‘the woman upon the moon’
is likely where we are NOW
+ related theory / context ,

[belongs to Hg., Is. and Zech]
exploring the theme

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Jan 9 : in order for you to not have to locate the terms
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the Revelation woman : actual thése days

… so far , in prophets there exist two different ‘feminine constructs’ (concepts) :
the “eden mother” who is a birth-construct , and “the daughter of tsiun”, the eden land ;
– the concept of this woman : representing “the family tree of all Jacob souls” :
      … so , of all adam souls in history who belong to God ,
      and in prophets she is equated with our “banner , flag” , which will be placed
      in top of eden “and all the evil spirits will be terrified by seeing it” ;
meaning ,
– she was on earth – now stands upon this moon – and will relocate to eden :
      … the first for two reasons –
      in prophets is the line said to the 144 “… lift up the flag and search eden” ,
      implying that she WAS ‘on earth’ but is now brought outside of it —
      creating a picture as if the 144,000 are somewhat like the knights of her
      but ofcourse the woman is the flag for all of the souls of Jacob ;
and second ,
      in a chapter God threatens to destroy Jacob upon this earth because his situation
      is that hopeless , after which the prophet pleads “please do not – for he is little” ,
      again indicating that she ‘was almost buried in this earth’ ;
then ,
– she is placed upon this moon – by the 144 :
      … almost per cóntext —
      that John sees her standing on the moon doesn’t mean that she álways has :
      if she will be brought to ‘the wilderness’ – as new eden in the north-east ,
      why can’t she have been placed on the moon : “by the 144 having raised the banner”..?
– she ‘giving birth’ :
      … likely a combination of two similar things —
      first because all of Jacob is under Esau’s final attack : his poison 666 jab ,
      coupled with the attack upon the 144 group themsélves – to not have them completed ,
immediately linking to
– the Beast (-dragon) standing in front of her :
      … the beast representing the evil region dwelling in the sea (‘solarplane’) ,
      orchestrating the attack against both Jacob ánd the 144     (see previous point) ;
but important is
– by standing upon the moon – as border – she is almost Free :
      … thát the beast stands there ,
      implies that she – as family tree – is NO LONGER imprisoned in earth ,
      because of the simple fact that the beast himsélf is now facing her :
      turning “this moon” into a place as ‘a dimensional border’ ;
then ,
the moon – the sun , and the stars :
… “the moon” MUST be related to ‘the moon theme’ in Isaiah , Haggai and Zecheriah
(as the reason she cóuld be placed upon this moon , see previous) ;
while the place of the moon must also be “a high ridge , a ramp” on which she stands ,
being “the orbit óf this moon” — where the two terms are also used in prophets
in a line said to the spirit-armies “go up against her (=earth’s) wall and besiege her !” ;
and see page below ;
      … therefore “this moon” must be a type “gate to earth” (álso mentioned in prophets !) ,
      while “this sun” she is clothed with is Râ in which Mystery-Babylon resides ;
      the “stars” are a bit more tricky —
      perhaps the solarplane planets (but then the count is off) or perhaps just ‘in space’ ;
      we link them to their antipodes as “the 12 hour goddesses” in Amtuat
      but this section would get very messy now so we better leave that out here –

‘leaving (‘undoing’) earth like the situation we entered her’

… this is the bit tricky part ,
having searched foundations to can pose the statements made in previous part ;
in short —
it is very likely that a group of rather modern type physical humans were placed
upon this earth right before Noah and his family arrived (at the event called Deluge) ,
and that for approx. one thousand years they have acted as “quartermasters”
in order “to prepare this Gaia earth through their rituals as penal-colony for us
read ,
that when a similar modern type physical human (devised by Adam !) would arrive
[but now] containing our type adm-soul , to make sure our soul would be imprisoned .
… the hypothesis may sound bizarre ,
but considered the matching aspects – Göbleki Tepe , the 9000-8000 BC timeframe ,
the type shamanistic Rituals , the link with ‘the moon’ etcetera (all below) not impossible ;
moreover ,
the concept seems to be the antipode of how God is acting / will act :
– because
    instead of “their quartermakers on earth” the 144,000 will first go to Eden to restore her ,
    before Jacob will arrive there , and everyone will be restored again ;

