the seven OT feasts
(as God’s Fractal timeline) :
5th : feast of the trumpet
(within the next 30 days) :
the 144,000 leave
(6th atonement : tribulation
7th booths : the Originals)



                     God’s timeline : from the Exodus to Eden
… these seven feasts were given to be practiced by old-Ishral ,
and though the reason for each one was explained to them – in their situation ,
the people had probably no idea about the superseding character of each one ;
while its customs got lost after both Houses went into exile  (yes – until today) :
… the first four feasts ‘restart’ again with Christ :



                       the final 3 feasts : starting with ‘trumpets’ :
… after the first four spring feasts is a “gap” of around four months ,
then the final three feasts follow in quick succession after oneanother     –
starting with “the feast of the trumpet – at the 1sth of the seventh month”
(see for the date the section below) ;
the question is : do the 144,000 go during this feast – and the answer is positive ;
patterns :
… the first four feasts in the spring and the last three at the end of summer
are akin to the description and pattern of the seven churches ,
where the 5th church – Sardis – is the turning point towards restoration
(and this same 4-3 pattern also shows in the seals and trumpets chapters) ;
… but it can only work if we identified the last two feasts properly :
–  atonement :
is a bit strange positioned , somewhere at the end ,
but if you see that Lev.23 writes “a day of affliction of the soul”
then it can mean only one thing : the day of IEUE ;
–  booths :
two things jump out here ,
the “taking young twigs to rejoice with” and the “dwelling in booths”
(presumably from palmbranches – since they already dwelt in tents) ;
and from Revelation we know ‘who’ are related to young twigs :
the “multitude dressed in white , holding twigs” : our Originals ! ,
the dwelling in booths must be symbolic for “the soul dwelling in them again” !
… therefore
the feast of trumpets can – virtually – only be about the 144,000 ;
problem is that crossreading ‘a trumpet’ is difficult
because what Paul said was so corrupted that the meaning can go ánywhere  —
more luck we have with Isaiah 27: 12-13 ,
and though this one was also tampered with by Esau , it is likely that at least
these terms are solid :
      “on that day when the great trumpet will sound” ,
      “you (=144,000) will return to my sacred mountain” [-in the other reality]
subreasons :
… we tried but there is not much else to can go by   —
trumpets were also blown ‘to introduce the start of the new year’ ,
and , in context , the Matrix has lost whén the 144 will be taken ;
perhaps it’s no coincidence that ‘trumpet’ is (-shophar) and ‘scroll’ (-sepher) ;
from both Lev.23 and Numb.29 we cannot distill much ,
interlinear writes “a memorial – (of) [trumpet-] blast” (lit.: ‘alarm’) ,
where -zikkaron is “a reminder”; but as a phrase we can’t use ;
… in one or two (prophet-) chapters are lines , related to the 144,000 ,
where “God will shout with a loud voice” (+ ‘from his dwellingplace’..?) ,
and though ofcourse we don’t want to make a 1 on 1 link with ‘a trumpet’ ,
it is very possible that these two are related
(and is the reason why we made this Legal chapter in the first place) ; 

         but we don’t know the date of Trumpets : attempt :

… our problem is ‘the new and full moon’ and ‘the spring equinox’    —
it seems reasonable that the month started when the new moon was spotted
(since obviously it is difficult to can see when exactly she is ‘full’) ;
most likely ‘the first new moon after the equinox’ must have been intended ,
otherwise the years would drift out of sync ;
perhaps old-Ishral was given the start of the very first year (by God)
so that afterwards they only had to keep counting the new moons ,
but we have lost that starting-point :
the “official , worldly” feast of trumpets is said to be this September 7
but is counted according to our modern solar calendar    —
… the spring-equinox was , as always , around this year’s March 20 ,
yet the new moon was last March 13 – that is before the equinox ,
therefore the year may have started with the next new moon at April 12 ;
so the 6th moon is September 7th and the seventh month starts October 6th ;
… though the above appears correct ,
we , unusually , hope we’re wrong and indeed (for some reason) it’ll be Sept. 7 ;

why should it be ‘this year 2021 ?’
… we cannot prove it .
– but we understood what God said through prophets : the promises therein .
And the themes we was asked to declare . And the three years . And the
desire to have His eden back . And the same themes in Paul’s letters .
And the Parables . And virtually all the themes in Revelation , notably the
reunion with the first christians who carried us , which Christ stressed ,
the same theme as in Jeremiah ‘the sons returning to their fathers’ ,
old-Ishral and all the patriarchs – so that the circle is complete again .
And last but not least : the situation of this dystopian world ruled by Esau .
– it should be , múst be this 2021
because we’re exhausted and dont want anything else but for this to happen
… therefore
you please protect all of us 144,000 Lord God , all your to-be sons and daughters ,
whatever Esau under Satan’s lead may (still) plan before you will take us away ;
and from that moment – may that happen any day now –
you be our leader Lord Christ
… – we will know that you really forgave us the moment you will take us away :
so be it .


[posted : 2021-09sept.05  —   perhaps as the final posted full page]




specifics of the seven feasts :
1. passover
start : 14th of first month                                   [at fullmoon ? corrupted ?]
duration : 1 day
2. unleavened bread
start : 15th of first month
duration : 7 days
attribute : eat unleavened [no yeast = sin] , and no service work ,
                        fire offering [each day]
3. firstfruits
startdate : not given , but by context after the last day of unleavened
duration : 49 days
attribute : aspects of this body [offered as flour etc]
4. closing of the weeks (pentecost)                                                [Lev.23:16]
startdate : 50th day
duration : 1 day
attribute : seven lambs (of one year?) but meaning unclear ;
total time : 1 + 7 + 50 = 58 days ,
but more likely is that unleavened bread represents a fractal
as to introduce the 7 weeks of firstfruits
so , unleavened bread “runs on during (=as) the first week of firstfruits” ,
or we’ll have problems with the timeframe of Christ’s resurrection ;
leaving us 1 + 1 (=7) + 50 = 52 days ;
the ’50 days until Pentecost’ :
… may be “the timeframe since old-Ishral ceased – until the first christians
(to link the latter generation back to the former) ;
somewhere in NT Christ repeats Isaiah about “the jubilee”
but that Isaiah eden-sun chapters was so corrupted that we skipped it
and we didn’t know what to do with that jubilee theme there ;
GAP – of four months
the ‘end of summer’ feasts :                                   (our autumn starts 21 september)
5. trumpets
startdate : the 1st of the seventh month
duration : 1 day
attribute : no service work , a fire offering ,
see above for rest of notes) ;
6. atonement
Startdate : 10th of the seventh month                                               (the tenth ?)
Duration : 1 day (apparently)
Attribute : no service work , fire offering , and humble your soul ;
as “to humble (‘afflict’) your soul to make atonement before IEUE”,
followed by
“whatever soul does nót humble (‘afflict’) himself , will be cut off from his people”
(see also Lev.16:29 and notes above) ;
7. booths
startdate : 15th of the seventh month
duration : 7 days + an 8th day
attribute : offerings , young (palm-) branches to rejoice with , dwelling in booths
(see notes above)