below for further description about this theme
(but we’re not 100% sure if ‘the altar just outside the temple’ was this stargate) ;

and then there is ‘the column of fire’
… this concept may have been represented by “Aaron’s staff”
which was placed in the Ark – the Ark representing ‘the eden-star of speech’ ;
remember how ‘Moses said that he had problems with being a spokesman’ ,
therefore God said “that Aaron will address the Pharaoh , instead” ,
which links Aaron’s staff to the concept “speech” :
then , by association , the firecolumn must have … ‘distributed the words of speech’
which were the result of the star and the seven torches ,
as if the column ‘distributed every aspect of creation FOR the eden-creation’

it’s hard to be more specific because the theme is so foreign (-to us)


The column of fire in prophets

… in a few places the restored situation is described ,
how the column will protect the new-eden land , almost like a fountain ,
causing a protective dome over the land , like a dome of fire-particles ;
but they are silent about the nature and workings óf the column ;
         it is possible
         that in several instances where it speaks about “My sword…”
         it can refer to this fire-column , and also the Jeremiah chapter saying
         “you are My battle-axe” may point to this concept (or to the star of speech) ;
while two or three chapters
mention the fire-column as “the eden-banner” (flagpole , flag) ,
said as “the nations (=spirits in the vile realm) will fear the banner” ;
but , see next :
the firecolumn at the eden-vector :
… the main eden dimensional Vector is a vertical one ,
as opposed to the dualistic vector – which is at an angle
(and as invérsed reality , see the difficult part three) ;
the firecolumn must strengthen the eden vector , as if representing it ,
but therefore both concepts are closely linked
and context should decide whether a term as ‘my sword’
refers to the column , the vector , or both
(the eden dimensional-vector itsélf is several times mentioned as “a plumbline”) ;

positioning of the column – and goal :
… eden was created “in the mid-realm , inbetween the dualistic-dimension” ,
where the northern (dualistic-) realm Behemoth is .. corrupted masculine ,
and the southern realm Leviathan , as corrupted feminine –
the book Job describes
how God ‘made a gate in the south and one in the north’ ,
and therewith created the eden centre-realm inbetween both ;
adding “sealing the gate in the north with a bolt” :
in context , this bolt can be very well ‘the column of fire’
because of its character as ‘banner’ and ‘sword’ mentioned previously ;

… the firecolumn may have risen half thróugh the northern gate ,
therewith not only sustaining the eden creation
but also ‘illuminating the Behemoth masculine realm’ , as “cleansing it”
(compare how ‘the river from the Temple will cleanse the south-realm’) :
very interesting here , is the line in prophets
saying “but they (=spirits) hated the gate – because it spoke flawlessly”
and remember
that the náture of the fire-column is “speech (‘just speech of just words’)”,
which is not spoken by the gate itsélf –
So all these aspects fit together perfectly !
(a Sumerian tablet writes how “the Anunna were crying of fear to their gods
since they had no place to hide (-in that northern realm)
because of the brillant one” – and compare the ‘they hated the gate’…) ;


                                                                      part II
                                             the stolen column of fire

… there is no specific passage in prophets describing this theme ,
but an analogy may be found in Exodus –
Aaron’s staff turns into a serpent , yet Pharaoh’s magicians succeed
to turn their staffs into serpents , as well – but the serpent as Aaron’s staff
devours the serpents of Pharaoh’s magicians ;
the point here is “that the latter could duplicate the concept”

… however :
in several prophets is the term “bar , bolt” (remember the Job chapter) ;
examples are “I will break the bar of Damascus”, “break the bar of (=in) Egypt” ,
then “break the bar at Tehpanhes” – and after that , “this sun will go Dark” ;
it is more likely that ‘the bar’ was Esau’s corruption – and should read “staff” ,
then it would read “I will make to retúrn (shbr=shb) the staff (bar=mtth) ” !
where ‘break’ (-shbr) and ‘return’ (-shb) are the same root –
because the thing is always that only a stolen eden-construct can imprison eden ,
therefore this bar/staff MUST be an eden concept ! ;
and should not be ‘destroyed’ but rather ‘return’
(and considering Damascus : “make to return tó Damascus”, the cornerstone)

