[theme] : [“6th seal” related] :
  the Emerald Dome
[Revelation] :
 PT 373 : as the
[eden-] half month
becoming the
[matrix-] month
[+the opened gate per Mal.1]

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                 the emerald bow over the Throne room
                  [visual – we couldn’t find a better one] 



         … like in Revelation also Enoch describes this ‘Emerald (rain-) bow Dome’ which we 
         understand as “the moon theme” in the Spells   —
         here we run into the problem why Enoch mentions “the year cycle of Eden” which is   
         exactly like óur year cycle , but perhaps because Eden was created in the Dualistic 
          realm and therefore required its features ;
         the throne dome must have powered that cycle by making ‘the months’ where the dome 
         is like “a (moon-) crescent” that “intensifies in power” as supplying certain aspects for 
         the eden land ; whereby the literal moon of eden merely represents the Dome’s aspect 
          of Time to the land
          the (eden-) half-month becomes the (matrix-) month
         … not exactly like “a half-moon becomes a full moon” 
         but apparently this is about ‘the timing of the (start of the-) month’ where the Dome
         is “at its strongest” during day 14-15 of the eden-month , yet that power is being stolen
         to start the matrix-month  with , and in fact ‘starting the matrix (dimensional-) Dawn’  ; 
         directly linking to next theme :
         the doors of the (matrix-) gate that stay open                                [the Mal.1 theme]
          … in PT 440 (page) we had the “sealed open matrix door”
         while here the phrase “the doors that keep standing upright” and because it follows the
          moon theme this must be related to the latter ; though we don’t know exactly ‘what’ this
         double door consists of both the text here and in Malachi 1 is clear , the latter even adds
         “so that my light does not illumine their realm for free” : the same theme as in this 373 !     

this text :
the (matrix-) ‘barley and wheat’ (-stalks) :
… we think that ‘the two olive trees’ in Zechariah link to the emerald dome over the Throne
where – probably – the both trees are linked to “aspects of the male and female (-Original)” ;
where the matrix copied both trees into “a barley and a spelt stalk”  
which are , in turn , linked to the stolen emerald dome of the matrix-gate empowering them ,
where “the reaped barley and spelt” have in other spells the addition ‘white’ and ‘ruddish’ 
which are aspects to beautify a dimension with ;
barley is important in the scroll  just as (olive-) oil is , both representing “physical aspects” ,
but this whole theme is very complicated and we must proceed carefully 
’emerald’ as glyph UATCH : 

… though we cannot know (-and won’t try !) what type of light
is the throne dome and which aspects it may give , the glyph
UATCH tells that this stolen aspect is “health” for the matrix ,
especially “for the dimensional region itself” ;
in this 373 UAT-CH is not addressed but just the aspect of the
matrix dawn itself (T’-UA , inversal) ; 


PT 373
                                                         the (eden-) half-month and ‘the open gate’ (Mal.1)
page PDF 403 ; 
read upwards , and from right to left , 
‘official’ translation , 
thou (‘the candidate’). to die. nót. , 
[because by] this. N. [to be] the supporting (adj.) – [..] (matrix-) word. ,
[so that for] GEB (‘M-Babylon land’). thou. father. [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail. ,
[as] thou. (matrix-) existence. [by] the (eden-) one to make (-by eden) (ÁR) [for] (matrix-) hail. ,
[through] the (eden-) one to command by decree of law. ;
by [-means of].     +
within (-eden). [for] thou. the (eden-) one’s half (moon-) months.                       [=the eden gate ‘moon’]
the beginnings. [of] (eden !-) existence. to make (-by eden) (ÁR). [for] (matrix-) hail. ,     + 

     [above , 
     not “existence to make (-as concept)” S-N , but “the beginnings of + existence” ;
     that the eden gate is also “a moon” must be linked to the emerald (rain-) bow dome ; 
     note the “stolen (moon-) months” in c and d :]  
[and therefore] within (-the matrix). [for] thou. (moon-) months. ,                              [of the matrix-gate] 
the beginnings. [of] (matrix-) existence. to make (-by eden) (ÁR). [for] (matrix-) hail. ;
[and therewith] the (matrix-) spelt (‘for the solar plane’). [for] thou. (matrix-) existence. to reap. ,
[and] the barley. [for] thou. existence. to thresh. ; 

