[theme] [belonging to Rev.14] III :
the copies of the 4
[eden] cherubs
are “the 4 sons of Horus” as the
[matrix-] cardinal points
CT 520-523
[and more to come]
[start : 2023-09sep.13- ]

content :
– intro (interesting !)
– part I : CT 520-523 (click)



the four ‘sons of Horus’
mimicking the four eden-cherubs



         … little is told about “the four great eden cherubs standing around the Throne” 
         except their appearance and that they have “a wheel” – with the Eden land inside ;
         in this page we look at ‘the copies’ which the evil realm made of them as if looking
         at “a photo negative”, while during the process we may learn aspects of the four

         eden cherubs themsélves ;
         please remember that ofcourse our goal is to
         support  the scroll and to expose Evil concepts
         so that God will deal with those , right ; it cannot
         be coincidence that He hinted at these type of
         themes already – see to right , and though not
         always easy to follow , themes like this one are
         most interesting if one values context

         the four sons of Horus

         though Adam devised and rules the matrix-gate , Horus rules the gate region ,
         and like the four cherubs are responsible for the dimensional structure of Eden
         [so , not for her contents] , 
         likewise these four sons were devised to copy that structure into  théir dimension ;
         we do not know whether these four sons are actual deities or concepts – or both ,
         but probably the latter since ‘they never speak’ ;
         the below descriptions include the highlights of CT 520-523 :  

son #1
name        :   ÁMSET
shown      :  to left in depiction above
attribute :  human-faced

                         therefore likely related to the human-faced cherub ,
                         and in these CT’s said as “the Double [=copy] of the one [=eden cherub]” 
glyph         :   A-MES-T 
                          [or the inversal MESTÁ here] belongs to the MES “to birth” cluster 
                          and can read “the one [=copied Eden] to birth for [matrix-] hail” — as ‘concept’ ,
                          but it can be also a pun upon MEST , the sceptre of Osiris [‘representing the Matrix’] 
                          which is “the stolen eden sceptre of our Originals” as the birth-sceptre AMS ,
                          and this aspect can explain the ‘human face’ [-but for théir type ‘humans’ ofcourse] ;
job               :   of this one is said “that he has (or IS) a claw into Eden”  , so that the matrix has
                           a dimensional ‘starting place’ to build their copied Eden concept  ;

son #2
name          :   H’EPI                                                                   
shown        :   to right
attribute   :   baboon-faced

                            but very likely “as disguise” because the H’EP cluster has the important “bull”
                            and therefore likely related to the ox-faced cherub ;  
                            in Spells baboons are often depicted as “creating aspects” while an important
                            factor is “that they exist by the slain [eden-] bull” – hence perhaps ‘baboon’ here ;
glyph          :    H’EP-I ,
                            as a chevron glyph “the double [=copied] square” referring to the dimensional
                            shape of eden – as ‘square’ and ‘cube’ ; curious is the addition ‘double-feather ‘I’ 
                            which we used to describe as ‘alike-adam’ but indicating their intention ;
job               :    like the ground is prepared when building  house
                            this one prepares the dimensional place for their copied eden realm
                            [which will be mixed with théir dimensional aspects !] 
                            with the goal that ‘the [dysfunctional-] eden-gate will empower it’ 
                            by sending the eden-waters to the COPIED structure ; see next ;

son #3
name          :   T’UAMUTEF                                         
shown       :   second to left
attribute  :   jackal-faced

                           clearly as disguise to show the matrix colour of the important attribute “speech”
                            [where the “jackal power” in spells is about ‘the matrix type powerful speech] ,
                           and likely related to ‘the lion cherub’ for the lion is often equated with that ;
glyph          :    T’UA-MUT-F ,
                            as a very tricky concept : said to be “he (F) who praises (TUA) his mother (MUT)”
                            but this CT suggests “he who is praised by his mother [=Isis]” as the mother
                             goddess representing the mixed region as copied eden ; however the pun here
                             may be the T’UA also as “matrix Dawn” , so , praising him for the dawn which he
                             brings but as concept coming from Eden : 
job                :    this one is to bring the eden-type speech to that region
                             after the dimensional place and form – the cube – had been established ,
                              with the interesting note “to not be the iron [=harsh] type matrix speech” ;
                              but as a speech which can ‘create with light-particles’ – words – see next :

son #4
name           :  QEBH”SENEF                                                 
shown         :   to left
attribute    :   hawk-faced