The strange case of ‘Judah and the sceptre’ :
… Genesis 49 addresses ‘the blessing of Judah’ , and though we can feel that
several terms were corrupted , the “sceptre will not depart from between his feet”
Is , minumum , interesting – when compared with a theme in the Egyptian spells
(see both themes in the translated texts below) ;
         a second aspect is ‘the Judah and Tamar story’ in Genesis 38 ,
         where Judah gives his staff to Tamar who was of his own family –
the whole concept ‘Judah’ SHOUTS that he represents ‘the staff now in the evil realm”,
where factually ‘he gives the staff BACK to eden’ , the latter represented by Tamar :
         a third aspect
         is that Judah is called “a lion” as described in Gen. 49 ,
         where ‘lion’ is always related to “speech which rules” ;
         Genesis 49 was definitely corrupted in the phrase “you the lion will lay down”
         since no location follows – which is required :
         the answer can only be “you the lion will lay down IN THE (eden-) STARGATE”
         since the Egyptian spells link ‘the lion’ R immediately to ‘the gate (-of speech R)’ ;
                                                                        part III
              foreign texts about ‘the stolen firecolumn [-as concept] ’
… this is the difficult section .
– first : apart from the Egyptian spells , we learned to ‘trust’ the pre-hindu Rg-Veda ,
both being THE spokesmen of the evil realm ,
confirming everything that prophets write – but as a Negative mirror , ofcourse
(the later Hinduism , derived from Rg-Veda , became a murky coctail of utter Nonsense) ;

… when investigating this difficult ‘fire-column’ theme ,
we stumbled upon a line in Rg-Veda ,
book I , chant 85 :
“before the Maruts every creature is afraid: the men are like to Kings, terrible to behold.
When Tvastar deft of hand had turned the thunderbolt, golden, with thousand edges,
Fashioned more skillfully. Indra received it to perform heroic deeds.
Vrtra he slew, and forced the flood of water forth.”

… it seems gibberish – but we assure you it is not :

  • –  ‘Indra’ is “the northern Behemoth realm” (or by analogy perhaps ‘the Beast’ in Rev.) ,
  • –  ‘the thunderbolt’ is the eden-fire-column ,
    and note that “it was TURNED AROUND” and that “Indra RECEIVED it” ;
    then ,
  • –  ‘Vrtra’ is the serpent as “the eden cornerstone” ,
    so AFTER Indra received the thunderbolt , he slew the other eden-constructs ;

secondary :

  • –  ‘the flood of water’ is their created Nile , bringing eden-aspects to their north ;
  • –  ‘Tvaster’ is the Egyptian KHEPER-beetle , ‘transformation’ ,
  • –  ‘the Maruts’ :
    demonic spirits who acquired an eden-type body before the deluge
    (it was not for nothing that God regretted eden !) ,
    their number is 7 x 7 (49) in Rg-Veda , being unconquerable soldiers made of gold
    (which is an eden-aspect : these were whom Christ had to war in the book Daniel) ;
    and these ones – becáuse they had eden aspects –
    as it were “untied the firecolumn from its base” : by chanting ,
    after which the thunderbolt ‘was given to Indra’
    (if you’ve read restored prophets here , you’ll understand the ‘chanting’) ;


and now we understood whát to look for :

we found exact the same descriptions in the Egyptian spells ! ,
… rather many of them
describe “the wandered-astray staff” or “the staff flying-up (=to their north)”,
now as “the inversed staff” – glyph S-SA ,
called “the staff of fire” and sometimes “of smoke” (glyph H’T) ,
as “the staff which now protects their (north-) realm” ,
which is “radiating words of breath-air (=stolen eden-words) into their atmosphere” :
you will find all translated spells below ;

[page will be continued]


xxxxxx addition : 10 October xxxxxxx

10 october
‘the falcon’

we were justified in hunting this theme : see second half of Ez. 19 :
“.. the rod (=stalk?) was planted at yonder side (=the matrix) ,
and the staff (=the fire-column) is shooting fire (=’at eden’) ” ;
now ,
Esau mutilated chapters 16 , 17 and 18 and swapped themes —
one main theme is about “the eden-mother” , a birth-construct ,
see first half of chapter 19 : likely HALF of ch. 16 belongs to that ;
— but if you look at the first half of Ezekiel 17 ,
you see the same phrasings about “the twig planted at many waters”,
meaning ch. 17 first half must be followed by ch. 19 second half !
so far ,
the ‘(stolen fire-pillar) destroying eden’ fits – see previous blog ;
in Ez. 17 is “the long winged , full pinioned bird taking a stalk”, right ,
Rg-Veda IV chant 26 : “the fleet-winged , strong pinioned Falcon” ! ;
adding “bearing the stalk , [..] brought from afar (=from eden) ”

it is undoubtedly the same theme – but “what (-concept)” is this ‘falcon’ ? ;
Rg-veda links this stalk to ‘soma’ , where the latter is ‘fluid eden-life’ ,
so the tree where he takes it from [in Ez.] must be “from the eden-tree” ;
more bizarre – when tracing the root of the words , it appears from Rg-Veda
that this falcon is either “a defected eden-concept” or “a stolen one” ,
tó which the stolen firepillar-concept was grounded upon ;
but we still fail to come up with any workable concept concerning this ‘falcon’

xxxxxx resumed text : xxxxxxxx



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