     [above ,
     compare the 7 feasts in the scroll , always closely linked to barley etc ; and see below] 
the Watchers (sic) (URSH+). [of] thou. existence. to stand near (-it?). ,                           [prob. Genesis 6] 
[and] the great ones. [of] thou. existence. to approach (-it?). ; 
[the spelt etc ?-] [to be?] the mysterious word (adj.) – [as] the ones of the (matrix-) throne. ,
[and that] word. to go connect to. the (matrix-) Dawn (T’UA). ; 
[ánd (-that word?) tó?] the ÁKHMu SEku stars (‘polar stars / Space stars in general’).      +
[for?] the things of (matrix-) spirit consciousness. [of] the foremost (matrix-) KH-house.    +
the word. connected to. he (‘matrix dawn?’). to give. ; 

      [above ,
      in d) , the question is whether that “spelt” is reaped as “matrix words (read : lights)” ,
      since other spells talk about “white and ruddish barley” 
      which is – at least – a component to make their physical environment with ;
      these aspects described as “bread and food” later in the spell ] 
      in c) ,
      after “matrix dawn” the “polar stars (etc)” is a logical step – but what do the latter do ?
      they must be rather passive – what was the thoughtline here ?
      for in other spells those stars have some type effect upon their region] 
[part II (expanding upon main theme) :]
[.. 4x don’t understand the intent ..] 
[and] the (matrix-) word. [..] [of] he (‘matrix-dawn ; that was the theme’). to breathe (-for hail). ;
[because]     +
thou (matrix-) speech. [of] he. the (matrix-) word of willpower. [by] he (‘eden moon’?’). to give. ,
[and] thou. him (‘eden moon’). to repulse. [by] he. the joyful (adj.) (matrix-) word. ;
[so that for] GEB (‘matrix land’ see 657 d). the father. [to be] the (matrix-) nature. 
[thróugh] the (matrix-) ský. [of] (matrix-) speech of hail. , 
[by means of] the (eden-) word. [that is] connected to. he (‘eden moon’). to seize. ;
[because by] thou. (matrix-) willpower. his (‘moon’). word. to take away. ,
[and through] them. (as) the ones (‘matrix words’) of (matrix-) stability.              +  [so , changed ones] 
the foremost (matrix-) KH-house. [of] thou. (matrix-) existence. to manifest. ; 

     [above ,
     so far so good – since it was all the time about ‘to create their region’] 
the wise ones (‘still unknown class (?) of spirits’ RKHT). he (‘eden moon’). to repulse.     +
[by means of] the doors (-of the matrix gate). [for? of?] (matrix-) speech of hail.
[for] thou. to stand upright (‘the doors do’) (‘at matrix vector’). ;                                             
[Mal. 1 theme]
     [above ,
     the phrase “open the eden doors to open the matrix doors” is common in spells
     but that is a “one time creational event” — here is intended that they stay open 
     yet phrased as “(keep-) standing upright”] 
[to be] thou (adj.) – beer (adj.) – without (adj.) – going sour. ,
[and] thou (adj.) – food (adj.) – without (adj.) – going mouldy. ; 
[to be] thou. flesh (‘essence of he (-eden) for hail’). [for] (matrix-) speech of hail. ,
[and] (-it?) (‘flesh’) the (matrix-) land. [of] thou. (matrix-) existence. to seek. ;
[and] [as] thou. fat things. thou. (matrix-) existence. to assemble (‘put together’). ;
thou. the constructs (‘bones’). [of] thou. (matrix-) existence. to embrace. , 
[because through] thou. [as] the important one. thou. (matrix-) existence. to acquire. ; 
[by] this. N. [to be] the supporting (matrix-) word. 
[as] the (eden-) hail for the (matrix-) (stolen-) house-H (the cube dome) for (matrix-) hail. ;
to recite .