the Seattle tower projected as worldtree (1 Jan.2021)


… for a quick reminder of the theme ,
see the matrix-worldtree , to right ,
as “the abomination of desolation”
and in prophets termed “the sceptre”                
and “the great cedar” ;
… the reason that Esau performed
this Ritual is “to have it occurred”
(because souls affirmed this happened)
in order that the axis will not have
to show up in réaltime  —
because then Mystery-Babylon has lost ;


the video :

… though the tower is dubbed ‘the space needle’ , the theme is not related
to ‘covid’ but solemnly to “outer space” ;
the opening shot in the video shows ‘a revolving galaxy around the tree’
and mind you – we adhere that cosmology theme (as revolving galaxy) ;
next shot , below :
note the similarity with the Birkeland (plasma-) current , as top of the Torus ,
shown in the depiction to right ;

next segment :
… the crystalline type dimension – shown as Platonic Solids ;
crystalline is based upon Carbon-6 , hence the ultimate crystalline
dimension will enter earth as ‘666’ – as unlivable for the adm-soul ;

next segment :
… the “butterfly appearing out of the cocoon” (=Mystery-Babylon)
does not refer to any ‘MK Ultra Monarch project”
but instead as “angelic beings dwelling in Mystery-Babylon” , see next ;

next segment :
…showing the entire solarplane revolving around the worldtree
(though we still assume earth is the only one nót revolving around this sun) ;

next segment :
…the ‘dimensional Veil’ : as an artistic way to show how the entire theme
of the worldtree is within the other Reality and hidden for us ;

next section :
… then follows a simulated implosion of the worldtree   –
because the tree is ‘melting’ as it were , combined with the theatrical music ;
but at the end of this section the tree has “won” , has survived ,
as shown by both open handpalms protecting the construct :

complete video :


1/14/21] BBC : tree of life’ found
= supporting the Ritual

… still pondering – because this one is not clear :
though the ‘Capitol insurrection’ has been staged ,
the reason may be the name — though officially ‘head’,
the name is also “capital of a pillar” or in wider sense
“capital” as seat of government , but think Mystery-Babylon ;
in this way wé are ‘the defeated’ insurrectionists
yes it may be a stretch
but we need to keep the Legal options open