– ‘the Aboriginal type human’ as the antipode of ‘the Revelation woman’
    since the former type is théir important “flag” – while the woman is ours ;
    and finally something about
a repeating three-fold symbol or sign (of ‘them’ as well as of us)
1. of the Revelation woman ,
2. the Göbleki Tepe / Aboriginal symbol
     [befóre our souls entered this earth] ,
3. and the sacrificial covenant God made with Abraham ,
     described as “an ox having been cut in half , and inbetween both halves
     upon the ground a bright lamp (‘light’) went forth”
     [befóre Jacob went into Egypt — as ‘our souls imprisoned on this earth’ ,
     and , forgive us , as far we can see , “to undo théir Ritual”] ;

… we don’t do ‘synchronism’, you know that ,
but simply are attent for patterns and don’t forget the ‘antipode factor’ ;
we made an attempt to interpretate this threefold sign
but won’t add anything in this overvieuw unless it will be more clear ;
… the probably most important conclusion of all the above
is that our flag is at the point of being rescued — and therefore all of our family will

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7 january
now wait : the woman has the moon beneath her feet , right ?
very likely this sign is happening now
our … controversial – and ongoing – theory
… for this unusual post we’ll need a page , go here [temporary filed in prophets] ;
now please — you know that we don’t post new themes off-the-cuff ,
so don’t be offended nor afraid of trickery : remember that , like with translating ,
first ‘a workable concept’ is required – no matter how seemingly outlandish :
– we had now constant this moon theme ;
– now , ‘the woman’ is our family of adm-souls , right ?            (see Revelation page) ,
– but why exactly she stands upon the moon , and not – more logical – ‘on earth’ ? ,
– this would mean that “this moon is some [dimensional-] boundary of sorts” ;
– it is described as “sign” – so ‘it has to come to pass in realtime’ ,
– it has to happen before the 144 are taken ,
– the woman ‘must be in distress’                            (Jacob is under attack right now !) ,
… please see page for all ;
and please remember that this theme is VERY new and not fully worked out yet
[start page]
intro – from where this theme came  
… please don’t skip this part because it’s important to understand the rest   —
at this point for once I can’t speak for the others of hR , and I hope you won’t be offended
by the somewhat … personal way in which I am trying to describe what could be happening .
So ,
… there really was ‘something’ with the previous ‘Jacob arrives in Egypt’ log :
something said to stay with that theme because it seemed some … ‘back to the beginning’  —
perhaps old-Ishral did not stay ‘430 years’ in slavery but the real amount was 490 ,
to get to the important prophetic ’70 years’ – which appears also in Zecheriah 1 ?
God foresaid the slavery of old-Ishral to Abraham (who had now Adam’s role) ,
and it was Jacob – representing our soul in this ape – who factually entered it … 
– if so ,
then Jacob also “had to come óut from it and be free” at some point , right ? ;
but the next timeframes refused to make sense : what happened with the time between
the exodus and the … desecration of the promised land (=no timeframe given) ,
then the – still unworkable – “weeks” in Daniel , the ‘430 years’ in Ezekiel , etcetera   —
yet those are all but Fractals of the Main Timeframe ‘until Jacob would go OUT’ 
– from the exodus theme (-of that log) I came by “the fall of the Bronze Age” 
(I found ‘but’ one interesting documentary and one interesting lecture 