                             likely – and because we’ve just one left – related to the ‘eagle-cherub’ 
                             and perhaps even ‘as the equivalent thereof’ for the matrix don’t use ‘eagles’ 
                             [but only the vulture , owl , ostrich , and alike nasty types] ;
glyph            :   QEBH’-SENu-F , also tricky ,
                              officially as “he (F) who purifies his brother (SEN) by libation (QEBH’)” 
                              but from this CT as “the cooled-down copied-ones [=words] (SEN) by he (F)” ;
                              indeed SENu is “brothers” etc but also “copies” – and compare ‘brothers’ :
                              though “to libate” is the official interpretation of QEBH’ the náture of that shows
                              in spells where “the eden double door is cooled down in order to open it” :
job                  :    this one is to bring the ‘cooled-down’ eden-words to that region
                               in order for the previous stolen speech to can go create things ;
                               it is the Nile that factually brings the words – see spell – but after ‘purifying them’
                               it appears that “they also need to be cooled-down” in order to can be (ab-) used ;


the (matrix-) cardinal points

… the seven stolen Torches decorate
the interior of the copied eden region
but it is unlikely that these four sons
themselves are the cardinal points 
[in casu ‘the horses coming to earth’]  
because the Spells do not attribute
a specific direction to them but only
as “the 4 youths in the eastern sky” 
referring to their creational aspect ;

so that concerning “the four horses” we have more chance with “the four rudders” concept 
(see page) which is likely the same as “the four crocodiles” elsewhere , implying that also 
the eden-cherubs must have a shared Attribute comprising the actual cardinal points
and that attribute appears to be … ‘fire’ :
Enoch describes the cube-shaped Eden (sky-) dome , telling how he sees the ribs of the
cube full of tongues of fire ; and though ‘fire’ appears to be “a feminine attribute” 
[compare the seven torches and Miss]  , there is ground for assuming that this attribute
also belong to the four (masculine-) cherub beings :

the four (eden-) flames
… in the scene of the 6th hour of Amduat , to right ,
the eden gate is opened by the matrix (lower right)
and in the left-hand corner show four heads each
with a flame upon their head are facing left ; 
it’s unlikely that the heads represent the 4 cherubs
but instead reads “the important [=head] flames” ,
and they face left as “the past” , read : of Eden ; 

the text [in progress] next to them tells that “this will come to the boat of (matrix-) existence” ,
and because these 4 flames show in the lower register they will need to appear later on somewhere
in the upper register (the floor above Râ’s boat) that represents Mystery-Babylon region ;
however their names are T-KA-U “(the flame-) of the word / to be doubled / (as) the (matrix-) one”
similarly to how the four sons are ‘copies’ , 
making it very possible that “these 4 (doubled-) flames now are sent to earth : as the 4 horses” 
          and we saw in the “four rudders” page that each of these hád attributes
          since one of them was even linked to ‘red’ and a certain direction of the sky
          [though we ofcourse fail to make ‘horses’ from ‘flames’ – perhaps ‘fiery horses’ ?] 
now , there is a BD chapter “the four flames” , talking about “the fortress in the eastern sky”
and the fortress in the northern sky [etc] as their standing-places ,
but that spell is 50+ lines and that would translate (pun) to 8-10 days work …

[the four sons also ‘start below’ :]
… in the 6th – the next (!) – hour the four sons
are shown in the lower register [=eden] as four
heads upon the back of a serpent : the latter
represents “a (stolen-) concept” and therefore
may represent the concept of the four cherubs ,
but now as matrix-concept for it faces to right ;
the text [in progress] above them shows a line
as “these will guide / the intestine / of eden-within”
where ‘the intestine’ means “this solar plane” ;

the whole depiction shows that these four are copies of four genuine eden concepts
and also here these four will later need to show up in the upper register somewhere 
[the four seated goddesses ‘without chair’ are linked to them where “no chair” stands
for “creating something” – don’t ask why] ;  

[perhaps later to be added still]

part I      (CT 520-523)

to read along : start at PDF page 132 , real page VI 116
and spells 522-522 will show when scrolling upwards
[which is also the reading direction ; glyphs face to right] 

#1    ÁMSET   [the copy of the ‘human headed’ cherub]
                              [attribute : because of the above ‘he has (is?) a claw into eden’] 

CT 520
VI 110
ÁMSET. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] his. name [of]. :                                       [‘change of nature’ phrase :] 
[by?] he [‘the original human-faced cherub’?]. below (‘eden’).       +                                             [probably !]
[now as?] the word. [of] thou (‘Ämset’). to come (-to the corrupt soul). to.      +
this. N – Osiris’ (‘title of the candidate’). ,
[to be] his (N’s ; adj.) – (matrix-) existence. [by means of] the word to come [‘by the Nile’].
[as] coming for (matrix-) hail. ;