the rest is mainly repeating the same few standard points) ,
which’ fall seemed to me a plot of Satan to remove old-Ishral from their land
just like he would do 1000 years later against us by moving to Greece ,
yet it seemed a searching in the wrong direction
the stoneage temple of 9000 BC – and the Deluge
… several documentaries about the Assyrian empire and that of the Medes were good ,
but I never gave much attention to the interesting region above those – Catalhöyuk ,
as some kind of stoneage temple : yet the site had been deliberately covered up again 
by its very builders – as a most weird thing to do , right
By chance (who knows…) the first vid I found [1, annex] was very interesting eventhough 
it presented a similar excavation site in that same area , and listening I understood that
these sites were ‘founded’ around 9000 BC but covered up again around 8000 BC    —
and I remembered how we (hR) always kept Noah’s deluge around that latter date :
was there some connection here
(and not only that ‘the Ararat mountain’ is rougly in the same region) …?
– this particular video was about Karanhatepe and showed a weird temple complex :
first the obelisks standing in a circle as in Catalhöyuk – and Stonehenge 5000 years later ,
but in this one also a strange adjacent hall of snake pillars with a human head on the wall ;
then the host mentioned ‘shamanism’ and ‘soul tunnels’ and ‘the cosmos’ ,
and how very careful ‘they’ covered up everything again – and then builders disappeared .
… you need to look up for yourself please (video’s explaining-) how utterly strange
it is that hunter-gatherers “suddenly started to build these things” ; how almost a schedule
seems in play when 9000 BC is virtually the start of the warmer Younger Dryas period ,
if you remember the previous suggested 8000 BC of the Deluge
(which was in fact “a dimensional change from eden to earth for our souls) ,
as well as “the many types (unclean-) animals” depicted in every temple  —
remember how the book Zephaniah is about unclean animal-souls as humans
were the humanoids ‘preparing this earth’ ? — that’s why the 144 will do what they do …?
– while watching , I couldnt get it out of my mind : they seemed to have been
deliberately placed there , like an (evil-) group of quartermasters :
obviously these were ‘more intelligent than their Neanderthal forefathers on this earth’ 
(because they had a prototype body which Adam made for them …?) ,
as if they were doublechecking the conditions on this prisonplanet for us  —
chaining us to Gaia with their unknown animalistic-shamanistic rituals ,
while they themsélves would always be able to return to their world of demons
– having finished their job just before Noah and his family arrived …
one cannot help making the connection with the 144 – but then the other way around :
is the task of the 144 – to go first to restore Eden – required in this specific manner
becáuse of what those humanoids did to prepare this prison colony for us ? ;
is that a reasonable contemplation …?
I’m sure this thoughtline can be extended – but right now the topic is still too new
‘that’ video
… searching for videos containing more information yielded only poor results  —
a dry one of the Chicago Oriental Institute about Catalhöyuk and a few overall ones
showing – as so often – always the same general information [2, 3] ;
at the point of giving in this one showed up              (imagine : from two days ago !) :
listen how clóse he is , and I’ll make the points below the video ;
while I’m sure that you will be able to transform what he shows into óur context :

1)  the symbol :
– both the symbol upon pillar and man have the same basic setup ,
    like ‘two bar-stools’ facing eachother on both sides of a bar inbetween them ;
    [4] remarks that on the pillar the bar has two block-like features on its both ends
    but that is only a gradual difference and does not disqualify the basic setup ;
– spitting through Aboriginal symbols ,
    the bar-stools exactly match the sign for “man” ,
    and “two man sitting” is depicted like this symbol – but having ‘a circle’ in the centre ;
    either way the aspect here is “opposite” if not ‘dualism’ , or “parts meeting eachother” 
    or even “parts being restrained fróm eachother” ;
– though bull horns
    were an important religious symbol in Catalhöyuk , this possibility must be dismissed ;
– the centre bar suggests ‘a blockage’ ; looking like the Aboriginal ‘firestick’ but frankly
    it can be anything , and the same is true for the |——-| depicted on the pillar ;
2)  the threefold-symbol – and ‘the one connecting them’ :
– in the clip , like on that pillar ,
    the Aboriginal himself represents the one connecting the threefold symbol :
    now what about the triplet “moon – sun – and stars” in Revelation ?
    and is not the woman HERSELF the one who connects all three of them …? ;
– no that isn’t blasphemy :
    first ofcourse because it is emphatically called “a sign” – so we do nothing wrong here ,
    moreover , the woman represents ‘real adm-souls’ , like the Aboriginal is one !
– this threefold aspect
    also shows in “the three connected temple-sections at Karanhatepe  —
    and though we do not (yet) dare to make any assumptions about their function ,
    it does appear that they represent “a gradual climbup to another dimension” ;
3)  the cosmic factor :
– all temples had the same goal ;
    is it *possible* that the first section – the hall with the pillars standing in a circle 
    represented “a gate” : as ‘this moon’ ?  and see the ‘BES” theme further down ;
    then ,
    their south-north vector towards the polestar (see vid) was also important in other cultures ,
    but likely just “to maintain théir dimensional-vector”…?
    I mean , in our case we have nothing to do with that : we have this moon , we know that this
    sun is Mystery-Babylon – then ‘the 12 stars’ (though the count is off) are solarplane planets ? ,
    since “the beast” (‘dragon’) is this solarplane : as THE enemy of the woman ;
either way , a conclusion can be now ,
that ‘the Revelation woman represents Jacob now frée of this earth : but NOT rescued yet”
and please see section further down ;
[here : questions , ideas , find connections]
3)  closing : “those type humanoids” – and ‘their’ type Aboriginal
phrasing carefully here  —
this theme could easily fill several pages because of its extensiveness
because it also contains the theme ‘Cham’ – which not only contains the true adm-souls
but out of which also sprang forth Canaan / Nimrod / Esau / Edom / etc ,
yet for this theme’s sake I must keep it as short as possible :
it is very likely
that “those humanoids” themselves were , or placed a type ‘prototype modern body’ 
upon this world which “would remain the guardian OF their rule over this earth”  —
better phrased : this ‘prototype’ – once containing an adm-type soul ,
would be unbeknowst to itself be their warranty ,
factually being used as their hostage for their own self-preservation
– not just in the way how during present history the coloured (black) Chamite people 
often have been shamefully abused and exploited by other nations 
(and most often by the Canaan/Esau type people having whitish skincolour : difficult eh?) ,
but their “hostage situation” shows painfully clear in a certain occult Ritual :
… years ago I made an article about ‘the Hajj’ – meaning nothing else but ‘sorcery’ ,
in which the pious Ishmaelitic-semites move to Mecca where they also have to
take stones from the Zamzummim-field                       (Zamzummim were giants) ,
and “stone with them three specific pillars”                   (which they call ‘the devil’) ,
but the names of those pillars read – in sequence :
“the black myrtle (=Cham) – will not – find the way” .
– the meaning is crystal clear :
as long Cham will remain Ritually imprisoned , the hateful souls will keep having the rule 
(this is EXACT why the whole book Zephaniah is about Cham) .