       [this “in name of” is always used when f.e. ‘an attribute is placed uon someone else’ 
       while the “he + below” is 1 phrase and therefore must be ‘an eden aspect’] 
[because] Horus. the (matrix-) word to birth.     +                                                         [‘Horus’ = gate region] 
[through?] his. divine son (‘Amset’).        +
[being] the one connected to the (eden-) one (‘cherub’?) (?) (TH-UT).  + 
[as] the double (‘Ámset’) (KA ; adj.) – [of] he (‘eden human cherub’?). ,                                     [probably !]
[so that] by. thou (‘Ámset’). (matrix-) existence to become new. ;

[because by] he. the (matrix-) quality. [of] thou. claw (ÂNT).       +
[as?] the made (matrix-) word. ,
thou. the (eden-) existence. to offer (-to the matrix) (or: ‘to approach’) ;                     [both are ÁÂB+] 
[and therewith for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).        +                                         [who has to say this spell] 
my (‘author’). divine father (Osiris = matrix region). [by] thou. to assemble. ,
[because by] thou (‘Ámset’). the word to come (adj.) – [to] (matrix-) existence. ; 

     [okay ;
     so this one has (or IS) a claw into eden
     much like the anchor [-of 4] of a hot-air balloon
     and apparently because he is ‘a double’ of the human cherub
VI 109     [a bit of a repeat :] 
ÁMSET. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] thou. name [of]. : for.     +
this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).
the word (adj.) – [for] the (matrix-) speech of hail (adj.) – to (make to) come.     +
[to] my. divine father (Osiris = matrix). ,
so that.     +
[empty]                                                                                               [j and below : unusually complicated syntax :] 
Horus. will empower (‘say’) (adj.) – my (adj.) – doubled (matrix-) existence (adj.)
[that is of] my. divine father (Osiris = matrix). ;                                                                          [should be ‘his’ ?] 
[and so will] ÁMSET. [do for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).
#2   H’EPI        [linked to the ‘ox cherub’]
                              [attribute : he brings the “adam-like square (type-) dimension”] 

CT 521
VI 112
the true. voice. [of] this. N – Osiris (‘title of candidate’). :                                                    [he’s to say this :] 
my. divine father (Osiris = matrix). [is] connected to the one.     +
[as] this. divine (matrix-) great (-one) (?). [that is] thou. , HEPI. ,  
[because by] thou. [to] (matrix-) existence. the word to come. [for] (matrix-) hail. ;

      [here ,
      because the stolen eden-word can only exist in a square type eden-dimension ?]  
[and then by] Horus. [to be] (matrix-) existence of hail.      +
[by means of] the divine (matrix-) word to birth.                      
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [through] the divine (matrix-) great (-one).       +
connecting to the one
(‘the eden-cherub’?). ,
[as] HEPI. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] this. thou. name [of]. :
the watercourse (‘Nile’) (-of the word) to depart. nót. [from] within (-the matrix). ;
       [so that the Nile will not depart from coming to the matrix] 
[but for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’)
thou (‘Hepi’). to offer (adj.) – my. divine father (Osiris = matrix). [-to me]

     [here ,
     does “the Nile not depart from flowing into the matrix” because the latter is ‘a square’ now ? ;
     probably : because see next : ] 
VI 111
[to be] divine great (matrix-) speech. [by?] to come the (double-) square (?) (pun on H’EP).
[as?] thou. the one for (matrix-) existence of hail. ;
[and therewith] Horus. [for] my. divine father (Osiris = matrix).
my. double (matrix-) existence. to empower (‘say’). ; 

[because] HEPI. [for] me.     +
his (‘edens’). mouth (‘gate’). [..] to open (‘the eden root’). , 
[and so to] the divine father (Osiris) (adj.) – [of] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’)
[through] the branch (‘axis – aka Nile’) (or: ‘the matrix aspect’).      +
for. the word of the (double-) square to come (H’EP-U , pun). ; 
[and] Horus. [for] my. divine father. my. double (matrix-) existence. to empower. ; 

      [here ,
      the mouth — eden gate — féeds the (eden-) ‘square dimension’ 
      but by ‘opening that mouth’ it now ‘feeds the copied (matrix-) square dimension’] 
[by] thou. [is] the quality. [of] (matrix-) existence. [through] the word to come. [of] hail. ;
[this] HEPI. [will do for] me. ,      + 
this. N – Osiris.
#3   TUAMUTEF      [linked to the ‘lion cherub’] 
                                           [attribute : bringing eden-type speech (hence ‘lion’) :] 

CT 522 
VI 114

all of (adj.) – the (matrix-) sky. [as] the great. god. 
[having] the (matrix-) nature. [by] the retired adam-like one (‘eden’s). ,
[in order for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).     +
[to be] (matrix-) existence. [because through] thou (Tuamutef). the (matrix-) speech to come [-to it]. ,
so that.     +
Horus. will empower (adj.) – my. divine father (Osiris = matrix)
[for] my (adj.) – double (matrix-) existence. ;
[through] TUA-MUT-F. [for] this. N (‘candidate’).                        