now ,
the old-Egyptians knew this too – because they were ‘Canaan’ ! ,
and on top of that even held the birthright , until the Exodus ;
they classified this ‘Cham prototype’ as the deity called BES ,
and compare his appearance with the Aboriginal from the video —
a must-read ,

(perhaps later we do a breakdown – but note his relation to ‘animals’,
to ‘birth’ , ‘music’, ‘protecting the body’ (=of the óthers : as hostage !) , 
as ‘guardian of the cosmos’ (=sic!) , ‘menstruation’ (=moon theme) ,
while the root is from BASTT , the cat-goddess who ‘birthed’ him ,
but BES (B-S) is “the dwarf / of the adam-soul / for the solarplane” ,
where this dwarf refers simply to that prototype body …
Sumer also knew ‘the small black people’ as their slaves , and it is
not unthinkable that the Aboriginals (and certain tribes in Africa)
are direct descendants of this original type people .
[above : redact + add ;
also consider “those shamanic humanoids” as the Natufian in the Levant ?]

… likely : these days Jacob IS representing ‘the sign’ as the woman
– this section is also difficult to phrase but I’ll try :
so ‘the Revelation woman’ represents all of the Jacob souls – inclusive you and me ,
a concept like ‘our family tree’ but imagined like a kind of “banner of us” ;
– she is in pain ,
this time réally for all of Jacob — because of Esau’s final chimera jab war ,
and for all the previously mentioned reasons “she must give birth – soon” .
it writes
that after we left , “the beast (‘dragon’) will vomit out water after her
[that can only be “the evil dimension” – not ‘people’ – so ‘water’ should be ‘his sea’) ,
but she , our banner , will be rescued – read : the banner will move to Eden :
so far so good .
… – I was busy with the above themes the past days , and though I did discern 
a strange unpleasant smell coming from somewhere I shrubbed it off ;
yesterday the entire day I was so incredible thirsty that I’ve literally drank gallons
(don’t worry , non-alcoholic) as what I’ve never done my entire life  —
in the evening that nasty smell was so strong , and I realized it came from mé …
– it was literally a stench of … decay ; it was around me but it was not me ;
finally I decided it must be an ‘It’ (=entity) though I got no name or character ,
and I’ve encountered a lot of entities but never one ‘of smell’ (-only?)  —
I took a glowing hot shower and it seemed that It had left .
But I didn’t trust that and waited for some answer though all remained silent ,
so I made one final round about the jab situation and stumbled upon a video
describing how Esau creates wars to keep his organs trade flowing ,
and though I knew that , it fell raw upon me , remembering the atrocities in the DUMBS ,
and how Esau destroys the soldiers as young-Jacob-male-souls , and many other things ;
I went to bed silent and perplexed and just wanted to talk with Him .
… – my soul started ‘to get impressions’ while she prayed ; not exactly ‘seeing things’
but more like getting impressions just like one does who can see with his eyes
(and trust me , that became very very rare in the past two years – minimum)   —
and she knew herself standing upon a very high ridge , some ramp :
to the left and very close was the surface of this earth ,
and to her right God was seated on his throne – so close he could be touched ;
no she could not ‘see’ him but it was like someone close to you is sitting next to you
– it took some time to understand ‘what’ she was standing upon ,
but this ridge or ramp “was the orbit of the moon” 
(now I remember in prophets somewhere “go up her walls and besiege her (=earth)”) ;
while God remained silent , and just continuously stared to this earth
– so she looked to there as well , remembering all the cruelties mentioned above ,
imagining all the oceans of pain but also almost seeing the many believers
having taken the baits hook and sinker – save for a small group 
… and He didn’t say nothing … just kept looking … and it was impossible to can tell
what he could feel or think ; it just did not show … no single emotion He revealed
but that didn’t mean that he was ‘cold’ , you know – he just did not reveal anything
I’ve never been in such strange situation before … such a strange position :
though this earth and the living people upon it were a doomed mess ,
she didn’t pray for the souls of Jacob – because the problem wasn’t about that :
this was just the Legal aspect of the whole matter ,
and she said ‘Sir but I (‘as all Jacob souls’) didn’t stand a chance from the beginning ,
referring to the unconscious soul after she was removed from her Original ,
and it wasn’t even meant as making some excuse for guilt :
because both He and she knew that this fact was true     —
yet He was the least guilty for all of the mess now going on
– that was the real problem for her
she understood that He was not guilty at all whatsoéver for the doomed mess now 
(i know – we all know that ‘in theory’ : but in this strange situation that was irrelevant…) ;
she looked back to earth and could only say ‘this is Wrong’ 
referring to the fact that He never wanted this – let alone desérve this happening to Him ,
and pleaded with Him to end it please , to make an end to this situation – today 
… – she had the impression of his hand being motionless upon the side of the throne ,
so close that she could factually touch it , and she decided – fearful – to do that ;
saying ‘you must stop it please – even I have no right to say that because you still have
to speak your judgment over me as well : I only know that I don’t want to go back to ‘there’
and that I rather stay with you – and will await your judgment on me’
– He did not move , showed no emotion whatsoever , kept looking to earth
then things got hazy ; I thought I’d sleep but couldn’t and started this page 

especially the last part I made sure to find the colour of words about what was ;
I don’t know what … ‘this type of encounter’ means , it looks nothing like what I’ve heared
or saw others had (whether true or false) – I’m still pondering it , especially why the silence
now you see why I made the connection with the Revelation woman theme ;
and considered everything on this page I think it is very likely that we’re at that point now .

– He will show what is next


Collins , Karahan tepe , 50 mins
for teenagers : popular-modern [but clear] overvieuw of gobleki , 20 mins
perhaps better [but bit overdone and repetitive] , 16 mins
centre vid must have gotten his idea from here –

secrets of the stone age (DW)
main temple , Malta ,
w/ similar connected circle-type sanctuaries ;
another ‘soul tunnel’ at 21.19 + 21.23 mins