VI 113
[tó] he. the (adam-like) desirable (-one) (‘an aspect of the eden-cherub’?) (MER-I).     +
he. the divine son (Tuamutef). [being] the one to connect to. ;                                                  [see h below] 
[as?] TUAMUTEF. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] thou. name [of]. :
for. this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’). below (‘eden’).      +                                [impossible ; or: “from below” ?] 
thou. [to] (matrix-) existence. the word to bring. ;
[in order for] Horus. the (matrix-) word to birth.
[by means of] the divine son (Tuamutef). [being] the one connecting. [to] he (‘eden cherub’). ; 
[and by] he (‘eden cherub’). [is] the speech. [for] thou. ,                                                                                 [g : sic] 
[in order to be] the (matrix-) iron (-type) (‘speech’). nót. within (-the matrix). ,
[but instead, to] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).
thou (adj.) – (eden-) existence. (adj.) – to offer (adj.) – [to] my. divine father (‘Osiris = matrix). ;

      [here ,
      the ‘lion’ is often equated with ‘speech’ but the matrix type speech is ‘not suited’ for ‘eden words’
      but read ‘even stolen and changed eden words’ ;
      his name usually is translated as “he that praises his mother” but instead it should read
      “he that is praised by his mother (Isis)” : because he brings the eden type speech] 
[as] TUAMUTEF. [in] thou. name [of]. :
[..]. Isis. the divine mother. thou. to praise (TUA , pun).                                                 [‘mother praises you’] 
[because] thou. [are] the one that came. [for to be] (matrix-) hail. 
[namely as] the (matrix-) speech. alike-adam’s (-speech) (MIÁ). ; 

this. N – Osiris. (matrix-) existence. [through] thou. to praise. [..unclear 1x..] ;
[because now] Horus. empowers (adj.) – my. double (matrix-) existence. ;
[this] TUAMUTEF. [will do for] me. ,      + 
this. N – Osiris.                                                                                                                                                                            


#4    QEBH’SENEF   [linked to the ‘eagle’ cherub]
                                            [attribute : because of the above ‘he has (is?) a claw into eden’] 

CT 523 
VI 116
QEBHSENEF. [of] (matrix-) existence. [in] thou. name [of]. :
for.    +
my (‘candidate’). divine father (Osiris = matrix). connecting to the one (‘the eden cherub’). ,
VI 115
[and by?] the made (matrix-) word. thou. (eden-) existence. to cool down. ;
[because for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’). below (eden’).                           [impossible ; or: ‘from below’] 
the word. [of] thou. to come. [for] (matrix-) hail. ,
as. to descend (-to matrix) (adj.) – [by] QEBHSENEF. ; 

[because by] he (‘eden-cherub’). [is] the wórd (adj.) – [for] (matrix-) speech.           [juxta to previous] 
[in order to be] the (matrix-) iron (-type). nót. within (-the matrix). ;
[and therewith for] this. N – Osiris (‘candidate’).      +
[through] the structure (‘bones’). [of] (matrix-) speech. [of] the made (matrix-) wórd.
thou (Qebhsenef). (matrix-) existence. to tie together. ; 
[because] the made (matrix-) word. thou. to join (adj.) – [to] (matrix-) existence. ,
[and therewith] [+thou]. to offer (adj.) – (eden type-) existence (adj.) – [for] this. N (‘candidate’). ;

c [repeat] 
[tricky :] 
[in this way , that fór] he. the branch (‘axis’ = Nile). for. he. the (matrix-) existence ,
thou. to cool-down. the word that comes (adj.)        +
[as] the hail (adj.) – [for] the (matrix-) existence (adj.) – [of] this. N (‘candidate’). ; 
[because of] QEBHSENEF. [for] (matrix-) existence. [in] thou. name [of]. : through.      +
VI 114
thou. [is] the (matrix-) quality. [by] thou. [type-] (matrix-) word. within (-the matrix). ; 
[and therewith] [for] my. divine father (Osiris = matrix).     +
thou. (eden-) existence. [‘below’ ! 1x]. to make to cool-down.                            [by disarming her words] 
[=so that].      +
Horus. (will) empower (adj.) – my. double (matrix-) existence. ; 
[this] QEBHSENEF. [will do for] me. ,      + 
this. N – Osiris.